Niah's Breakdown

Ista Weyr - Celiketh's Sinking Ship(#10142RJ)
The ledge has a few chunks taken out of it, and you can see where dragon talons have reshaped the rock over the turns. Near the door to the weyr are a few potted plants, and two large rocks presumably to hold the doors of the weyr open on a nice day.
Inside the weyr the walls are a lilac blue, soft and mild coloring. The entrance has a rug of dark midnight blue in front a navy blue sofa which is adorned by a baby blue blanket a pillows. The place only has two windows, and both have been adorned with curtains of a blue that matches the walls. In contrast is a round table near the small kitchen area, the table is a dark maroon and four chairs that match. Sitting on the table is a vase holding a flower of white and blue, if examined closer it would be discovered the flower is fake. Further into the space behind a heavy curtain of deep crimson is a king sized bed adorned by a bright red quilt and pillows that vary from a near pink red to deep maroon. All the furniture is red, shelves along one wall hold a collections of shells, pictures and other household items. Space has been left near the bed so that Celiketh may be near Niah at night. Off to the side is a well swept dragon couch, fabric hanging near it is bright and very cheery blues, near the couch is a small collection of objects varying from yellowed leaves, shells and pieces of glass that are blue and red.

Another evening at Niah's weyr, it's a cooler evening cool enough that all the windows are shut and the door has yet again been sealed off with towels. Niah is sitting on the floor, if she wasn't having twins one would guess she is due any day in her hand is a book and in her lap are Celiketh lavender straps which she is mending. Celiketh is on the rim of the bowl, leaving the ledge free. Zaenar is sitting in the leftover of her bed, Ellyza in her lap the girl has been fitted into one of niahs shorter dresses to make up for the length. She very quietly rocks her baby, everything is very quiet.

Dhonzayth seems to have company as the bronze lands on the ledge, for there is the sound of multiple dragons landing and taking off in turn, before after a moment L'ton is meandering into the weyr after a polite knock, pushing the door open with his shoulder, stepping over the towels to pause there with a smile. "Niah.. Zaenar…" He offers softly before he's settling down one burden - a small black kitten who immediately freezes as soon as her feet touch the ground, the large round pack over his shoulder joining her in short order. "Ah found some nice things fer ya, Zae.. And some stuff fer Elly ta."

If Niah was still capable of jumping up, she would but she isn't so she pushes herself up and walks at the fastest pace she can waddle over towards the L'ton and mostly her new kitten. Picking up the kitty she says, "Hello little one." Looking nervously around she nods, sitting herself right into a chair and scooting it around so she can be part of the conversation, while still keeping to orders. Zaenar glances over towards Niah, as if asking permission Niah nods and the girl walks towards L'ton holding elly close to her. Zaenar nods slightly but stands away from L'ton eyes scanning over the pack, but waiting for permission.

"Ah hope ya like her, Niah.. t'was her or a lil orange one, but well, Ah figured since Mai has Carrot and he's orange.." He trails off, leaving the bluerider to enjoy her new pet. "Oh, and she dun have a name yet, so.." And then he's carefully opening the pack as Zae comes close, pulling out a variety of shirts and skirts of soft fabric. "Ah thought ya'd like some bright things, ta… And they're not all brand new, but.. Ah thought it'd be good." And then with the clothes all pulled out and left over the backs of the chairs for Zae to peruse, he's pulling out a soft red baby blanket and a variety of baby clothes. "And, Ah even got her a crib, ta. Its out on the ledge, yet."

Niah hugs the kitten close, stroking her hair gently and running her fingers down it. Turning the kitten so she can see the little black face and giving it a big kiss on the nose, "L'ton you are wonderful, I-I do not have a very good name though." Niah stands, looking at the clothes and nodding, though with a few of the things she squishes her nose up, she is just a little spoiled. Zaenar stutters out, "N-no sir…. I am not use to new clothes." The teen looks over the baby stuff and shows Elly the blanket, feeling the fabrics and quietly glancing from Niah to L'ton as she goes. Niah watches them for a moment, staying on her feet and Zaenar goes quickly clearing a little spot on the sofa so Niah can sit back down, she sits with a huffy little sigh and says, "Umm.." Not sure what to say, and clearly to comfortable yet with the new people in her life, her hands tremble a bit and Niah stay very quiet holding onto her kitten. Zaenar starts to fold all the clothes, at the mention of the crib Niah nods, and says "That sounds nice." She still is acting like she normally would in a room full of people, nervous and quiet.

"Lemme… Lemme just get that real quick." And then he's leaving the women-folk alone to retrieve the crib, though its in a variety of pieces and it takes a few trips with only the one arm to cart stuff around. Returning, he looks at the two of them for a moment, before deciding for himself where the crib is going to go, at least for now and he's attempting to figure out the best way to put it together. "Zaenar, do ya have any ideas fer Niah's kitten? Since ya'll get ta be living with her ta.." The bronzerider volunteers, as if trying to facilitate some conversation as he stares at the wooden pieces infront of him.

Niah pulls her legs up on the sofa, standing and grabbing a crib piece as if she is going to help L'ton out, she places her kitten down on the bed and pulls the curtain to the side so she can watch her new little critter. Zaenar is very quiet then she says "P-precious?" Offering up the name cautiously and saying, "Ma'am, you really should sit down." Niah doesn't respond, forcing out a very small smile to Zaenar and then nodding. "I guess we could call her precious." She says quickly putting down the piece of the crib and rearranging her shelves so that Zaenar can place her things neatly, "Umm, Zaenar you can put you and elly's things here." Then with a little sigh she goes over and moves to wrap her arms around L'ton. What? He's irresistble!

"Well, she is certainly that, Ah'll say that much. Real good, ta. She didn't fight with Carrot or nothing, when Ah was hiding her there." As Niah moves to help with the crib, he shakes his head. "Ah'll figure it out. Ah mean, it wasn't that hard ta take apart, how hard can it be to put back together?" Typical man. And so he's letting himself try and piece them together, before he's got arms around his neck, and he's tilting his head to rest it gently against hers. "Ya holding up okay?"

Niah smiles, this time an actual one watching him put together the crib and sayind "Yes, just different." She is whispering, not naturally rude. "I am not use to having Celiketh upset, see he isn't use to having to share me and well.. Did you know they didn't even teach her to read or write?" Whispering still, Zaenar is putting away her clothes and then standing watching the scene. Elly starts to cry and she shushes her, rocking her baby back and forth. Niah rubs her cheek on his, blushing brightly and moving away as she notices Zaenars no longer distracted. "Can I hold her dear." Zaenar is hesitant but hands Niah the baby, Niah coos at her and bounces her a bit.

L'ton manages to fit the pieces together, managing to construct three of the four walls with little trouble, though he's pondering the odd joints on the opposite end, as he nods to Niah. "Ah'm sorry, sweets.. Ah.. Ah hope that it gets better. Ah do.. Owe ya." And then he bites his lip and nods. "Most of us.. we couldn't. Ah.. Ah had ta learn, when Ah got here." He gives Zaenar an encouraging smile even as Niah takes Ellyza, before he's starting a bit at the sound of a dragon on the ledge, and it seems that young P'tah, a cousin whom Zaenar would recognize, is ducking his head in. "Ah dun mean ta intrude but.. The headwoman sent meh ta get Zae and Ellyza, ta let the Healers look over 'em, and ta get them measured fer some things all their own."

Both of the women jump as P'tah comes in, and then Niah gives a little smile and wraps the baby up handing her to Zaenar and saying "Nothing to fear, he will take good care of you." Know P

Both of the women jump as P'tah comes in, and then Niah gives a little smile and wraps the baby up handing her to Zaenar and saying "Nothing to fear, he will take good care of you." Know P'tah helps and with a little pushing she gets out the door, Niah saying as she goes "Healers are just fine dear." You will never hear her say that again, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Once the sound of dragon taking off fills her ears she waddles over to the bed, grabbing up her kitten and saying. "Finally, I just.. I don't wanna be mean but tonny I am not use to having to share. I was an only child, and I never had sisters and now having to share a room just like candidacy except with someone elses baby. She is really nice, but I just sometimes need some time without feeling guilty about paying attention to myself. Especially with Celiketh." Celi lands on the ledge, making his way into the weyr, and crooning to his niah.

"Ah.. Ah'm sorry Niah." L'ton offers as soon as P'tah has taken off with the two girls, and he's shrinking down a bit, shoulders falling as he awkwardly braces the crib with his cast, pushing the last side into place with a wince. Shifting to stare at the other pieces left to him, he glances sidelong at Niah. "Ah.. They're gonna be giving her Harper lessons, with the rest of them. P'tah or Zelsey'll come fer her every day, fer a few hours, so that she dun gotta be so shy, either, and she can learn what she shoulda. We're just trying ta work out the details." A little bit defensive, he continues to keep the majority of his attention on the crib. Right, where was he?

Niah sighs and pushes herself into her bed, "I am fine with her being here, I'm sure it will be fine." Wrapping her comforter around herself and her blanket she says, "I just don't want you to stop visiting me because she is around." Whispering her fear then throwing the comforter over her head like a ten turn old. Light little sobs, and Celiketh going out to his ledge, the kitty gives a little mew and she says, "You aren't going to like being around me anymore even though this is really hard for me to learn to do and.." Sniff, sniff..

"Ah'm not gonna stop coming ta see ya sweets, dun be stupid." L'ton replies, still probably slightly more curtly than he needs to, swearing under his breath as he pushes the bottom of the crib into place and manages to pinch his fingers in the process. "Ah ain't gonna just let ya figure it all out yerself, just cause she's done it. She's just a kid, Niah. Ah mean, she can help but." He shakes his head, leaning a bit to peer at the bed and the comforter lump there, with a soft sigh.

Niah shakes her head, cryin and sniffling and saying "I dont need help with my babies, did you really bring her here because you thought I couldn't raise my own babies?" Just more crying, and his curtness is not getting a good response. Scooting away she says "I always loved having you here, and you said that you weren't going to leave me.. and now you brought her and you think she is going to replace you." Sniff, biting on her lip and Celiketh croons from outside. "It would be easier if I could even go anywhere, but I'm stuck here for two months… and I have been worried about my babies and now I have to worry about.." Sniffle

"Ah didn't say that ya couldn't raise yer babies, Niah. Ah asked ya, if ya wanted some help, and ya said yes. She ain't gonna take yer job away from ya, just be able ta give ya a little bit of a hand when their both crying er something." L'ton's voice trails off til he's barely taking about a whisper, continuing to watch her from his space on the floor. "Ah ain't gonna be replaced, Niah. Ah ain't gonna go nowhere. Listen ta what Ah'm saying… Ah mean, Ah'm here, ain't Ah? Ah didn't just drop the stuff off, and let y'all sort it out.."

Niah nods and says, "Could you please. Please just come over here and lay with me?" She whispers, sitting up and looking fragile, eyes big and face tear stained. Taking little sobbing breaths she says, "Maybe.. maybe I just want you for a moment." Murmuring and cocooning herself back up putting a pillow ontop of her head.

"O'course, Niah.." L'ton replies softly as she whispers, looking at him with big eyes and damp cheeks. "Dun.. Dun cry.." He offers as he carefully manages to get to his feet, leaving the crib as it is on the flor, and moving to settle on the bed next to her, even as he's tugging the pillow off her head.

Niah curls herself back up, sniffing again and scooting a bit to create more room. Cradling her belly she looks over at him, then buries her head back in her pillow. "Why not." She says to his don't cry. More crying and light little sobs, those gasping sobs and Celiketh pokes his head in from the ledge. "I am doing the best I can.."

"Yer doing just wonderful, Niah-pet… Ah promise. Yer doing wonderful.." And as she scoots he's pausing to push his boots off before moving to settle behind her, curling around her as he brushes fingers over her hair. "Dun cry, cause Ah'm right here.. And Ah'll always be here fer ya sweetheart."

Niah turns over, wiping her face and asking. "D-do you really think so?" Taking a deep breath she bites at her lip and scoots closer to him. Still a comforter between her and him. "You just.. you sound so upset with me and I have been trying to be good for Zaenar and I hate being stuck up here.. and" She winces, rubbing a hand down her side, burying her face back in the pillow.

"Ah ain't upset with ya, Ah promise.." L'ton offers, shifting some to get his cast out from under him, stretching it out over his head. "Ah know yer trying, and Ah know right now ain't easy fer ya either, 'specially with a new person here and all. Ah'm trying ta make it better, Ah promise Ah am."

Niah nods, turning and pushing her hair out of her face. Sighing deeply she pushes the blanket off herself, moving to envelope him in it. "You mean it?" She asks, then in another weird mood change that only tends to be a Niah thing she says "I'm sorry, I am acting spoiled and horrible and you have every reason to leave me forever." Blame the hormones.

"Ah mean it, Niah.. Ah mean it. Ah ain't gonna leave ya. Ah know how you women get 'round this time, so Ah ain't thinking ya suddenly lost yer mind or anything… Ya ain't gonna scare me off." And then he's snuggling under the blanket, slyly leaning to kiss her ear. "Sides… now Ah have ta be creative, since ya have a house guest."

Niah nods slowly and cuddles back against him turning bright red as he kisses her ear. "Thank you, I am just not use to this yet.. The baby is really good, but she is so quiet." Relaxing she tilts her head back, "How much longer do I have?" She asks him all pitifully, but turns around so she is facing him. Leaning forward so she can place her head on his chest.

"Oh, Ah dunno. Ah told P'tah ta make sure they're busy fer a while. Ah.. figured ya could use it, with that look on her face, when Ah got here." He smirks at her a bit as she turns red and then turns around. "And, dun let her worry ya.. Girls are taught ta be seen and not heard.. just what she's always had ta be." And then he's planting a quick kiss on the top of her head.

Niah smiles, nuzzling and pulling herself into her sea of pillows. Grabbing one she sits up and says, "So we have time? To do.. whatever we want to?" A small mew reminds her of another one of her new resposibilities, pulling the black cat out of the covers she pets the little cat and says "Do you think she will get better? I mean.. I really like that she is quiet it's just that she watches me and is so helpful. Also, she needs to stop being scared of Celiketh."

"We have time ta do whatever ya want to, sweets." He agrees with a bit of a nod, even as he's shifting to set himself up right as well, grinning as the little cat is untangled from the covers. "Ah think she will… It just takes some time. Shards, Ah was convinced them dragons were gonna eat me fer the better part of three or four sevendays. Ah wouldn't walk 'cross the bowl, cause Ah thought they was gonna swoop down and get me." And in his hurried explanation, his drawl suddenly gets worse, though then he's giving her a bit of a smile. "It just takes time.."

Niah has a very transparent thinking process, you can almost see the gears in her head. Moving towards him she whispers, "Anything?" She starts to play with the buttons on his shirt, then shaking her head. "You can't…" Insert the taboo word she shrugs not saying. "With your nose all broken and your poor arm." She moves to run her fingers along the cast, sighing and wrapping the covers back around herself. At his little explanation, "Well, I am werybred and my family is really old and has lived at fort since anyone can remember and so dragons have always been around and I just.. I guess I don't understand." Shrugging her shoulders and tilting her head, "She thinks Celiketh would eat her?" Wide eyes, on the verge of smiling and laughing she asks, "Are.. you serious?"

"Ah wouldn't be surprised.. Ah mean, we were always told us riders were bad, so… What's ta stop a dragon from snatching a person ta eat, instead of a heardbeast, hm?" He teases her, arching an eyebrow as she plays with his buttons and then wraps herself back up in the covers. "Who says Ah can't, mm? Ah still have another arm.." A point he proves by running his hand down her side, before leaning to give her a kiss, though its a bit awkward since he can't prop himself up necessarily. "Ya'd just have ta watch my nose a bit."

Niah sighs, eyes glazing and she rolls them after a moment. "Celiketh does not think it's a very good idea." At this kiss she sighs happily, looking over at the door and then back at him. Then with a heavy sigh she slumps back against the pillows, shivering as he runs his hand down her side reaching up and running her hand along his buttons, unbuttoning one or two. Outside Celiketh rumbles and she says, "Let me have some fun?" She murmurs leaning forward and running her lips along his neck, then with a mischievious smile.. "Maybe riders are bad.. just not in the ways you expect." Celi's not cooperating today.

"Mmm.. Celiketh can decide it ain't a good idea later, Ah think. After all, Ah need happy Niah's…" He offers softly, hand shifting to trace her collarbone even as she kisses his neck. "Ah'm not bad.. Ah'm good.. Ah mean, if'n Ah was bad, Ah wouldn't do this…" And then he's catching her lips for a long kiss, even as he's pushing the blanket away from her, pulling away long enough to look over her, before smirking back at her.

Niah puffing up like a bird she shakes her head, like someone trying to get rid of an annoying bug. "He won't be quiet." She sighs before being caught in a kiss, breathing deeply and saying "Mai doesn't need you does she?" Asking worriedly, brow wrinkling and she kisses him again, gently and carefully avoiding his nose. "I am not sure the healers would approve, but they would be thrilled that I am in bed." Blushing very brightly and continuing to undo buttons, pushing the shirt to the side but struggling with getting it over his arm.

"She's sleeping.. She's had a rough day.. t'was sick for most of it. Ah wouldn't wanna wake her up." As she finishes unbutton his shirt, he pulls away enough to tug it over his cast, grinning. "Well, they'll get half of what they want then, won't they? Yer in bed, what more can ya ask for?" Giving her another long kiss, he chuckles. "If'n ya want, Ah'll get Dhon ta tell him ta knock it off."

"Would you tell her I would visit her if I could?" Niah asks but once his shirt is off she wiggles out of her pants, and presses up against him. "I agree." She says kissing again and nibbling on his chest as she finally has him shirtless. At the mention of supressing Celiketh her eyes get big "Oh, oh no, no, no. I would rather.. Celiketh would tell dhon things and." Trembling worriedly.

"Of course Ah will.. And, Ah'll let her know ya'd love if'n she came ta visit ya." He agrees, as she presses into him. Taking advantage of her momentarily distraction, he chuckles before tugging her shirt off, and letting the rest of his clothes go in a pile as he traces a finger down her stomach. "Right.. then.. we'll just ignore both of them." Sounds like a plan.


Niah takes a deep breath, even with it being cooler and later in the evening she is all sweaty and she smiles, ".. you.. " She doesn't manage anything else, just letting out a very long happy sigh. Laying her head on his shoulder she presses her lips to his skin, letting the silence continue. A little mew and she gasps, the kitten is on the floor looking up at her.

"Me what, baby girl?" L'ton questions with amusement, his good arm still wrapped around her, absently rubbing the shoulder beneath his hand giving her a squeeze as she sighs. "Ah hope that was what ya had in mind?" He teases her slightly, though makes a face as there's a mew. "Oh, bring her up here.. Ah know ya'll worry til ya do.."

Niah scootches over picking up the cat and then curling around herself a little "Ow." out of her mouth before she plasters on a big smile and gets herself positioned next to her, umm.. well partly her man. "That was exactly what I had in mind, I can not believe you would waste.. that on me." She sighs, looking at him like he hung the moons big happy eyes, continuing to rub her side and wincing. "I do not know how much longer we will be able to.. " Moving her head in a neat little circle so he gets it.

"Niah.. ya alright?" L'ton asks with a hint of worry in his voice, even as he scoots back towards her, half curling around her as he absently pets the kitten. "Tis hardly a waste, sweets.." He murmurs, giving her a quick kiss, before resting his hand on her side. "Ah know, sweets. But, it ain't gonna stop me from coming ta see ya. And, well, we'll always have after the babies are born." Eventually.

Niah smiles, biting on her lip and looking worried for a moment as she asks, "With.. with Zaenar living here. I can still have another right? I mean.. I would hate to have to ask K'ael." She scratches the little cats head, placing her hand on top of his and moving her hair so it isn't in her face. "Maybe.. Do you think I should take Zaenar to the healer with me?" Thinking aloud possibly, and she asks "What do you feed carrot?"

"O'course ya can, sweetheart… Ya think Ah'm gonna give ya up that easy, after all this? Ah'll just make sure that Zaenar has some other things ta occupy her time, ta, so that we can haev our time. Or, maybe Ah'll just haul ya off somewhere, and have ya there." Well, Tonny certainly makes up for Niah's shyness about the subject. "Ya ain't never gonna have ta ask K'ael fer nothing. Sides, Ah've heard he's terrible." Winking, he pets Precious with a grin. "Mostly meat and stuff, from the kitchens. They gots a bowl of stuff mixed, Ah'll get P'tah ta bring some by."

Niah turns red, putting her hands over her face and saying. "Alright.." WHat else can she say? Turning her head so she can see his face she says "So.. we can still have another. Good." Answering the question again without so many words she asks, "Do the nannies really do an alright job? Like.. if we wanted to go I would never leave Zaenar alone with three babies." Quiet in thought she scritches the kitty, "Need to get Zaenar a bed, I mean.. she can't sleep on my sofa forever."

"The nannies do a great job. And, Ah was gonna bring up a bed fer her, but with the rain and all, Ah thought it'd be best to wait, or her mattress would get all wet and stinky." He explains, stealing another kiss, before chuckling and nodding his head. "Dun worry though. Nannies are good. Great fer leaving one with, if'n yer trying ta make another."

Niah will be blushing forever if they don't find a new subject, "You.. do not hurt yourself or anything I can find her a bed." From on the ledge Celiketh snorts, and Niah says with a bitter little smile "If my jailer out there lets me off.. He will when he needs a bath." She mumbles, cuddling back against him. Then the sound of dragon wings outside, and they aren't Celiketh. pulling the comforter up she says "DOn't come in..please."

L'ton arches an eyebrow at the sound of dragonwings. Thankfully, if its the others returning, it'll take some work to get the girls down from the blue's back, and L'ton is taking that time to quickly pull his clothing on, handing Niah hers with a grin. "Perhaps Ah should bring it up, all the time, if'n yer always that cute red shade." He teases her, even as he nods. "Ah'll get someone ta bring one up, dun worry. And… good luck with Celiketh." He teases her lightly as he awkwardly works on buttoning his shirt.

Niah pulls her shirt on, wiggling into her pants and then quickly trying to rearrange her hair. Pressing it against her head she looks worried as he is getting dressed, "You-you're leaving me?" Big pathetic puppy dog eyes, dramatically falling back on the bed. It does take them a moment, but Zaenar comes back in looking around and saying quietly her voice trembling "Ma'am.. I can stand outside if you want me to." Niah takes a deep breath, "No, it's fine. We where just.. talking." Because you can't bake in bed.

"Just fer a lil bit, if'n its okay. Ah love ya, but mah arm its killing meh. Ah.. Ah think Ah need another dose of fellis.." He grimaces slightly, before turning to smile at Zaenar as she appears. "No worries, Zaenar.. We were just talking about getting ya a bed all yer own, with a big soft mattress, so ya dun have ta sleep on the couch anymore." That's true enough, right?

Niah nods along, letting L'ton do the talks. "Oh.. it's my fault I'm sorry." Zaenar isn't stupid, and she says "How.. did you hurt his arm Ma'am." Niah turns red and says nothing, shrugging and sucking on her bottom lip. Changing the subject she gives him a little hug and says, "Come back? Please?" She really doesn't leave an option with her eyes.

"Ah'll be back a little later, Ah promise." Puppy dog eyes only work so well, verses pain. "Ah, just trying to ta put that shardin' crib tagether. Ah wasn't thinking and tried ta use it the cast, ta get the pieces together, and.." L'ton shrugs nonchalantly, running the fingers of his good arm through his hair. "Should be tagether though.. And ya can put yer blankets in it, and Elly'll have somewhere ta sleep." And then he's slowly backing towards the ledge with a friendly enough smile.

Niah waves to L'ton, and sits back on the floor with her straps.

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