Settling In

The end of the day, it's raining again. More pouring, the seal on Niah's door has been fixed and everyone in warm and inside, listening to the water fall onto the rock the sound echoing through the weyr. It's been just over two sevendays since Zaenar moved in, and she has been warming slowly to her new foster mother thing. With all the raining, they have not been able to go and get dinner but both are sitting on Niah's bed. Ellyza is being held by Niah, and Zaenar has her hand on Niah's stomach and the kitten in her lap. Celiketh is on his couch, comfortable.

L'ton has a lightweight jacket on to try and protect from the rain, despite the short flight from his and M'iken's weyr, and the short distance off the ledge. Perhaps he should knock, but he's in no mood to wait for permission, instead ducking inside, leaving the deluge and shaking the jacket out as he hangs it on a hook before offering the group a smile. "How are my favorite girls?" He offers softly.

Niah turns with a small smile, waving and rocking the baby a little. She looks up at Niah and Niah tickles her gently. Zaenar jumps as someone comes in and then says, "Hello Uncle L'ton, sir." still using the proper names, but she then giggles. A very unfamiliar sound. Niah grins and says "I think they like his voice.. or like that I like his voice." patting the bed for him to join them, as Niah appears very comfortable and neither people look very willing to move.

L'ton actually freezes as Zaenar actually greets him aloud, and then giggles, eyes widening before he attempts to recover, meandering closer with a grin. "How're ya holding up, Zae? Ah heard that ya met Zip… Ah bet ya didn't remember her, did ya?" He questions as he settles down on the bed on Niah's other side, tickling Ellyza's chin for a second before turning sideways, one leg under him and the other off the bed as he scoots up as close as he can to her, rubbing his hand over her stomach. "How about ya, Niah? Holding up?"

Niah grins, completely relaxed and happy. Tensing a bit as he scoots closer and touches her and then saying "You will need to share with Zaenar..though she has the best spot." Zae's hand is on her lower abdomen. Zaenar shrugs, moving her hand a little higher so that if he wanted to L'ton could get the lower spot. "I…I am fine sir." Shifting the kitten who is drowsing Zaenar pulls her hand back and watches L'ton play with Ellyza. The baby smiles as l'ton touches her, kicking her little feet and then contently staring up at him.

"Ya have a precious lil girl, Zaenar-dear.." He gives her an encouraging smile, smirking just a bit at the presence of the Precious kitten, before he's shifting his hand down lower on her abdomen, chuckling slightly as he feels them. "And, ya have active little things." He murmurs, leaving his hand there as he looks over the trio of females - and the kitten if you want to count her - shaking his head just a bit, unwilling to say anything, just smiling.

Niah yawns and leans back on him. Ellyza kicks her feet and Niah shifts a little. The compliment makes Zaenar blush, and she reaches out for the baby, offering Niah the kitten. Quickly trading Zaenar takes her baby and says, "Thank you sir." Then very quietly, in a whisper she says "Niah ma'am, me an' elly are gonna go down and get somethin' to eat. Could Celiketh find us a ride." Niah just nods, letting her eyes glaze and saying "Your ride will be right up dear, make sure to dress so you stay dry." Reccomending before turning and giving L'ton a smile, whispering as the girl leaves. "Alone time sounds nice."

L'ton smiles back at Zaenar, with a nod of his head. "Only the truth, miss Zae." He offers with a chuckle, before shaking his head, giving Niah a one-armed squeeze as she leans into him, giving her a smile. "Ah never thought she'd be asking fer a ride.." He murmurs, for the bluerider's ears only, watching the young pair carefully, before giving her a bit of a nudge. "How're ya really holding up, Niah-pet?"

"She is warming up." Niah comments with a little yawn, laying her head back and putting her hand ontop of his. She puts the near sleeping kitten into the now empty crook of her arm, cradling Precious and asking "How have you been?" Not answering his question, then with a small hmm she says, "I think I am doing alright.. huge and I don't get any sleep and the babies are just getting bigger everyday." Shrugging she says it all quietly and quickly, like maybe he will miss it if she says it quickly enough.

"Aw, sweets. Maybe the healers can give ya a little something ta help ya sleep, that wouldn't hurt the babies, ya know?" He ventures, even as she leans into him further, reaching to run the tips of his cast'd-hand over the kitten's head, smiling. "Ya sure yer gonna wanna do this again?" He teases her, even as he plants a kiss on her cheek.

Niah shakes her head, "I would not, I mean what if something happened to them because I needed sleep?" She offers, even if it's absurd. The kitty opens an eye and then closes it, turning her little head and acting a bit prissy. Figures. At his question she wiggles and says, "Of course, I mean.. what are the chances we have twins twice?" As she speaks there is more kicking.

L'ton continues to chuckle, petting the cat for a little more before shifting to gently rub her neck with his good hand, shaking his head before letting her settle against him. "Ah can think they'd be real good. Ah mean. It was pretty surprising ta have twins in the first place, Ah think.." He shrugs, wrinkling his nose at the kitten.

Niah raises an eyebrow, scooting and getting aas far as the bed will allow her to get away from him. "Well.. if you really think I am going to be doing this again." Pointing to how big she is, "Then, well I am sorry tonny but no." It's not like she could get pregnant again right now. "See, I mean one baby can not be as hard as this is and I just want /one/ more." Shaking her head and cuddling into her blankets.

"Ah meant.. Ah meant it can't Ah'm sorry…" And then he's absently shifting the kitten as he's pawing across the bed after her, trying to snag her with his good arm, to grin. "Ah'd rather not be told Ah can't touch ya after a certain point, if'n were' gonna do it again, thank ya." He offers with a shake of his head. "Twins ain't easy on meh, either." Poor, deprived Tonny.

Niah gives a little smile, then scooting closer and giving him a small kiss on th cheek. "I guess, I mean I am sorry L'ton." Big wide eyes, she looks truly sorry. "I try and be as nice about it as I can, and I mean.. we could try if you wanted to." Shrugging, but from the dragon couch there is a loud rumble, and he says to dhonzayth «Mine shouldn't do that… that thing they do» Well there goes her fun.

"Nah.. Ah ain't taking any risks, Niah… Not now. Besides, all those weeks from now, when yer able ta… Ah be ya'll enjoy it a lot more, and so will Ah…" At least, enjoy her, again. And the he's shifting to prop a pillow behind her so she can lean back, even as he pillows his head on her chest, resting his fingertips on her stomach.

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