F'yr and Aryll. Punished.

Ista Weyr - Living Caverns(#9756RJ)
Large enough to house the entirity of the weyr's population at one time, the cavern set aside to house the very heart of the weyr's life is a grandoise, somewhat circular affair, filled with rows of long tables. Bustling and busy, it is a rare moment indeed when there is not someone at work or leisure in here; the long trestle table by the kitchens is perpetually filled with plates and trays of food, a pot of something always bubbling upon the mahogany hearth, ready to fill the belly of any hungry resident or rider. Although a high table is set aside for seating respected dignitaries on formal occasions, most of the tables here are not designated to any particular group— rather, all levels of Ista's population eat together, intermingled across the broad cavern.
Great tapestries have been flung down the walls, orange and black borders remarking upon Ista's heritage, the age-faded hangings depicting scenes of importance to the Weyr— the erruption of the volcano; the first clutch; the view from the star stones, over forest, dark beach, and glistening waves of blue. Propellor-like fans have been affixed to the ceiling in more modern times, cooling the cavern on the hottest of days. Passageways lead up the stairs to the kitchens, down a second flight of stairs to the lower caverns, and out into the expanse of the broad weyr bowl.

Aryll backs away when F'yr sneezes, wrinkling her nose. "Don't go giving me your cold." She says before pushing her bowl away, obviously feeling it could have been contaminated. "And course I'd do the same for you. I /did/ go and save you when you was kidnapped and all." Pan starts crawling down Arylls shoulder, the little bronze crooning happily to the gold as she starts to wake up even more. Maybe he's found a playmate? "Eh, my head is alright. I drank lots of water cause some of the boys in the dorms said I needed to. How about you?"

It was really late at night and the two girls somehow found themselves together in the nearly-empty caverns. F'yr's eyes were trailing after that bowl as she sniffs a few times. "Well," she starts before turning her gaze back up on her friend. "You could've been doing it for the glory, but I believe you came for me." She winks to her, smirking. "We're buds, we gotta stick together. Huh, so water does work," she mumbles before sighing. "Nah, my head still feels the worse." Her nose wrinkles up at the start of another sneeze, forewarning with "Ah, ah, ah…" and aiming in the direction of Aryll and her sandwich. The sneeze eventually comes, perhaps too late for her own good.

It is late. Much much too late. And yet, here is L'ton, dozing wandering through the caverns, clearly having just returned from somewhere where it is earlier, for he's headed for the klah. Why klah at this hour? Who knows. Either way, once its in his hand, he's turning to meander back out, only to spot Aryll and F'yr, and he detours towards them. "Girls." He replies rather sternly, looking down at the pair of them over his mug of klah, though he does shift as F'yr sneezes again. "What the shards are y'all still up fer?"

"I did it for both you /and/ glory." Aryll says with a giggle, taking up her sandwich when she says the brownrider eyeing it. She learned her lesson from when hers soup was defiled. "Yah, it works but not really. It doesn't clear it up, just makes you not throw up that much." She says before taking a bite out of her food, making sure to twist her body away from the sneeze. "Gross, Fy!" Pan seems amused by the brownriders cold, warbling after after the sneeze, that is until he spots the bronzer heading their way. He immediately flies back to Aryll's shoulders, nipping at her ear slightly in order to bring her attention to the arrival of L'ton. "Shards!" She yelps, catching sight of the weyrsecond and frowning. She's trapped. "Dunno, just hungry."

F'yr rubs her finger under her nose a few times, then wipes that on her shirt afterwards. All the while grinning sheepishly at her friend. "Sorry. Didn't mean to." Which of course meant she did. "Well, water ain't gonna help my head right now, that's certain." Her voice sounded stuffy from the cold she was developping. Chu is clinging to her human's shoulder as tightly as she can after each violent sneeze, looking just the slightest bit concern. Her body curls closer against Fy's neck as Ton approaches, making the brownrider tense. "Couldn't sleep, Weyrsecond," she says in reply with a slight shrug. She taps her head and sniffles a few times for emphasis. "Had a late night yourself, sir?"

"Sharding meetings in sharding Reaches. Cold 'nuff there during the day, much less at night." He mutters a bit, sipping again at his klah. "So.. Ah heard y'all… had an interesting night…" He begins carefully, as he settles down with them without an invitation, though its on Aryll's far side, away from the sneezy one. "O'course, it sounds like it weren't so much fun after, either, hm?"

"Sure ya didn't." Aryll mutters to F'yr when she apologizes for sneezing in her direction. Her attention is completely on L'ton, though, her eyes narrowed as the man joins them. She stays her ground, Pan hissing slightly when the bronzer takes a seat near them, curling his tail protectively around Aryll's neck. "Yah?" She says a bit defensively, keeping her brown eyes locked on the riders own stubbornly. "What did Zipalla go running to tell you?"

F'yr simply grins in Aryll's direction before turning a surprised look to the little bronze. She didn't take him for a protective-type. "It ain't that cold at this time up north. Snow melting and all… pretty nice, last I checked Mom up there." She turns her attention back to L'ton, smirking. "The night ain't over yet— ah," she says, rolling her eyes as Aryll goes on and ruins it. That sort of gave it away. "Guess you were right, Aryll. Good thing we didn't bet on her crying to her old man. No offense, sir, you ain't as old as my Mom, I think."

"Oh, dun ya think she didn't dig herself a nice lil'whole too. Fact, she had lots of 'xplaining ta do, and Ah ain't sure yet, if'n she's ta happy with meh. She certainly dun look it." L'ton makes a face at Pan, as he hisses, rolling his eyes, and taking nother sip of his klah. "Now.. Faranth knows Ah dun care what the shards ya do ta K'ael's weyr, or what he had ta clean up. Fact, if'n ya'd managed ta heave on him, Ah might have given ya a mark piece, just cause t'would have been funny. But.. it ain't good ta go stealing people's liquor, ya know?" He shakes his head at F'yr, smirking a bit even then. "And, its plenty cold fer me." Taking it on as an afterthought, that.

Aryll is impulsive like that. She nods to F'yr before turning her full attention back to the bronzer. "Yah, would've lose those marks." She says to her friend as she listens to L'ton. She raises a brow when the marks are mentioned. "Then ya owe me one, I got sick all over his shirt the other night." She smirks a bit and moves her hand out in front of her, palm upwards and opened. Pan gives another hiss when L'ton rolls his eyes but settles down considerably now that the tension has faded from Aryll's part.

F'yr lifts both her brows at the bronzer. "Dig herself into what? Can't imagine /that/ one can do anything wrong, as boring as she is. Holing herself up with Mike all the time now." She keeps a straight face as she listens, only to laugh as she glances between the two of them. "You made yourself an easy mark like that, Aryll. And she sure did, and it /was/ funny. 'Course, that was right 'fore he threw you off, that jerk." She lifts her chin up to Ton, her smirk fading. "I've known Mike for over two turns now. You'd think he couldn't care less that those he calls friends share a bit. We were just having fun, but he got all pissy, probably cause we ruined his quiet time or whatever with his weyrmate."

"Didja now?" L'ton questions, somewhat unbeliving of the girl, looking to F'yr for confirmation, though he is rummaging through his pockets, finding a half-mark piece which is pressed into Aryll's hands. "But.. ya'll best not tell anyone Ah just did that. Ya know, dun think it would look so good for me." He waggles a finger. "Now.. Ah dun care. But, ya'll should know, if'n any of them crazies in the league find out.. it ain't gonna be so good. Now, F'yr, ya might be okay. Ah mean, yer nearly sixteen, but Aryll." L'ton sighs, before narrowing his gaze and pointing a finger at her. "And.. dun think about using that mark ta buy yerself alcohol." But, F'yr's words do catch him a bit off guard. "Oh, she ain't gonna be staying up there no more. Ah think Ah made that very clear with her. Ah ain't having no daughter of mine staying up there, not while Ah still have any say. She turns sixteen, Ah can do nothin' but til then. My rules."

"I won't say!" Aryll says as she takes the money happily, stuffing it into her pocket quickly. Her mood is much lighter now, and she ceases staring at the man all together now. "It wasn't funny then but it sure is now. He was shardin' mad." She says giddily, obviously happy she caused the bronzer in question so much annoyance that night. "Yah, that too. He always said he was our friend and instead of hanging out with us he just stalks off with Zip. Bet it's cause he wanted to be alone with her." Her mood does darken when she's getting a finger pointed at her, a stony look crossing her face as she huffs a bit. "I don't need to buy any, I can always just borrow." And by borrow she means steal from K'ael. When L'ton states that Zip is no longer allowed up to visit the bronzer. "That's good, she doesn't need to be sleeping with someone old enough to be her dad. Who knows what K'ael's been thinking but obviously he needs a reality check."

F'yr's grin only grows worse as she watches the mark pass between hands. "Ain't gonna tell anyone. I guess I don't get anything for hurling on his floor?" She holds out her hand but then sighs. "It's not like we're eight turns old… Not that big of a difference till sixteen for the both of us, sir." She glances between the older man and then her friend, only to fall quiet on the latter's words, bobbing her head. "Well, too sharding bad if he was mad at us. He's always messing 'round himself, it's only cause the joke was on him." The Weyrsecond makes the short brownrider do a double-take, and she stares at him with mouth gaping. "You didn't know? I mean… it wasn't hidden or anything. Probably would be, now," she mumbles softly.

"Ah ain't got another piece on meh, but if'n ya find me later, Ah suppose Ah'd have one fer ya ta. Ah mean, if'n Ah heard right, ya did give that other man a real fright for Lisle, ta." Oh, the rumors in a weyr. "Ah know that, and ya know that, but they dun care. If'n ya really wanna drink, y'all can come up. Ain't like Ah dun have enough that Mai can't drink." Sighing softly, the last of his klah is finished and he's pouting a bit as he glares at the emptiness of it. "Ah'd heard, but.. Ah didn't think my lil girl would do something like that. Even if'n she says ain't nothing happening, Ah still dun like it. She can visit him all she likes, but only where other people can be ta."

"She did, it was pretty awesome." Aryll says quickly, backing up her friend as F'yr announces her throwing up on the bronzers floor. "Nice big pile too, probably smelled great when he got back in." She smirks at the mental image of the man walking into his tp'd weyr, even giggling a bit. "Well, Zip seems like a nice kid but she seems a bit dense. Maybe they en't really done anything yet but ya never know what he might say to her one day if they keep staying all alone up there." When L'ton offers up his booze she beams, bobbing her head. "Maybe we will." Someone seems to have taken a liking to the stuff.

"I'll hold you to that," F'yr says quickly, jumping on that offer and giving her friend a grin for the backup. She might not have been lacking marks like her friend, but she certainly liked the idea of the Weyrsecond's money passing into her hand. She grins widely at the memory of the brownrider. "K'ris? Yah… I ain't too sure 'bout him, but he sure is better than what Mike was or could've been." She merely chuckles at his offer. "Nothing's happened yet, but it doesn't look like that at all to others, with the way they're attached." She snorts and rolls her eyes. "Then all the girls make him sound like Pern's most caring guy, when he ain't."

"Oh, Ah promise ya.. Ah tried ta get her ta see reason, but she just ain't having none of it. Though, Ah'm sure ya both never ever got stubborn 'bout nothing when ya were her age." Giving the girls a hard time, he shakes his head. "All Ah asks is if'n yer sick, do it in the bathing chamber, so tis easier ta clean up, ya know?" Giving up on any more klah magically appearing in his mug, its set on the table rather heavily, before he's leaning back in his chair a bit. "She didn't seem ta think that anyone would assume that K'ael just couldn't get Lisle, so he went fer some girl instead. Or, ya know, the daughter of the guy who screwed it up for him." Clearly, L'ton is as bad of a gossip as these girls who are half his age. Oops.

Aryll stays quiet as they talk on Lisle, obviously not knowing enough about the goldrider to say anything. She instead busies herself with fingering her well earned money and watching the riders. "He en't /evil/, he can be alright sometimes. He's just an idiot." She says after F'yr, not defending the man but at least giving him some credit. Something seems to click in her mind when L'ton mentions his relationship to Zipalla. Of course she /knew/ the girl was his kid but she didn't think too much into it. "Shards, you don't think he's doing it to get back at you, do you?"

"I never called him evil, did I?" F'yr says as she sticks her tongue out at her friend before turning back towards L'ton and crossing her arms. "I wasn't stubborn," she lies, her grumbly mood ruined when she gets the sniffles again. "'Specially not over stupid boys at that age." She purses her lips out at him, then looks even more surprised than before. "You were the one that told Lisle? She said she had to hear it from someone else, that he was cheating and all. I never saw it that way, but now I can definitely see that. Looks real bad, is all." She sinks down in her seat.

"Lisle and Ah.. we've been friends fer ta long ta fer me ta let that happen ta her." L'ton supplies in explanation, shaking his head. "Ah'm sure he's really an okay guy, but Ah ain't forgiven him fer what he did ta Lisle. And, he ain't gonna get ta hurt mah lil girl the same way, not long as Ah can do anything 'bout it." He punctuates his words with nods. "Though, no matter who he was, Ah'd say the same thing, so it ain't just cause Ah dun like him." And then he's arching an eyebrow at Aryll, contemplating it some. "Dunno. Ah mean, Ah guess he does care 'bout her. But like, Ah said. Not yet." Grump.

Aryll continues to think on the idea of K'ael spending time with Zipalla in order to get back at L'ton, the idea seeming to stick. She ignores everything said about Lisle but does nod her head before getting to her feet, the little bronze on her shoulder clinging to her in order to gain balance before taking wing. "I think I'd better get to bed." She says to the riders, giving them a wave before heading out. Yup, she still kind of had a crush on Mike but the thought of him using Zipalla, which of course was not likely to be true, was certainly troublesome to her. Oh to be a teen.

F'yr frowns and bobs her head quickly. "I like Lisle, too. I don't like what Mike's done 'bout it, but I'm glad they're not together. 'Cause then it'd be worse. But I'm keeping my eye on this new fella." She shifts in her seat and wipes her nose with the length of her sleeve, huddling down into her own warmth. "I tried to be nice to Zip and all, but she doesn't seem to like me cause of whatever Mike's been telling her. I don't care what they do, but it just doesn't look right either way. He says he's my friend and all, but I think he really does hate me." She was dropping into a sullen mood again. She nods as she watches her friend leave before climbing to her feet as well. "I should go lay down. Heads an' all are worse. I'll catch you later, sir," she says, backing in the direction of the lower caverns slowly. Just in case he wanted to scold her more.

"Well, K'ael can't hurt her no more. And, Ah'll be honest, Zip, she weren't ta nice 'bout ya, but said ya weren't ta nice bout her, so Ah really dunno. Y'all girls, y'all can sort it out. But, let me know if'n that new guy, he tries anything." As Aryll leaves, L'ton blinks a bit before nodding. "Yeah, get yerself ta sleep, 'fore someone catches ya, and ya actually get in trouble." L'ton is quickly waving Aryll off, before eying the empty mug of klah himself. "Right. Ah.. Ah need ta sleep. Ya'll need ta sleep." And he's following Aryll's example, and F'yr's, though he's heading a different direction.

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