What a Tease

Ista Weyr - Celiketh's Sinking Ship(#10142RJ)
The ledge has a few chunks taken out of it, and you can see where dragon talons have reshaped the rock over the turns. Near the door to the weyr are a few potted plants, and two large rocks presumably to hold the doors of the weyr open on a nice day.
Inside the weyr the walls are a lilac blue, soft and mild coloring. The entrance has a rug of dark midnight blue in front a navy blue sofa which is adorned by a baby blue blanket a pillows. The place only has two windows, and both have been adorned with curtains of a blue that matches the walls. In contrast is a round table near the small kitchen area, the table is a dark maroon and four chairs that match. Sitting on the table is a vase holding a flower of white and blue, if examined closer it would be discovered the flower is fake. Further into the space behind a heavy curtain of deep crimson is a king sized bed adorned by a bright red quilt and pillows that vary from a near pink red to deep maroon. All the furniture is red, shelves along one wall hold a collections of shells, pictures and other household items. Space has been left near the bed so that Celiketh may be near Niah at night. Off to the side is a well swept dragon couch, fabric hanging near it is bright and very cheery blues, near the couch is a small collection of objects varying from yellowed leaves, shells and pieces of glass that are blue and red.

Early morning, or late night depending on your sleep pattern. Zaenar happily asleep, and Niah pacing back and forth with Zion, usually the quieter twin. Not tonight, the baby sounds upset and is making a good deal of noise. The bluerider is on the ledge, cool night air in pants and her t-shirt. Celiketh has retreated to the rim of the bowl, and the birds are not yet awake.

Perhaps Tonny wasn't able to sleep. Or perhaps something woke him up, and drove him to the bluerider's ledge. Either way, Dhonzayth is landing lightly on the edge and L'ton is sliding down, moving to pull Niah into his arms as Dhonzayth takes back off. "Ya okay, sweets?" He offers in greeting.

Niah gets back out of the way as Dhon lands, bouncing Zion and shusshing him. The little boy seems to have a runny nose and she's rubbing his back and shaking her head, "I do not really know.. He is usually so quiet but now he has gotten very fussy and sniffly." Leaning into the hug she strokes the baby boys cheek, "Shhh, is ok little one.. is ok." Shrugging her shoulders lightly and then asking, "I'm sorry if he's waking anyone." It's doubtful the baby is that loud.

L'ton awws softly, moving to wrap his arms over her and the baby, making a bit of a face. "That ain't no good. Maybe he's just got a little baby cold.. Ah'm sure he'll be okay.." And he absently rubs his fingers over the boy's fuzz, even as he leans to give her neck a kiss. "He didn't wake meh. Ah just woke up, and thought something felt weird, so Ah wanted ta come check on ya."

Niah inclines her head just a little, "I had a cold.. when I had them. I think, maybe I got it from that brownrider with the slingshot." Contemplating she bounces him and whispers "Sweet ZieZie.. is ok." Trying everything she really knows to do. "Maybe.. well maybe you knew he was having a problem, but he just can't sleep. I really can not have him inside waking Zialon and Elly." Giving him a little kiss she says "Maybe.. a bath would help him."

"Maybe he's hungry?" L'ton ventures, even as he absently strokes the infant's head, and keeps his arms around her. "Ah hope its just a cold, though.." And he shakes his head before giving her a squeeze. "Zip told meh ya came ta talk ta her.." He offers idly, as if there couldn't possibly be a better time to bring this up than right now.

An exasperated shrug and Niah shakes her head, "No, not hungry he won't eat just get frusturated.. I really would rather not have to use a bottle, but I mean if he was hungry he would eat." Zion is still pretty upset and at the mention of Zip she tense, "Well.. yeah." She looks down at the baby and up at him, eyes all big.

L'ton absently brushes a hand over the boy's hair again, before doing the same to Niah, tilting her chin up to give her a soft kiss. "Ah just.. Just want ya ta know that Ah'll always be here fer ya. Ah dunno how much more of a commitment Ah can make though. Ah do love ya, Niah. And the boys. And Ah'll be here for whatever ya want. But, Ah can't say it'll just be ya."

Niah nods softly looking up at him, "I knew that when.. well after I knew you for a while. I knew, that.. I can not keep you." Tilting her head to the side and with great sincerity she whispers "I do not want to cage you tonny, it would make you unhappy. I love you, you're the only person who could drive me so insane at night trying to figure out how I really feel." Looking down at the baby who is calming a bit. "I.. I do not even know if, well if I want a commitment. I just want, I want to lay with you and enjoy you and.. and.. watch you with our children." Sucking on her lip she kisses him on the cheek, "I would like to, to.. know that.. that you want me as much as I want you." Stroking through the curly brownish locks she asks "I do not want to be your only love.. but I want to be pretty high up on the list."

L'ton gently pulls her towards him, hugging her head to his chest and planting a kiss on the top of her head. "Ah dun mean ta make ya crazy, Niah… But, Ah'll lay with ya and have fun with ya, and laugh and play with the kids. As long as ya can understand that Mai is first, she'll always be first ta me, though ya ain't just another girl." And then he ducks his head to kiss her as Zion settles. "Ya are, ya are."

Niah smiles, a bright happy smile and she kisses him back radiant at his response. "I do not want to be first, as I.. said I like being second." At his mention of Mai being first she nods, "I know, she is first and it's her spot in your heart. ZIp, just made me question whether you could really love me.. and Mai." Leaning up and giving him a gentle kiss on the cheek. "But, after.. having the boys I realized there are different types of love. And the love you have for me is probably, different."

"Different, but not any less. Ya ain't like Suri or Sari.. Ah care for 'em, but.. if'n they went away, Ah wouldn't really miss 'em." Well, maybe once in a while. "But, if'n ya did.." He shakes his head, giving her a smile, and tapping her nose, glancing down at the boy in her arms. "And shards, Ah wish Ah could show ya, but well, them damn healers.." Grumpy Ton? Definitely.

Niah reaches up to stroke his cheek, "I am glad that I would be missed." As he taps she giggles and leans against him sighing and stroking Zion yet again, as he has not really settled like he typically does. "I know, but.. they say it is for my safety." She wrinkles her nose and rolls her eyes, making clear her opinion on the healers opinions.

L'ton shifts to stand behind her so that she can lean against him, wrapping his arms around her and peering over her shoulder at Zion, making face at the boy for a moment before ducking to kiss her neck, straightening enough to sigh softly. "Ah know.. Ah dunno why, really. Ah mean.." And poor L'ton is left to pout again, peskily moving to nip at her earlobe, just because its there.

Niah shivers, expoding more of her neck in reponse and saying "Well.. it is because, I could.. get sick or something." She shrugs slightly and Zion starts to cry again, Niah pats his back and supports him gently to hold him up to her shoulder. Making sure his head is well suported she pats his back. "Should I let.. him sleep with Zialon? I mean if Zion gets upset while sick could you imagine zialon?"

L'ton chuckles softly, even as he kisses her again, when she tilts her head slightly. Looking at the boy in her arms, he contemplates for a momemnt. "Put Elly in with Zialon, and put Zion by himself?" He suggests, even a bit distracted as he nuzzles. But then he's sighing resignedly, shrugging a bit again. "Up ta ya, yer the mother.. Ah dunno nothing really." And there's just amusement in his tone.

Niah makes a face, "It's.. supposedly dangerous or something like that to seperate them. Like, something I read.. said that twins do better together an' well I know Zialon would know that it wasn't his brother." Bouncing just a bit and enjoying all the nuzzling, "I guess, I will keep them together and if Zialon gets sick at least.. well at least they are together."

"Works for meh. Hopefully its just a cold, and it won't matter ta much." He smiles a bit giving her a squeeze and leaning over her enough to give the boy a kiss on his forehead. "But, if'n ya dun get back inside soon, yer gonna have another cold." He shakes his head a bit, trying to steer her towards the weyr itself, without detaching himself from her.

Niah nods just a small nod, and allows him to lead her inside "I guess, I worry about them." Placing her face against his tiny baby face and inhaling to take in his smell she walks inside and moves towards the little kitchen, looking at her little boy who is dressed in a pail shade of red. It isn't pink, it's red but just a light shade.. ok so it might be pink to some eyes. Starting some water, she has a little baby bath tub.

L'ton reaches around to stick the tips of his finger in the running water, absently testing it before nodding and moving to take Zion just for a bit. Pink, red, does it really matter? The boy is thankfully too young yet to know the difference. And then he's giving Zion a careful look over, before looking back at Niah with a smile. "Ah know ya do, Ah know."

The ,still small, little boy looks slightly sickly, just in how warm he is and a runny nose. Eyes closed and not looking around as he usually does. Testing the water she goes to her huge wall of shelves and grabs a small bottle of soap, sniffing it and coming back. "Just, they are so small. I mean, for how old they are and they have grown but.." SHaking her head and looking over, Zaenar asleep and Ellyza content. "Water is not warm enough yet.." She comment and goes to hover over her son.

L'ton is more than willing to hand Zion back to her, following her gaze to the other occupants of the weyr, before looking back at her and nodding. "Ah know, they ain't real big, and anything can really 'ffect 'em. But, it couldn't be anything ta bad, or they'd all be sick, ya know?" Reassurances, perhaps? Gently rubbing her back between the shoulder blades, he watches the water run half-entranced.

Niah waits for another moment and the water is now warm enough, gently undressing her baby and kissing his tummy. She does everything very carefully, everything is placed perfectly and easy for her to reach. Holding him she seems to forget L'ton is there, just talking to the baby "Hey little guy, come on.. gonna make you feel better so that mom, dad, and you can get some sleep." Holding his head she washes him and uses a rag to get him wet. "He's so cute."

"Just like his ma.." L'ton comments idly, watching her with the little baby before moving to stand behind her, wrapping his arms around her once more, though doing his best not to hinder her. He makes a few more faces at Zion as the boy is in the water, grinning at him.

Niah shakes her head, "No, he is so much cuter than me.. look at him." Kissing his face very gently and washing him and pouring water over him. Sniffing the shampoo again she puts a little in her hand, washing it over his body and being very gentle and loving. She seems to be a born mother. Zion is waking up a bit more, looking around with eyes brighter again. Rubbing up against him and rubbing her head on his shoulder, she is an accidental tease.

L'ton continues to watch her progress with the baby, smiling a bit, and relaxing a bit as Zion seems to perk up a little bit. As she leans against him, and rubs his shoulder, he squeezes his eyes shut for a moment, hands tightening at her waist just a bit, starting to say something, but seeming to change his mind.

Niah sighing in a relief as he brightens up, "See.. looks a little better." She finishes washing the little one and wraps in a towel. Cradling him against her chest she looks up at L'ton moving to give his neck a kiss she turns around and sucking a bit at his neck. Cruel. "I feel so much better, he has not really opened his eyes fully in like.. day." Nuzzling him she presses herself against him.

"He does, lil'bit.." And L'ton is agreeing with Niah, still somewhat distracted, even more so as she kisses his neck. Eyes squeeze shut again, before he's pulling her closer, with care for Zion, ducking to nip at her neck, her ear, and then to catch her lips, pressing himself against her in turn. "Shard it all, Niah.." He mutters finally.

Niah cuddles her baby once again and then giggles at his reaction, when his eyes close she looks a bit concerned "You ok tonny?" Asking as she is pulled towards him. The baby is shifted a bit and she wiggles a bit stroking his collar bone with her other hand. "What?" An innocent look, she's just being loving.

"Ya should put him in the crib.." He murmurs softly in her ear, fingers tightening once more at her waist, shivering a bit as she plays with his collarbone, just nodding. "Ah'm okay.." He offers softly, before his fingers absently pluck at the side seam of her shirt, and then he's sighting.

Niah sniffs Zion again, closing her eyes she has a content look on her face. Ahh. Not stopping him, she gets out a onesie in light purple, putting it on him and stroking the baby's back. Once the child is fully clothed she gently lays him next to his brother. "You may want to go home, I think he will be fine for a bit." Rubbing against him she lays her head on his chest and runs her hands along his low back and sides.

L'ton continues to rub at her sides, and then she's rubbing her hands against him, and he's melting. After a moment, he gives her a squeeze, glancing down at her, before nodding. "Ah.. Ah'm gonna go. Ah.. Ah dun think Ah could stop myself, otherwise." It would seem that someone is going to get a rather abrupt wake-up.

Niah pouts pulling back her hands, "I'll be good.. don't have to leave me." Pushing out her bottom lip, "I mean, I.." Little sigh, "I just like touching you tonny, though if.. you'd rather not." Shrugging expressively, eyes on the ground and she twirls a strand of her hair "You could talk to me." Yawning she sags a bit in his arms.

L'ton squeezes her slightly. "Ya need ta get some sleep.. And if'n Ah stay, Ah can't promise that'll happen." Ducking his head, he gives her a lingering kiss before watching her for a second. And then he's scooping her up to cart her towards the bed to settle her down there, with a smile. "Zialon'll be up before ya know it.. even mama's need their rest."

Niah squeaks but silences herself quickly as to not wake up the other residents, "Probably right." Looking around she spots a clock, and nods "He should be up in an hour.. for breakfast, sorta." Giving his neck on last kiss she nips just a little. "Well, my birthday is not that far away." Her lips part with a toothey grin.

"If'n ya can make it that long," L'ton murmurs innocently, settling her down in bed and trailing kisses along her collarbone before straightening and looking quite sweet before he's waggling fingers and sneaking off.

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