Commissioning L'alie

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns(#8800RJs)

L'ton wrinkles up his nose, with a shake of his head, and the rest of his klah is finished off. "Ah have a child with someone Ah thought Ah liked. Ah dun even see her no more. Ah dun think Zip's any worse off."

L'alie shrugs, "That's the way of most dragonriders." She admits. "Though admittedly most children aren't planned.. the result of flights generally. Easy enough to get rid of."

"Well, it was before Ah had Dhon. Ah thought it was different." And L'ton shrugs a bit. "How old's yers? Zip's just 10, now. Ah can't believe it, really. She'll be able ta stand soon." And L'ton falls into his rambling ways - that's the best way to distract someone from something bad, right?

L'alie smiles, "Teila is almost six." She replies. "I don't get to see her that often because of my duties to the Weyr and my Hall though." She grimaces. "She's rather pretty though. Looks a lot like her father."

"Yer a crafter too? Lemme guess… Yer a great harper?" Though how serious he actually is, good question. Leaning back in his chair, the empty mug being set atop the table, he watches her, with a bit of a grin.

L'alie laughs and shows him her fingers, greatly worn and scarred from many burns and cuts. "Hardly. I'm a GlassCrafter. Though I am a great one at that." She winks, cheerful when talking about her second great passion after her lifemate.

L'ton reaches a hand to take hers, should she not pull away, interested in the marks upon her hands. "Yer hands look like a woodcrafters. Some of 'em cut their hands up real bad. And burn 'em, trying to give 'em special texture."

L'alie shrugs, "Why anyone would want to maim their hands for the sake of texture - well, Woodcrafters must be silly folk indeed. No, Glass is a frequently unkind mistress. In my early days I had many issues controlling it. I've had it blow up on me even. But the worst is dropping molten glass on your hands.. it burns like.. Thread, if that were still falling."

L'ton arches an eyebrow. "Don't y'all use something ta protect yerself? If'n it's that dangerous…" L'ton just doesn't seem to get it, shaking his head and leaning back in his chair. "If'n ya burn it a bit, its smoother, and a different color. If'n ya're careful, it looks good."

L'alie shrugs, "Wouldn't know, not a Woodcrafter." she replies, attempting to pull her hand back to herself. "Glass is hard to work with heavy gloves on. Just gotta be careful."

L'ton drops her hand as she pulls it back, shrugging a bit. "But, like, fer yer arms or anything? Ah mean… Ya dun need yer arms, do ya?" And then he considers for a moment. "Er, what if'n it explodes, too? Duncha worry 'bout that?"

L'alie shrugs, "Sure, I worry. I've seen it take out eyes and disfigure people." She flashes a smile and says with great ego, "I am one of the best in the craft, however. I nearly never lose a piece."

"Ah can't imagine what it'd be like…" And he makes a face shaking his head again, L'ton rather unhappy about the possibilities. "What type of pieces do ya usually make? Vases and stuff, er?" The empty klah mug is twirled around absently.

L'alie regards her own empty mug, "Want a refill?" She asks politely, indicating his mug. Sleep indeed. "Um, depends. I'm the only GlassCrafter for the Weyr, so I do a lot of fill-in work.. window replacements, mirrors. My specialty is beads and small figurines though. I have a lot of my work on display in my Weyr, actually."

"Ah'll get it.." L'ton grabs his own mug and sticks out a hand for hers, taking careful note of which is which. "Ah'm sure that Ah could think of a few people would adore some beads for themselves, fer other things. If'n ya take commissions, that is."

L'alie nods, "I take commissions." She replies, letting him take her mug and leaning back in her chair. "Beads are fun, and easy to make. Well, some.. I have whole strands of beads shaped like little dragons that hang on Adinaeth's ledge. Those took me my entire weyrlinghood to do. Of course, I wasn't just making beads then.."

T'eo enters looking frazzled. A stately frazzeled though, his dress uniform for Sea Craft on and his hair neatly pulled back. But there's a darkness to his expression and a dodgyness to his movements… rushed but faulty. He proceeds directly to the drinks, grabbing a mug and filling it with a rather harshly bitter and highly caffinated tea… closest thing to klah for the Toe.

L'ton wanders over to the table and refills both mugs, and wanders back before he returns to the table, offering the brownrider her mug before settling back in his chair. "If'n Ah give ya some colors and such, could ya see what ya could do?" At the mention of the dragon beads, he tilts his head a bit. "Really? Lil'dragon beads?" The appearance of frazzled T'eo catches his attention for a moment, before its back to his klah and bead discussion.

L'alie nods, "I could do that. And yes, dragon beads." The appearance of T'eo gathers a dark look on her face and she turns so that he is out of her line of sight, a little 'hmph' coming from her nose.

T'eo hasn't noticed much of anything at this point as he takes a sip of the strong drink, grimacing visibly. He scours the room, finally noticing L'alie and some strange bronze rider… An Istan. What is it with Istan Bronzers??? He gives the bronzer a look that could kill before taking a seat at a table pointedly behind L'alie, with ther bronzer in sight.

L'ton catches L'alie's 'hmph' at the sight of T'eo, and his gaze shifts to the Xanadu bronzerider for a second, eyes widening at T'eo's look, shaking his head slightly as he resettles in his chair, and its back to negotiations. "Ah dun suppose ya make dragon beads of all colors, do ya?"

L'alie nods, "I can make them of any color you want." She replies. "As long as I have the chemicals to make the color. I make all of my glass from scratch, even collect the sand myself. Istan sand makes the best glass."

"Like.. a pink?" L'ton looks rather hopeful, tilting his head to one side. "Though, Ah'm not sure what kinds of beads ya can even make?" And he seems to realize that he hasn't actually bothered to ask that yet.

L'alie shudders and groans, "Yes, pink." The woman sighs in long suffering. "I'm particularly well versed in pink dragons. I can make anything you want, Weyrsecond. I'm talented like that." She drawls the last almost sarcastically.

L'ton arches an eyebrow, with a grin. "Have Ah found out yer fondness for pink things?" He teases gently, winking at L'alie. "Or, do all the lil girls want pink dragons of their own ta have about?"

L'alie looks like she's going to gag. "My fondness for pink?" She laughs. "Hardly. My dragon is the one who's so fond of pink." She shrugs. "It borders on obsession, actually."

"Then what, might'n Ah ask, are yer favorite colors? Does it go alright with pink?" L'ton continues to tease her a bit, trying to cover for his surprise at the brown's pink obsession.

L'alie shrugs, "I like neutral colors." She replies slowly, as if thinking about her reply. "White, I like white. And metallic colors, bronze, silver.." She shifts, her lips tugging down.

"At least they go well, with a pink. Even if'n his couch was pink, ya could still have normal colors otherwise, and it'd be okay. Zip has ta have a pink curtain, and it's not a great match with my blues and greens." L'ton rambles on, having lost his original thought in the discussion of pink.

L'alie watches L'ton with interest and gives a sort of bored sigh. "Adinaeth chatters in my head about pink all day long.. " she says in a slightly grouchy note. "But I'm thankful I have a seperate inner weyr and I don't have to look at his pink explosion every time I open my eyes in the morning."

L'ton arches his eyebrow, shaking his head. "Ah dun think Ah envy you that, Ah think Ah'm good without hearing too much about pink. And Ah bet there are others glad ta not have see it either."

L'alie nods and sighs, "It does hurt hte eyes when it appears in such large quantities. So you want dragon beads for your daughter, then?"

L'ton is quick to agree, with a nod. "Ah think she'd really enjoy 'em. Maybe in pink, and a purple of some sort. It'd go well with all her things, then." And serve to clash even more.

L'alie nods, "Purple's fine." She murmurs absently, pulling a pad of paper and a pen out of her pocket and making some notes, "How many would you like?" All business suddenly, her eyes flicking to the bronzerider.

"How many would Ah need ta make a string? Ya said ya made strings with 'em?" L'ton asks questioningly, giving her an odd look. "Ah mean, is there a way Ah could see how they look on a string?"

L'alie shrugs, "A string's a string." she murmurs, and eyes him hesitantly. "Well.. I could show you the ones in my weyr." She finally offers.

"But, if'n they need ta be spread out more, or if'n they're lil' tiny…" He shrugs slightly, thinking about this, giving her a look. "Ah dun mean ta intrude.. Ah do remember ya said ya wanted ta be alone."

L'alie chuckles, "You're not intruding, this is business. You can see how I've laid mine out and tell me what changes you'd like to make." she gesters, climbing to her feet.

L'ton grins a bit, and finishes off his klah, leaving the mug for someone to pick up behind him on their next sweep of the caverns. "All about the marks, 'eh?" He teases gentle, motioning for her to lead the way.

L'alie shrugs, "Gotta buy things too." She says, trotting towards the clearing.

Adie and Alie's Abode of Abominable Pink(#6883RJ)
You have just entered the Twighlight Zone. Well, sort of. You've certainly entered a zone. The zone of Adinaeth. The zone of pink. From the minute the weyr comes into view from the sky, there is pink. Two potted plants stand on either side of the ledge entrance, blooming with fresia and plumeria and gardenias, filling the weyr with sweet smells. The ledge extends back into an ample cavern, where Adinaeth's couch lounges amidst drapes of a rather alarming shade of pink. The couch itself is littered with pillows in every shape known to man, all bedecked in tassles, fringes, and other frills. The fabric all exists in shades of vibrant pink or creamy splashes, arranged in artful dissaray. A curtain of pink and clear glass beads shaped like dragons in various stages of flight seperates the ledge from L'alie's main living area.

Pink is certainly the best word for it, and L'ton certainly wasn't taking L'alie seriously, at least if you judge from his reaction as Dhonzayth backwings to the brownrider's ledge, a simple 'wow' escaping from his lips as he slides to the ground.

L'alie gestures as she slides from Adie's neck, a look of utter revulsion on her face, "Hurts, doesn't it?" She drawls, obviously amused.

"Ah think ya are a great diversion from it, certainly. Ah'm not sure what Ah'd do, if'n Dhon wanted that much pink." THankfully, the bronze is as thrown off by it as the rider.

L'alie eyes Adinaeth as the dragon snorts. « Pink is, like, wonderful. » The dragon says indignantly. Lala shakes her head, "Er, why don't we look at those strings from the other side, hm?" She dips an appologetic bow to the bronze crowding onto the ledge with Adinaeth, sliding towards the dangling strings of beads.

L'ton chuckles softly, shaking his head as he follows after L'alie to go examine just what he'll be getting with the strings of beads. "How long do they take ya ta make?" And as he ducks to the other side of the beaded curtain, he catches a strand in his hand to examine more closely.

L'alie shrugs, folding her arms across her chest again. It seems to be a defensive mechanism. "A few hours apiece. A string is a good hard sevenday of labor." She licks her lips, "I should warn you, they aren't cheap. I charge a mark for ten of the dragons because they're so time consuming."

L'ton arches an eyebrow at her for a moment, before turning to look back at the dragons, and then back at her. "And how much, if'n Ah want a strand of clear beads?" The price doesn't seem to put him off, at least too much. "Ah can certainly imagine how long they have ta take, too…"

L'alie rubs her chin, "A whole strand? 10 marks, but if you want to space them with some regular beads in between.. that would depend on how far apart you want them. I could do one for 3 marks with 25 dragon beads."

L'ton considers. "What if'n I wanted 3 strands with 10 of the dragons each, and then maybe another 4 er 5 strands that were just round beads? Canni do that?" He seems rather unsure about the specifics - what do 10 turn old girls like, anyway?

L'alie nods, "That'd do." she replies. "4 marks, then." She rubs her chin. "4 and a half if you want them colored." Lala is the last person to know what 10 turn olds like. She hasn't been on in a long while.

L'ton considers this, and nods. "Canni do all the dragons pink, and the other beads purple?" Glancing at the dragon beads in his hand once more, he slowly lets them return to their normal draping curtain. "So, in advance, er after?"

L'alie presses her lips together, "I can do that, yes. And half now, the rest later." She lifts an eyebrow, surprised the man didn't try to bargain her down some. Most usually argue.

L'ton wouldn't know a good price if it had flashing lights on it. Besides, one doesn't argue with a pretty lady. Its not polite. "Ah suppose that's only fair." And after a moment of rummaging, various smaller mark pieces adding to the right amount are held out to her.

L'alie surpresses a smirk at his fumbling and adding, taking the marks and double-counting before pocketing them. "Appreciate your business." She replies, winking, and pulls out another pad, this one an order chit sheet. She scribbles on it and then tears it off, offering it to him, "Your receipt."

"And Ah appreciate all yer help." He offers, his receipt stuff in a pocket, as he looks around him once more. "Ah must say, Ah'm not convince ya dun have it better than us at Ista. 'specially them lucky ones with those ground types. And, ya made it look nice."

L'alie shrugs, "Xanadu is mostly a ground-level Weyr. The northern weyrs are all craters and meant to be Weyrs. Xanadu was originally a Hold. The Holders were ignorant, though. It was empty for a long time before the Southern Continent was resettled." She smiles, "I'm glad I have one of the sky weyrs. It keeps people from being able to wander in unannounced."

"No worries about yer guy showing up angry, without at least ya getting to hear him coming, huh?" L'ton tilts his head at this, hoping its not a dangerous comment to make, seeming not quite ready to wear out his welcome.

L'alie shrugs, "T'eo is rarely angry with me." She replies. "Mostly.. he's just gone." she sighs, running her fingers through her hair. "He sails a lot, so he's always out there, rarely in here."

L'ton wrinkles up his nose slightly, and reaches to offer her a comforting pat on the shoulder, should she not take offense. "Ah'm sorry. Ah'm not sure Ah'd be willing ta always be gone, with someone waiting."

L'alie shrugs, "I wouldn't want to be gone either." she agrees. "But I guess he's too much of a rover to stick close to home. Maybe it's just me, I'm not sure."

"Ah really dun think it could be ya. Ah'm enjoying just getting ta talk ta ya. If'n he thinks its ya, Ah think he's crazy." And L'ton continues to ramble a bit, as he watches her reaction.

L'alie shifts, looking a bit uncomfortable. "Perhaps." She says dubiously, running her fingers along the strings of beads before passing through them.

L'ton tilts his head, and looks over his shoulder before slowly following after her. "Ah'm sorry, missy. Ah dun mean ta worry ya." And he actually looks kind of sorry.

L'alie looks back over her shoulder, "Worry? You don't worry me. I just don't know what to think.. or what's in it for you to stick around talking to me."

"What ta think about what?" L'ton sounds slightly confused, continuing to trail after her. "Maybe Ah dun wanna go back ta Ista, ta face work. And maybe Ah think yer fun ta talk to, and Ah'm finding myself enjoying yer company."

L'alie shrugs, "What to think about him. And I don't see why you would think I was fun. I'm just a grumpy old rider. Hardly any fun at all."

"When ya start talking 'bout Adi, ya're fun. About yer craft. When ya aren't dwelling on him, Ah think ya're fun. And, if'n ya dun agree…" L'ton shrugs a bit himself, not sure of what else to say.

L'alie chuckles, "Adinaeth and my craft are my life, I suppose. THEY are fun. Not me." she smiles tentatively. "You know, you probably missed those Guest weyrs by now, anyone who's staying is already asleep in them."

L'ton wrinkles his nose, as he actually considers her words, turning to look back towards the ledge. "Yar probably right. Ah.. Ah guess Ah'm stuck with a whole nother day at Ista, after all." And he shakes his head a bit. "Ah guess Ah did it ta myself."

L'alie glances around, and seems to make a decision in her head, "Send down a firelizard to check. If they're full, you can stay up here. I'll sleep with Adinaeth, you can have my bed." Her eyes narrow, daring him to push off her generosity.

L'ton starts to protest, "But, Ah wouldn't want ta put ya out of yer own bed… Ah mean.." And then as her eyes narrow, he shrinks a bit, and does what she says, a firelizard leaving and returning a short time later with a negative. "Ah… Thank you?" He ventures.

L'alie waits patiently with her arms folded while the firelizard zips out and back from between. "Consider it a thank you for the Commision. Tomorrow's my rest day anyways. I'll likely just come back to Ista to get my sand for your work anyways. Might as well go back with you."

L'ton tilts his head. "Ah… Ah'm not sure what to say." And he glances over his shoulder again, before holding out a hand for her own. "Ah hope ya had no intention of getting ta Ista before their lunch."

L'alie lifts her hands away from her body, "You could just say nothing then." She says, slipping into a grouchy mood again. She looks faintly surprised when he holds out a hand, looking down at it, "When has time ever stopped a dragonrider?"

L'ton moves to take her hand, giving it a quick kiss before letting go, and shrugging. "When ya dun wanna end up more tired at end then when ya begun." And he shake his head again. "Dun by angry." He just says plainly.

L'alie smiles in spite of herself when he kisses her hand, touching her fingers to the spot he kissed almost absently. "Well, that's fair enough. Though it does help me get more work done in a pinch."

L'ton doesn't miss her smile, and arches an eyebrow. "Ah hope Ah'm not keeping ya from yer sleep, since Ah'm already keeping ya from yer bed?"

L'alie shakes her head, "You aren't." She says. "Though I should probably get to it." She grimaces apologetically and backs out of the inner weyr. "Good night, Weyrsecond."

L'ton seems slightly reluctant to back away himself as she heads the other direction, and lifts his voice for a moment. "But…" And then, shaking his head, he gives her a smile. "G'night darlin'."

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