Sarisia in the Hot Springs

Ista Weyr - Hot Springs
This cavern off the lower caverns is fairly large, and quite warm. As you step inside, you notice the dominating feature of this room, which is a number of large pools, filled with water from a underground spring. Steam rising from each of the pools speaks of the underground thermal which heats them to comfortably warm temperatures.
Around the room sit various benches and hooks for holding everything from towels to clothing. Near the pools are small containers of sweetsand for the folks that come in to not only relax, but wash. Several of the pools are set back in the wall, within small caverns to give privacy to the occupants. Near one pool, a crack emits a heated steam which mingles with that off the pools to cloud the air.

It seems that in the two or three days that have passed since the removal of L'ton's cast, he's been spending the majority of his time up to his chin in water - either at the beach or as he is once more this evening, in the hot springs. A towel has been stuck behind his head as a pillow while its tilted back, eyes closed as he relaxes.

It's never odd to find Sari in Ista's hot springs. The rider is after all a fan of just soaking her cares, or hangovers, away. And so she walks out from the changing room, a towel wrapped around her frame as she starts looking for a tub to join. She's sets out for a free tub but halts immediately when a frowns a heavy weight man emerges from it's depth. She frowns at him before looking for another tub, far far away from that guy.

L'ton shifts a bit, and suddenly the towel is dropping into the pool and L'ton is left to sigh, sitting up enough to fish it out of the water, tossing the soaked thing back up on the deck without really paying attention to where its going, instead ducking under the water long enough to push his hair out of his face, glancing sidelong at the man emerging from a distance pool.

Seems L'ton doesn't know his own strength anymore. The towel goes flying towards Sari and lands right in her path where she manages to slip on it. Brownrider down! "Shardit!" She yelps as she tries to steady herself, arms flaying and towel slipping. But it's useless, she goes down, landing on her rump. After taking in what just took place her icy eyes move over to where the bronzer is soaking. "You shardin' fool! Watch where ya throw things or I'll break yer arm!" Seems she didn't realize who she was talking to.

L'ton catches the end of the curse right as he pops back above the water, and is turning quickly to look in the direction of the sound, swearing softly to himself as she goes down. "Shards!" And even as she's cursing him a bit, he's moving to climb out of the pool, grabbing his towel before rushing over to her side, moving to help her up. "Sari.. Ah didn't mean ta.."

Sarisia is glaring at the back of L'ton's head as she stays where she is, obviously a bit in shock from it all. When the bronzer turns around she quirks a brow peering at him in disbelief. "Bronzer?" She asks as he comes to help her up, cracking a smirk as she gets to her feet with his help. "Shards, yer lucky it was you. I'd 've slugged any other." She looks him over before letting out a huff and moving to /slowly/ get into the tub. "Don't worry yer pretty lil' head, 'm fine." She announces before tossing her own towel. Apparently it's okay if others get hurt, but not herself. She seems a bit grumpy, though, and just sets to soaking for a bit.

"Ah'm just glad ya ain't gonna sharding hit me anyway.." L'ton murmurs some, even as he makes sure that she carefully and slowly gets in the tub, leaving his towel over a bench before sliding back into the pool with her, shaking his head. "Least the heat'll.. make it better?" He supplies, oh so helpfully, before moving to dangerously rest his hand on the back of her neck. "Ya sure ya gonna be okay?"

Sarisia smirks over at the bronzer, allowing him to place his hand on her without giving him a smack. Funny how her mood can change in a flash. "You'd better hope it does cause if it don't." And she slides her finger across her throat before chuckling and moving a bit closer to him. "'m fine, seen worse than this. But hey," The brownrider cocks her head a bit, taking in the man's two normal arms. "When'd ya get outta that cast? Last time I saw ya you were still cripple."

"Day 'fer yesterday… Still a bit weak, but, Ah'm glad that Ah've got two hands back. Was starting ta drive me nuts. Try putting yer straps on yer brown with just one hand, sometime." And then he's gently rubbing her neck and shoulders to make up for the earlier tumble as she scoots closer. "Ah still feel bad, Ah mean.." He shakes his head, before grinning at her. "So, why ya here, lil'bit? Ah mean, Ah dun mind the company, but its certainly a surprise.."

"Guess 'm lucky to see ya back in top shape, huh?" Sari asks with a smirk, turning a bit so that the bronzer can have full access to her back. Hey, who's gonna pass up a free massage? She ignores his semi-apology, already having moved passed the issue herself, after all her butt would only be a bit sore. She's got some junk in the trunk after all. "Jus' visitin', ya know, ma likes it when we come to see her. Think she's gettin' old. Keeps buggin' me 'bout grandkids." She lets out a snort.

"Not as lucky as Ah am ta see ya." L'ton grins, even as he half turns to better balance himself on the seat to continue to rub her back, focusing on her shoulders and neck. "Aw, Ah still can't believe ya wouldn't even give her one, and just let yer sister have it, after. Ah mean, ya get some good things, when yer gonna have a baby. Specially if'n ya tell some poor sap he's the da. Rhelia, she got Y'sar real good." He chuckles to himself, shaking his head.

"Ya got that right, though I dunno how lucky I was ta find ya. After all, I had ta pay for it with that fall." Sari teases the bronzer, snickering a bit. She's not mad but it's never a bad thing to toy with a mans mind. When L'ton mentions the 'perks' of pregnancy she turns to face the man. "Oh really? What are these 'perks'? I ain't ever heard nothin' good 'bout gaining twenty pounds and poppin' somethin' out." She leans against the tubs edge, sitting back to watch what the man has to say.

L'ton grins as she moves away to look at him, chuckling softly. "Well, last Ah heard, Rhelia got a bunch of nice blankets and stuff, and some real nice clothes - nightgowns and stuff - and Ah think even a bit of jewelry. He's all gushy ta, thinking its his, telling her he'll move her to Eastern with him and everything." Just got to find the right sucker?

Sarisia seems to contemplate the thought for a second, a millisecond really, before flat out laughing. "Bronzer, I'd better get more than jewels an' clothes if I'm poppin' somethin' out for someone else." She wipes a tear away from one of her icy eyes before grinning at the man and making her way back to him, leaning up against him. "Though it was a good try."

L'ton chuckles, shaking his head. "Ah wasn't saying ya should, just that maybe it ain't really bad as ya seem ta think it is." He teases her, even as he wraps his arm around her, pulling her a bit closer as she leans against him. "Though, glad Ah could make ya laugh, sweets. Ah dun think ya laugh enough."

"Sayin' ya wouldn't want ta see one of yer brats springin' out of me?" Sari asks with another chuckle, resting against the bronzers chest. She relaxes a bit, finally letting the hot water ease her aches and pains. When L'ton comments on her lack of mirth she tenses up again, on the defensive yet again. "I laugh enough, ain't always gonna be yaking and laughin' like Sur." She says in mild irritation.

"Nah, Ah think Ah prefer ya without anything like that.. Ah mean, a man ain't always trying ta have kids." He chuckles, leaning a bit to kiss her cheek as he gives her a bit of a squeeze. "Sides, then Ah'd have ta share ya anytime Ah came to visit." As she tenses up, he hurriedly shakes his head. "Ah didn't mean it like that. Ah mean, Ah like yer sister, but Ah dun think Ah could take two of her. Ya just always seem so worried.. ya should enjoy yerself.." He offers, leaning to kiss her neck as encouragement.

"Hmm." Is all Sari says while she listens to L'ton's reassurance that he'd rather her the way she was. When he kisses her neck however she just smirks, shaking her head a bit before turning around to better face him. "Ya sure do got a way with words, bronzer." She says before eyeing him for a second, debating something. She swims to the other side of the tub, fetching up some sweetsand in order to start scrubbing herself down. "Do ya play drinkin' games?" She asks after scrubbing down her slender arms.

L'ton reluctantly lets her swim away, remaining where he is for now to simply watch, arching an eyebrow. "Drinking games, hm?" And then he shrugs a bit. "Depends.. if'n Ah have a pretty girl fer company, and there ain't no bloody bronzerider there with it in his mind ta beat me between, maybe.." He arches an eyebrow. "Why, sweets?"

Sarisia is quick at washing and in no time she's through. "Jus' wondering." She says before dipping under the surface of the water in order to rinse herself off. She pops back up in a minute, shaking her now much longer hair out before getting out of the tub. "Well, if yer in Ierne anytime soon ya should come over and play me then." She says before scooping up her things and heading out, leaving the bronzer all by himself.

L'ton looks like he's going to chase after her once more as the brownrider disappears. But then it seems that he's lost the desire to do so before he's even out of the pool, so instead he's sulking a bit, but settling back in.

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