Early Morning Escapee

No one wakes up this early, well unless you are a bluerider on weyr arrest who has nothing better to do and doesn't sleep well anyways. But other than that, no one is up at about 4 am. The suns aren't even up, but Niah and Zaenar are. Niah is out in the ocean, scrubbing at Celiketh who is floating along the waves contently getting spoiled. Zaenar sits on the beach, she is in some of her new clothes, Ellyza all wrapped up and in a woven basket lined with a very soft blanket. Zaenar is looking out at the stars, a light breeze blows.

No one is up unless you happen to be the father of the children of the bluerider who is on weyr arrest, and the rider of a bronze who was stirred awake by the passing of wings from a particular nearby ledge. Of course, said bronzerider is barely awake as Dhonzayth lands on the beach a safe distance from Zaenar and Ellyza. "Shards…" He mutters as he dismounts in the dark.

Zaenar notices the landing, not leaving her baby alone she walks a few steps and says barely loud enough to be heard, "Sir,.. miss Niah is out there sir." Pointing out to the ocean, she sits back down and wraps herself up in a blanket in a blue that would only come from Niah's weyr. Niah is not paying attention, blissfully unaware she floats out in the ocean and climbs up on celikeths back stroking him and enjoying herself. Celiket rumbles to Dhonzayth «It is a tad early is it not for yours to be up?» It's not impolite, really it's hard to be impolite and sing song at the same time.

"Shards Niah.." L'ton mutters to himself as he nods in acknowledgement to Zaenar with a soft sigh, wandering out to the edge of the water hands on his hips as he sighs. "Shards Niah.. What the.. What do ya think yer doing?" He shouts over the water between them, clearly frustrated wit her behavior. Dhonzayth snorts and settles down on the sandy beach. « It was you and yours who awakened us. »

Zaenar isn't very outspoken, so she stays quiet but when he's yelling she says, "Sir, sir you will." Ellyza starts to cry and she just gets quiet, rocking her baby and shushing her. Niah sighs and you can almost see her eyes get big and start to tremble, though you can't your imagination would build you that picture. Yelling back, though her yells really is just her being a bit loud as Celiketh swims in "..Why.. Tonny I just wanted to give him a bath.." Seeming puzzled by his concern, and Celiketh rumbles back «Mine pressured me into coming, the stress of staying cooped up may be worse for her then a little movement.»

"But, shards Niah. The sun ain't even up yet." And then the babe is crying and he's looking quite apologetic, chewing his lip as he looks at Zaenar, wincing slightly. "Ah.. Ah'm sorry Zaenar.. Ah.. Ah wasn't thinking." But, that doesn't mean Niah's off the hook, for he's standing there at the water's edge, folding his arms infront of him to glare until she comes ashore. « Mine says it is not the movement of her. But the movement of you. »

Celiketh snorts, but brings Niah ashore. Niah isn't helping her case, coming in on his back she strokes his neck for a second and the blue crouches low so that she can slide/stumble down. Landing on her butt she says "Was better on sand.." How many mornings have they sat out here? Zaenar says "No problem sir… I'm sorry she interrupted your yellin'." Niah shakes her head and gives a little smile, clearly elated at this freedom. "Did you want me to wait tell the sun rose? I can.." Looking a tad nervous now that she isn't on her big purple lover boy anymore. Celiketh questions «Me? I am very gentle with her. She came down and we do not even play anymore.. I do not understand»

Dhonzayth settles. « Mine says that we… we can cause them to come early. Like those little runners can. » Of course, whether L'ton is pulling it out of his butt or not, who knows. Looking at Zaenar with surprise, he quickly shakes his head. "Nono, dear.. Ya.. Ya didn't do anything wrong. Neither did Elly." Unfortunately then for Niah, though, he's got her in his sights. "Ya need ta listen ta what them Healers say, Niah.. If'n.. Shards, if'n Ah have ta, Ah'll get ya moved to a ground weyr, only so ya can walk 'bout, when ya get stir crazy."

Niah looks very guilty, sighing and stroking Celiketh shoulder.. "How.. No.. I don't wanna have to move all my stuff and then. No." Sounding frightened at the possibility, "What.. I just." A little sigh and leans against her dragon and cradles her stomach, "I just do not like being couped up all day, I mean.. I am not supposed to even be walking around and I figured riding Celiketh really isn't walking and well." Zaenar nods and says, "Miss Niah… could you… hold Elly so I can swim? Please Ma'am?" Niah nods, and takes the wrapped up infant in her arms. Celiketh sounds alarmed, his eye color turns near red «The people who tell mine what to do said that she.. she should not get upset and that she should not walk around as much they never mentioned me as a threat. What have I done??»

Dhonzayth tries to be calming, whuffling in Celiketh's direction from where he's on the sands. « You have done nothing. But it is why she must listen to the Healers. Hers are much littler than our hatchlings already. » Sighing softly, L'ton drapes his arm over Niah's shoulders even as she takes Elly from Zaenar, shaking his head. "Ah.. Ah understand. Ah know it ain't no fun, either, but… Its fer the best.. Ah mean.. Ya dun need ta be stressing yerself out.

"I am not stressed.. just." Niah sighs and runs a hand down her side, "Next time.. could we not have twins?" She asks with big eyes, like he can effect such an outcome, "I just do not know how much longer I can wait.." Celiketh croons deeply, nudging her and she says "Fine.. I'm fine." Saying it through her teeth she bites at her lip and then turns to watch Zaenar, who is actually acting her age, letting out small screams as the water hits her. Niah smiles brightly. Celiketh replies, «Mine does not enjoy going to see them… she never took one of those round things she was supposed to swallow»

"Shards, Niah.. Ah hope fer yer sake it ain't twins next time, lemme tell ya." He chuckles softly, giving her another gentle squeeze. "Look at it this way, sweets, it ain't ta much longer. And then yer gonna have two of the most beautiful babies.." He plants a kiss on her forehead before turning to watch the girl in the water, chuckling softly. Dhonzayth snorts again, even as there is a mental yawn. « Yours needs to take care of herself. Mine can only do so much. But, they are never pleasant. »

Celiketh curls around her making a little place she can sit, «She tries. Mine likes yours.. alot. She never seemed this attached to anyone before.» A loud snort «She could not be in love.» He says the idea as if it's totally absurd. Zaenar is oblivious to being watched as she plays in the water, looking down at Ellyza she Niah says, "You really think so?" The baby makes small fussy noises but then falls back to sleep. "I just.. Does this sort of thing happen often in your family?" Looking at Ellyza then back up and ton, blushing as he kisses her.

Dhonzayth snorts a bit, turning his head to watch the pair of rider, before his attention goes back to Zaenar to ensure that no harm comes to the girl. « Mine cares for her much. She is not as the others. » Glancing down at Ellyza, and then at Niah, he tenses, and shakes his head. "Shards no. Some of 'em are no good but. Ah never liked that man that mah sister married, but.. Ah never thought he'd do something like that." Though, the proof is in her arms.

Niah sighs, "I just.. babies are supposed to be happy occasion and how could she have felt.. I mean." A small sigh, and she leans up to kiss him. Zaenar is now soaked wet, and Niah asks, "Zaenar, did you bring a towel?" The girls shakes her head and Niah says, "You can use mine.. I'll air dry." Looking over at L'ton she says, "We really should get back to the weyr.. healers wake up early." Grumble. "You.. you wouldn't want to wake up Mai, you could.. follow us home?"

"Ah.. Ah dunno lil'bit. Ah just dunno." And then he's gathering up Niah's towel to gently put it over the girl's shoulders, before smiling back at Niah. "Ah suppose Ah could come by fer a bit. Not ta long, though, cause Ah promise Mai Ah'd make her breakfast.. Ah'll just have Dhonzayth keep an ear out fer her, though."

Niah pushes out her lips, turning around and stroking down her dragon. She is silent, helping Zaenar onto Celiketh and handing Ellyza up. Once everyone is settled she says, "I understand tonny.. see you around. Just, go home to Mai." Big eyes, hand on her round stomach she says "Before you leave, could you help me up? I mean.. if it isn't to much trouble." Sincerely all meek and quiet.

L'ton is just left to blink at her, confused. "Ah said Ah'd come by fer a bit. Ah mean, Mai ain't gonna be waking up fer another candlemark or so, Ah dun think." And then he's moving to help Niah climb up on Celiketh's back behind Zaenar and Ellyza, shaking his head at you. "Like Ah could say no."

Niah nods, "Are you sure?" Big eyes, the kind of face they need in negotiations over trade items because it makes you wanna hug her. Leaning against Celiketh her eyes get bigger, now a bit scared as she holds her side. "Help me up, I think I need to warm up." Her hands are really cold and she clambers up on his back. "If you want to say no.. you can. I would never make you do anything you didn't want to." Wrapping her arms around Zaenar and strapping everyone in.

"Shards Niah, Ah wouldn't of said okay, if'n Ah wasn't okay with it." He teases her, though he does look slightly concerned as she holds her side and the coldness of her hands. "Ah'll meet ya right up there, kay?" He promises. "And, then yer gonna lay down and rest, and Ah'll make ya some klah." He quickly returns to Dhonzayth, ready to follow them back to her ledge.

Celiketh lands, and Niah gently helps lower Zaenar down, then slides down herself holding onto the straps and getting to the ledge. Zaenar goes in, and lays down on the couch, placing the sleeping Ellyza in the bed. Niah says, "You know I really.. I feel fine." Her eyes glaze and then she giggles, "Celiketh is all worried that I love you.." Turning around as she undresses and gets into dry clothes, "Which is silly.. you know i love you tonny." She sings his pet name.

L'ton keeps Dhonzayth hovering until both Ellyza and Zaenar are within, and then the bronze is landing and L'ton is awkwardly sliding down to the ledge, before going following her inside, moving to her side to respond softly, as to not disturb his niece further. "Ah know sweets. Ah love ya ta. But, he should know, Ah know ya dun want meh here all the time, so.. he dun gotta worry. He's yer one and only."

Niah watches and gets on her toes so she can catch his lips. "I do not want to short either of you." Deep sigh and she lets herself slide to the bed. "He is just being.. Celiketh." Shrugging and closing the curtain as to have some privacy, "I-I wanted to tell you that Zaenar is.. she is talking more. Mostly about babies, and Ellyza but it does help." Giving him another kiss she cradles her stomach gently. "I'm so excited.. about this." Pointing to her stomach happily.

"Ah promise, Ah'll take what yer willing ta give. Ah mean, Ah do have Mai, ta, ta worry about. And.. As long as ya dun feel shorted by her.." He settles down lightly on the edge of the bed, giving her a sleepy smile. "Ah have ta say, Ah noticed. Ah'm glad that she seems ta be settling in.." He gives her a bit of a smile, with a hand over hers. "Ah bet she's just as excited as ya are, cause Elly ain't that much older than them."

Niah grins at his smile, still pretty cold and damp. "I really shouldn't have klah." At the mention of Elly being close to her babies age she goes, "I-I have to.. my babies are both going to be.. and they come out of." Her face has just lost all color, like she might pass out.

L'ton rubs her hair a bit, grinning, before shaking his head. "Well, then, no klah. But, get yerself under them covers and warm up, yer gonna catch yer death of cold." He sighs softly, tucking her in, before chuckling softly, stroking her hair a bit more. "Ah promise, sweets, t'will be okay.." Just don't think about it?

Niah nods, "I mean.. they /have/ to be smaller than that.." Getting tucked in she smiles and then yawns. "Thanks… I mean my babies are going to be smaller." Wrapping herself up in those covers, she says "It's ok, you can go if you want. I will get all warm and.. and you will come back when you can." Offering it up she yawns and and wrings the water out of her hair.

"Well, yers will be. Ah mean, cause there is two of 'em. So they won't be so big.." He grins as she yawns, shaking his head. "Go back ta see, get a bit more rest. Ah'll be back a lil later, Ah'm gonna go take some fellis and curl up with Mai, fer she wakes up and Ah'm not there." Ducking to give her a quick kiss, he smiles at her, patting her belly before sneaking out.

Niah yawns and gives a weak wave, it doesn't take fellis to put her to sleep. The morning exertion did it.

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