Winning Suraiya's Flight

Ierne Weyrhold - Suraiya's Weyr

Ozriadasoth made it a quick and easy flight. Though the little green still flipped and twirled and danced through the air, she still ended up on Dhonzayth's clutches. And it made her a happy little thing. It made Suri happy, as well, to be waking up next to a man instead of a woman this time. But the young woman wasn't about to ruin it by waking up fully. She was tucked into L'ton's warmth as best as she could be, long limps thrown everywhere.

Quick and easy is always good, especially since it leaves plenty of energy for later. And, for the humans, its much less time to be standing there all awkwardly while everyone stares at you. But, it seems that despite his arm, L'ton was determined to make the best of it, and as Suri snuggles up against him - thankfully not the side with the broken arm - he sighs contently in his still hazy state, lifting his chin just enough to plant a kiss on her forehead.

Suraiya cannot really keep up the pretense of sleeping, especially as she kept shifting this way and that to get more comfortable. All the while tangling her hair and herself up more. "Shh," she tells Ton, falling still when she felt the kiss on her forehead. "We're sleeping, right?" She giggles softly and then sighs happily. "I knew it was going to be you," she finally says dreamily, daring to peek one blue eye out from between her lashes towards him.

L'ton absently brushes the hair back from her face, trying to do it gently to avoid making it worse, before gently petting it for a moment, and then giving her a smile. "O'course sweets. Though, Ah ain't gonna go run as soon as we're up.. Ah've been waiting fer this fer too long." He chuckles softly, even as he tilts his head to look at her. "What's that look fer, sweets?" He teases softly.

"You're not?" Cling. Suri makes sure she gets closer to the bronzerider. "Good. Cause I'm not going to let you run off just yet." She giggles again, lightly, before her other eye opens up. "It's cause I don't want to wake up and see you gone. Why were you waiting for this? We /have/ been in this position before… not quite the same experience, though this one is by far the best." She does the equivalent of a human-purr, snuggles, and closes her eyes again as if she were going to fall back asleep.

"Cause right now, Dhon's just as happy as Ah am, and not sulking cause Ah got the pretty lady and he didn't." He murmurs with a grin, looping his leg over hers as she snuggles closer and clings. "Ah ain't, Ah ain't. 'Sides, why would Ah leave a warm, pretty thing like ya ta go back ta work.. Yer much better than work." And then he absently traces his finger along the side of her neck and down her arm. "Was it, sweets?"

Suraiya only giggles some more when his leg moves. She was enjoying being clinging together like that, seeing that half the catches she couldn't really do that with the women. "Good. Pretty girls are better than work, definitely. And I hope I am better myself." Her eyes open again, widely, to peer up to him. "Right? I am good?" A moment's insecurity before she grins widely and bobs her head. "'Course it was. Ozzy's happy to have Dhon with her, since she likes him. I'm happy I got you with me. And everything together just makes it perfect. I love it when flights go perfectly well."

L'ton ruffles her hair as she giggles, shaking his head just a bit. "Yer much much better. Yer great, Suri.." He whispers, chuckling, clearly rather happy that she is no longer the scary.. thing that she is during the lead up to Ozzy rising. "Well, that's good ta know. Maybe Ah'll just have ta cart ya off from now on, even if'n Dhon dun get lucky. Ah mean… that would be practically perfect." And then he goes back to tracing his finger along her side contently. "Perfect is good."

Suraiya seems to glow as she beams at his answer that she was good. That's all it took to make her happy. That and the act itself, of course. She smooches whatever part she can get too, too tired to reach up for his lips. His shoulder, most likely, got the special attention. "Aw, you're great Tonny. But… those poor other bronzers!" She looks sad by the idea. "Those poor men will be left without me… whoever does catch. That's greedy." But it's not greedy enough to stop her from grinning at him.

"They dun deserve ya… None of 'em deserve a wonderful girl like ya.." He smirks, shifting enough to try tilt her chin up awkwardly with his bad-hand to be able to catch her lips. "Besides.. maybe Ah am greedy… Ah already had ta see ya and Niah go off.. Maybe Ah dun wanna share." He murmurs, chuckling as his shoulder receives a variety of kisses. "Ah hope ya dun think that's bad…" Cue puppy dog eyes… how could Ton ever be bad?

Suraiya's grin only grows wider at all his compliments. What a way to make the girl's face tear apart. She giggles and kisses him back before returning to some giggling. "But how will they know what I'm like if they aren't with me? We all got to share /sometime/." Her grin is still there, but a puzzled expression crosses her face. "I went off with a Niah. That's a funny boy's name." There's a squeal at the puppy-eyes and she gives him a squeeze. "Of course you're not bad!"

L'ton beams right back at her, giving her another kiss, though its quite awkward given her giggly state. "Well, maybe if they're fast enough, they can have ya, but Ah'm faster, Ah'm gonna take ya, if Ah can." Chuckling he shakes his head, "It is a funny boys name." Shifting a bit, he absently rubs her back, before smile. "So, when are ya gonna have my babies?" He asks quite jokingly.

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