Revisiting a Proddy Suri

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Gathering Hall(#888RJ)

It had been a long day… and the sun was still out. In fact, it was just past noon, and Suraiya was in the middle of the big commotion coming from the kitchens. Not that many people in the hall knew that, until she was pushed out and promptly bursts into tears. "None of you loved me, anyway!" She gives the cooks and other bakes her best teary eyed glare. From a face that rarely does that, it doesn't really work well. They roll their eyes, shake their heads, and one elderly woman comes over to pat the greenrider's arm. "There, there, dear. We just know you should go get some rest. For the babies, remember?" But that only makes Suri tear up more and turn away.

L'ton is wandering into the main hall, thankfully the purple and green bruises around his eyes having faded slightly to a more yellow hue, though his nose is still clearly swollen and his left arm is in a cast to just below the elbow, just in time to catch Suraiya bursting forth from the kitchen in tears. Looking quite confused, he watches the elderly woman, narrowing his gaze as he closes the distance to wrap his good arm over her shoulder. "What's.. What's wrong Suri-dear?" He questions in greeting, eyes flicking to the various members of the kitchen staff, as if looking for some clue as to what just happened.

Suraiya, blurry-eyed, glances up when someone new comes into the picture. She sniffs up to L'ton, barely recognizing that he was bruised up for the moment. "They are. They were talking about me and… and…" She wipes her eyes on his good arm's sleeve. Of course, someone from the kitchens staff looks directly at the bronzerider and mouths: Proddy. As if that will explain everything. But then Suri's pushing away from L'ton as her eyes clear up, and she glares at him too. "And you rarely come to visit me, too! You don't like me, either! And—" she breaks off, staring at his arm in a cast and blinking, as if her mind was slowly cranking to make it understand what the cast means.

L'ton ahhs silently in the direction of the kitchen staff, giving the briefest nod of understanding before he's looking down at Suri, gently patting her shoulder as she sobs. But then he's being pushed away, and he shakes his head. "Shards, Suri.. Ah don't hate ya… Ah.. Ah'm sorry its been so long, Ah've just been busy. And, Ah just now got okay'd ta between again." The cast is waggled at her, giving her a bit of a smile. "Mah nose would be like that ta, if'n they were able ta." And then he's trying to pull her back towards him with his good arm. "Com'ere sweets.. Tell meh what's all wrong.. Ah'm here now.."

Satisfied that they have someone else to drop the Suri-responsiblity on, the kitchen staff march back into the kitchens. Even the old lady, nice as she was, shakes her head and returns to her work. "You really really don't?" Suraiya sniffs up to Ton, briefly tearing her eyes away from his cast. "Oh, Faranth, Tonny. That must've really hurt." She doesn't fight and actually moves back to his side on her own. "You really don't hate me? Ozzy says she just saw Dhon looking at another green." As if that made her feel worse, too. "No one wants me around, or Ozzy around, and… and with the babies almost here." Yes, she was completely flat. "Well, the babies eventually going to be here. You haven't even been around to see me about that!" And she goes back to renewing her crying, this time burying her face in the bronzer's shoulder.

"Dhonzayth was just saying hi.. He says that he couldn't really look at another green, not with Ozzy there, all pretty and all." L'ton quickly reassures her, petting her shoulder as she starts sobbing again. "Shards, Suri.. Ah promise, Ah dun really hate ya." And then he's looking her over, arching an eyebrow, and then simply shaking his head. "Ah.. Ah figured since ya didn't say anything, that it was that bloody K'ael that had saddled ya with…" And giving her another look he simply shrugs at lets her go on with it, going along with it. "With 'em."

Suraiya doesn't look completely comforted by him, but she seems to finally calm down to a few sniffles. "Alright," she says at last, wiping her eyes with his sleeve again before pulling away enough to use her own hand. She doesn't leave his side this time. "I don't hate you either, Tonny. You know that?" She tucks herself into his side, moving and hopefully leading him towards the food. Bubblies, in fact, that were freshly put out. She pauses only to look up at him, completely confused. Her tears were already forgotten. "Who's K'ael?" Her brow furrows a moment before she grins a bit. "He's the one with the limp, right?"

"Less ya did something ta him, he dun have a limp, Ah dun think. But, if'n Ah get my hands on him, he might." L'ton is willing enough to follow along after her, though he's forgoing the bubblies, at least for the time being, leaving his arm over her shoulders. "He's that other bronzerider, though.. the young one, from Ista." And then he pauses for a moment. "Shards, he just used ya and left ya, didn't he?" His fingers curl into a half fist despite the cast, causing him to wince, before he's dismissing it with a sigh.

Suraiya stares up at him a long moment. "Don't hurt him," she finally says with a bit of a sniffle. "He didn't do anything to me." But when he describes him, she still looks completely confused. "No, I don't think I know him. I know a lot of bronzers, though." She snuggles into his side again before she moves to pick up a bubbly, suddenly in a better mood. For now. "I don't mind, if he did, whoever this bronzerider is. But you haven't forgotten about me at least. I like having you coming around here and spending time with me. Ozzy, too." Because she has to include her lifemate.

"Well, ya dun have ta worry about that. How could Ah ever forget about the wonderful Suri and her beautiful green Ozzy?" He offers with a smile, giving her a shoulders a squeeze. "But, now that Ah'm here, how do ya say we go catch up? Ya know, so that ya dun have to worry about them mean kitchen staff watching.. And Dhonzayth said he'd love ta curl up with Ozzy, if'n she let him cause its been such a long time since he's seen her.. And we've both missed y'all.. And we are sorry its been so long.." And so he rambles, trying to get her on his side, even as he has a slight puppy dog look on his face, as ruined as it is by the dark circles under his eyes.

Suraiya nibbles on her bubbly that she picked up, making sure to snatch one more for the trip. She even manages to blush prettily for him and all, nudging him with her shoulder. "You're great. You know that, Ton? You're just great." She leans up a bit to peck him quickly on the mouth before bobbing her head, glancing to the kitchen staff. "I don't want to be around those mean people anymore, either. And Ozzy would rather have /one/ dragon that's nice to her than none at all. All these stupid Ierne dragons." Sniff. Moving back to his side, she nods again. "It has been long. Too long. And then we can talk about babies." Eventually… But for now she was moving towards the exit, mood a complete 180 from before.

L'ton wins! And so he meanders with Suri, arm still over her shoulder, a pleased grin on his face as he listens to her. "We'll talk about whatever ya want sweets." And he's perfectly willing to humor the girl, even as Dhonzayth has taken advantage of the permission and is moving to curl up with the shiny green.

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