Zipalla and L'ton Talk

Ista Weyr - Hot Springs

Evening has fallen at Ista Weyr, and people have fled their seperate ways - some to the StarStones to watch the sunset, others to enjoy the last bit of warmth on the beach. L'ton, meanwhile, seems to have settled on a soak in the springs, perhaps in celebration of his cast finally being off and being able to do just that. And so he's settled into one of the pools, head resting back on the ledge behind him, eyes closed as he relaxes.

Zipalla likes the later hours, most folks are gone. Her steps fall softly on the floor and wanders toward her corner, though her eyes fall to the man in the pools.. She grins a little and quietly sets her towel down before walking ever so stealthily toward him. Halfway there she decides crouching behind him would be too noisy so she crouches where she is and crawls the rest of the way, her panty-clad rump barely showing at the edge of the hem of her short robe. Once close enough a hand snakes around to cover his eyes and she whispers, trying not to sound like herself, "Guess who…"

L'ton is perfectly willing to ignore the general sounds of the hot springs - after all, people will come, people will go, and there's no reason for him to pay any real attention to them. And so, even if there is some rustling, L'ton is undistrubed until there is suddenly a hand over his eyes, and a voice right behind him, the poor man jumping a bit, trying to turn around and see who it is.

When he jumps she giggles some but she tries to keep her hand where it is and use the other arm to balance herself while she twists back and away from his wandering gaze. "I said guess, sir…if you see me it won't count.." she says, stil yet trying to diguise her voice.

L'ton reaches to grab her wrist to tug on it gently, even as he's chuckling when the person shifts away. "Sir, hm? Bet is has to be one of those little weyrbrats… Ah hope its one of 'em that can swim.." He offers, trying to give a bit more of a tug to pull the disguised party into the pool.

Her giggling and twisting sets her off balance a little and when he tugs she tugs back on instinct, slipping. She tries to right herself but the pool is the only place for her to go, right over the edge beside him with a rather awkward splash. She stands slowly, hands on hips, hair slicked down around her face, lips persed in a pout but she can't hold the expression long before she dissolves into a..well…puddle of giggles. "Ton!" she yelp, both hands flexing toward her soaked robe.

L'ton gives another bit of a tug as he feels the disguised one starting to slip, and then suddenly there's a blonde-haired girl falling into the pool next to him, and his eyes are widening slightly as he shakes his head. "Shards, Zip… Ah didn't realize it was ya." And then she's pouting just a bit, before dissolving into giggles, and he shakes his head. "Ya'll dry, sweetheart, ya'll dry." For what its worth.

Zipalla laughs and then peels the robe off, though she does turn her back to do so and tosses it to the side before sinking down into the water to her chin. "I came to get wet, just not with my robe ON.." and she grins, turning back to face him. She doesn't seem any more self-conscious than she would be with anyone else, which, is a fair amount but he's her da, so it's not like some other boy. She dips down into the water then comes back up with her hair washing back off her face, a much better look for her than the drowned-rat one. "Want me to leave you to soak in peace?" she asks.

L'ton quickly looks away as she peels the robe off, and its only after she's settled back into the water that he looks back at her, with a bit of a smile. "Nah, sweets. When would Ah ever turn down the company of my favorite daughter?" He teases her, even splashing a bit of water in her general direction, glancing over his shoulder at the abandoned robe, before back at her. "It'll dry." He grins again.

A splash is sent Ton's way and Zipalla giggles delightedly, "Good then, how's Niah and the babies?" she asks, lifting her legs to tread water with her arms. The strokes are slow and even, paddle forward, paddle back, a strain sometimes, stretching in both directions as far as she can. "Da I gotta new little green, she's so pretty and I got a kitten.. and have another one on the way," she says with a happy smile.

L'ton ducks a bit as she splashes at him, wiping the water off his nose, before grinning. "They're good. Getting bigger… Ah think they're starting ta recognize people, ta." He grins, and then as she's slowly moving around in the pool, following her around with a grin, slowly moving away from the wall. "A lil green, hm?" And then at the mention of kittens, he's grinning. "Another one?"

"I need to get up there to see them more.." she says with a nod. She grins at him and nods her head, "Well..yeah.. K'ael came to see me the other night apparently F'yr and Aryyl stayed over at his place then snuck a bunch of cats into it.. so he has too many, wanted to know if I wanted one.." She looks down at the water, watching it ripple and move while she treads, "So he's giving me one of his then I got one the other day in the caverns, F'yr had a herd of them with her."

"Ya know ya can just ask fer a ride, whenever ya want. Or, Ah'm sure P'tah'd be willing ta take ya, ta. His blue seems ta really like Zae." L'ton shakes his head a bit, before arching an eyebrow. "Are the two of ya gonna manage ta be friends, lil'bit?" He questions slowly, having remembered the last conversation on the matter, even as he smiles a bit. "So, what color is yers? A lil orange one like Carrot, or?"

Zipalla nods her head and smiles, "I know.. I just hate showing up.. we're getting to know each other some so it's a little easier.. I just don't want to intrude." Her eyes drop a moment then lift and she cocks her head with a sort of resolute stilling of her features. She thinks a moment then lets herself smile just a little, "I don't know, Ton. Friends of a sort at least. He said he missed me.. so.. that's something. I'd rather be friends than not, just.." She rolls her eyes and sinks again then comes up with a thbbbbbbbbbbbbt. "K'ael is giving me a calico.. and the one I picked is the runt.. his little ear has a notch.. and he's all skinny..solid gold but his tail is ringed. I named him Scratch."

"Ah'm sure Niah'd love the company… 'specially if'n ya were ta take 'em some of the better sweets. Ah swear she dun get anything sent up that ain't sort of healthy, and she and Zae both need something good." And then he's giving her a half smile, slowly nodding. "At least y'all are talking, though, right lil'bit?" And then he's absently pushing a piece of wet hair out of her face with a smile. "In time, sweets, we'll see what happens." And then at the mention of the two cats, he's perking up a bit. "All gold, mm? Ah bet he's real pretty."

Zipalla smiles, "I'll sneak her some pastries.." then she nods her head. She looks up at him when he strokes the hair from her face and gives him that sweet, little girl look, "Oh it's fine, da, I told him what I needed to tell him, and I didn't even cry or yell," she grins a little and leans up to kiss his cheek. "He's not pretty yet but he will be.. I think he's had to be a fighter.. that's why I like him. And you should see Promise, she's so beautiful and little.. I just got her this sevenday."

"See, this is how Ah know my lil girl is growing up.. she's standing up fer herself and taking care of her own problems." L'ton beams down at her, planting a kiss on the top of her head before floating back to where he was sitting before. "Where'd ya get her? Ah didn't realize that any eggs had hatched, recently.."

A grin. "That's right," she says with a firm nod of her head. Her eyes lid with the little kiss and she moves over beside him, leaning back to start to paddle her feet slowly out in front of her, flexing her legs to work them while she leans against the ledge. "Well.. P'tah said rumor had it a clutch was hatching at Fort so we went up there.. and sure enough, I got there just in time. Lisle's new man was there, K'ris, he helped me a little and this sweet little green came right to me. I named her Promise."

"K'ris, hm? Is that what his name is?" L'ton questions her with a grin, though he does give her an interested look. "He nice then?" He seems interested in this little detail, even as he ahhs softly and nods as the source of the firelizard eggs. "Aw, that's a sweet name." He smiles and leans a bit to nudge her shoulder with his shoulder.

Zipalla pauses and hrms, "Well.. I hate to say for sure he's her man but I know I heard she had one and he was with her the other night and you could just tell how they talked to each other..or it seemed to me.." Her shoulders lift and she smiles, "Yes, he's very nice.. let me move up to the basket and shared meat with me so I could try for one..then he brought me back home." The nudge makes her blush and she smiles, "You gotta see her sometime."

"Maybe Ah'll have ta go see Lisle, and find out." He winks, deciding that its worth it to do a bit of digging, at least in the case of Lisle. "Well, Ah'm glad ya're happy, Zip, and that ya got another lil'girl." He grins, sinking a bit into the water, relaxing a bit more. "Ah'll have ta come down ta yer room ta see her, and yer new kittens ta."

She nods and smiles, "We had a talk.." she says softly, eyes sweeping down a little. "And I'm happy, da." She looks over when he sinks down some then swims out away and dips down to swim back beneath the water's surface before emerging again and soaking up to her shoulders, settling against the wall once more.

L'ton glances sidelong at her with a grin, arching an eyebrow. "Ya'll had a talk, hm?" He questions with a grin, but then she's swimming away, and he's watching her progress with a chuckle, as she pops back out. "Ah think Ah like a happy Zip, ya know?" He grins, ruffling her hair some, before he's absently flexing his hand that was until so recently stuck in a cast.

Zipalla grins, "We did, yes.. I'm glad too," but she doesn't detail it. Her eyes light up at her father and she reaches for his hand while he's ruffling then she blinks, "You got your cast off! I just noticed!" She takes his hand and arm in her hands and looks it over, gently touching, "That hurt? That? This?" she asks, rubbing and touching here and there. "You're all healed now?"

"Fine, fine, Ah'll let ya girls have yer secrets." He grins at her, before she's got his hand, and he's nodding slowly. "Finally. Ah was starting ta go nuts, ya realize how hard it is ta change a baby, when ya only have one arm?" Niah has clearly been putting him to work. As she carefully touches here and there, he just grins at her, shaking his head. "Feels a bit sore, sometimes, if'n Ah do too much, but nothing ta bad."

Zip grins, "Well then now you can change a lot and have no trouble..or complaint…" she teases. She studies over his arm and then uses both hands to massage it a little, "It'll get strong again," she says firmly, he's her da after all, they are always strong. "No secrets, da, just.. no need to rehash.. I guess it was just nice to..well.. talk to a woman about it.. one kinda like a mom."

"Well, maybe complaints… Some of 'em diapers are pretty bad." He teases, shaking his head, and then flexes his hand while she's gently rubbing her forearm. "Ah'm sure it will. Ah'm suppose ta exercise it." And then as she explains, he nods. "Ah'm just messing with ya sweets. Ah understand. And, Lisle's real nice… Ah mean, she has her own three, ta."

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