Zipalla's Reaction

Ista Weyr - Dhonzayth and Meluth's Ledge(#7862RAJL)

Its rather early in the evening yet, and L'ton seems to have gotten off early, after having to start his day extra early to catch an early morning trip to Benden. He's settled at his desk, slowly working through whatever he brought home to work on, while Dhonzayth is settled in his couch, dozing.

On gilded wing, as some might say, Ton's eldest arrives. Zipalla walks quietly to the weyr's intrance and peeks her head in, a glance to Dhon and soft smile. She walks to him first and rubs his cheek then goes on inside, "Ton?" she asks.

Dhonzyath stirs at the contact, gently whuffling Zip with his nose before giving her a push gently towards the inside as L'ton looks up from his word. "Come on in, lil'bit.." He offers cheerfully enough, pushing his work the side for now and getting up to meet her.

Zipalla smiles and glances back at Dhon with a soft giggle then walks to her father, wrapping her arms around his middle. Her head rests at his chest and she holds him for a moment, "How you doin?" she asks softly.

L'ton pulls her into a hug, chuckling gently and running his hand over her hair, before tilting her chin up to meet her gaze with a smile. "Ah'm good, though Ah still dun think morning at Benden is any fun." Since its still darkest night at Ista at that point. "What about ya? How're yer kittens?"

She smiles and nuzzles his handt hen looks up, eyes moving side to side a little bit in a sort of search of his face. "I'm good..kittens are good.." and her voice trails off a little. "Seen Niah lately?" she asks, trying to sound rather nonchalant.

L'ton gives her a little bit of a shake, tilting his head as she seems to be a bit reserved. "What's wrong, lil'bit?" And then as she asks about Niah, he nods slowly, with a bit of a smile. "Stopped by when Ah got back… What's wrong?" And then he's narrowing his gaze. "Did something happen with y'all?"

Zipalla wrinkles her brows a little then tilts her head, "So you've seen her..since yesterday.." she replies, thoughtful. "She came to see me.. I was a little worried.." and a brow arches up at Ton, a sort of.. questioning arch.

L'ton nods slowly, giving her a bit of a squeeze. "She's all hormonal, Ah think.." Leave it to the man to dismiss whatever the bluerider seems to have been saying as just hormones. "What she say ta ya, Zip?" He questions, with a tilt of his head, chewing on his lip, just a little.

Zipalla gently extracts herself from Ton's arms, albeit a bit reluctantly, to pace, chewing her lip as well, like father like daughter it seems. She inhales and looks up at him then sighs, "It's none of my business..and know I like getting to know her a little.. since she is going to be around, at least I think she is..who knows.." and she paces again. "But I can't just not say.. you're my father.. why would she come to ME for advice..especially about dating and babies.. and Mai.." she vents.

L'ton reluctantly lets Zip go to start pacing, moving to lean back against the chair, bracing his hands on the back of it as he watches her progress. "Ah think she is, but Ah understand…" He offers softly a she returns to pacing, before tilting his head. "What did she want ta know?" He seems a bit concerned now, though he's shaking his head. "Maybe she just thought ya'd know me best?"

Zipalla looks up at him and sighs, "She asked if you were the jealous type because a friend of hers came to visit and she said you got all upset and jealous.. and I told her I didn't really think you would be..but..then she asked me what I thought about her dating.. and threw in the fact that you promised her more babies.. so I told her I wasn't sure.. because I don't really understand the whole situation anyway." She pauses and paces again, "I told her I didn't want to upset her but that if I wanted to date other people I wouldn't be having babies with someone else.. and I'd not want to do that with someone's mate..she got all upset and started crying and saying she was a horrible person and would just go ahead and "let you go" because of what I said.." A frown. "Then I tried to settle her down and told her that I was only saying what *I* would prefer, and that you and her and Mai apparently have some sort of understanding.. which is none of my business.. but she said she'd think on it then left."

L'ton listens to Zipalla's explanation before putting his hands over his face, covering up his eyes and sighing softly, shaking his head. "Shards.." He mutters to himself, pressing the heels of his hands into his eyes for a second before dropping them back to the chair, taking a deep breath before giving Zip a bit of a smile, and trying to explain, sort of. "This.. friend of hers visited from Fort. He just came in, and started dancing around. Got right in my face and there were the babies, and.." He shakes his head, biting his lip a bit, shrugging. "Ah really wasn't sure what was going on. Ah dun care if'n she dates, but any guy who wants ta get ta know her is gonna have ta deal with meh, just like if'n there's a guy going after ya." And then he's moving to tug Zipalla back into a hug. "Mai and Ah've worked it out, but it ain't like Niah's got any commitment ta me, if'n she dun want it."

Zip frowns and her brows stay knitted while she listens. "Whatever you and Mai work out isn't my business.." she says quietly, curling back into Ton's arms. "And what if she does? Cause I think that's the thing here.. she wants a committment.. she said that I should be allowed to have what she has with you..with K'ael.. a while back when she was asking me about him and trying to find out what was going on.. the day she got all upset and ended up on bedrest.." She leans her forehead to Ton's chest, "I think I'm her catalyst of choice.." she mutters. Whatever else she thinks goes unsaid and she sighs.

"Ah know ya dun understand Zip, and Ah can't say ya will, cause each of us is different, but." He shakes his head a bit, gently rubbing her back as she leans back into him. "Once yer sixteen, ya can make yer own choices, Ah ain't gonna stop ya from that. But, sometimes, fer all that Niah's nearly twenty four, Ah dun think she's much more confident or sure bout stuff than ya or Zaenar." And he gives her a bit of a smile, shaking his head. "When it started, Ah told her that Ah had Mai, and Mai comes first, and always will. She told meh that she didn't wanna weyrmate, cause she has Celiketh, so, if'n its changed, she's gonna have ta tell meh." He makes a face, before absently patting the top of her head. "Ah'm sorry yer stuck like this, Zippy.."

Zipalla shakes her head and then frowns and blinks up at Ton. "What if it has changed.. you have a mate already.." she says, looking a little worried. "It's not that I don't understand WHAT is agreed to, apparently Mai doesn't mind you having lovers, other than flights.. I don't understand why she's okay with it because.. well.. look where it leads.. another woman wanting to be a mate."

"If'n its changed, then Niah and Ah need ta have a talk, cause Mai dun mind others, but Ah wouldn't put her through having ta have another mate. Not really. Shells, Ah dun really want another mate." At least with lovers you can sneak out, not so much with weyrmates. "Ah ain't gonna leave Mai, though. No way, no how. Ah love Niah, sure.. But Ah'm in love with Mai, if'n that makes sense. Mai.. Mai's different than Niah."

Zipalla sighs and hugs him tightly, "Da you work yourself into such things.." she says in a sort of chiding manner, though there is the tender worry of a daughter in her voice. "I'm glad you're not leaving Mai.. and I do understand, believe it or not.. I just guess I have my own thoughts on it, seeing it from this side. I don't want.." then she quiets, shaking her head. "I am glad Niah is open to being a friend, but you're my da.. and Mai.. and.." she sighs.

L'ton chuckles, giving her a squeeze. "Ah know, Ah bring it all 'pon myself, but." He shakes his head a bit, absently patting her head again. "Ya just have ta kinda treat Niah like she's yer age - Ah mean, Ah really dun think she's had a lot of her own experiences. The first time Ah saw her, she was all scared cause her dragon was chasing.. Ah actually felt kinda bad fer her." And then he tilts her chin up, giving her a bit of a smile. "Ya dun want what?"

She snuggles up with Ton and squints up at him, "But she isn't..and if you really thought that you shouldn't be having babies with her..and planning more." She sighs some then shakes her head, "I don't want to say, the last time I said what I think someone ran off crying.. how you live is your business, it's just not the life I want.. watching my mate wander off with lovers.. I love you, Ton, but shards it ticks me off sometimes.. then you always have to wonder which one is gonna want to be more than a lover.. and babies all over the place.. someone's heart is always broken."

L'ton squeezes her, shaking his head. "She ain't, but in some ways she is. She just hasn't grown up, ya know?" He sighs softly, shaking his head more. "If'n she wants another baby.. Ah just feel bad saying no. Ah mean, at least Ah'd be there, unless half 'em bronzeriders who Ah'm sure would jump inta bed with her at a moment's notice." Making a face, he taps her nose, shaking his head. "Ya dun have ta have this life. Though, Ah never really thought Ah'd have this life either, ya know? Ah mean.. Ah never thought Ah'd settle down, but then Ah found Sris, and now Mai, and Ah need 'em ta much… And Mai understands that, though Ah know Ah'm sharding lucky she does."

Zipalla nods her head a bit and lifts her shoulders. "But if she wants a mate.. she oughta be having babies with him.." she says with a frown. "I know I don't Ton.. and I won't.." she says with a soft, sad smile. "I want you to be happy..and I'm glad you are.. I guess I'm just old enough to understand how it hurts.. to imagine.. and I worry for you..and for Mai..and even for Niah."

"If'n she wants a mate, Ah'm perfectly happy ta let her have all the babies she wants with him." He gives her a bit of a smile. "Sides, Ah dun have ta worry 'bout that for a while, cause Ah said that Ah'd not even think 'bout it til the twins were 'least two. Too many littles too soon together ain't good fer anyone." And then he nods slowly giving her another squeeze. "It'll all work out. Always does, even if'n it doesn't seem like it. Ah mean, it already lost me Sris.. Ah'd do my best ta change if'n Mai asked me to."

Her embrace is tight and she just holds him for a good long moment, resting her head to his chest. "I figure it will work out.." Zipalla agrees. She winces inwardly a bit thinking of Sris and she sighs slowly. "I hope this doesn't make things worse but I got worried that Niah'd up and leave and.. I didn't want to have said something that made her do that.. I know you don't want her to leave.. I don't either.. sorta seemed like we might become friends.. I just want everyone to be happy."

L'ton gently rubs her back again as she sighs, lifting her chin up to give her a quick kiss on the forehead. "She was being all weird, earlier, telling me Ah was unhappy or something. Ah told her that she didn't need ta worry about that, and ta cheer up, and Ah guess she did. Dunno… Zialon started crying and she shooed me off." He shrugs, before smiling. "Ah think she'd be a good… big sister o'sorts fer ya, ya know? Ah mean.."

Zipalla lids her eyes at the gentle kiss and nuzzles Ton's cheek a little then nods her head, "Yeah..she was saying she was surprised I'd even let her in my room.. that she was horrible for being with you and that she didn't want to make you unhappy.." She squints and then shakes her head, "I AM the big sister.." she says in a sort of serious tease. "No adding in siblings ahead of me.." and she giggles softly then rubs at his back too. "But I know what you mean."

L'ton grins, shaking his head. "Sometimes.. Sometimes Ah just ain't so sure what she's thinking. Ah mean, she can be real sweet, but sometimes she can be sorta loony. Well, Ah guess that's what makes her Niah, right?" At her mock protest, he throws his hands up in the air a bit, chuckling. "Fine, no adding in siblings. Deal." A wink and he's draping his arm back over her shoulders.

"She's a very attentive mother.. and thoughtful.." Zipalla says then she giggles softly, "Not ahead of me anyway…I don't foresee those coming AFTER coming to an end any time soon.." and she smirks playfully up at him. She pulls back and looks up, eyes bright, smiling sweetly, "What am I gonna do with you.."

"She is, she's good with them, and she's really gotten Zae ta start ta relax, really." And then he's grinning, tapping her nose. "Ah blame Dhon, really Ah do. Ah mean, it ain't always mah fault." And then he's reaching to tickle her as she questions what to do with him. "Dunno, what am Ah gunna do with ya, hm?"

Her laughter fills the weyr and she tickles him back, eyes squinched up delightedly as she tugs and twists. "I don't knowwww! Something.. I guess we'll figure it out!" she chirps. "And I think you and Dhon are in cohoots, frankly!" she says with a little poke to the ribs.

L'ton continues to tickle her, before he's pulling her into his arms, holding her tight with one arm so that she can't escape, even as he tickles her a bit more. But then she's poking him in the ribs and he's letting go, ending his assault, with a bit of a grin. "Maybe we is.."

Zipalla squeeeeees and giggles, trapped, then she pulls back and looks up at him, stepping close to lean up on tippity toes, kissing his cheek. "You is alright..males.." she says in a feigned huff. "I gotta go work in the stables today.. but I've been working on my drawing.. I wonder if we could find some easels and paints?"

"Aw, Ah understand.." And then he's kissing the top of her head, with a grin. "Least its the stables, could be worse." And then at her request, he's tilting his head slightly. "Easels and paints?" But there's not even a moment of hesitation before he's smiling at her, quickly nodding. "O'course, sweets. Ah'm sure some people owe me a few favors, ta, Ah'll get ya some nice stuff, and maybe a bit ta start practicing with, first."

Hazel eyes shift to a more green tone and the gold flecks glint for a moment as Zip lights up, nodding her head at Ton. "I want to put color to what I'm drawing..maybe even colored pencils.. all different brushes.. feels so good to look down at something I've drawn."

L'ton grins, nodding back at her. "Alright, Zippy.. Pencils and some paints. Brushes.. Ah'll see what Ah can get, okay?" He chuckles, reaching to tap her nose. "All Ah ask is that ya promise Ah can have the first thing yer actually happy with, deal?" He sticks out his hand, as if it is a real deal to be made with her, despite it being his daughter.

Zipalla smiles and nods her head then her eyes cross for a moment in a cute sort of quirked expression when he taps her nose. It wrinkles and she uptilts her head to snap her teeth at it playfully. "Deal.." she says, putting her hand in his all official-like.

L'ton shakes her hand firmly, keeping a serious expression just for a moment, before he's breaking into a grin, and giving her another hug. "Ya need a ride, then, down ta the stables? He asks, thankfully with his finger still intact.

"Yeah..I'll never pass up a ride on Dhon.." and she cants her head toward the bronze, smiling. "Love you, Ton.. hope things are ok.. I don't want any of you unhappy.." and she hugs him close then pads towards the ledge, rubbing Dhon's snout for a moment before she climbs up.

"Ah love ya ta, Zippy… Thing's are good, far as Ah know, and ya'll be the first ta hear if they aren't, Ah smiles before giving her another hug, watching her pad off, as Dhonzayth stirs, whuffling her to make sure she's settled before he's headed down towards the bowl and the stables.

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