Green Eledath (Athena) Rises (1)

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach(#825RJs)

Athena is sitting out in the area just in front of her weyrbarn reading a book quietly to herself, she hasn't been paying much attention to where her tiny green Eledath is off to as last time she saw her was in the water chasing fish.

Circling high above like some overgrown, blue-pelaged bird, Lanzath is just waiting for his rider to get settled back in and make sure everything is well before receiving his destination to return home to Fort. Only, the blue chooses to dismiss the image of the first weyr when it is given, his eyes instead turned away from the open skies down towards the water where the small green plays. No verbal reason is given to his rider as the blue dips his wings and glides back down to earth, but C'vez reads the feelings of his lifemate well and known full well what thoughts ride in the dragon's mind.

L'ton has been escaping work, it seems for the Istan bronzerider and his dragon appear on the beach, the draconic counterpart happily settling down on the warm beach, perfectly content to stay there, staring out at the water. Much better than in a busy clearing. The human half pauses to watch his bronze, arching his eyebrow first at Dhonzayth, then at the small green that seems to have caught his interest. Then, its to looking for /her/ human half.

Circling down around the Lake, Ralorth spreads his wings and goes skimming straight into the lake, even as T'rile comes walking into the beach, oil, scrubbing brushes, and other such things for his dragon. The comments and voices that T'rile feels from Ralorth is not at all commented with, even as T'rile starts wading into the water. Ralorth's eyes are on the small green and her rider both, and T'rile? He isn't looking.

Omasuth leads his still half bathingsuited rider from the main plaza. "What do you think you're doing! You said we were here to shop! Wait…. what do you /mean/ shopping also means cruising?" She demanded. "Cruising for what?" She looks over the beach. "Oh no. You're not dragging me into another one." But the brown shall not be swayed. He croons smugly at having found what he was looking for. "Urg."

Athena shakes her head upon hearing the commotion. She's dressed in a lightweight flowing skirt with a silk scarf at her waist and a soft blouse. She moves to stand up and seems to carry herself almost with the grace that some Lady Holder's have, perhaps it was due to her being prepared when she was younger to be married off to a Lord Holder's son. Eledath gives a soft warble as she notices the males gathering and seems quiet and very reserved for a female when it comes to being proddy, in fact one might even consider her shy. It's suddenly noticeable who the petite green's rider is when she can be seen a bit fussing with her hair and her skirt. "It's alright Eledath, it's not like this is your first time." She blushes a little.

Ralorth quietly slinks his way over to Eledath, close enough that he can watch her with an unobstructed view. Sloshing after his bronze, T'rile finally catches up and scolds him. "Ralorth, you didn't /have/ to move." The replied answer gets a groan from the rider, who shakes his head and starts throughly soaping the bronze up.

C'vez is wearing his leathers, modestly marked with the starcraft and Fort Weyr insignias, as well as his knot. Lanzath is equally un-dressed-up for the occasion as he lands upon the sands to let his rider dismount and remove his utilitarian straps. The man says nothing to the blue, only gives him a warm pat on the arm before he goes to find a safe place to store the precious gear, leaving Lanzath alone to turn his attentions to Eledath. Not a word is spoken by the silent dragon, but he shares with her a soft trickling of amber, like raindrops in summer, warm and soft and reassuring as they cascade with the faintest sound like falling petals. Its the poet's form of a greeting.

L'ton spots his quarry, much as Dhonzayth continues to keep an eye on his own, and the Istan bronze glances at the fussing brownrider, and shrugs, moving towards Athena with a smile. "Ista's Duties, mah dear lady.." And he bows over his hand, offering it to her then. "May Ah stand with ya?" Dhonzayth is hardly as polite as his rider, instead trumpeting to the other males there, and continuing to watch the green while crouched low to the sand.

Athena gives a curtesy to the older bronze rider as she replies, ever so softly and politely. "Ierne's duties, sir. I suppose you may. Didn't quite expect her to attract attention this soon…" Of course, little does she know, Eledath while being shy isn't going to let go of getting things done impromptu and over with as quick as she can. After all, things have to be done perfect and they are rather embarassing at the same time. Eledath barely makes a sound as she gives a low rumble at any male that gets near her. She keeps her distance and doesn't seem to be really interested in the feeding pens either. Her eyes drift towards the sky, a violet hue replaces the calm greenish-blue they normally show.

L'ton offers Athena a bent arm with a smile, "If'n ya'd like, mah dear…." Pausing to watch as Dhonzayth spreads his wings out, swaying back and forth as he watches the green in the water, his own gaze not yet wandering towards the frontier of the stretching sky. /His/ interest is only on Eledath, only on the dainty little green. "May Ah have yer name, lil'one? Ah'm L'ton, and Ah'm very pleased ta meet ya…"

Ralorth stays presently compoased in his bathing state, moving when needed for his rider to scrub him down, and to note patchy spots for the later oiling. Much later, at this rate. His gaze, however, is one that is most intent, eyes a gently-whirling placid greenish-blue as they stay on Eledath.

Aoriya finally catches up to Athena. "Ehhh…. Igen's duties to you both, ma'am, sir." She smiles faintly as Omasuth croons sweetly to Eledath, bowing courteously, head cocked slightly to one side. "Aoriya… and the big brown /flirt/ is Omasuth. Who enjoys embarassment and torture of his lifemate." THere's a pause. "I am not a shrimp Oma! Humans are /naturally/ smaller than dragons!" Another pause. "I'm not embarassed!" She turns to the two older riders. "He's teasing me." She rolls her eyes.

C'vez makes his way over towards Athena and the other riders once he's seen the straps secured, dipping his head towards them all. "And Fort's duties to you all." Says the man in his deep, slightly graveled voice. "My name is C'vez, assistant weyrlingmaster and rider of the strong, silent type Lanzath over there." Who, as it happens, still refuses to say a peep as his eyes gleam over with a brilliant, saturated violet-blue as he regards Eledath with a preparatory flutter of his wings, shifting with slight impatience from one foot to another.

After the bath, T'rile is swept up to the beach, nearly falling over at his bronzes's eagerness to get up on a rock where T'rile can't get to him. "Fine!" He yelps up, going the small knot of people. "Ierne's duties to all of you. That annoyance is Ralorth- I'm T'rile."

Athena just politely nods to the female brownrider all though she is facing enough chiding from her lifemate as it is especially due to the present attention of the bronzerider to her. Eledath looks around the beach trying to plan what she is going to do. Now that she's got the attention, she really doesn't want to face it and she moves away to spread out her wings. No point in wasting time at all. Her wings almost seem to flutter for a moment like a fairy's wings. The males seem to be ignored completely, well at least except for the awarness of their presence. Athena closes her eyes for a moment before taking the offered arm of the much older bronzerider. "Sir, my name is Athena, oldest daughter of Lord Bornega of Fork Hold. That is my lifemate Eledath." She offers in reply to L'ton and perhaps others that may hear close enough.

Aoriya offers her hand to Athena. "I already said my name, but I didn't offer you a handshake, pardon." The incline of her head adding an unspoken "me" to that. "I come down to Ierne every so often to sell my jewelry and shop for new clothes or tools n' such."

L'ton isn't /that/ much older! "Ah assure ya, it is mah pleasure ta be here with ya." And he grins at her, resting a hand over her hand, and turning to nod to each of the other riders present, though he is continuously leaning slightly to watch Dhonzayth. The bronze seems rather protective of his space, growling at anything that gets too close, pale form still watching and waiting. And as the fairy wings spread, the bronze crouches further, falling underneath the spell of the magic fairy.

Athena nods quietly as she says softly towards Aoriya. "You make jewelry, interesting, I'm sure something like that would definitely interest my mother." She smiles. She glances towards L'ton for a moment when she catches the glimpse of Eledath out of the corner of her eye taking the opportunity to try to catch everyone off guard as she heads to the skies.

Lanzath is watching with sharp eyes, focusing on nothing but the glimmering fey-green, and no sooner does she take to the air than his eyes are awhirl with excitement, his mind a flood of shining, tidal blues and greens like some crystalline hurricane. Wings spreading, the blue takes quickly to the skies, sending up a blast of sand in his wake as his wings stroke the air with powerful downbeats as they carry him upwards. C'vez remains quiet, perhaps channeling some of his lifemate's nature as his own eyes turn away from the other riders, towards the skies where the dragons rise.

If Dhonzayth had been as distracted as L'ton is, he'd have been left in the dust (er.. Sand). But, instead he's off almost immediately as the petite prize takes off, bronze wings pushing him upwards and sending sand flying as he works to gain altitude. At least there is a size advantage. And so, its after Eledath to give her a fairy tale ending. L'ton, however, is very distracted, giving an 'oh!' as the dragons are suddenly airborne, his hand tightening slightly on Athena's out of instinct.

Omasuth leaps upwards, beating his narrow wings at top speed, a shooting star as he away he goes! Crooning coaxingly he beats, trying to catch up to Lanzath. Bugling like a trumpet he pushes himself into Dhonzayth's wake, using it like a surfboard to maintain his altitude before pounding himself forwards and zooming as close under Dhonzayth's belly as he can without a collision and roars at the top of his lungs, hoping to startle the bronze. Then the firey brown catches an updraft and away he goes!

But who would it be to give Eledath the happy ending that she expects? The fairy princess expects perfection and that is what she will get. But still yet she won't show any indication of what might woo her. Instead she flies through the skies in almost a merry dance. Weaving and almost twirling in the air to avoid the males. While her maiden flight may have been short, this one may be completely different depending on how long she can keep up her momentum.

Dhonzayth drops his limbs to expose talons, though the the brown escapes injury for this time, the bronze instead continuing to work upwards, gaining altitude while the small green weaves and twirls in her fairy dance, amidst the fae circle that is the heavens. The bronze seems to realize he lacks the agility to follow in her path, instead serving as the watchful guide, waiting to rescue her when she faces the inevitable danger. And so, above her he stays, hovering until he's needed.

Omasuth joys in each beat of his wings. Dance with me maiden? He croons sweetly, a happy ending and a sail off into the sun. It shall be yours… He zigs, and zags, each beat of his wings so wide, so powerful that it swings him back and forth, to one side and then the next. A thermal shoots up under him and he shoots upwards, towards the sun. You are beautiful and and gracefull and delicate. There's a dance young miss, up here in these clouds will you join me?

Lanzath, as the smallest of the males, keeps to a steady pace, expending the effort to keep up but not yet trying to overtake, though he does display the agility better suited to him in the fractional, mindful, and rapid shifts to his posture and wings that keep his path equal with that of Eledath. His mind continues to project, images of the lady spiraling and dancing through a sky awash with blizzard winds, ice and snow and gale going unnoticed by the figure of green, like the very figure of life itself, standing strong and spry against the winter forces which cluster in showers of flurries on the panes of his wings.

Athena seems to quickly become unaware of the grip on her hand. Instead she is forced into joining with Eledath even from a distance. Eledath though remains elegant in the skies taunting each of the males with her intricate shifts in direction spiraling under them and rising up as she needs to. Perhaps she's testing each one to see if they are the perfect one.

Aoriya is absorbed in her dragon's mind, sitting down and closing her eyes tranquilly. "Omasuth…." She murmurs quietly. She simply lets her body go slack. "Pardn…" She murmurs before she concentrates on Omasuth's projections into her mind. "Omasuth… don't tease the bronzes… dangerous…"

L'ton may have a hold on Athena where they stand on the ground, but he's far away with Dhonzayth, as the bronze continues his attempt to catch the green for himself. Dhonzayth banks now and then, to keep Eledath beneath him, a steady shadow watching over the fairy. As the green spirals and rises and falls, he allows himself to rise and fall himself, keeping a steady distance from her, waiting til… the opportune moment.

Bit by bit, Lanzath picks his way closer, trying to edge his way between Dhonzayth's altitude over Eledath, employing a brief flicker of speed to try and sidle himself in. He continues on with an admirable endurance. While many blues would quickly tire, he doesn't seem to be strained in the least, gliding along with a sharp twist or turn there to keep his distance from a male or edge in closer to the glowing lady.

Omasuth warbles a hail to Eldenth, again trying to shove Dhonzayth off course by pushing downwards in flight, swiping with his rear talons in a feint before powering out of the bronze's reach, a fiery knight of the round fighting for his fair lady. Another warble of fierce joy turns into his attempt at an intimidating roar. His croons again towards Eldenth, almost in a tender purr. Milady, I may not be as big as the bronze, or as clever as the edging blue, but speed is my thing… let me whisk you off your fee… er… wings.

Eledath gives a happy warble for the first time in the whole proceedings of the flight, perhaps she's amused but she does keep track of the other males even though she seems to be getting closer to the brink of the beginnings of exhaustion from maintaining such a varied amount of energy to maneuver herself away from the males. But time has gotten closer to the end at least for the flight that is… as she dives down dangerously close to a cluster of males near each other. Which one will be the lucky one though?

The beautiful dancing fairy princess drifts on her delicate wings trying with one last effort to only to drift too close to a bronze that seems to be at least her potential prince charming… her wings stabilizing her enough for the moment.

Dhonzayth has dropped as first the blue cuts off his strategic point of attack, and then the brown attempts to throw him off. And so, as he continues downward, trying to close the distance as the fairy's delicate wings seem to waver. And then, as she comes close, it seems the opportune moment is here at last, and so the bronze stretches out his serpentine neck to catch Eledath, his wide wings supporting them both, breaching his reserve of energy to keep them both airborne.

Omasuth roars in disappointment and opens his wings with a snap to keep from crashing, a meteroite in the sky above as he sails down to the beaches below. Aoriya falls back onto the sand, taking a deep breath, and another. "Uhhhh…"

C'vez is waiting for the return of Lanzath as the blue returns to earth, crestfallen, his mental colors little more than listless greys, blacks, and browns. "Can't win them all, my friend." Says the man in a slightly strained voice. "Let's go home, hm?" Riding straps are placed back on, and soon the two are rising skyward and disappear into the black of Between.

L'ton distantly takes note of the others as they disappearing, returning from his attachment to Dhonzayth, and turning to wrap an arm completely around Athena, rather than simply keeping a hold of her hand.

Athena and Eledath's Weyrbarn(#7431RAIJ$)
Creeping moonflower vines have been cleared from this weyrbarn, which is large and well furnished. Every wall and even the ceiling has been cleared of the vines, overripe fruit has been cleaned up clearing the floor of the mess. The remainder of the weyrbarn is furnished with a pastel colored sofa; it's surface covered in pillows with a small table situated in front. The over all effect of the furnishing and colors is to give the weyrbran a feminine touch. Yet scattered throughout the cavern is little touches indicating Athena's preferences; two paintings of dragons and firelizards hang on the wall. A framed board with various knots displayed on it is hung off to one side, over an easy chair that is to the right of the sofa. On the wall, by the sofa is a small portrait hung of portraying Fork Hold, where her parents are Lady and Lord Holder.
A table surrounded by four chairs sits nearly in the middle of the room, signs of it's multiple purpose evident by the scrolls and plates on it's top. A small colorful rug is on the floor to help take the chill out of the stone. Some other nautical items are placed here and there in the room counter balancing the mostly feminine atmosphere of the cavern.
Another area that stands out in this weyrbarn, is the area in which Eledath resides as well as taken care of, nearby there is a closet that contains all the supplies Athena needs to care for her lifemate. A rather large dragon couch is hollowed out of stone and kept neatly to Eledath's delight and can fit her and one other larger female or male dragon. Off of the main living area is a few curtained off areas, one for storage purposes, one as a bedroom area and another as a bathing area. The latter two areas are cut off from the main area with curtains made out of a very thick material perfect for giving privacy for the two separate rooms.
This room can be changed. See 'list area'.

Athena drifts slowly awake as she sees the brightness of the morning light shine in through one of the windows. She gives a bit of a stretch and starts to realize that she's not alone… in fact she hasn't been alone since the start of Eledath's flight and it's the same man too.

L'ton is a bit slower to awaken, and its only as the person next to him starts to move that he stirs, and stretches slowly, opening his eyes. But, its a long minute before he identifies where it is that he is, and just who it is next to him. "Morning, mah dear…" He drawls idly, not making any move to move, yet. Though, if she chases him out, he'll move quick enough.

Athena isn't sure whether to chase him out or not, exactly what happened is a blur but it must have felt good as she's in no rush to move out of the bed. "Morning." She says politely as she gives a faint smile.

L'ton turns on his side to watch her, a smile on his face. "Ah must say, tis even more of a pleasure ta be in yer company now. Ah do hope Ah haven't offended ya, lil'one."

Athena 's cheeks end up tinged a little red as she replies. "No sir. You have not offended me." She looks at him quietly. "At least you seemed to have been gentle enough."

"Ah wouldn't have wanted ta hurt ya, no matter how caught up with Dhonzayth Ah was." And L'ton gives what is, he hopes, an encouraging smile, and reaches to absently twirl a bit of her hair around his finger, seemingly out of habit more than anything else.

Athena nods as she says softly. "Well I'd hope noone would ever hurt me but well, the maiden flight wasn't easy." She watches him quietly with interest.

"Some of 'em have no respect…" And he shakes his head again, with a sigh. "Thank ye, fer yer… company." He offers, looking back up to her face from the piece of hair he had focused on.

Athena smiles as she says quietly. "Is it nice at Ista?"

L'ton nods quickly. "Ah really enjoy it. Its gorgeous. The beaches…" And he trails off, shaking his head a bit before continuing. "Ah really think everyone's nice. We have lots of people, just coming to visit."

Athena smiles as she says softly. "I haven't been there yet, sometime maybe Eledath and I will travel more." She looks towards him. "Sounds like a nice place."

"Ya should visit. Ah'd be happy ta show ya around, if'n ya'd like. Its mah job, to show people around and help with things." And he drops her hair, and smiles. "If'n ya'd like, that is."

Athena smiles as she says softly. "Well it'd be nice to have a tour sometime." She says. "It is nice here but I'm not sure how long I'll be here for or where I'd transfer too."

L'ton reaches to touch her nose briefly. "Well, if'n yer ever wanting meh to show ya around, ya can just have Eledath bespeak Dhonzayth, and Ah'll be happy ta arrange it fer ya."

Athena looks towards L'ton as she feels his finger touch her nose and the smile remains on her lips. "If you need to get back to Ista, that's fine you know." She says softly.

L'ton glances at the window, trying to judge the location of the sun, grimacing a bit, as he nods. "Ah.. Ah probably should. Ah figure its likely midday, and Ah'm sure someone's looking fer me." But then, with a smile, he plants a gentlemanly kiss on her cheek before hurriedly dressing, and glancing back at her. "Do let meh know, if'n ya'd like ta see Ista. It was a pleasure, mah dear."

Athena smiles as she curls up a bit back in bed. "It was nice to meet you, L'ton right? Yes I will let you know." She says softly. "Have a good day."

L'ton bobs his head to her once more, with a smile. "Ya too, lil'one." And with that, he's out the door.

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