Twin Turndays

Ierne Weyrhold - Green Dragon Inn
Deep and wide, with dark wood-paneled walls, this room holds just about something for everyone. Along one wall stretches a bar behind which the friendly barkeeper M'woen keeps busy. He's quite tall and bulky, and looks quite capable of taking care of any troublemakers. Round tables are scattered around the room. They and the booths along the other wall provide seating for those tantalized by the warm aromas of food drifting from the kitchen. Along the back wall are dartboards, and several doors are labelled, leading to quiet rooms in the back and the rooms for guest to stay in. One door is labelled 'No Children Beyond This Point'. The sounds of dice rolling and the occasional cheer can faintly be heard from behind it.

There is always a reason to drink, whether its early in the morning, during the afternoon, or later in the evening. And so this even finds L'ton a visitor to the Green Dragon Inn - surprisingly unoccupied, with a partially finished glass waiting in front of him at his table, and a pair of empty ones pushed away.

Sarisia is no stranger to the Green Dragon, there is a large tab with her name on it after all. So when she comes striding in through those doors it's no wonder that the bartender greets her, but not in a friendly way. "Time to pay yer tab, brownrider." He says gruffly, eyeing the woman as she makes her way to the counter. "I ain't got it all but I've got enough." She says gruffly, pulling out a pouch and stuffing it into the man's hands.

Suraiya makes her way through the doors. Except while Suri usually enters the tavern with baked goods (most of the time bad ones, though occasionally some taste ones), this time she was arriving with her arms empty. Her blue eyes were darting back and forth, passing over the very familiar form of L'ton completely several times. That is, until… "Sari! Saari, there you are!" The long-haired bubbly redhead makes her way towards her twin, grinning widely. "I've been looking for you. Remember we were going to go swimming today?"

L'ton is rather focused on his drink, but as first Sarisia enters and is heading to the bar to settle the issue with the bartender, and then Suraiya isn't too far behind, greeting her own twin quite loudly, it seems that his attention has been thoroughly shifted, and his face is widening into a grin. "Suri.. Sari.." He offers as he gets up from his table to join them, casually attempting to drape an arm over each of their shoulders in turn, even if the arm going over Suri's is the one with a cast on it.

Once the bartender gets through counting the money he scowls. "Ain't enough, you better bring me the rest before the week ends." He warns the brownrider as she already starts to move away. "Yah, yah." Sari says as she waves the man off, looking for a place to sit, a bottle of beer already in hand. When her twin makes for her she grins a bit, shrugging her shoulders. "Had an ol' friend drop in. Had ta keep him company so I forgot 'bout the swim." Not an apology really but then again, this is Suri. When L'ton moves to drape an arm over her she smirks, ushering the trio over to where the bronzer was sitting previously, after all that's where more booze was. "Bronzer, what're ya doin' here? And what's with yer arm?" She asks gruffly as she slips from his grasp and settles down onto the seat he'd been occupying earlier.

Suraiya tries to look sad, but seeing Sari (and as sober as she gets) made the greenrider happy. "A friend over your sister? Well… I suppose. If he was a good friend, at least." Her face only brightens when she spots the bronzer, snuggling to his side as a greeting first when the arm moves around her. She's careful with his arm… when she remembers. "Tonny! What a surprise!" She giggles, moving along with them. "He's gotten himself all banged up apparently. Poor Tonny… It hasn't been hurting lately, has it? You seem to work fine with it broken, still." She keeps close to him, even as she was finding herself a stool.

L'ton makes a face at Sari as the brownrider takes his seat, jaw dropping slightly before he's settling down next to her instead, pulling out a stool for Suri too. "Ya should see the other guy." He replies lightly with a wink at her, even as he's waving for a round - apparently even on his tab. "It just aches a bit, now and then. Ya know.. Ah mean, t'was broken." He teases the greenrider before winking at her, reaching for the remainder of his previous drink. "What're may favorite sisters up ta, aside from not swimming?"

"He ain't first over ya, Sur. I jus' forgot we'd set on doing that." Sari says quickly to her sister before sliding a bottle of beer her way. So what if she might be pregnant? "So the pretty boy bronzer got into a fight?" She says in surprise, raising her brow as she examines the cast. "Shards, didn't think ya had it in ya." She chuckles a bit as she takes her first swig, a sigh of relief following. "Ain't nothin' to do 'round here. Though, we are gonna be throwin' a party soon."

Suraiya beams brightly as Sari makes that correction. "Aw! I love you too, Sari!" She takes hold of the bottle without even a moment's hesitation, cradling it gently with both her hands as she looks up to L'ton. "So it might come off soon? That's great!" She giggles for awhile before bobbing her head quickly. "Right. The party, the party. Are you going to come to the party, Tonny? I'll be baking lots of goodies for it, and it'll be fun!" She grins up to the bronzer before she remembers the beer, lifting it up for a drink.

L'ton smirks a bit, arching an eyebrow. "What, think Ah ain't willing ta fight fer something good? Ah dunno.. Ah can think of a few things right here that Ah'd fight for." Winking at Sari first, he moves to try and put his arm back over her shoulders as well. Come on, he's injured, show a man some love, right? "A party, hm? Ah'm invited, right?" Sipping at his drink, he chuckles as the other half of the pair actually offers the invite and he's tilting his head. "So, what's this party fer, hm?"

Sarisia can't help but chuckle at her sister's reaction, shaking her head a bit before sliding closer to L'ton. She lowers her voice, putting it right next to his ear. "Don't worry, there'll be more than jus' her bakin'." She reassures the man before taking another swig. She doesn't fight him putting an arm around her, instead snuggling up to the man. After all, he was picking up the tab. "I ain't gonna believe it till I see it." She says with a snort. Touch cookie. "It's for our twenty-first turn day, gotta celebrate in style. Gonna be plenty of booze an' people so make sure yer free. Dunno when it's gonna be yet since our real turnday jus' passed but we'll let ya know."

It's a good thing Suraiya was busy with the beer, because she might have been very sad at a comment like that about her baking. It was good whens he followed the traditional recipes. "He's strong," Suri says in defense to Ton as she sets the beer down, her hands still around it. "I can believe he beat someone up who deserves it and all that." She smiles up to him and then nods. "Yes, a party for us! And we can celebrate the babies, too. It's always great to get together and have fun, even better if you have a good reason." She pats her flat belly with one free hand. "It doesn't have to be just 'cause of our turnday. Is yours anytime soon, Ton?"

"Just shy of two sevendays.. Maybe Ah'll get ta have the cast off by then, ta, so that Ah really can 'joy it." He offers with a chuckle, trying to hide his smirk of amusement at Sari's words, before looking back to Suri with a bit of a shake, still for whatever reason going along with it. Might as well, since the supposed babies were a foundation of his argument with Zip. Anyway. "Ah'll make sure Ah'm free, ya can believe that." He smiles at both of them, cheekily moving to smooch Suri's cheek, and then Sari's in turn, grinning.

Sarisia rolls her eyes at Suri's words on L'ton being strong. Obviously she's a harsh critic when it comes to strength, having been involved in /way/ too many bar fights herself. When the triplets are brought up her face falls completely and she moves from the bronzers grasp. "Those brats ain't comin', Sur! They'll jus' be cryin' and gettin' in the way." She doesn't seem to notice the smooch, far to furious by the talk of babies ruining /her/ good time. Slowly she turns her attention back to L'ton, shaking her head a bit and smirking. "Well ya better get it off quick. I won't be able ta enjoy ya much if yer still stuck in that thing. And I'm expectin' a good present."

"A turnday celebration for Tonny, too!" Suri says with a loud giggle. She lifts her bottle as in a toast and takes another longer drink from it. She beams when she gets a kiss, looking just the slightest bit smug since he kissed her first. She blinks, confused, at her twin's outburst. "The brats? Rai, Sai, and Lai? I didn't mean them, silly," she says with a giggle and a wave of her hand, moving back to pat her abdomen for the second time. "I meant the one in my belly! They can have their own presents and turnday with other little kidlets from the caverns. Not with us and Tonny and the other bigger boys." And girls, most likely.

L'ton leans a bit to whisper in Sari's ear, a grin on his face. "Ah'm sure ya oculd enjoy it just fine, even with the cast, sweetness." And then he's straightening, grinning a bit more as he looks from one to the other. "Well, then, what do mah favorite sister want fer their turn day anyway, hm? Ah mean, ya'll already have dragons.. what would be that?" He teases them a bit, amused and certainly pleased with the company.

Sarisia seems to settle a bit more when Suri says the 'kids' meant the ones she may or may not be carrying. "Damn straight, ain't gonna have any brats runnin' round here." She doesn't seem to care that Suri gets the first smooch, instead just leaning against the bronzer and taking another drink, finally draining her first bottle of the day. On to number two. When the question of what she'd want for her turnday comes up she actually muses over the question. "Dunno, actually. I don't usually like havin' too much stuff. Kinda a plain girl really. I'll let ya figure that one out, bronzer."

Suraiya was a slow drinker. So while Sari was finishing hers, she was only getting to about half-way down. She was only taking small sips as she listened to the two of them, happy to just be there more than drinking as they're all doing. "Turnday gifts?" she asks Tonny, surprised. "But it's going to be /your/ turnday soon. What do /you/ want?" Ah hah! Suri grins smugly on that turn of events, blue eyes settled on the bronzer next to her as she waits for his answer.

L'ton grins a bit. "Ah dunno, Ah think that Ah'll be getting ta have a good time with ta pretty girls, ain't that gift 'nuff?" He winks at Suri, before shaking his head and looking back and forth. "Well, Ah guess Ah'll just have ta take a risk then, hm, and figure something out, cause ya'll is being so helpful in giving me ideas." He teases them, reluctantly taking his arm from Sari's shoulders to reach for his drink, finishing it before putting it back where it was.

"A pony." Sari says sarcastically to the bronzer, snorting a bit before draining her second. No idle sipping this time. "Well, maybe I do have somethin' I want… Maybe if ya dressed up like a girl an' did a lil' dance for us." She can't help but laugh, spilling a bit of booze onto L'ton's pants and only laughing some more because of it. "Sorry, bronzer. Didn't mean ta get ya wet." She says with a wink, moving to wipe up some of the beer with a napkin. "I think I know what ya'd want for yer turnday, but it ain't happenin'." She looks over to Suri and smirks, still busy cleaning. "Bet ya cant' guess, Sur." She nods her head towards the weyrsecond, trying to give her a hint.

"Then I'm good with just spending time with you, Tonny," Suraiya counters with a toothy grin. And then she can stuff some experimental bubblies down his throat and beg him to tell her what he thinks of them. She giggles at the image her sister gives and shakes her head. "No, I like Tonny the way he is, and not in girly clothes." Her grin fades into a confused smile, and she tilts her head from one to the other. Sister to Bronzer. "I don't know… What?"

"Nah, that ain't a good present ta ya, though. Tis yer turn day first." L'ton replies quickly to Sari, with a grin, even as he squeezes her arm. "Ah'd settle fer half that." And he's giving her a questioning look before turning his attention to Suri, with a grin. "Ah dun think Ah'd go so good in girly clothes either. Ah mean, Ah'd have nothing so lovely ta fill them with." And then he's smirking a tad at the confused Suri, shaking his head. "Nothing sweets, she's just being silly."

Sarisia stares in disbelief at her twin, mouth slightly agape before she snorts. "Shards, sis, yer not the brightest bulb in the weyr." She nods after the bronzer tells her not to worry, grinning broadly. "Ya, don't worry none, sis. Ain't nothin' anyways, never would happen." Let's dash the man's dreams while we're at it. "An' I suppose ya wouldn't look good in a dress, maybe I'll wear somethin' fun fer ya than. Ya know, somethin' nice and tight and a pair of stockings?"

Suraiya shakes her head at them both. "No, you don't have any of that. That's what I'm here for. I'll wear the dress for you." She pouts towards her sister, though. Full bottom lip sticking out and sad-eyes pout. "I am a bright bulb. What was it, though?" That was said as she looks between the two of them back and forth. "What wouldn't ever happen? Because I can try, if it's important or…" She was just thoroughly confused now, and hunkers over her beer.

"Maybe that's what Ah should get ya Sari.. something fun ta wear." He murmurs before trying to pull Suri over to give her another kiss. "Sweets, ain't nothing. Promise. Though, Ah do think ya should wear a real pretty dress ta yer party." He grins broadly, before shaking his head again. "Dun ya worry yer pretty lil head over it. Yer sister, she just putting words in my mouth anyway."

"Don't worry 'bout it sis." Sari says before getting to her feet. She's not unsteady since she's only had two drinks, but quickly grabs up another before nodding to the pair. "Maybe ya should, bronzer. But who said ya'd be lucky 'nough ta see me in it?" She gives L'ton a wink before heading out, the bartender eyeing her as she disappears through the double doors with her brew.

Suraiya leaves the beer half-finished as she pouts at both of them now. "Oh, alright," she says, and then brightens immediately as she nods to the bronzer. "A pretty dress! Of course! I'll have to buy a new one, too." She giggles and watches her sister get up, standing to her feet herself. "I'll come with!" she calls after her before looking down to Ton. "Always happy to see you. Don't forget to visit me later! And I'll have to think up of a present." She leans down for a last kiss before she's heading to the exit in search of her sister, who was probably long gone.

"Ah won't forget about ya, dun worry.." And then it seems that L'ton is left, and after a moment he drops the requisite marks on the table, plus an extra bit for having to deal with Sari before he's headed off to try and track down Sari as well. Perhaps he'll get to her before her sister.

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