S'ya and Sophyrinth Visit Ista

Ista Weyr - Main Beach(#3773RJa$)
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the deep, verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their colour deeper into the great ocean, the beach is no less striking, truly beautiful in its own way.
The hot, heavy rays of the sun reach deep into these sands, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing even upon the hottest of days, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, coming from the plateau, a small, thin waterfall, empties into a catching pool that runs off into the water through dark sand and pebbles.

High above the clear waters of Ista Weyr the light green form of Sophyrinth pops in from between. The petite green wastes no time in head straight for the water, diving right in. The Xanadu green emerges quickly, spreading out her frail wings and flapping them so as to spray water everywhere, her eyes whirling with delight. After a but more fun in the water the dragon heads for the shore and once land is reached S'ya jumps down from her lifemate. "So, I know I said today was our fun day but do you not think that was much?" S'ya says with a giggle, wringing out her hair as her lifemate bellows happily. Lucky for the greenrider she wasn't the modest type and so she sets to stripping down to her unmentionables.

When has S'ya ever been the least bit modest, seriously? Dhonzayth had been settled quite comfortably upon the black Sands of Ista when the green emerged from between, and nary a lid flicked out of place until she was hitting the water and suddenly there was noise. Its only then that Dhonzayth is uncurling himself to peer at them, snorting slowly and spreading his wings out to trumpet a greeting as they come ashore. His beach? It turns out though that Dhonzayth truly is one of the more comfortable things to lean against when on the beach, so as he moves, L'ton is shifted quite possibly against his will - though as soon as he spots a stripping S'ya, it seems that it doesn't matter any more. "S'ya, sweetheart…" He offers after allowing himself a moment to watch, slowly striding over.

S'ya finally removes the last of her riding gear, standing in just her undergarments. She doesn't mind the stares she gets, after all she finally lost the last of the baby fat! Yup, she's looking fine as ever, thanks to all that jogging. Sophyrinth is the first to notice the bronze pair, a muffled warble sent Dhon's way as form of greeting. The green looks slightly uncomfortable at being so close in proximity to the male so it's no wonder she darts off into the water again without a moments hesitation. "So!" S'ya cries out, she too had been using her lifemate to lean on and with her sudden departure she's left wobbling a bit and yup she's going down. She lands on all fours and not her face, luckily and just then she hears L'ton's call. "Hey, love." She says with a smirk before getting to her feet.

L'ton picks up his pace as she starts to wobble and then topples over, but she's back on her feet before he can help her, and he's instead moving to try and pull her into a long hug. "Ya look wonderful, S'ya-dear.. Ah wouldn't even know that ya'd had a baby, if'n Ah wasn't the father." He teases, even as he steals another look at her. Dhonzayth meanwhile, seems to sulk a bit as Sophyrinth goes darting back off, crooning rather dejectedly as he settles down to watch her in the water instead.

S'ya giggles as the bronzer pulls her into his arms, quickly giving him a kiss. "Why thank you, love. It has been hard work to melt away those pounds. Faranth knows I had to fight the urge to just give in and stuff myself silly with bubblies." Sophyrinth watches the bronzer from afar as well, the small dragon melting into the water, only her muzzle kept above the surface. She warbles curiously to Dhonzayth, the sound coming out a bit muted due to the fact that a small wave lapped over her. So really, instead of warbling she coughing up a bit. Charming. "So how is your arm? Shards, it feels like turns since I last had a chance to visit. Anything I should know about, any new ladies in your life?" She asks playfully, idly dusting off the man's shoulder from any sand that may have settled there.

"Shards, it feels weird to have the cast off… Ah'd almost forgotten what its like ta have two arms, ya know?" He chuckles, shaking his head, and then twirling her a bit with his recently ransomed arm. "Bah, ya were still gorgeous even if'n ya were trying ta get rid of he weight, and ya know it." He teases her, contemplating and shaking his head. "Mai's pregnant, bet ya didn't know that." He offers, moving to rest his hand lightly on her waist as she brushes imaginary sand from his shoulder. "What about ya, ya replaced me yet?" And he's pouting a bit, even as Dhonzayth continues to sulk as the green stays far away.

"Oh, what fun it must be to have /both/ hands free." S'ya teases as she's twirled, jumping into the bronzers arms once he's through. When it's announced that M'iken is pregnant, she gawks. "Really! That is /amazing/ love! Oh, congratulations to you both. Shards, she must be thrilled." She's talking a mile a minute now that her voice has come back to her, her hazel eyes moving back over to the weyr and a silly smile on her face. You know, the kind that woman get when they think about babies. Her attention comes back to him when he asks her about replacements, playfully shrugging and giving a coquettish smile. "Well it does get awfully lonely in that big old weyr of mine." Sophyrinth has moved from coughing up water to swimming, the tiny green moving each limb daintily as she does her laps. She's at least giving the bronze a show. You can look but no touchy! Not till she's glowing at least.

"Means twice as much fun fer ya, if'n ya know what Ah mean." He teases her right back, catching her as she jumps into his arms, spinning once himself. "Thanks sweets.." He chuckles, letting her ramble on, arching an eyebrow as she gets that silly, almost love-sick look on her face. But then she's looking back at him, and he's pouting a bit. "Ya never invite me anymore. Its seems like when Ah only had 1 arm, Ah was no good to you." Cute pouty pathetic face. Dhonzayth is content to watch for now, stretching himself out to watch as she goes back and forth.

"Oh?" S'ya says feigning shock, even bringing up a hand to cover her mouth. When he starts to pout she just goes and ahead and kisses the tip of his crooked nose."I could not help it, love, I have been so busy with my project." She lets out a dramatic sigh, or maybe a real one, she has been rather animated ever since she and her lifemate came from between. "But now that Mai is pregnant, well, I just cannot steal you away anymore. Ysa would kill me if she found you over at my weyr." She does smirk though, plopping down onto the sand and tugging at him to follow suit. Sophyrinth is now no where to be seen, the green having dived down under the gentle waves no doubt in search of a fishy snack.

"Who said Ysa had ta find me? Ah mean, Ah could have just come ta see my lil'boy, she can't begrudge me that. Cause if'n Ah didn't she'd just tell me Ah was a horrible father." L'ton rolls his eyes even as he's tugged down to the sand with her, moving to put an arm behind her shoulders as they settle. Dhonzayth straightens up a bit, as So disappears, crooning a bit with worry. Hey?

"Oh! We could be secret lovers then. You will come to my window in the dead of night, throw some pebbles, and I will greet you in my nightgown." S'ya says, starting playfully but her voice ending in sultry tones. She tries to hold his gaze, hazel eyes locked, before crumpling into a fit of giggles. "But then again, we are lovers already, just not really secret." She falls back onto the sands gently, letting out a long breath before smiling. "But you better make sure that goldrider does not catch you, my nose can only take so much! If she does it again, shards, I might end up looking like your twin!" She's just teasing, of course! After all that one of a kind nose is one of the main features she just loves on the bronzer. Away in the water, Sophyrinth finally emerges. She throws her head back and swallows a fish whole, warbling happily to her rider before making for the sands.

"What nightgown?" He asks with a wry smile, tilting his head to watch her, leaning a bit as her voice turns sultry. But then she's dissolving into giggles and he's moving to stretch out next to her, trying to get away with resting one hand on her stomach as he props his head up in his other hand. "Trust meh, it ain't such a good look fer ya." He winks, teasing her for a second, shaking his head. "Dun worry, Ah'll make sure ta hide Dhonzayth.." However it is that you hide a large bronze dragon, that is. A large bronze dragon who is warbling at So as she reappears and starts to head towards the beach.

S'ya lets L'ton rest his hand, grabbing it up and squeezing gently. "Oh, you know. The black one with red lace?" She winks at the bronzer, sitting up a bit in order to better watch and talk. "Well I suppose you are the only one that can really pull that look off. I never knew someone sexier than you when it comes to banged up noses." Sophyrinth has hunkered down near the lovey dovey pair. The green warbling to a lonely green dragon a further down the beach. Playmate! When Dhonzayth comes a striding their way she gets to her violet speckled feet. In no time she's dashing down the beach, making right for the other female dragon and /away/ from the bronze. S'ya rolls her eyes as her lifemate high tails it, smirking over at the bronzer before rolling into him, moving to wrap his arms around her. "Silly greens."

L'ton flips his hand over to squeeze her fingers, grinning a bit. "Ah think it looks better on the floor, ta tell ya the truth." As she's sitting up a bit he's grinning and stealing a quick kiss before touching his fingers to his nose. "Yeah, well Ah was worried that bastard was gonna have straightened it out, by the time it healed, and then how would ya pretty lil greens remember me from the next guy?" He teases her, even as he's ducking slightly when Dhonzayth slides to a halt, spraying a fair bit of sand as he hunkers down, ignored quite blatantly, giving a draconic sigh.

"Well, there are other ways to keep tabs on you rider folk." S'ya says to L'ton, nestling her head under his chin. It's getting a bit breezy and she sure is appreciating the warmth. "So how /did/ you get your nose like that? I do not think I ever asked." She admits, idly tracing his jaw line with a finger. When Dhon comes running and sprays them with sand she closes her eyes. Luckily L'ton serves as a human shield and she doesn't get any in her eyes. "Aw, poor Dhon. Cheer up, she is like that with all the males. Silly thing is scared to death of you, thinks you have cooties or something." She tries to cheer the dragon up, giggling at his sigh.

"Sure, sure.. if'n mah nose was straight Ah'd just be that one Istan bronzer who just happens ta be awesome in bed." He teases, wrapping his arm over her as she snuggles in for a bit of warmth. "Family thing. Ya should see mah cousin Pi, she goes it too. Why Ah know it dun work so well fer girls. Zip's got it, ta." He shrugs a bit, though he does tap it. "But, the bastard who broke mah arm got it pretty good ta. Thought Ah was gonna take his woman or something, when all Ah came fer was a lil gift fer Zip from her ma." He shakes his head, carefully brushing the sand off her, even as he glances at Dhon, who seems to have decided to just sit for now.

"Hey now, that is a good thing to be known for!" S'ya says with a giggle as she's cuddled, melting into the bronzers arms. When the mystery of the Tonny nose is solved she lets out an 'aww'. "I thought it was that, since Zal has your nose but just wanted to make sure." When he goes into further detail about the fight she frowns, scanning him over quickly. "Shards, love, I had no idea how serious it was. Silly jealous men." She shakes her head before stretching out, arching her back a bit much like a feline before slowly getting to her feet. "Well it is good to know that I have a strong man I an depend on if some jealous old boyfriend comes popping in." She says with a smirk, bending over to give the rider a farewell kiss.

"Works fer me.." He grins, squeezing her gently, though as she stretches out, arching her back, he shakes his head. "Ah well, dun gotta go back there again." And then she's moving to leave, and he's pouting a bit, even as he sits up to follow the kiss, before flopping backwards, glancing down the beach to where So disappeared, before looking cutely back at her. "Ya'll let me know when she's close, right?" As if he could miss that.

S'ya waves to the rider before grabbing up her clothes and nodding. "I will make sure to let you boys know." And with a final wink she sets to sauntering down the beach after her lifemate, the green's form a blur as she darts in and out of the waves.

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