Bags of Sand

Ista Weyr - Main Beach(#3773RJa$)

L'alie spirals down to land in the black sand, stirring it up as he lands gracefully and lowers himself down so his rider can dismount. From the pack dangling from his riding straps she withdraws to empty sacks that greatly resemble what used to carry firestone in the days when Thread fell. She also unties a shovel from the brown's straps, and sets about to find a swatch of pristine sand to excavate.

L'ton has been settled on the beach, taking a long break from whatever he was working on, settled on a pale towel on the dark beach. Meanwhile, the pale bronze has submerged himself in the ocean, and is settled just far enough offshore to be covered with water. At the arrival of the Xanadu brown, he gives a rather upbeat trumpet, which causes L'ton to prop himself up on an elbow, grinning a bit as he identifies the brown and his rider.

L'alie glances around and now covers her eyes with her hand, identifying L'ton. For a moment, she hesitates, but Adinaeth bugles a brassy reply to the larger dragon, and trundles for the water jubilantly. Thus the woman is stuck, and so she alters subtley and heads for the bronzerider. "Weyrsecond." She greets pleasantly.

"Journeywoman…" L'ton offers in reply, though he remains comfortably on the towel where he is, looking up at her. "Ah assume ya've come fer the Istan sand all ya glass crafters are raving about?" He teases, shaking his head as he eyes the bags in her possession. The bronze rumbles to the brown, and spreads his wings out on the watertop lazily.

L'alie nods, "I have." She agrees, gesturing at the fine black sand. "It makes for some of the finest glass, being as it is really halfway to craft-quality glass already." She thrusts her shovel into the sand until it is stuck firmly and will stay. "What are you doing out here? A bit warm to be just lounging." Adinaeth waddles into the water until he can submerge himself up to his eyes, blowing bubbles from his nostrils.

"Avoiding work?" He offers, though half serious and half joking. "Ah was giving Dhon a bath, and Ah was trying ta dry off, before Ah went anywhere." Sitting up, and absently patting the mostly dry towel next to him. "If'n ya have a bit, come and set with meh." He offers, looking up at her.

L'alie regards the towel and then nods, sliding in beside him. "I have time. I took the day off to come do this, just in case. You never know when something will happen to hold you up."

L'ton grins, and leans back, to put his arm behind her back, and leaning a bit. "Ah'm glad ta here that. Though, Ah dun wanna hold ya up fer too long. Ah suppose its not fair, cause then ya'd be behind." Glancing sidelong at her, he tilts his head. "Is all ya gotta do, is get sand?"

L'alie glances back, smirking at the arm he puts behind her. "Yep, that's all I gotta do. A few hours labor should see me enough sand for awhile." She hitches her shoulders in a shrug. "So what are you avoding?"

L'ton arches an eyebrow, daring her to comment on it, a grin on his face. "Just how much sand do ya need, that it'll take ya a couple of hours?" He shakes his head a bit, and shrugs himself. "Paperwork. And more paperwork. Some visiting train, 'er something."

L'alie admits, "A few bagfuls. I'm just slow about it. Ugh, paperwork. I do so much of that as it is." She shakes her head, "Don't blame you for getting away."

"Well, mah escape's made even better, by ya just happening ta be here." And then he pauses, tilting his head. "Ya did just happen ta show up, didn't ya? Or, did ya miss meh so bad, ya though ya'd visit?" He teases her.

L'alie reaches out and gives him a gentle shove on the shoulder, "Silly, I told you I'd be down here soon to pick up sand for my glass. You sure you weren't just camped out here pining for me to show up?"

"If'n that was the case, Ah'd have just shown back up at yer weyr." Not that the thought hasn't crossed his mind, certainly. As he's gently shoved, he makes a face, and gives her side a poke. "Not that Ah'm not glad yer here."

L'alie squeaks as her side is poked, "Oh? Just snown up, huh?" She grins, "Don't think I'd be a little worried when some strange Istan bronzer shows up at my ledge, keening distress for me?"

"Why'd ya be worried? Ya got another boy from Ista here, that ya've wound around yer finger too?" L'ton grins, and gives her side a squeeze this time instead. "Besides, Ah'm not strange."

L'alie smirks, "Are you woven around my finger, then, Weyrsecond?" she teases, turning to look out towards where her lifemate splashes. "I think you flatter me, and I wonder what it is you really want.. except I already know."

"Ah think its safe ta say, that ya have me wound round yer finger. Ya've got meh interested.." And L'ton tilts his head to look at her. "Why do ya assume the worst about meh? But, if'n ya're not interested, too, ya'd have chased meh off by now, Ah think."

L'alie laughs, "I assume t he worst of everyone." She says fairly. "You're well enough." And that's all she says on the subject, leaning against his side with a little grin.

L'ton smirks, and tilts his head to look at her with an arched eyebrow, before shrugging and wrapping his arm around her side and sliding to sit next to her. "Ya should give me a chance. Ya didn't seem ta mind the other day, ya know."

L'alie smiles, "Would I be sitting here beside you if I wasn't giving you a chance, silly bronzer? No, you're right, I didn't mind much at all.. at least, not once I relaxed."

"Ah think that's a good thing." And he leans to set a kiss on her cheek, smirking slightly. "Ya were a lot better once ya started to relax."

L'alie grins in spite of herself, turning her face to catch his mouth for a moment. When she pulls back, she is just a little flushed. "I should probably get to work." She says reluctantly.

L'ton grins at her as she turns towards him, leaving his arm around her and giving her a bit of a squeeze. "Already? Ah thought ya'd planned ta take all day. Ya've barely been here at all…"

L'alie laughs, "Yes, but if I stay here kissing you, I may not get any work at all done." She clears her throat. "You see my predicament."

L'ton pouts slightly, as she explains the predicament. "Ah think its work. Just, uh, a different kind of work." He grins, and leans towards her again, perhaps to try and further sway her.

L'alie leans back against his arm, looking up at him, her eyes dancing merrily. "Not work I'm getting paid for though." She teases.

L'ton gasps slightly, as she leans back, and shakes his head. "Ah see how it is!" And he throws his free arm up in the arm. "What am Ah gonna do? Ya're gonna go running off."

L'alie laughs at his gesture, licking her lips, "Oh, I am just going to be right there!" she points to the shovel. "Hardly a dragonlength away."

L'ton actually sticks out his tongue at her, leaning for another kiss before releasing her from his arm. "Fine, fine. Ah'll just sit here and watch. Ah suppose its a good view, afterall."

L'alie grins and returns the kiss before climbing to her feet. "Such a gentlemen, not even going to offer to help?" She asks, dancing across the sand to her shovel. "Come hold my sack open for me, lazy bones."

L'ton looks at her with wide eyes. "What's in it fer meh?" He asks even as he gets to his feet to follow after her, giving her side a squeeze as he passes her to pick up one of the empty sacks.

L'alie considers, "Oh, I imagine we'll get nice and hot doing this. Might need to cool down somewhere." she chuckles. "I don't know, my gratitude?"

"Ah'd be more than willing ta help ya get out of things, and help ya cool down." L'ton quips, having absolutely no shame, as he moves to stand near her. "Might as well get this over with…"

L'alie laughs, "I bet you would. You're hopeless, I think." She puts her boot to the spade, shoving it deeper into the sand and lifting a shovelload, overturning it into the sack. She repeats this, arms bulging under the sand's weight as she scoops load after load into the sack, watching L'ton's face to see how he reacts to the weight as the sack fills.

"Ah'd rather think Ah'm hopeful." He offers. And, as the sand is added to the sack, it gets a little lower with the addition of each shovelful. And its not too long before the bottom of the back is on the ground and he's bent partially over, mostly just holding the top open. "Ah see why ya wanted me ta do this part."

L'alie nods and grins, "It'll likely take both of us to tie it up there. I'm lazy, or I'd just do it myself." She chuckles. "Stronger than I look." She tops the back off and tosses the shovel down, wiping sweat from her forehead onto the back of her arm before pulling the drawstring on the bag shut and wrapping the cord around the neck securely.

L'ton keeps a hold on the top of the bag until its all tied up, wouldn't want to let it tip over and all that hard work go to waste. "How many of 'em do ya need, again?" And L'ton looks from the filled bag to the empties, making a face.

L'alie laughs at the man's face, "Three counting this one. It's not so bad, cheer up. At least all you're doing is standing there."

"But, ya're gonna be all tired out, by the time ya're finished. And then ya'll go back to Xanadu." He actually lets a somewhat pathetic look cross his face before he loses it into a bit of laughter.

L'alie chuckles, "Unless you can give me a good reason not to go back." She says in a light voice. "Tired? Nah. Nothing a good soak won't fix at least."

L'ton arches an eyebrow, with a grin. "And what is a good enough reason fer ya, mah dear?" He asks with a smirk. "Ah certainly think a soak can be arranged."

L'alie shrugs and motions for him to get a new bag, "You're creative, I'm sure you'll come up with something by the time I'm done."

L'ton sighs softly, and shakes his head, but grabs another bag nevertheless, opening it for her. "Ah'm sure Ah will." And a bit of sand is scuffed around as he waits for this bag to get filled as well.

L'alie chuckles and starts to fill this bag much as the last one, grinning at L'ton every once in awhile as she works.

As the bag is topped off, L'ton once again shifts it around on the ground a bit more, holding the top shut for L'alie to tie it shut. "Just one more?" He asks, for whatever reason, even as he seems distracted.

L'alie nods, "One more." she confirms, breathing a little harder as she ties this back shut and pushes it over to the side with the first one. She leans on the shovel's handle wearily as she waits for him to ready.

L'ton grabs another bag, and then, opening it, he offers the sack to her. "Here. Ah'll shovel." And he holds out a hand to trade the shovel for the sack.

L'alie eyes him and then nods agreement, handing over the shovel and accepting the sack, holding it open.

L'ton goes to work, carefully stepping on the shovel with each scoop, before its tipped into the sack. And slowly its filled, the pause between each growing a little longer, and L'ton's face looking a bit red. But then, finally, a last shovel is tossed in the sack, and its full. The shovel is pushed into the sand, and he waves a hand. "/There/."

L'alie laughs, pulling the drawstring and tying the bag shut and then clapping her hands, "My hero!"

L'ton smirks, and gives her a bit of a bow. "Anything, for a lady like ya." Straightening, he offers her a hand. "Now… Ah hope ya won't be going, yet?"

L'alie shakes her head, her braid bouncing against her back, "I'm not going." She assures him, taking his hand.

L'ton grins, and gives her hand a squeeze, before pulling her over. "Then, how do ya wish ta spend yer time, here at Ista?" Her braid is tugged gently, as he looks down at her.

L'alie laughs, letting him pull her in. "Oh, I don't know. As a native, what do you recommend?"

L'ton tilts her chin up slightly to give her a kiss, before pulling on her hand. "Ah recommend that weh move ta the Hot Springs. Ah'll even rub ya're back, so that ya aren't all sore. Deal?" And he continues to tug.

L'alie grins, closing her eyes a little, "Hmmm.. hot springs, a back rub, and a bronzer.. you have a deal, mister." she agrees.

L'ton laughs softly, "Ah think we do." And he turns, still holding her hand, to head back towards the weyr itself.

Ista Weyr - Hot Springs

L'alie laughs the whole way to the Hot Springs as L'ton tugs her along by the hand like an excited child. "They aren't going to disappear if we're too long getting there!"

"No, but Ah might turn around, and ya'd be gone." He teases, and stops as they enter the hot springs, surprisingly empty. Turning around, he smiles at her, and rests a hand on each shoulder. "Here we go.."

L'alie grins, "/Between/ like a firelizard?" she teases, and glances around until he blocks her view by standing before her. "Indeed. Looks like a hot spring cavern." she teases.

"Ya never know." He teases, and then turns and picks out a pool, his clothing left on a bench in a pile before he ends up in the water, looking back up at her. "Ah promise, it feels real nice." Not that its any different from any other hot springs.

L'alie tinges a little bit pink as he strips so fast, leaving her there alone with no choice but to strip as well. "Turn around." She commands modestly. "And what feels nice?" she asks, distracted.

L'ton has no shame. It should be obvious by now. At her command, he arches an eyebrow before shrugging and turning around, tapping his fingers on the edge of the pool absently. "The water."

L'alie aparently has developed some shame in the fifteen turns since she made T'eo realize in no uncertain terms the eve before they both Impressed how much she liked him in a hot spring not so different from this. She thrusts thoughts of the other bronzer from her mind as she tugs her clothing off, piling it onto the bench and slipping into the water. "Oh, right."

One would have thought it would have been the opposite. As she slides into the water, L'ton turns around and settles on a submerged bench, motioning for her to come sit next to him. "Comeon. Ah'll rub yer back, just like Ah said Ah would. If'n ya aren't gonna be too embarrassed."

L'alie sniffs, keeping her body up to the shoulders in water as she treads over to him and sits down on the bench, turning her back to him and pulling her braid over her shoulder. "I'm not too embarassed." she says with a bite of acid to her voice.

L'ton arches an eyebrow, and shakes his head slightly, and sets to gently rubbing her shoulders, pushing bits of stray hair out of the way. Leaning a bit closer, he tries to steal a look at her face. "Ah didn't make ya angry, did Ah?"

L'alie turns her head to look back at him and smiles reassuringly. "No." she replies, leaning back a little into the press of his fingers. "It's just been awhile, mm?"

L'ton relaxes a bit himself, as she reassures him, fingers working along her shoulderblades, pausing at a knot which he proceeds to work out. "Ah dun think ya should be embarrassed. Ah think really, ya should be proud."

L'alie arches her eyebrows, "Proud of what? A declining body?" She laughs. "Nothing on me is as young or firm as it used to be."

"Ah hardly think ya look bad. From what ya've let meh see, and what's under my fingers, Ah think ya've still got a wonderful body." And fingers go back to finding each knot, settling on one near her neck, gently rubbing it out. "Ah like it, anyway."

"Why do I think you'd like just about anything that crossed your path?" L'alie teases, though her voice is cynical. With a sigh, she sinks her chin into the water, relaxing and letting him work. "I suppose. Riders do stay younger longer. Maybe old age is all in my mind."

"Ah think yer all worried 'bout nothing, and that ya're thinking about other stuff, that has ya all concerned." He whispers to her as he leans forward, as he progresses with his massage downwards along her spine.

L'alie twists a little to look back at him, one eyebrow raised. "Maybe." She finally concedes, and goes on to admit, "That does feel good, thank you."

"Mah pleasure…" He offers with a grin, and settles back to the task at hand. As the last of the knots are worked out of her lower back, he returns to her neck and shoulders, gently massaging.

L'alie sighs, using the water to gently drift back until her back can rest against L'ton's chest, her eyes thoughtful though her expression is guarded. "Who would be sitting here now if you hadn't come upon me in the Clearing?"

"Ah wager if'n Ah hadn't come cross ya in the clearing, Ah'd be all caught up on paperwork, and have gotten sent out on some other errand." He replies quickly, grinning as she leans against him, and he shifts to wrap his arms around her, resting his chin on her shoulder.

L'alie makes a noise of dissatisfaction in her throat, but relents, leaning her head against his and sighing as she lets the water buoy her, easing subtle aches she hadn't realized. "This is nice."

L'ton sniffs slightly, but as she leans back, he smiles at her, and turns his head to give her a soft kiss on the cheek. "Ah think Ah'd have ta agree."

L'alie grins at the kiss to her cheek. "When wouldn't you agree, you incouragable flirt?" She reaches her hand to pat his knee in mild affection.

"Ya know, Ah dun think Ah can say." A finger is traced absently up and down her arm as he keeps his chin resting on her shoulder, mming softly. "Ah dun think ya mind, though.."

L'alie shivers at that light touch, murmuring in an almost sleepy ton, "I don't, L'ton. I definitely don't mind this at all."

L'ton grins as she shivers, and continues tracing the finger down her arm, before shifting slightly, and letting it run along her collarbone. "Ah'm glad yer relaxing."

L'alie shifts, her eyes darting suspiciously as the finger transfers to the thin ledge of bone just beneath her neck. "Warm water, ammenable arms… hard to tense when you put it that way."

L'ton leans sideways to watch her face as he continues to trace her collarbone, arching an eyebrow. "Ah hope ya dun mind…"

L'alie looks at him lazily, her eyes half-lidded. "Mind what?" She asks, slouching in his arms. "Mind your hands, or mind your company?"

"Either.." He offers after a few moments of silence, and shifts to rearrange her slightly, one arm still wrapped around her, supporting her, while the other wanders a bit more - tracing the outline of her ear, running down the side of her neck.

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