The Next Morning

Ista Weyr - Empty Weyr(#3387RA)

Afternoon has drifted into evening, and even that is passing with speed, as L'ton shifts a bit, having start to doze after earlier. At least they thought to grab their belongings from the bathing caverns, though now they're just spread along the floor in here instead.

L'alie seems reluctant to release the sleepy indulgance of a good nap after even better things. Laying on her stomach, she rubs her cheek against the sheets and reaches a hand out curiously to seek L'ton's body somewhere there near her.

L'ton grins, and opens his eyes some to smile at her. "Hey ya…" And scoots a bit closer, to put out an arm to draw her closer. "Thank ye.." He offers softly.

L'alie turns her face towards him now, opening her eyes just a little and turning to tuck her body against his, resting her head in the hollow of his shoulder, "Thank you for what?"

L'ton leans his head against hers, lightly scratching the part of her back that's under his hand, lifting his head to look at her, and smile. "Everythin'." His other hand lazily strokes her hair out of her face before he relaxes again.

L'alie chuckles, "You're welcome." She murmurs, leaning in to kiss the corner of his mouth lightly and lowering her head back down, her hand on his stomach tracing the plains and shallow valleys between chest and abdomen.

L'ton's breath catches for a second as she traces lines on his stomach, shifting enough to wrap an arm more securely around her, rubbing her side. "Ah hope ya aren't.. disappointed, er anythin'." And he plants a soft kiss on her forehead.

L'alie shakes her head, "No, not in the least." She responds, letting her eyes drift close for a moment, and then she sits up abruptly, "What time is it?"

L'ton pouts as she suddenly sits up, fingers tightening on her arm. "Ah dunno. Can't be much past dinner." And he props himself up on an elbow to look at her. "Why ya so worried?"

L'alie groans, "I was supposed to be back hours ago." She wags a finger at him, "You do your job too well."

"If'n ya're already late, what's a little longer?" He asks, with an innocent look on his face, reaching for her waggling finger.

L'alie chuckles, "Dunno, depends on how much trouble I get into with my weyrleaders." She murmurs, watching him take her finger, a curious look on her face.

"Ah'm sure they'll assume some craft business or other came up.." He offers, shifting to wind his fingers through hers, and to give her a slight tug.

L'alie allows him to tug her down, leaning one hand on the other side of him so she can lean down over him, a grin on her face. "Oh, you think so, huh?"

L'ton arches an eyebrow as he looks up at her, a grin on his face. "Yea, Ah do think so." He responds quickly, watching her.

L'alie lowers her weight onto him, resting on her elbows, the one hand still interlocked with his. "Mm, so long as your sure." she says in a teasing voice.

"Ah am craft business, in a way, am Ah not?" He teases in return, and as she settles down, he lets go of her hand to wrap both arms around her, and gently kisses her neck before laying his head back down to look up at her with a smile.

"In a circumspect way, sure." And she laughs, letting her eyes close and a small mrrr of pleasure escpae her at the kiss to her neck, resting her cheek on his chest so that the thump of his heart is just beneath her ear.

L'ton chuckles softly, and continues to rub her back softly as she lies there, now and then lifting his head to kiss the top of hers. "See, it'll be alright."

L'alie hms, "Will it then? I think I've been seduced by a master." She teases, "And me none the wiser."

"Ya dun seem ta be putting up ta much of a fight." He offers in return, squeezing her slightly.

L'alie smirks and plants a kiss to his collarbone, "The seduced ones usually don't!" she reminds him. "But I'm not really complaining anyways.

L'ton shivers slightly, fingers pressing into her back for a moment before he reaches to tilt her chin up to give her another kiss. "Good.. Ah think Ah'd be said, if'n ya were."

L'alie returns the kiss quite eagerly, caressing her fingers down his side, counting each rib as she pauses on it. "I'd imagine you would be, but I'm not, so you don't have to be."

L'ton doesn't bother to respond, instead his own hands running up and down her sides, as he nudges her to give her another firm kiss, planting a few along her chinline aftewards.

L'alie giggles just a little, tipping her chin up. "So I should have a string to show you in a few days, and if you approve I'll do the rest of them." She says, t rying to distract him.

"That's fine. Ah'll look forward to it." He offers as an afterthought, as he runs a finger up under her chin, not getting too distracted by the change in topic.

L'alie looks at him, excitement relighting in her eyes. She nods just a little, "Okay." She whispers, grinning and blushing just a little as she watches his face.

L'ton seems rather focused on dip in her neck, nodding absently at her. And then, blinking, he looks up to find her blushing, and he tilts his head. "What is it, mah dear L'alie?"

L'alie hmms, reaching to caress her fingers across his head, ruffling his hair. "I'm not going to get out of here any time soon, am I?"

L'ton chuckles softly, eyes going up as if he was trying to look at his own hair. "Ya can go whenever ya want to. Ah may pout but.." However, its doesn't mean he's going to not convince her otherwise.

L'alie ohs and laughs softly, "I couldn't stand to see you pout, but you must let me go some time, my dear."

"A lil later. Its still earlier, fer ya, anyway. We've got some time." He seems to be bartering, as he keeps his arm around her. "Dun we?"

L'alie chuckles, "Oh, alright.. I suppose since I am going backwards across the timezones, I can spare a while longer."

"Ah'm glad." And L'ton taps her nose gently, arching an eyebrow. "Ah promise Ah'll make it worth it?" And, despite her agreement, its still pleading that's coming from him.

L'alie hms, trailing her fingers along his hip, "I'm sure it will be." She replies, grinning wickedly.

L'ton gives her another squeeze, fingers pressing into her back, before he runs a finger up down the side of her stomach and the portion of her thigh he can reach. "Ah think so.." And then, he's nudging her again, leaning for a long kiss.

L'alie wiggles as his caressing finger touches a ticklish spot, submitting to the kiss and holding his cheek in her hands, using her knees and elbows to prop her up.

As she shifts, hands go to each of her sides, to keep a firm hold on her as he continues the kiss, before pulling away enough to smile up at her for a moment. Then as nails are run gently along her exposed parts of her stomach, he kisses along the side of her neck with a soft chuckle.

L'alie jumps and squirms at the nails, laughing and thrusting at his hands, "No, that tickles!" She protests, rolling away from him.

"Awww.. Ya moved!" He protests, and shifts to go after her, a hand putting just enough pressure on her shoulder to keep her where she is. "Where ya going?" He jokes, with a smirk.

L'alie looks up at him and returns the smirk. "Oh, no where. At least, I thought we'd agreed on that."

"Then why're ya scooting away, hm?" And as he waits for an answer, he leaves the hand on her shoulder, and leans to lightly nip her ear.

L'alie licks her lips and glances aside at him, laughing, "You were tickling me."

"Ah dun see how that's a bad thing.." He teases, and props himself up on an elbow, letting go of the pressure on her shoulder.

L'alie reaches up to tickle his sides, "No, huh?"

L'ton squirms away from her hands, making a face, and laughing as he tries to grab at her wrists to end it. "Hey!"

L'alie grins up at him as he grabs her wrist, "Uhhuh, see how you like being tickled."

L'ton holds her wrist down for a moment as he tilts his head to look at her. "What am Ah gonna do with ya? All tickling meh and stuff."

L'alie mms and wiggles suggestively, not resisting the grip of her wrists, "Gee, I wonder, whatever could you do."

L'ton arches an eyebrow at L'alie, a grin on his face before he pulls her back towards him and wraps his arms around, looping a leg over one of hers. "Ah just dunno…"

L'alie snuggles into him, "You should find out soon, time's slipping away." She turns her face into his chest, running her hand up and down the thigh across hers.

"Ah think Ah will…" And he presses against her as she runs her hand along his thigh, kisses trailed down her neck and collarbone while his hand catches her own thigh.

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