Niah's Reaction

Ista Weyr - Celiketh's Sinking Ship(#10142RJ)

Niah shrugs, and says "I am making you unhappy Tonny, I just know it. I am being a horrible person." She sits up a bit straighter, someones practiced this "So. You are no longer tied to me tonny, go be with Mai and be happy." Looking over at her babies she sighs. "I.. I will tell the babies about you, I will be fine. Zipalla told me, this thing we're doing is convoluded. M'iken probably thinks I am an awful awful person, everyone probably does."

L'ton is left staring at her as she sits up straighter, looking quite confused at her. "Unhappy? Leaving?" And he's left just staring at her, before shaking his head. "Shells, Niah, how in Faranth's name did ya get that idea in yer head?" And then he's slowly getting to his feet, moving to settle in the chair instead to give her some space. "Ya ain't horrible.."

Niah watches him leave, and it seems to back up what she was thinking. "See.. if you were happy you would have wanted to stay near me. You are unhappy with me." Shrugging she says, "Zipalla told me.. that.. that wanting to have kids with you when you had a weyrmate was wrong." Sniffing more she curls up, finally after a long pause she says "You know how hard it is for me to let you go? But it's for your own good."

"What?" He stares at her, still completely baffled, leaning back in the chair slightly to stare up at the ceiling. "Ya were scooting away from meh.. Ah figured Ah'd just move, before Ah made ya scoot all the way off the other side of the bed." And then she's sniffing and curling up, L'ton is just staring at her. "Zip said?" And then he's shaking his head again. "Mai's the one ya have ta worry about, and she dun seem ta mind…" She hasn't left him, after all.

Niah just stays in her ball, "Tonny.. Zip said.. and what if.." She gets very quiet and it's quiet crying. Celiketh comes over to the bed, laying his head on what is his side of the bed. Scooting forward she lays her head on Celi's muzzle and just lays there, eyes glazed. "I.. I want to do what is best for you tonny."

"Ya dun have ta listen ta what Zip says anymore than she has ta listen ta what ya say." L'ton replies softly, slowly getting to his feet to meander back to the bed, resting his hand on her shoulder, shaking her a bit. "What's best fer me is what's best fer ya, sweets. Ah ain't unhappy with ya, Ah ain't gonna just leave. But, if yer unhappy with meh, Ah need ta know, ta make it right."

Niah shakes her head, "Not unhappy tonny." She still whispering curling her body around her dragon. "Confused… maybe." More quiet, stroke the purple muzzle and tracing around his eyeridges and down to his nostrils. "I.. I do not want anyone to be unhappy for my happiness." She says, and Celiketh humms softly to his rider. ".. I don't want to hurt you."

"Ah dun understand why ya think Ah'm unhappy sweets.." He murmurs softly, moving to uncurl her from Celiketh, just enough to pull her into his arms. "If'n anyone's unhappy, ain't no one that's told meh. Shells, Ah think most people are happier this way, even. Mai can get stuff done now.." He teases lightly, trying to be a bit silly.

"Because.. zip said that what we are doing is convoluded." Niah's voice just her small whisper Celiketh rumbles his distaste as she is moved into his arms. To calm the dragon she reaches out, patting him and then looking at L'ton. "Well, I mean I just assumed that.. that you just think I am an obligation." Looking up at him, big puppy dog eyes "That.. you love me because you think you have to."

"Why, cause Ah'm with ya, and with Mai? Ah love mah Zip, but ya gotta remember she's young yet.. She's still prolly thinking ya can't really love more than one person, but.. ya can." At least, he can. Yay for loving? Rocking her just a bit, he gives her a soft kiss on the forehead. "Sweets.. Ah visit the other women, but Ah dun come see 'em ever day to check on 'em. Ya ain't just an obligation."

Niah nods slightly leaning her face into his chest, "Well.. I think so. She said, that.. that it was wrong for me to want to have another baby with you." Looking up at them, little bit of a quiet pout. "We.. can still have another one right?" Cue the big eyes and the reaches up to place a hand on his face. "Alright.. just, I do not think I could leave you tonny." Celiketh snorts unhappily, and goes back to his couch.

L'ton shakes his head slightly, with a smile. "Ain't nothing wrong with wanting another baby. Athena, she asked fer another one ta, since then Zal and the new one would be full siblings ta, ya know?" He smiles a bit more, shaking her another tad as she touches his face. "We can, sweets. And, ya dun have ta leave meh.. Ah mean, if'n ya want ta, Ah understand. Though, if'n its fer someone else, they're gonna get as much of a test as they would if'n they were after Zip."

Niah pulls her hand down and rubs her nose into his chest happy. "Ok, then.. we wait." At his mention of someone else she shrugs. "I.. well I have been thinking about it, but.. I have no time for anything but my boys right now. I can't just think of myself anymore, I need to think about their comfort level. Especially Zialons." Looking over at the crib, they're dressed the same again, for all she knows Zialon could now be Zion and vice versa. "But.. when they're a bit older, less.. dependant on me all the time maybe I might, try it?" She throws that out there.

L'ton gives her a bit of a squeeze, grinning at her. "Ah understand, sweets. Ah mean, it ain't like Ah'm not other places ta.. Ah can't expect ya ta be here ferever, if'n someone just fer ya comes along, ya know?" He squeezes her again, before the ever mean Tonny is ducking to kiss her neck briefly before raspberring her with an evil look.

Niah sighs and looks up at him happily, "Not yet or anything, I mean.. I am not much to look at and dating me.. probably wouldn't be much fun for anyone involved." Enjoys the kiss exposing more of her neck but as he is raspberring her she is wiggling and squeaking kicking her feet "What are you doing tonny!" She says and buries her face in the fabric of his shirt. "I'm still all chubby too." She really isn't all that chubby, but nowhere near her original stick form.

L'ton actually cackles as she starts squeaking and kicking her feet, shaking his head. "Ah think yer fine, sweets. 'Sides, now Ah can actulaly do this.." And then he's tightening his hold on her, ducking nudge up the edge of her shirt, repeating the raspberry on her side. Grinning at her, quite amused, he's arching an eyebrow. "No more pouting, now, right?"

Niah squeals louder as he pulls up her shirt batting at him and saying "What… no you can't see me without a shirt tell." More of a squeak and she nods pulling down her shirt "No more pouting." With all the noise they're making they wake up the baby and he starts to cry a bit. Scooping him up she sits back down on the bed and then with a mischiveous little grin she asks "So.. which one is this." She holds the baby close and he kicks his feet and whines protest to all the noise.

Squeal as she may, he's not going to give up, but then the baby is crying and he's letting her go to get him. At her question, he stares at the infant for a moment, slowly volunteering, "Zialon?" He ventures, wrinkling up his nose a bit, though he's not poking him. Maybe he's learned. And then he's looking at her, arching an eyebrow. "Until what, sweets? Ya gonna hold out on me?"

Niah gets a big smile, "Well, until we can.. again." Eww that word again. Looking at him she nods smiling, "Yes, Zialon.. how did you know?" She asks stroke the babies back as he resists calming down. "I mean, me and Zaenar have it down but.. everyone else always seems to be clueless." Kissing her baby she smiles, "I guess, well.. maybe you can not see me without clothes on again tell my turn day." But.. but that's like months away.

"Ya are gonna hold out on meh!" Now he's the one sulking, shrugging a bit as to his reasoning for guessing Zialon - after all, that's what it was - and then, he's sliding a bit closer to her, slouching into her shoulder and looking up at her with wide eyes. "Why would ya do that ta me? So mean.."

Niah giggles and looks at him pouting, bouncing ever so slightly just enough to get Zialon to quiet down. "Not exactly, well ok maybe! But, well.." She gives him big eyes "You.. don't want me /that/ badly." She whispers but seems to know exactly what she is doing. "Do you really want me that badly, could you wait tell my birthday." She leans forward to trail her lips along his neck. Mean indeed.

L'ton shivers a bit as she leans over and kisses his neck, fingers curling around her wrist, squeezing it slightly as his eyes close slightly. "Ah do, though.. Tis been a month.." Not as if he hasn't been other places to make up for it, though. "Til yer birthday?" And then his whimpering a bit more, leaning more into her and continuing to look more pathetic.

Niah nods slightly, "I am cleared.. in two sevendays. But, well.. why not make my birthday special?" She grins just a little and scoots so that she is very close to him and says, "Unless.. well if you do not want me." Small pout, as he looks pathetic she kisses his cheek "You did know that my birthday is not to far away? Going to be 24."

"Even two sevendays…" He whines a bit, pouting at her, shaking his head. "But.. we could make yer birthday special anyway… Ah mean.." And then she's scooting closer and he's trying to cop a feel, even as she pouts. "Ah assure ya, sweetheart.. Ah want ya.." And then he chuckles, but still shakes his head. "Far 'nuff…"

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