Niah's Boys are Born

Ista Weyr - Celiketh's Sinking Ship(#10142RJ)

Eveything is nice and quiet, Niah comfortable in bed with a book and Zaenar is sitting at the table practicing embroidery with a little kit in her hand. Ellyza is next to Niah who looks close to asleep. Outside Celiketh sits on his ledge, even though it is gently sprinkling on and off. Since the morning on the beach and his talk with Dhonzayth, Celiketh has become more and more active in making sure Niah does what she is supposed to even if it makes his rider a bit grouchy.

Oh, the perils of being ever bonded to the emotional creatures that are women. Backwinging carefully to the ledge, Dhonzayth lets L'ton dismount, before heading back off to the dry that is his lead. It seems that L'ton is responding to a certain little tale, for he's heading into the Weyr, arms folded over his chest as he narrows his eyes at her. "Please, Niah.. Dun tell meh Ah'm gonna have ta fight with ya over a lil thing ta?" He offers, passing by Zaenar on his way to the bed, giving her a gentle pat as to not mess up her stitches even as he settles next to Niah, looking slightly exasperated.

Niah perks up as L'ton enters, but curls back up quickly with what his body language tells her. "I-I don't know what you mean." Of course she doesn't, pregnancy induced amnesia. Zaenar looks up quickly, squeaking out a small "Hello Weyrsecond." She is learning proper titles and everything! Niah's very quiet, laying her head back on her pillows and sniffling a bit. Possibly getting a cold. "Why would you have to fight with me?" Starting to cry, aren't hormones fun, "I am sorry.." She doesn't even know what she did, but she is sorry.

L'ton reaches up to tilt her face towards him, watching her and sighing softly. "Sweets… Ah know.. Ah /know/ ya dun like the Healers, but that dun mean ya can just.. not go. Its important ta go, 'specially now. Yer so big, ya could pop at any point.." He turns to look at Zaenar, nodding to her, and managing a bit of a smile before Niah's getting another look, and rests his hand on her stomach. "Ya gotta do it fer him, if'n not fer yerself."

Niah wrinkles her nose, as if to say 'is that all?' "Oh, that.. I was umm.. napping." Mai is right, she is an awful liar. Shifting and fidgeting she bites at her lip and can't make an eye contact. With him tilting her face she looks like she could confess at any moment. Then as he puts his hand on her stomach that does it, she touches the hand and says "But.. but.. what if.. I mean." Deep groaning sigh, "I.. I did not want to go alone." Big eyes, "And everytime I go I get a new restriction.. I mean UGH!" Crossing her arms and glaring at a pillow as if it has offended her.

"Ah'm sure ya were. But, Niah, ya know that ain't no excuse. Ah'm sure Zaenar or Mai would have gone with ya." He offers, looking to the girl to see if she would. As she turns big eyes on him, he shakes his head at her. "But, think of what could happen, if'n they weren't looking out fer ya. They just want the best fer ya. Just like Ah do. And, them Healers, they know best."

Niah is prone to abrupt changes in mood, so she shrugs her shoulders and says "Fine.. if you want to go that badly, I mean I guess we can just go." At the question Zaenar says, "I would have gone with Miss Niah." No one is taking her side anymore, adjusting her oversized night shirt she changes into something more appropriate. Once dress she says, "I am sorry tonny.. really. Just." She's out of words so she lapses into very loud silences, sagging a good deal, slouching, head down and she is busy examining her finger nails.

"See, Niah? We just want what best fer ya." He offers, staying settled on the bed as she goes to get dressed, shifting to keep an eye on Ellyza where the infant is dozing. "Ah… Its okay. But, ya can't just not go… Do it.. Do it fer meh?" He offers, pouting a bit, as if it would help his cause.

Niah notices his pouting and goes over to him, raising her eyebrows and saying "I just.. whatever." She walks over to the bed and being very careful of the baby, slips back down. With a little sneeze she sighs, yup definetly getting a cold. "Ton?" She ask after curling herself back in her blankets.. "I am sorry about Zipalla." Sneezing again and itching her nose. "Would you go to the next appointment? And.. what do you mean any day now?" She is huge, and if the rumors are true bets are circulating on how much longer she has.

"Ya just whatever, sweets?" He questions as she rejoins him on the bed, glancing over at Zaenar with a grin, before back at her. "It happens. She's just trying ta grow up faster than Ah want her ta, ya know?" He shrugs a bit, resettling his hands on her stomach. "Ya looked in a glass lately, sweets? Ya look bout ready ta pop open. Surprised ya can stay upright, really."

Zaenar glances over at them, spotting the baby and relaxing a bit more as she spots that Elly is still very asleep, noticing the girn she blushes and goes back to her sewing. Niah looks down at her belly and smiles, "Well.. I have but, I still have like six sevendays or more to go, been sleeping a bunch recently." Her head tilts as she says that and she says, "This brownrider, said something.. I mean I do not gossip and." More quiet she seems confused. "I can stay upright, just.. just how will I know when?" It's another word she has issues with, labor and sex. One is definetly more fun than the other.

"From what Ah've been told.. Ya'll know. Ya'll start having contractions, and stuff." He shrugs, for L'ton hsn't experienced it first hand, and really he has no idea. Shaking his head, his wrinkles up his forehead a bit, tilting his head. "Whatcha mean, wha did one brownrider say?" He asks confused, even as he reaches to gently squeeze Elly's toes.

Niah gives a huge sigh and tilts her head to the side. She is not watch L'ton closely enough, and as he touches the baby it wakes her up. Zaenar is up in a second, leaving her sewing to tend to the baby but before she gets to the bed Niah has Ellyza in her arms and says, "Why did you have to do that for?" Shusshing the baby and talking sweetly, both woman and teen stroke her little cheeks and whisper to her. At the question of the brownrider she says "Umm.. I really do not remember her name. Just that she was one who was using a sling shot.. she sorta threw a meat roll at K'ael which he put on me." She wrinkles her nose, voice low as Zaenar takes the baby and get on the bed, the girl lays out a bit and places her ear on Niahs belly still cradling the upset Ellyza.

L'ton is a horrible, horrible person, and as the baby begins to cry he's quickly on his feet, taking a few nervous steps back. "Ah.. Ah didn't mean ta.." He offers, shaking his head as he eyes the baby, and the two females who are now trying to quiet her. "F'yr, Ah bet… Ah'd bet Dhonzayth on it." If the bronze was closer, one would likely hear a disgruntled rumble coming from him. "He's messing with ya again?" L'ton's gaze narrows slightly.

Zaenar finally gets the baby quiet, and looks over at L'ton. She purses her lips and her eyes dart from him to niah then back again. Finally she quietly says, "Her.. her dragon has an upturned nose.. and Ah was real far out in the ocean an' Celi came an' saved me. Tha' one?" She asks looking at Niah for reassurance, Niah winces and nods eyes getting big as Zaenar stands and puts Elly in a crib well away from anyone who will pinch her poor little toesies. Niah suddenly looks very very guilty, head down and knees up though they can't get anywhere near her chest.

L'ton looks from Zaenar to Niah, to Zaenar, to Niah, as he slowly moves to settle back at the end of the bed. "What happened, Niah? Zaenar?" He asks very slowly, stretching his words out as if he is somewhat afraid of the answer. Though, it had to turn out alright, since Zaenar is clearly sitting here. "Why did Celi have ta save ya?" He asks Zae as she's walking away, before turning the same questioning look to Niah.

Zaenar spots Niah's reaction and its apparent she has gotten attached to her new guardian, walking back over to the bed and moving the curtain a bit she sits down next to her and says "Miss Niah, it's ok." Giving her a small hug and not answering, her eyes drop as well and they look like a pair of bad weyrlings trying to explain a mess to the weyrlingmaster. Niah finally takes a very deep breath and says, "Well.. It's all my fault." Little tears on her cheeks, "See me and Zaenar where at the beach and I was not watching and she got really far out and I realized I could not see her and celiketh found her and thank faranth she was ok but I was real stressed and.." And her words trail off as she grimaces, a trembling hand on her stomach as she gets quiet and sinks down so that she is laying on her side in bed sucking on her lower lip, and staying unaturally still.

L'ton shakes his head softly. "Shards, Niah. Its okay, Ah mean, clearly Zae here's okay, but.. ya gotta be careful. Them currents can do nasty things…" And then he's gently patting Zae's shoulder before reaching to put his hand over Niah's giving it a gentle squeeze. "Niah-pet, Ah ain't angry. Ah mean, it all turned out. Ya just gotta be more careful, ya know? And, ya dun need ta be stressing yerself all out." Scooting a bit further onto the bed as she rolls over, he shakes his head a bit. "Hey, dun hide.."

Niah still doesn't move, with L'ton squeezing her hand she just stay somewhat limp eyes glazed over and pooling like she might cry Zaenar nods and says, "Weyrsecond.. sir.. It wasn' Miss niah's fault." Comforting her gently Zaenar pulls the kitten from the bottom of the bed and places her next to Niah. Taking a very deep breath she says, "I am a horrible foster mother." Zaenar shakes her head and presses the kitten closer to Niah saying, "Yur the best foster mother I'ze ever had." Which may not be saying much, she is the only foster mother Zaenars ever had.

"Ah know it ain't, Zae.. And like Ah said. Ah ain't angry… Ah just want both of ya ta be more careful, ya know? Ah'd hate fer anything ta happen ta any of ya." L'ton gently shakes Niah's hand before leaning slightly to brush his fingers over her face. "Niah, dun hide. Dun hide.. Dun ya hear Zae?" He offers with a bit of a smile.

With Zaenars words she perks up a bit, "Really." Still laying on her side she twists her head so she can see L'ton, tightening up she squeezes his hand very tightly all her muscles tensing and then says, short of breath "I really.. really wanna get these babies here soon." Scooting up a bit she gives Zaenar a small hug, Zae after getting her hug goes back to her sewing. Niah looking over at L'ton and asking.. "So. you still are sure you want me to tell you when?" Theres that nasty word again. Scooting she moves to lay near him and pats the bed for him to lay next to her.

L'ton scoots up to stretch out next to her, patting his shoulder for her to come lay on him. "O'course Niah.. Ah ain't gonna just change mah mind or something. Though, Ah hope fer yer sake it is soon. Then Ah dun have ta worry about stressing ya out all the time." He makes a bit of a face before lifting his head to smile over her at Zaenar. "Are ya ready fer two more lil ones to be here too, Zae?"

Niah looks a bit suprised for a second, "But.. it's a little to early yet. I mean, they still need more time." How much time she can give them at this point is debatable, slowly scooting she she can lay her head on his chest and pressing her body against his side with a happy sigh. "I am sorry.. I try not to get stressed it's just.. I am very ready to meet my babies and everyday just gets longer with all the waiting." Leaning up, she's being a bit of a tease kissing at his neck and running her finger down the buttons on his shirt. Zaenar says from where she is sewing, "Yes sir." She responds but is quietly concentrating on her task.

"If'n there are two, they usually are early, but its usually not bad, dun worry. They might just be a lil lil'er than the babies yer used ta." He reassures her a bit, thankful that Zaenar seems rather distracted, reaching his fingers to grab her hand to pull it away, murmuring softly. "Now Niah.." He seems slightly amused, even as he plants a kiss on her forehead. "Ya know better than that.."

Niah pushes out her lip, pouting and bit and rubbing her face on his chest. As her hand is pushed away she says, "Zaenar.. could go down and maybe get some more fabric." Whispering her plan and then saying, "but.. it's the best way to have babies. We might have them tonight if.. if you wanna help me out a little." A bit of a pout again and she reaches back for the buttons. "I mean.. then we could hold them and.. and you would get me back and." She is being very cute and poutey, big puppy dog eyes and a very innocent expression on her face.

The problem with L'ton is.. that he just can't say no. It really is a pretty bad problem, and generally what got him here in the first place, not that he really minds. Arching an eyebrow, he grins a bit. "Ya had this all planned out, didn't ya? That's why ya didn't wanna go ta the healers, hm?" He questions, though he is releasing her hand even as he gently brushes his fingers through her hair, clearly in debate with himself. For the moment.

Niah runs her hand along the buttons sitting up and saying "Zaenar, could you.. maybe go and get some more umm fabric. We might need some towels as well.." Maybe she is thinking ahead here. Zae nods, and slowly puts Celiketh straps on him. Her and the dragon are getting along very well since his rescue of her. After they are gone Niah turns and says, "So.. we ready to have babies?.. you do still want to right?" Though she has already wiggled out of her underwear and is slowly undoing the buttons.

L'ton watches for a moment as Zaenar puts on Celi's straps before tilting his head slightly, watching her leave, shaking his head just a moment at the things Niah asked before before he's rolling over far enough to catch her in a long kiss, cutting off her words even as he's sliding his hands up her shirt. Take that as a yes.

Niah responds exstatically, taking the shirt off and saying "You are so amazing." The kiss is responded to, she is a bit more aggressive than usual, she really is done with the pregnancy thing.

L'ton pulls back just a bit, looking a tad surprised at her aggressiveness, but then there is no more protesting and he's shimmying out of the rest of his clothes to help her on her quest. Done indeed.

Niah sighs happily and scoots a bit so she is away from him and so she can catch her breath. Laying very quietly she puts her head on his chest and wraps the blankets around them. Stroking his chest, she kisses his neck sweetly and seems content with the silence. With another little sigh she says, "When will I know.. if it worked?" She asks, looking at the door then smiling, as she knows Celiketh will have to bring Zaenar back.

L'ton is content to lay there with his eyes mostly closed, taking a few deep breathes as he wraps his arm around her, cast-hand left awkwardly next to him. "Ah dunno, lil bit.. this was yer plan." He chuckles, though as she gently strokes his chest and kisses her neck, he chuckles, tightening his arm around her a tad. "Though, if'n ya ain't careful, ya might get another go, just ta make sure."

Niah nods slowly, "Umm.. ok." She scoots a bit, "I just.. let me use the.." pointing to where her restroom is. Blushing she leaves, coming back she leans against the wall, grimacing and looking a little scared. She crawls back into bed with him and gets back where she was. "I am not sure yet, we can give it a few moment.. I mean if it already worked. I would not want to over do it." She doesn't exactly no the rules of the what go you there will get you out method. Though she is content to curl back up with her man.

L'ton just chuckles, shaking his head, reluctantly letting her leave. Though as she returns a bit scared, he props himself up on one elbow, looking at her with a worried look, running the finger tips of his broken arm down her body as he tries to comfort her. "Sweets, what's wrong?" He questions, with a tilt of his head. "Ah.. Ah dun think too much could be bad, though, really.." Bad L'ton.

Niah nods, "I just.. I am fine really tonny." She relaxes again, and agrees to another round. After wards her eyes get big, and she yet again get up to use the bathroom, this time running water for a shower. "Tonny.. I need a shower, not feeling so good." Is her only announcement, she has gotten very quiet and taking her shower.

L'ton is awesome like that? Though, as once again she goes running off, he does get a little more concerned. As the shower starts, he blinks to himself, before getting up and wandering after her, ducking into the shower with her, even as he wraps his arms around her carefully. "Ya promise yer okay, sweets?" He sounds slightly nervous as he tries to watch her face.

Niah bites down very hard on her lip, shaking her head and saying, "Fine.. fine.. it's just." As he is in the shower she leans against him, he can probably feel how tight all her muscles are. Under the water she relaxes a bit, but a few minutes later she grips her nails into him very tightly and then relaxes again saying, "Oh.. sorry tonny." Sighing and wrapping herself in a towel, unable to really stay still.

L'ton looks rather concerned as she leans against him, feeling how tense she is and shaking his head. "Sweets.. we gotta get ya walking a bit. And, maybe get ya some healers." And then she's digging nails into his arm and he's wincing some before shaking his head and moving after her, to keep a steading arm around her. "Shards Niah…"

Niah holds onto him, but pushes away not talking much at all closing her eyes and pacing back and forth, "No.. no healers. It's just false labor.. I'm ok." She leans against the wall after a few paces and crumples a bit near the side of her bed. "Fine, I am not in labor." she insists vocally, denial. "No healers." She gets into bed and curls around herself, biting in a pillow and screaming and then saying "really, it's no big deal."

L'ton continues to hover, taking a step for each of hers, though not grabbing a hold of her again to give her a bit of independence. Yet, as she's crumbling, he's quickly moving to try and help her, resting his hands on her stomach firmly, just in time to catch the ripple of muscles as she screams into a pillow. "Shards, it /is/ a big deal, Niah…" And then it seems that Dhonzayth has passed the message on, for L'ton is relaxing just a bit, even as he's still nervous. "Cause, Niah-pet.. Ah dunno how ta deliver a baby." Make, yes. Deliver, not so much.

The denial stage can only last so long, having another contraction she looks over at him and says "No.. no.. but.. oww." Groaning and looking about to cry, she shakes her head slightly "But.. but i can not have a baby here and.. and." Quiet again, tossing her head to the side and gritting her teeth. Sadly these sheets may not make it, as a larg puddle has formed on them waters broken and she locks eyes with L'ton, "Oh no." Celiketh is back, without Zaenar or unfortunately a healer, pushing his way into the weyr he croons his eyes bright red and he hover on the side of the bed. Niah on the other hand looks scared, and then her eyes glaze over and she puts her chin on her chest. .Oh no, what does he mean he doesn't know how to deliver a baby!

While Celiketh comes back alone, that's why they have P'tah. It seems that the young bluerider managed not only to find a pair of healers handy, but Zaenar as well, and the group is unmounting quickly, the healers being the first to rush in, quickly moving to the side of the bed and practically shooing L'ton out of the way as the man is embarrassedly jumping into his pants, though he does end up moving to sit behind her, trying to prop her up, wrapping his arm around her for support. "I-Its okay, Niah.." And then he's letting the healers do their thing as Zaenar nervously grabs Ellyza, and P'tah waits, as if expecting to be put to work.

Niah is suddenly scared holding tightly onto L'ton, "Tonny.. to many people.. no.. " She is very naked and two strange female healers as well as a man she doesn't know well. The healers pat Niah and ask her to relax, which seems the farthest thing from her mind. "L'ton.. please." Looking at P'tah and Zaenar. She's a bit distracted, and saying "babies.. coming.. coming but. tonny." Groaning and very sweaty, she she looks at the two healers and they close the curtain so to give a bit of privacy. As soon as it closes one of them get up besides niah and talk calmly, the other prepared to catch the baby. "But.. I am not ready yet." She says, well it's a little late for that.

Thankfully P'tah is as scared of women as Niah is of P'tah, and so he's hovering with his back to the bed, even after the curtain is closed, focusing on distracting Zaenar and Ellyza, the trio settling down for now on the couch. L'ton keeps his hold on her, even if it is only with one arm, and he's shaking his head. "Too late for that, sweetheart… Just try and breath.." Though, for her sake, he is reaching for a sheet to pull over her for the most part.

Most of the arguing is done, and Celiketh hovers and humm lightly head on the bed. The healer smiles and says, "You're doing fine dear, almost here." A few moments later Niah gripping her finger nails into L'ton again and tossing her head everything is very quiet. Niah lays very limp against L'ton, no crying and she perks up unable to find the strength to sit up. L'ton maybe able to see the baby, he is pink if not small and wiggling but not crying so much as eyes open peering around. Odd mother, odd baby.

L'ton continues to cradle Niah, through the nails, and through everything else. As the first child appears, he shifts a bit to try and get a better look, giving her a gentle squeeze. "Ya're half way there, Niah-pet.. Half way.." He murmurs softly, trying to be encouraging as he helps her sit a little bit to see.

The healers don't let the baby stay quiet, rubbing his back he screams and Niah smiles brightly. "We.. we just had a baby." As if not sure about it and then cuddling against him, taking a deep breath. The cord is cut and the baby being cleaned by the healer as she announces, "You have a little boy." Niah grins and says to L'ton, "A boy.. we have a boy." Being helped she grins and says "Can I hold him? can.. can i hold my baby?" The healer prepared to catch the second baby shhs saying "Once you have the second one dear." She gets quiet again, set on the new task and gripping into l'ton again, blood runnng down her lower lip where she finally split it with her teeth.

L'ton cringes ever so slightly at the scream, though he's watching the boy with interest, before he's chuckling softly when she's shushed, and he's getting nails buried into his arm again, and he's wincing again, ducking his chin to press his lips into her shoulder to avoid whimpering as a result of his, compared to her, minor pain.

Niah is doing exactly what the healers tell her to, but after about fifteen minutes she sags against him tired and the healer gently trying to find the second twins position. Looking up she keeps her eyes on her first son, then listens to instructions. Sagging again she looks up at him and stays silent. An hour after his brother came into the world, and with effort on Niah's part she exhaustedly lays against L'ton and listens to an immediate and loud cry, the second healer saying "You have a little boy dear, another little boy." Niah nods ever so slightly and release her grip on L'tons poor arm. Maybe the cast was a good thing in this case.

L'ton only has one arm gouged to hell? Apparently that's a good thing though he probably had it coming. Shifting now and then throughout the whole thing, he never moves to leave her, instead being quite supportive. "See, Niah, two lil'boys. Two lil'boys fer ya." And then he's gently trying to help the exhausted young woman. "What names did ya want sweet heart?"

The healers shush L'ton, helping get niah comfortable. She is moved for a moment into a chair, wrapped in her one sheet and the clean up her red sheet which will probably need to be thrown away, getting her comfortable again they say "Let her rest, plenty of time for names once she's rested a bit. Would you like to hold your sons?" She asks, the babies are just under five pounds a piece. Heads full of curly coppery light brown hair, big eyes that are very blue and do not yet hint at the final color. They will have l'tons facial structure, though both noses resemble niahs small cute nose for now. Both babies look exactly alike, one wrapped in a green blanket the other in a blue blanket.

L'ton is quickly shushed, moving to join her carefully on the edge of the chair as everything is cleaned up, peeking his head out of the curtain to quietly motion Zaenar and P'tah over to see the babies. "Ah think the mama would love ta hold her babies.." And then he's moving to stand behind her, resting one hand lightly on her shoulder - he's not going anywhere.

Niah is moved back to the bed, and perks up again as she is back on her bed. "Where, may I?" A bit more of her energy, though she's a mess hair all wet and sweaty and outside you can hear the rain pounding down on the ledge. Zaenar comes in, smiling and the healers reluctantly hand Niah the baby wrapped in blue moving to hand L'ton the one wrapped up in green. They explain, "They're identical, first born in blue and second in green. One of us will stay here for the night and make sure they get through the night alright, we would insist on the infirmary but it is pouring outside." Motioning to the door as they can all hear the sound of the rain. Niah grins a big smile, and Zaenar crawls up the bed and sits down, smiling and looking down at her new little cousins. Niah says, "So.. first is him." Motioning to the baby in her arms, still a little shell shocked over all this.

L'ton carefully takes the younger son, settling down on the bed next to Niah, looking from one boy to the other, before smiling at Zaenar as she joins them, carefully holding him out to compare with Zaenar's own baby. "Ya done good, sweets.. Ya done good." He offers, even as he's grinning down at the boy in his arms.

Niah looks at her first boy, and says "Zion..what do you think?" Asking his opinion and leaning against the pillows heavily very tired eyes sagging big goofy smile on her face, "Umm.. you name him. I got to name him." Little happy tears run down her face and she says, "Thank you..for sitting next to me." Listening she gets another smile on her face, "I think.. the night.. I got pregnant it was raining, just like this." Zaenar holds Ellyza, who is bigger than both boys and not as squishy looking, she pushes Niahs hair out of her face and leans down, kissing the cheek of her newest cousin. Well almost newest.

"Ah think Zion goes great with Zialon.." He offers quietly, continuing to make faces at the baby in his arms who opens his eyes for just a moment, grinning at her words, though he's soon distracted by Zaenar. "Ah bet its hard ta believe Elly was almost this small, huh?" He smiles at her, before the baby seems to be dozing off again, and L'ton is looking to someone else to tell him what to do.

"Can.. you trade me babys?" Niah asks him, holding out Zion, "I-I just don't think I could hold two at the same time… yet." Zaenar nods, "Elly was never this small, sir." She says, the healers looking over at L'ton and as the other gets ready to leave and the one who is staying settling down in a chair by her bed, saying to L'ton, "If you plan to stay the night quiet down, she needs to rest." They all know what a horrible patient Niah is.

L'ton nods, quickly managing to shuffle the boys, handing her the other one and then holding the other brother next to him, chuckling at Zaenar. "Well, how about almost, will ya give me that?" And then as he's getting fussed at the by the healer, he's making a face, before slowly getting up to offer her the baby. "Whatcha talking 'bout? Ah gotta go tell everyone."

Niah grins and says to L'ton. "Zialon, zion.. my little boys." She waves him back with arm leaning up and saying. "Can I get a kiss.. please?" Giving him big eyes, she is just cuter all sweaty baby in her arms. Zaenar says "Well.. almost yes." Zaenar says blushing and stroking ellyza. At his mention of telling everyone Niah says, "Make sure M'iken is first.. please?" She says asking and then she is sagging again, the adrenaline rush over and she covers herself with a blanket to feed the fussy Zialon, Zion is still very calm looking up at his father and even though his eyes really should not be able to focus he looks like he recognizes L'ton. The healer reaches out to take the baby, when she obscures Zions view of his father the baby starts to cry.

L'ton ducks to give Niah a kiss, before giving Zaenar one on her forehead, and then the now crying Zion. "Dun cry, baby. Daddy'll be back." But then he's nodding quickly. "O'course, O'course.. Ah'll check up on ya in a lil bit, ta, sweets…" ANd then he's ushering P'tah out to go share the good news, and enjoy the drinks he thinks should come with it.

Niah watches L'ton leave, and after Zialon is fed and handed off to the healer who will be helping them tonight Niah falls asleep. "Alright." She says before falling to sleep, busy day.

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