Comforting Zip

Ista Weyr - Zipalla's Room(#7635RJU)
A dark mix of midnight blue and varying shades of purple whirls across the rock walls of the weyr and is dotted here and there with pale pink, reflective starbursts reminiscent of a brilliant night sky. The smoothed wood floors are intermittently broken up by thick, black plush rugs and illuminating the room are miniature replicas of Belior and Timor, nestled in the sky-walls, glowing bright when in use. To the immediate right of the daybed is a deep shelf laden with pictures and trinkets and a bookcase sets beneath it holding the beginnings of an eclectic collection of reading material.
Along the right hand wall a low chest sits, topped with cushions so it can be used for seating and on the back wall an oversized black lacquer wardrobe. A curtain of dragon beads done in pink and purple dances in an arched opening that leads to a little alcove which houses a washroom, the sink nearly visible through the sparkling beads, though the remainder of the room is behind a narrow door. Scattered throughout the room various pillows and cushions add little splashes of color and texture, done in dusk hues of pink, purple and black, some fringed, some with buttons, some quilted, in all different sizes and shapes.

L'ton gently knocks on Zip's door, opening it to peek around the corner to look in, before he's biting his lip, slowly sneaking into the room. "Oh.. mah Zip.." He murmurs softly, closing the door behind him before crossing the room to lightly settle down on the bed next to her, wrapping his arm gently around her.

"I'm not worth waitin' on, Ton.. " is all she chokes out before she curls into his arms and starts to sob. Her shoulders shake and she lets the dragon fall and clings to her father, "I'm not worth it."

L'ton quickly pulls her into his arms, keeping her close and gently petting her hair, gently kissing the top of her head, rocking her just a bit like she's still a little girl. "Sweetheart, what happened?" He offers softly, leaning his head to one side to look at her, even as he keeps holding her.

She stays just like that for a few long moments then swallows and looks at him, "He's gonna be having other girls.. and.. he said he loved me and that he's always be here but.. he wants other girls.. and.. why does it have to hurt so bad Ton.." and she starts to cry again.

L'ton gently continues to rock her a bit, moving to push a few strands of hair out of her face, pressing his forehead against hers for a moment before pulling her back into a hug. "Ah'm sorry Zip.." He murmurs, tightening his hold, and making a face as if he would say something further, though he doesn't want to upset her. "Its part of growing up, love.. Ah.. Ah know it hurts.."

She grits her teeth against crying, amazing how endless the supply of tears can be sometimes. "He doesn't want me cause we can't.." then she blushes and frowns, "He wants a girl who can do more than kiss." Her eyes pinch shut and she pushes her face into the crook between Ton's shoulder and neck.

L'ton continues to gently rock her, slowly rubbing her back, pressing his lips to the top of her head as she buries her face. "Oh, sweets…" He sighs softly, tensing slightly as she contines to cry, shaking his head. "Dun let him upset ya Zipalla.. It ain't worth it.. Yer worth so much more than that.." He offers softly, fingers running through her hair gently, giving her a squeeze. "Ah.. Ah'm sorry Zip… Ah feel like this is all my fault. All Ah wanted was fer mah lil girl ta be safe and happy…"

"Those girls call me "kid" and I figure everyone is laughing.." she cringes and swallows, exhaling slowly. "It's not your fault. My own I guess. I just thought.. I thought he wanted me with him always.. I didn't want to make him unhappy.. then he kissed me and it felt so good to just be held.. and.. then he told me last night he wants to see other girls.. I don't think I can stay here, in Ista, I just can't.. he'll find someone and I don't think I can stand to see it, I just can't."

L'ton shakes his head, petting her hair. "Ah know its hard, cause they dun seem like they're much older.. but they've been through a lot, with 'em them pirates and all.." He knows exactly which girls, apparently. "Ah mean.. Not that they shouldn't have ta be nice…" He shakes his head a bit more, wrapping his arms around her to give her a hug, shaking her a bit to get her to loop up at him. "Ah know how it feels ta be that happy.. then ta be that down, sweets. Ah.. Ah dun think he'll settle, though.. But, Ah mean, if'n he said he loves ya.. maybe he'll wait?" He offers softly, biting his lip with a sigh. "Ah.." And he just stumbles over his words at her desire to leave.

Zipalla frowns and shakes her head, "A year older, Ton." Her head shakes, "Wait for what? What's to wait for? You know full well if he has a girl to warm his bed til I'm "older" he won't be waiting on anything for me." Just saying it feels like a kick in the stomach and she swallows against crying again, trying not to. "They aren't mean to me.. I hardly know them, it's just embarassing..I feel so stupid for thinking.."

L'ton gently taps her nose, shaking his head. Nearly two, sweets, now. Ah know it dun seem like much but.. Ah guess it can be." He shakes his head slightly, moving to tilt her head up, trying to meet her gaze, brushing the tears off her cheeks. "Sweetheart.. Where would ya go? Ah mean…" He swallows noticeably, shaking his head, tightening his hold on her.

Zipalla sighs. "Right..well.. I don't care, far away. Anywhere," she says as she looks away, frowning.

L'ton continues to chew on his lip, shaking his head, tilting her chin up to look at her. "Why ya gonna run 'way, though, sweets? Yer just.. yer just letting him win, letting him have his way." And then he sighs softly, moving to rest his chin back on top of her head, sighing softly. "Mah Zip…" He seems to be contemplating the various options, idly rubbing her back.

Big hazel eyes gaze up at him, as much a lost little girl as one has ever been, though full of hurt as powerful as any "woman" feels. "He already won, da.. he held me and kissed me and told me I was beautiful..and I went and believed him.. believed IN him.. and he left me.. he already won." Her eyes fill with tears again and the hazel color darkens with her emotions, "What am I supposed to do? Sit around and watch him and his friends? Wait for them to walk by and call me "kid" and laugh at me for thinking he could ever want me?"

"If'n yer talking 'bout them girls, they ain't his friends.. Ah bet they'd be more than happy ta help ya make him feel guilty fer everything he did ta ya." He shakes his head slightly, petting her hair again. "Ya are beautiful, though, Zip.. Ya're growing up, even if'n Ah dun wanna admit it.. And Ah feel awful that ya went through that." And then he's sighing softly, tapping her nose to get her attention again, even as he kisses her forehead. "Ah suppose if'n ya had a craft, ya wanted ta join.." He contemplates, more for his own benefit.

Her head shakes, "No thanks..that would indicate I care.. already messed up admitting that once. Lesson learned." Zipalla's jaws clench and she flicks a glance up at him when he taps her nose, "I don't want anything.. nothing feels right.. just thought if I left I wouldn't have to face him, or anyone, no one would have to know how stupid I was."

L'ton shakes his head slowly. "Zip, sweets, if'n every fourteen turn old girl who fell fer someone who couldn't manage to figure out what he really wanted, then we'd not have any of y'all left here." He offers softly, scrunching his face up to one side, and shaking his head. "Knowing him, he's gonna show up wherever.. Ya could always just 'nore him…" The poor guy is still trying to compromise, possibly.

Zipalla sighs and her cheeks redden. Mike was suppose to be different. He said she was special to him. Like Lisle was special? Like the girl in Ierne is special? Men are all alike. She had been such a foolish little girl. That won't be happening again. She lifts her head and her eyes blink slowly for a moment, so many thoughts and emotions racing through her young mind. "Won't be any trouble ignoring someone who isn't around.. nothing he said meant anything. Just words. I guess I have to think about it a little bit.. just so tempting to go somewhere new and not have to deal with all this."

L'ton brushes his fingers over her cheeks again, meeting her gaze, sighing softly before he pulls her into another hug. "Ah know it wouldn't sweets.. And, Ah know this ain't gonna be easy no matter what, whether yer here or somewhere else." He shakes his head, and then gives her a hug. "Ah.. Ah dunno what Ah'd do, if'n mah lil Zip wasn't 'round. Ah mean, look at all the time ya musta put inta yer room…" He offers, lifting his gaze to look around, before looking back at her. "But.. if'n.. If'n its what ya want. Ah.. Ah guess.."

Her eyes flutter some when he touches her face then she simply basks for a moment in his gentle, fatherly attention, curling into his arms. Zip's gaze does lift to look around her room and she looks up at him, "Do you like it? Wait you have to see this." She sort of reluctantly pulls from his arms, picks up a little remote and walks to center of the room, pushing a button. The main lights go out and the room is completely dark save pink-hued starlight that eminates from the little bursts in the paint, casting the girl in dappled light. She looks to him and smiles a little then she looks around again and inhales. "Everywhere I look is a memory, da.. I don't know how to make it stop hurting.. I don't know how to not miss him.. I don't know how to forget how it feels when he kissed me.. and I don't know how to keep going if I can't do those things. He might not have meant what he said but I did. Why did this have to happen.." She stands there in the half-dark, face etched with pain, eyes sparkly with tears, every single part of her hurting and confused, face lifting to the "sky", "I wish I had my dragon," she says softly.

L'ton shifts as she leans his hold and goes to turn off the lights, leaving the little ones to glow, a brief smile crossing his face. "It looks wonderful, Zip.. it really does.." And then she's talking softly, and he's getting to his feet, moving to pull her back into his arms. "Sweets.. Ah know it hurts.. And there ain't no easy way, its just part of life. Ah can't even tell ya how hard t'was ta stay in the weyr, after Sris moved out.. t'was ours, and now she was gone.." And then he shakes his head, giving her a soft shake. "Ah know it still hurts, but everything happens fer a reason. And, he might have meant it, in his own way." Stepping back, he tilts his head to tilt up her chin. "Ya will soon, Ah know it."

She smiles a little at Ton's approval of her room then she leans into his embrace, gratefully, so much needing strong arms to hold her. "They think I'm a kid and that I'm stupid..but I'm not… I guess they'll just think what they think.. it's not my concern anymore." Zipalla sounds resigned, at least perhaps she's trying to be, self defense mechanisms come in all forms. She looks up then shifts a bit, putting a hand up and one at Ton's hip, "Sir, may I have this dance?" she asks, peering up at him.

"Ah know ya ain't stupid, and ya know ya aint' stupid.. And if'n that's what they wanna think, then they're just wrong, ya know?" And then he's nodding with just a hint of a smile, moving to twirl her once, before bowing to her slightly, looking her over. "Shells, Zip.. Ya really ain't gonna be my lil'girl fer much longer…"

Zipalla smiles an earnest smile then spins under his arm easily, her long legs flexing as she rises to tippytoes. Her eyes close for a moment then she giggles, sinking into a proper curtsey, who knew she knew how to do that…then a delicately lady-like hand slips into his. "I'll always be your little girl, da, even when I'm old." She dances a bit with him, letting him lead if he will but nudging him some to move to her silent music, a slowish tune in her head that sends them around the little empty space in the center of the room beneath the pink-caste stars. "How's Niah?" she asks.

L'ton looks a bit surprised as she curtseys, before smiling a lil bit. "Yeah, but Ah gotta know that Ah ain't gonna be able ta protect ya from everythin' ferever.." He sighs softly, shaking his head, slowly dancing with her in the small open space of her room. "She's doing well.. Ah think she's just ta have them out.." He actually chuckles slightly before, moving to tip up her chin. "She wanted ta see ya.. Ya really should seem 'em.. They're real lil… And Ah mean.. they're just the same.." He shakes his head a bit, giving her a bit of a smile. "Ah'll take ya ta see 'em, if ya want?"

Her graceful steps draw near to an end and she leans up and kisses her father on the cheek. "She looked really uncomfortable the last time I saw her.." she nods, agreeing. "I'd like to see them.." she says a bit uneasily, "I didn't want to.. well.. I didn't want to bother her and Zaenar..and stuff.."

"Ah swore she was gonna suddenly just burst round the middle, but, thankfully she didn't." He smiles at her, planting a kiss on her forehead, shaking his head hurriedly. "Sweets, ya wouldn't be bothering. Ah'm sure that she'd love ta see ya, and Zae would too, Ah think." He smiles a bit, shaking his head. "Ya dun have ta worry about being a pest with her."

Zipalla smiles and nods her head, "Well.. want to go see them now?" she asks, then snuggles up and hugs him tight. "Zae doesn't talk much.. well neither does Niah most of the time," she grins.

"Ah think ya'd be surprised, Zae's getting a lil'better. Ah think she's gonna settle in real good." He smiles before nodding, moving to escort his eldest outside to meet Dhonzayth, to head up to visit Niah.

Ista Weyr - Celiketh's Sinking Ship(#10142RJ)
The ledge has a few chunks taken out of it, and you can see where dragon talons have reshaped the rock over the turns. Near the door to the weyr are a few potted plants, and two large rocks presumably to hold the doors of the weyr open on a nice day.
Inside the weyr the walls are a lilac blue, soft and mild coloring. The entrance has a rug of dark midnight blue in front a navy blue sofa which is adorned by a baby blue blanket a pillows. The place only has two windows, and both have been adorned with curtains of a blue that matches the walls. In contrast is a round table near the small kitchen area, the table is a dark maroon and four chairs that match. Sitting on the table is a vase holding a flower of white and blue, if examined closer it would be discovered the flower is fake. Further into the space behind a heavy curtain of deep crimson is a king sized bed adorned by a bright red quilt and pillows that vary from a near pink red to deep maroon. All the furniture is red, shelves along one wall hold a collections of shells, pictures and other household items. Space has been left near the bed so that Celiketh may be near Niah at night. Off to the side is a well swept dragon couch, fabric hanging near it is bright and very cheery blues, near the couch is a small collection of objects varying from yellowed leaves, shells and pieces of glass that are blue and red.

Niah's been a mother three very short, or long days depending on your opinion. The day is nice, slightly chilly but both windows are wide open and the door is as well. Even with light filtering in as the sun slowly sets, Niah is sitting up in her bed wearing one of her smaller maternity dresses, as she is shrinking down slowly and rubbing lotion on both babies who lay in front of her. One is in purple today, the other in red. Zaenar is up on the bed next to her tickling the cheeks of one baby and smiling, Ellyza is cradled in Zae's lap and Precious looks to be snottly avoiding the cut family scene.

L'ton has come to visit the new family yet again, this time bringing a Zip with him. After pausing at the door, he's draping his arm over his eldest's shoulders to guide her across across the weyr to peer over Niah's shoulder at the boys, chuckling a making a face at them. "Shards, purple, Niah?" He teases her just for a second, trying to figure out which is which. Maybe they should just pierce their ears. One gets the right, one gets the left. And then he's nodding to Zaenar, giving Zip's shoulders a bit of a squeeze too.

Niah gives a tiny wave to L'ton and Zipalla, tickling one boy and nodding. "I like the purple on him." She says him like she is totally sure it would look horrible on the other baby. Zaenar plays with Elly a bit and then turns back to the little boys. The one in red looks very close to being asleep, while the one in purple is just peering up at L'ton his blue eyes taking in the faces around him. "Can, well I mean it's ok if you can't but can you tell them apart? I mean they're making it very obvious right now.. but." She gives a little smile, she has dark circles under her eyes and isn't moving as much still pretty sore.

Zipalla slides down from Dhon behind her father and walks in, a bit warily, a slow pace, hands clasped, like a child would do in a fancy store, don't want to break anything. She smiles a little at Niah and Zaenar then sort of looks around L'ton at the babies, watching them. "They're cute.." she says quietly, keeping to the side and sorta back of Ton, "You feel better?" she asks, looking to Niah.

"Umm.." L'ton hms softly, looking from one boy to the other. "That's Zion, and that' Zialon, right?" And he seems to have determined that the sleepy one is Zialon, while the one looking around is Zion. Glancing at Zip, he shakes her a bit. "Oh, sweets.. ya wanna hold one, dun ya?" He moving to settle on the edge of the bed, patting the spot next to him for the girl to join him, even as he absently tweaks Ellyza's toes. Nope, he learned nothing.

Niah smiles gently at Zipalla, stroking the sleeping babys back and grinning brightly "Yes, Zion is the one who is looking around. Always more alert, Zialon is not at all patient is always moving when he wakes up." She says all of this with sweet and very different tone to her voice, totally adoring her two children. Zaenar winces a bit, as the tweak as Ellyza whining just a little, she settles back down with slight coaxing and Niah shoots L'ton a sharp look, "Please, do not do that to the boys." She keeps her voice down and at the thought of Zip holding a baby she says "Um… I guess, you have to be really really careful." Both babies are very small, curly coppery brown hair.

Zipalla nods, listening to the names, Zion and Zialon.." she repeats quietly. She looks to Ton then smiles and sits beside him but at Niah's apprehension she shakes her head, "It's okay, they look comfortable," she says with a nod, folding her hands in her lap. She looks them over carefully, glancing up at Elly's Ton-induced fussing then looks down at her siblings again.

L'ton nods quickly, pointing to each in turn, before he's putting his arm back over Zip's shoulder. "Aw, Niah, Ah was just tickling her toes…" He protests slightly, pouting, though he does nudge each boy slightly in his tummy. Poke? "Well, if'n ya change yer mind, ya know ya can hold 'em. Zion really likes ta look at ya, when ya hold her." He shakes his head, and then is glancing back at Zaenar, with a smile. "Ah'm sorry, Zae.." He shakes his head. "Ya think they're cute, Zip?"

Zaenar stutters quietly rocking her baby, "I am sorry she's afussin' sir." Shushing Elly as if the baby is being rude. Niah nods quietly, saying to Zipalla "yes, Zion and Zialon. ZIon is in purple while Zialon is in red." She explains and it's easier to tell, otherwise it's almost impossible to tell them apart. Niah grimaces, as Zion wiggles a it with the poke but Zialon fusses waking up and crying, kicking his feet as Niah swiftly scoops him up and cradles him, at his brothers crying ZIon starts to cry just a little and Niah looks over at Zipalla and L'ton "You..just, just talk to him." She offers, the joys of having twins.

Zipalla leans in against L'ton a bit when he curls her arm around her and she rests her head against his chest while she listens, nodding her head, "They're cute, how could they not be? Look at their mom.." she says, then her eyes flash wicked and playfully, a brief respit from the somewhat sorrowful tone of hazel they tend to be of late. Her eyes fall to Zion and she puts a gentle finger against his cheek, rubbing it slowly, "Shhhh.. Your da woke up your brother..don't cry…" Her voice is small ans soft and her finger trails up over his little forehead then down the bridge of his nose and across the other cheek.

L'ton shakes his head at Zaenar. "Zae, ya dun need ta be apologizing fer nothing.." He offers, though then the other two are starting to fuss and L'ton's eyes widen. Clearly he's not used to babies this young, despite the multitudes of them that exist. And then he's smiling a bit when Zip gently comforts Zion, letting the females do their job.

Zaenar nods and goes to get Elly away from all the noise, carrying her own baby over to the couch. Niah shushes Zialon as best she can, and then looks at L'ton and says "Why, if you're going to take up the babies.. you should really have to put them back to sleep." She says leaning to hand him the loud Zialon and smiling at Zipalla and Zion gets quiet with her voice, "See.. It is ok Zion." She whispers to him and kisses the baby gently on the nose.

Zip gives Zaenar a sort of worried, apologetic look as she moves away from the babies but she smiles to see the little one settle a bit. Her hand slides down and she touches his hand then looks up between Niah and Ton, "He seems to like me.. I think I'd like to hold him.." she says with a nod, but waits until they tell her it's okay.

L'ton makes a face, but nevertheless takes Zialon into his arms, shifting him carefully to support his head, holding him close with his good arm even as he gives Zip an encouraging smile. "Go ahead, Zippy.. Just be careful with his head, he ain't so big ta hold it up, yet.." He offers softly, awkwardly rocking the fussing Zialon as he does so, shushing him softly. Well, he had it coming.

Niah watches Zae leave, but is paying a lot of attention to her two to really be concered. As Zip asks she purses her lips and nods, pulling ZIon up and making sure to show her how to support his head. "Ok, just.. take him and hold him real close to your body. Umm, just like this." She shows how she is holding the baby and then hands him over to Zipalla. Zialon quiets a bit, even as he gets quiet he still kicks his feet and makes small unhappy noises.

Zipalla nods to her father then to Niah, "I've held little ones before.." she assures her, then takes Zion, just as shown, and cradles the baby to her chest. She turns her head and nuzzles him a little, baby smell…and her eyes drift closed, hands holding him gently but securely. "Think I was ever this little, da?" she asks, kissing the top of Zion's head.

L'ton watches her carefully, rocking Zialon a bit more as he continues to kick his feet, looking to Niah to ask a question, but it seems that the poor exhausted bluerider has dozed off where she was leaning. Smiling a bit, he turns his attention back to Zip with a slow shake of his. "Ya were /quite/ this lil, but ya were tiny. Ah still really can't believe it, mah lil girl… Ah got ta hold ya like this, just a few times, 'fore Ah was sent away."

Zipalla is pretty comfortable with the baby, patting his little rump while she holds him and her gaze falls to her father again after seeing Niah asleep, "Guess she needed a rest.." she says quietly. "At least you got to see me a little bit.." she says then smiles. "No matter what happens, you can't tell Mike I told you what happened with him ok? Please promise me."

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly. "Ah promise Ah won't. Tis between the two of ya, and as much as Ah'd like ta have some words with him, Ah dun think that if'n it came down ta it, Ah'd come out on top. 'specially not with only one arm." He offers softly, before looking at the babies, and then at Niah, nodding slowly. "Ah'm sure they've just worn her out…" And then he's giving her a smile, meeting her gaze. "'nuff that Ah knew Ah couldn't just leave ya there.."

Her head nods and she smiles, "Good then.. there's nothing between us now, no sense letting him think I can't stand on my own. Cause I can." Zipalla says that with all the confidence she can muster then she gently lays a sleeping Zion back down on the bed. She reaches up and pats the other babies back then touches L'ton's hand, "I'm glad you didn't leave me there," she says quietly.

L'ton keeps Zialon in his arms, as everytime that he starts to put the infant back down, the fussing and kicking starts again, and he's making a face, shaking his head. "Ah know ya can, much as Ah may fight it, now and then." He admits slowly, before glancing over at Zaenar and Ellyza, shaking his head. "Ah.. Ah couldn't let ya grow up like that… No way… Not when Ah could bring ya here."

Zipalla smiles, "I just mean without him, da.. I dunno what I'd do without you." She cuts a glance to Zae then smiles a little and looks back to her father, "Anyway, the subject is closed," and she nods her head firmly. She reaches over and pats Zialon a bit, trying to help settle him down.

L'ton brightens at that, moving to give her an awkward one-armed-while-in-cast hug, which causes Zialon to start to fuss more, and he's giving his eldest a kiss on her forehead as he begins to slowly pace. "Ya ain't gonna have ta, Ah promise." Finally, it seems that the baby is starting to settle, and he's moving to settle him in the crib on his back, before he's heading to retrieve Zion, settling him with his brother before moving to drop his arm back over Zip's shoulders. "Well, with Niah asleep.. what would make my lil girl happy?" He questions, glancing at Zaenar and Elly, who don't seem to be much more awake than their caregiver.

Zip smiles and then watches her father put the babies down to sleep in the crib and she stands up, "We should probably leave them to sleep for one.." and she grins. "As for what would make me happy..I don't even know anymore, especially not today. Sometimes I think leaving, sometimes I think hiding in my room.. sometimes I wish I could take back the last month and start over..then sometimes I think if that's all I ever have.." and her shoulders lift. "I may go riding.. then drown myself in pastry."

L'ton chuckles softly and nods, heading back out onto the ledge to meet Dhonzayth, the bronze ducking his nose ta whuffle at them both. "Ah.. Ah would love fer ya ta stay here. Ah.. Ah dunno what Ah'd do, if'n my lil girl went off, all by herself. Ah mean.." He shakes his head, and then offers her a hand to mount up onto the bronze. "Ah dunno.. Ah always had this silly hope that mah Dhonzayth would ya know.. be the one ta sire yer dragon.." He offers softly, with a smile.

She grins at Dhon then rubs his snout before laying her head against him for a moment, "I'm just in a sort of.. bad place right now Ton.." she offers. Zip climbs up and then settles behind Ton and holds him tight. "I always sorta hoped that myself, to be honest.. like a dream…" she says, smiling. "Everything is just sorta.. well.. feels bad today.. I promise I won't go anywhere without thinking on it for a while first.'

Dhonzayth whuffles happily, settling for her to mount up behind L'ton, the rider strapping them both in and giving her arms a squeeze. "Ah understand, Zip.. But, dun forget that Ah'm here, no matter how bad it gets.. And ya can always come ta me, no matter what." And then Dhonzayth is dropping off the ledge to the ground below with his passengers.

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