Father-Daughter Showdown

Ista Weyr - Dhonzayth and Meluth's Ledge(#7862RAJL)

With a whoosh of wings and thud on the ledge, Zipalla slides down from Azaeth who drops away immediately, going back to his work. The young Shipton girl pauses to run a gentle hand over Meluth's snout then walks in a bit further, "Ton?" she calls out.

L'ton is settled on the couch, a variety of papers spread out here and there, which he's absently thumbing through and sorting with his good hand, though he seems to have discovered that his cast makes a good paperweight. Dhonzayth snorts at Azaeth as the bronze comes and goes, causing L'ton to look up, giving a bit of a smile at Zip. "Hey Zip-dear."

She wanders deeper inside and smiles down at L'ton, "Hi..how you feeling?" she asks, moving to take a seat across from him. "How long for that cast?" she asks, though the weight of more serious issues colors her normally "zippy" demeanor with a bit of a somber overtone.

L'ton shifts some papers, clearing a portion of the couch off so that Zip can join him on his good side, smiling at her. "'nother 3 sevendays, Ah think. Least it just aches a bit now." But then he's wrinkling up his forehead, shaking his head. "Sweetheart, what's wrong?" As absorbed as L'ton can be, he's not missing her somber tone.

She nods, "That's not too long then.." she murmurs, sliding over to the couch near her father. She looks down at her hands in her lap and clears her throat then up turns one of those.. wide-eyed-I-need-my-daddy looks to him. If the weigth of the world could be borne on a heart, it's hers at the moment so she takes a breath, "I need your help.." she says softly. Her cheeks go pink and she looks around, brows furrowing, "But you have to listen..hear me out.. you trust me right Ton? You know I wouldn't lie.." Perhaps of omission to this point but not an outright one. She sighs.

L'ton arches an eyebrow at her as she softly begins speaking, even as he's putting his arm over her shoulders to pull her a bit closer. "Ah.. Ah'll hear ya out Zip.." He agrees softly, even as he uses his cast'd hand to turn her face towards him to meet her gaze. "Ah.. Ah'll do what Ah can, Zip… Ya know Ah'd do anything fer ya."

Zipalla looks up at him again and nods then bites her bottom lip, ok, now for finding the right words..and the right order of words…may as well begin at the beginning. "A while back.. I was up at Mike's weyr and ended up staying the night there," she holds up her hand, "He slept on the couch…before you get that growly look.." She sighs. "The next day though, when I got up and was getting ready to leave, F'yr was there and saw me.. she didn't say much then..I'd met her before in the pool and she told me to stay away from Mike cause he was bad, blah blah, so when she saw me she called him a few choice names.. neverminding that I was standing there telling her nothing had happened." A pause. "Not too long ago at dinner one night she came in, Mike and Niah and I were sitting together talking and F'yr started stuff with Mike.. catching a part of our conversation.. she said a few derogatory things about me as well.. and I told her that every time she mouths about how pervy Mike is and how she insinuates that he is having an inappropriate relationship with me.. she's insinuating the same thing of me.. she didn't care.. she kept right on.. so I ended up walking out."

L'ton takes a deep breath as he listens to her, before he's slowly chewing on his lip. "If'n he laid one hand on you…" And then L'ton is cutting himself off, shaking his head a bit. "F'yr.. F'yr is like her mom. She has a knife.. Ah know how she can be. But.. not everything F'yr says is wrong." And then he's squeezing her shoulder a bit more firmly. "Is that all that happened, Zip?" He questions as she seems to end the retelling rather abruptly.

She shakes her head. "No..not by a long shot.." and she sighs again. "I stay up there quite a bit, Ton.. with Mike. He's never been anything but respectful to me.. and protective.. he's the best th…friend I have." She looks down at her hands again and then frowns, "The other night Mike picked me up after he got through with work and when we got to his weyr..F'yr and another girl, Aryll..I think..was there. They had taken some whiskey from his cabinet and had downed more than half the bottle.. They could barely stand up. We decided not to let them leave in that shape and Az scared off F'yr's dragon.. but then they got..I dunno…they were jumping on the bed and trying to get me to drink with them and calling us weyr-mates and making fun of us for being "old and boring"..so we gathered up a few things we didn't want destroyed and went to the guest weyr. When we came back the next day everything was messed up, wrapped in tissue paper, puke on the floor, some of the liquor was stolen.."

"/What/?" That is enough for L'ton to burst aloud, quickly turning to face Zipalla, eyes wide, shaking his head. "Zip.. Ya.. Ya can't do this ta meh. Ah.. Ah could deal with ya being friends. Ah.. Ah would fer yer sake. But.. Ya can't stay there. Shards… If'n Ah'd realized that ya wanted yer own space, Ah'd have gotten ya a room of yer own sooner. Shards, ya should know that ya were always welcome ta come back ta mine, if'n ya wanted. But…" And then the rest of the words are sinking in - of F'yr and Aryll drinking, and of them going to the guest weyr. "Shards…" And then he's hiding his face in his hand. "Dun think that they aren't gonna hear 'bout it ta. But.. yer.. Yer my daughter. Ah.." And then he's shaking his head, getting up to start pacing, hand rubbing briskly through his hair, as he mutters to himself.

She cringes back away from the outburst, knowing it was likely coming then she looks up at him and shakes her head, "Please don't be mad at Mike.. please.." she says in a quiet voice, touching Ton's arm as he stands up to pace. Zipalla watches him, worriedly, and swallows hard. "He's never touched me like that, Ton.." she says in case that is one of the thoughts turning his hair grey as they speak. "I promise, he never has..never even tried, I've never had to tell him no, I've never been anything but happy there, please don't make me leave, please." Big tears pool in her lower lashes and she blinks, sending them cheek-ward, "I'll see the healers if you don't believe me, nothing's ever happened..F'yr is mean.. and selfish and I think she is jealous." Her feet draw up to the couch and she curls into the corner, wrapping her arms around her legs, eyes moving side to side as she follows L'tons pacing strides.

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly. "Ah.. Ah don't like it Zip. Ah dun like it at all. Ah dun care if he's never touched ya, that dun mean he won't. Or won't think about it. /Ah'm/ a guy, Ah know what guys do. Ah.. Ah would do anything, please… Please just dun stay there anymore. Ah.. Ah can't handle that.." And then he shakes his head, turning to look at her. "And, its not cause its K'ael. It'd be anyone. Ah can't stop ya from being friends but… Friends dun stay at each others weyrs all the time. Do ya know what they're gonna start ta say? That he couldn't manage ta keep an older woman, so he had to go fer a girl who didn't know any better."

"But…" and she waits, "..but.." waits again. Her brows furrow hard and she rubs her hand back over her eyes, "But it's not true. Has nothing to do with that.." Her hands wring and she clenches her jaw, a teensie bit of panic making her heart thump hard in her chest. "But I want to be there.." she says as she looks up at him. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and the picture of Zipalla's face is probably more telling than any thousand words could be, but she won't say any of them. "We aren't doing anything wrong.." she finally says softly.

"Yer my daughter, and Ah'm not going ta let mah daughter be destroyed by what everyone says. /Ah/ deal with enough of that, and no. Ah ain't going ta let it happen." And then's he taking another deep breath as he continues to pace back and forth, before turning to look back at her, though only for a moment as he sees her face. "/Why/ do ya want ta be there though, Zip? If'n there's nothing going on, what's it matter if'n ya have yer own room somewhere else, and just spend time with him?" A deep breathe and he twists his fingers in his hair, tugging gently. "Ah can't stop ya, once yer sixteen, but, yer not. Yer still a lil'girl."

Zipalla stares up at him for a moment then narrows her eyes, "Has what "everyone says" ever stopped you from doing what you want?" she asks, knowing full well the answer. "I just do!" she nearly yelps. "I like being there and I like knowing he's there.." Her mouth drops open, two years… it's like a kick in the stomach. "You think it makes us look in the right to suddenly stop doing something that isn't wrong in the first place? So what if they talk? If I know it's ok and you know it's okay then why isn't it ok?!" Female, teenage logic, love it.

"Ah'm a grown man. /Ah/ make my own decisions. Yer my daughter. Ah make yer decisions." L'ton replies sternly. And then he's turning to stare at her. "Ya like him more than a friend. Ya wouldn't be angry at meh like this if ya weren't. And, ya can't tell me that if'n he didn't look at ya right, ya wouldn't be willing ta do whatever that… man says." And then he's pacing a bit more, sighing just a tad. "Do ya /know/ what he did to Lisle? Ah bet he told ya it was all just a misunderstanding, huh? He ain't a good man. Ah dun want ya sleeping there no more." And then he's waggling a finger at her. "That's just it, Zip, it /ain't/ okay."

That draws her to her feet. "That wasn't the point! The point was you never cared what people say either!" She's not yelling, just..speaking firmly… even angry she hasn't crossed that line yet. Til that part…"That I'd what?! Be like every little doe-eyed girl finds her way to your bed?! I'm not like them! I'd rather be the only girl he NEVER sleeps with than one in an ocean of faces that he DOES sleep with.!" Tears sting her eyes, hot ones, cheeks aflame too, she's past reason on this topic. "I do know. He wasn't ready to settle down. He told me he felt bad.. cause it hurt her and her little girl..and hurt him too." Her eyes go wide, "He IS a good man! He's good to me!"

"He wasn't ready ta settle down, yet he told her that she was the one… And then decided ta ask after the fact fer permission ta sleep around, even though he already was. Ya dun do that ta Lisle, and not have ta deal with it. He's acting like a child. /Yer/ acting like a child. Ya wonder why Ah dun want ya there? This is why. Yer an emotional wreck over something that shouldn't have even happened in the first place." And then she's crying, and he's shaking his head. "The point is, that Ah'm saying no. Ah ain't gonna send ya away, or him. But, the least ya could do is respect what Ah say. Ah just want the best fer ya… And this isn't it." His cast is waved around for emphasis.

Her arms fold over her middle and she turns away, a hand lifting to rub at her eyes. "You take it back..what you said.. I'm not like that.." she nearly growls. "My own father..you sound as bad as F'yr." She spins on her heel and puts her hands on her hips, "After living through all of your women, you don't think I've learned a little bit about men? And even with your own daughter you think a certain look will send me headlong into Mike's bed.. you take it back, unless that really is what you think of women, of me. Then we'll talk about respect."

L'ton seems determined to not look at her. "Take back what? That yer acting like a child who's favorite toy got taken away from ya? Yer /fourteen/." L'ton feels the need to stress, finally turning around to level a glare at her. "How am Ah suppose ta know that yer not like that? Ya said ya wouldn't lie ta me, but how long have ya been staying there? How long have ya been doing that behind my back?" Squeezing his eyes shut, he shakes his head. "Yar my daughter. Ah ain't going ta let ya get hurt, but ya seem set on it. Ya just have ta be right, and ya dunno what Ah've seen, Zipalla. Ya dunno what Ah've seen."

Little, sharp arrows to her heart, the glare first then his lack of confidence in her. "You have some nerve lecturing me.. about anything to do with men, or women, or the mix thereof. Maybe Mike just wanted a nifty set up like you have.. A mate, another sorta-mate.. flights.. others now and then…seems THE thing to do." She regrets the tone. She regrets the whole thing. "If that's what you think of me fine, at least I know. But you know what..you don't know what I'VE seen either. Who do you think heard Sris crying after you.. did you think I was deaf and blind?"

L'ton stiffens at her words, straightening up and shoulders tensing. "Then that's what he had ta say. Ah dun care what he does, if'n he has half a dozen women, long as he ain't leading any of 'em on. He broke Lisle's heart.. Ah was there.. Ah was /there/ ta see it all happen Zip." And he's shaking his head then. "Sris left /me/. She left me. Dun ya even try that. Dun ya think Ah dun stil love Sris, and dun ya think that Ah dun wish that she was here yet, just fer ya ta have more of a mother."

Her brows furrow, "He didn't say that, before you go spewing that nonsense, I was being a smart arse!" She frowns, "I didn't pry about Lisle, he said he wasn't ready for the committment she wanted so he had to be honest with her even though it hurt him and her." That part is very calm and almost softly said. "I know she left you, and I know why." Zipalla draws a deep breath and stares down at the floor, "I thought you'd understand, dunno what made me ever think that." Her head drops a bit and her posture droops, "Mike hasn't done anything wrong by me."

L'ton begins to relent slightly as she beings to droop, and he's sighing quite exasperatedly as he crosses to the couch, bending over to tip her chin up. "Ah realize ya dun think he's done wrong by ya. But, he's done wrong by me. And people Ah care about." He replies softly, though his voice is quivering as he tries to keep from yelling. "Ah don't want him to have the chance ta do wrong by ya." A deep breathe, and he shakes his head. "Let me arrange fer yer own room. Please, Zipalla. Fer mah sake. Ah ain't gonna be able ta sleep, knowing that yer there. Shards, what if something happened between y'all?"

"Done wrong by you how?" she asks. "If you hate him this much, it can't just be because of Lisle.. I deserve to know.." She frowns and rubs at the side of her neck, "What if it did someday? How would that be so horrible?"

"Lisle.. Lisle's like mah lil sister, Zip. We ain't never been anything else, we ain't never gonna be anything else. But, Ah look out fer her, and she's there fer me, ta talk ta, when Ah need it. Ah ain't ever seen her that vulnerable, not even when A'drias passed on. Ah.." He shakes his head to settle down. "He dun take responsibility fer what he does. This greenrider, at Ierne. He slept with her, and now she thinks she's pregnant, and he dun want anything ta do with it. He just got scared and took off. Ya dun do that, Zip, ya have ta be a man, and take care of 'em." And then he's carefully trying to put his arm back around her, if she allows him. "How do ya think ya'd get down? No one would know what happened."

Zipalla goes all but pale. A pregnant girl? She tries not to show it but her eyes do widen some then she shakes her head, "I meant..what if something good happened.. someday.." she says but her voice is a little on the weak side. How many times can a heart break in a day? Many, when you're a female, and young. Tears well up in her eyes again and she curls into L'ton's side, finding no words to explain.

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly as she leans into him, and he's sighing softly. "Ah.. Once yer older, Ah ain't gonna stop ya. Ah ain't gonna keep ya from being with who ya want, or whatever. But.. Right now, yer still my lil girl. And, Ah wanna keep mah lil girl, just fer a bit longer. Ah mean.. if'n ya were me.. would ya want ya staying somewhere, with someone already?"

All she can do is listen. There's not a single explanation she can give that sounds good. Back to being alone. Only now she gets to be alone and wait for the day Mike decides waiting around to see some kid pales in comparison to a pretty girl being with him. "Doesn't matter what I think," she says flatly then pulls back. "I'm just a kid, what I think doesn't matter, what I want doesn't matter." She shrugs.

L'ton sighs softly as she pulls away, dropping his hand back to the couch, shaking his head. "Ah dun mean it ta sound like that Zip. But.. Ah just.. Ah can't let ya do that yet. Someday ya'll understand." He sighs, slowly getting back to his feet, meandering at a slower pace. "And.. if'n ya'll are gonna end up like Ah wouldn't be surprised.. This'll just make it better in the long run." Absense makes the heart grow fonder. "Ah.. Ah can't tell ya that ya can't love him, cause Ah know ya dun realize it yet. But.. Ah can keep ya safe fer just a lil longer."

She doesn't even look up. "Makes no difference to you, you have Mai..and Niah, and three babies on the way, just in this weyr alone, you have your dragon, your work. I have no one. I have nothing. Even Zorya is gone and will stand before I get to.. and what I did have, you're taking away." Her jaw sets. "It's all fine for you, glad you can rest easy now, so very sorry to have given you cause to worry." She rises, "Anything else you have to say?"

L'ton reaches quickly for her wrist to pull her back, shaking his head. "Ya have meh. Ah dunno why ya think ya dun - when have Ah ever turned ya away? When have Ah ever said Ah didn't have time fer ya?" He shakes his head again, with a rather exasperated sigh. "Zipalla. Yer my daughter. Ah love ya. Ah'd give ya anything but this.. And its just.. not yet." And then he's dropping his head slightly, lifting his chin to give her a little bit of a smile. "Ah ain't saying ya can't see him. That'd like be taking away.. Taking away a girl's favorite kitten. Ah.. Ah just want ta know that ya ain't staying in his weyr."

She has that look. The one that says "yeah right". "Ton.. you have two pregnant women to tend to.. you have flights, you have other female pursuits..you are a very busy man." Her shoulders lift, "Whatever, Ton. You're the one in charge. I just obey. You know, like women do, the right look and boom, we do whatever you men say to do. Right?"

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly. "If'n ya haven't realized, Niah's determined ta do it by herself. Mai.. Ah do have Mai. But… flights just happen, Zip. Ya should know that by now. Ah can't help it if'n they go up or not. But, Ah dunno if'n ya haven't realized it, but.. Ah ain't been just randonly 'round since Niah.. Since Niah moved here. Since ya asked 'bout it. Ah'm trying Zip. Ya have no idea." He shakes his head again, trying hard not to roll his eyes. "Ya're missing my point. When ya care about someone ya dun think. Ya dun see everything else. And, ya clearly care, so ya can't see everything else."

Zipalla cocks her head, "I went to see Niah the other day.. to check on her.. she seemed surprised that both she and I would have information about her new little helper that wasn't shared with Mai..and every single time I see her she asks after you so I'm not wholly convinced how on-her-own she wants things to be. So lets just not go there." She does roll her eyes then blinks and furrows her brow, "I can see just fine," and she just grrrrrs, persing her lips. "What do you want from me? A smile? A giggle? To pretend all is well? Nothing will ever be the same again." She bites her lip and her eyes gloss so she looks away quickly and clenches her hand into a fist.

"Ah.. Ah didn't want ta burden Mai with that. Ah mean.. it really shouldn't matter. Ya.. Ya can know, cause its yer cousin, and Niah.. Niah needed ta know about it, so she didn't say nuthing wrong, or act worried when Zaenar didn't talk. But.. It dun make difference to anyone else." He shakes his head, and he shakes his head. "Ah dun want that. Ah just dun want ya ta hate meh fer caring fer ya, and wanting what Ah feel is best fer ya."

"Mai is your weyr mate.. she should know.. she should never have to hear anything from someone else about you." Her tone is all woman, a sliver of the one blossoming inside the young girl. "And your lover shouldn't be contemplating why you don't share things with your mate." Protective of Mai perhaps? She listens then shrugs, "I don't hate, Ton. But you know, you're the one making decisions..what I want doesn't play in, don't expect me to be happy about it. Ever."

"Mai knows 'xactly how Ah got hurt. That's what matters. Ah didn't tell her why Ah brought back Zae, other than t'was a bad situation. What more needs ta be said? Its Zae's ta tell, if she wants." He shakes his head hurriedly. "Niah ain't got nothing ta do but sit 'round and think. She dunno everything either, no matter what she thinks, and what ya seem ta think. Mai and Niah talk. If'n it was something bad, dun ya think Ah'd tell Mai, to avoid it later?" Rolling his eyes, he throws his hands up in the air, finally with a huff, storming off towards the back of the weyr. "Do whatever the shells ya want ta do. Since clearly ya think ya know better. Ah done."

Zipalla bites at her lip and watches him turn to walk away. Damn F'yr. She starts to reach after him then her hand drops and she stands there, somewhat shell-shocked by the entire ugly incident. She wilts and turns to go, tears springing up anew, fighting off the feeling that she's losing everything that matters to her. Once to the ledge she waits, looking out over it, a hand moving to rub Dhon softly. "What am I supposed to do?" she asks, staring down at him while she strokes his snout. "I wish I hadn't been ugly to him…even if he's wrong about Mike.." then she closes her eyes. Not fully, however, there is the matter of the baby in Ierne.

L'ton seems to be too annoyed to stay anything else, for he's throwing himself across the bed without another backwards glance at his oldest daughter, pulling a pillow over his head to hide further. Dhonzayth, meanwhile, has none of the avoidance that his rider does, gently nudging him with his muzzle, stretching out paws to gently encase her, rumbling softly. « He worries about his. As you worry about yours. »

Not many dragons are so gentle with her, Zh'ae's and Ton's. She curls into his paws and leans her head against his side. "You think I made him really mad?" she muses aloud, "Shards I hate to think I hurt his feelings…" and she shakes her head, sighing. "Now I gotta face Mike.. all because of that stupid girl.. what if he's right.. about Mike.. a pregnant girl.. and he just up and left her?" That brings tears to her eyes and she curls in tighter against Dhon.

Dhonzayth continues to gently nuzzle Zipalla, settling around her quite protectively. « He is upset. He is upset he let it get to this. He does not want you to be mad. » And it seems that L'ton isn't able to just walk away from it, for he's peeking out to the ledge, watching his daughter and his dragon with a sad look on his face. "Zip.." He offers softly, breaking his silence. "Zip.. Ah.. Ah just want ya ta know Ah love ya. Cause.. Ah dun want ya ta forget."

Zipalla relaxes a bit with Dhon then when L'ton speaks she jumps up and runs to him, throwing her arms around him. "I'm sorry Ton.. I'm sorry for saying mean things.. please don't be mad at me.. I can't lose you too," and she lays her head against his chest.

L'ton is caught off guard as she throws herself into him, and he's quickly pulling her close, hiding his face as he squeezes her, shaking his head. "Ya ain't gonna lose me. Ah.. Ah couldn't live with myself, if'n Ah lost ya, or if'n anything happened ta ya. Yer my lil'girl. Yer my Zip." Dhonzayth croons softly, nudging them both, even as L'ton keeps a tight hold on her.

Zip squeezes him tightly in return and she kisses his cheek when she pulls back, "And you're my da.. my only one, ever.." She takes a deep breath and one hand drops to rub at Dhon softly. "Things are all messed up.." she says softly, sort of admittance. "I didn't know about the baby in Ierne.. there just has to be some explanation.." She's so torn and confused. "I took Zae a present..and Niah.. cause I know they probably get bored having to sit all the time.." she says softly. "What if he forgets all about me.. it's hard enough cause I'm too young to date him and we can't think about things like that but at least I was there and.." her voice trails off.

"If'n he really cares about ya, he won't forget 'bout ya." He murmurs softly, before tilting her chin up towards him, tapping her nose. "Ya never knew it, Ah dun think, cause ya were so little, but Ah waited 2 turns fer Sris… Ah met her right 'for Dhonzayth Searched her.. And then she Impressed.. But, ya know what? T'was worth it." He shakes his head a bit more. "He was… He didn't seem ta thrilled. Got all scared, and excused himeslf. Like.. Like he wanted ta have his fun, but was afraid if something had come from it."

Zipalla gazes up at him with those big hazel eyes, fresh from tears they sparkle bright and she searches over his face while he speaks. "I didn't know, no," she says then she sighs, "I hope he thinks I'm worth it.." she says softly, then blushes, not really having intended to say it outright, aloud. She nods at that last, it makes her guts twist a little.

L'ton brushes her tears off her face, shaking his head. "Ah think ya are. And if'n he doesn't, he's more of a fool than Ah think he is." He offers, before resting his head back on top of hers. "Shards, though, Zip. K'ael?" He offers a bit exasperatedly, shaking his head. "Though, Ah suppose tis better than T'ev. Least K'ael rides bronze and can take care of ya."

Zipalla quirks a sheepish grin then she gets a very serious look. "Promise me you won't tell him.. if you see him or talk to him or fight with him..no matter what you can't tell him I said that.. we don't talk of things like that.. I don't want him to know."

L'ton shakes his head. "Ah won't. And, Ah won't fight with him til next time he does something stupid. Sides, Ah dun think Ah'd have much luck with this thing." And the cast is bopped into her side lightly. "So, will ya let me get ya a room, then? Room all yer own, fitting fer mah daughter? With the pink and purple dragon beads Ah've had sitting 'round fer just this occasion?" He tries to lighten the mood a bit, giving her just the tiniest bit of a smile.

Zip nods her head a little then grins again, "I guess so.. " she says quietly. "I love you, da, even when we fight," she says then hugs him. "F'yr oughtta have to clean toilets for a month.. and her friend too.. they wrecked the entire weyr," she says with a little bit of a huff. "But that's not my business so.. maybe it's best left alone, I don't want Mike to catch more flack..and I sure don't want them being meaner.. to either of us."

"Ah.. Ah'll talk ta them, deal?" He sighs softly, shaking his head, and then taps her nose. "K'ael ain't without blame, sweets. Ah ain't saying he deserves it all, but he ain't without blame." He shakes his head again, tipping up her chin. "As much as Ah know F'yr dun like K'ael, and ya dun like F'yr.. She did have ta live with him fer nearly 2 turns.. so she did have ta get ta know him pretty good." He winks, before giving her another bit of a hug. "Ya know, Ah might could even find ya a lil kitten, ta go with that room?" Bribe the child? Certainly.

Zipalla nods her head a bit, not fully convinced of anyone deserving what those two did but no more fighting, she just can't manage more fighting today. "I don't need a kitten, Ton, I might have to be gone a lot and who'd take care of him.. anyway. I guess I need to go get my things.. pack..and..talk to Mike," she says softly, her tone decidedly sad but no tears.

"Sweets.. Thanks ya. Ah.. Ah mean it." And he's giving her another gentle squeeze before moving to let her go, shaking his head. "Dhon'll give ya a ride.. Ah'll get everything together fer ya.." He absently ruffles her hair before taking a step back to give her a tired smile.

She smiles for him, and that's the only reason, for him. "Alright.." then she turns and climbs up, settling and strapping in, "Bye, Ton."

Dhonzayth croons softly as she settles, before tipping off the ledge for the short flight towards K'ael's ledge, as L'ton watches, before giving a slow wave, before turning to head back inside.

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