A Sweet Baker

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing(#9292RJs)

Dhonzayth looks rather settled in the Xanadu clearing, the pale Istan bronze settled out of the way of the flow, considering he doesn't really have any place of his own to go. And, given the drowsy look he has, he's been sitting in the sun for a good while. And, as the afternoon continues to pass, people come and go. Eventually, L'ton heads out of the caverns, away from the conference room, and to the much more pleasant outdoors.

She is not one to move around too much, especially not out of a comfortable weyr and such, but Anstarath rather gracefully pulls her green form along, lifting her tail while she's at it, and makes it towards a nice shady spot nearby. The dragon croons rather pleasantly towards the bronze dragon, Dhonzayth. Her rider is not too far off. Angel's arms are currently occupied by two things - one is a young boy and the other is a relatively heavy pack. Baby bag? A little of everything.

Dhonzayth seems happy enough to croon back at the green, stretching his pale neck out to her, and a rumble inviting her to share his spot. And as distracted as Dhonzayth is with Anstarath, L'ton's gotten distracted with Angel, and moves to her side quickly. "Canni help ya, miss? Ah can carry that pack fer ya, if'n ya'd like. Ya should have ta cart that all round by yarself."

The young woman is mildly startled, but Anakin makes happy noises - atypical happy boy he is. Angel gazes briefly at L'ton, and she flashes him a warm smile. "Thank you, sir…" Better to call him a sir, in case she makes a goof. She struggles a bit with the bag, offering it to the bronzerider. After sometime, she balances the now squirming child to her other arm. The boy turns around, and cranes his head to look at the dragons. The lithe lady green rises once more, carefully settling besides the handsome bronze, warbling rather graciously to him, a way of thanks.

L'ton flashes a smile at her in return, putting the back over his shoulder. "Tis the least Ah can do fer a pretty girl like yerself. Where're ya headed?" And then, as an after thought, "Ah'm L'ton, and Ista's Duties to Xanadu." He replies pleasantly, his gaze drifting from the young woman to the boy in her arms. "He's a cute one." Dhonzayth seems rather cheerful, now that the green has joined him, and rumbles at her, nudging her with his muzzle. Who needs a drawn out introduction?

"Angel, Xanadu's duties to Ista." The green rider chuckles, shaking her head as she manages to lean away - right as her son decides to pull at her hair. Or he attempts. The squeals indicate his indignation at being denied his favorite play thing, besides his father, of course. "Oh I was actually thinking of heading to the cavern, but since I heard there's a lot of folks in there, I'll stay out here… um.. which means you can put the down my bag.. it's only my son's things… along with a few cook books." The green could be noticeably … greener, but that is simply the imagination putting certain things into odd perspectives. A lighter warble and the female settles, her long tongue rolling out to lick at the muzzle. Oh boy.

"It is getting rather… busy in there." L'ton offers, a bit of a smile as he crosses to pick a rather open, and unoccupied spot, where the bag is settled. And then he turns to look back at Angel, tilting his head. "Mind if'n Ah join ya fer a bit? Dhon seems rather.. distracted." And indeed the bronze is, for as Anstarath warbles, he preens, and stretches to drape his neck over hers, and extend a wing over her side. Brighter green is good!

She turns slightly, watching the dragons and then she mumbles. "It is almost that time of the Turn… and month, so I best keep an eye on her.." Angel mumbles under her breath, but turns back to L'ton, smiling rather pleasantly. The distraction is brief for her, "So, L'ton, what do you do… at Ista, may I inquire?" As she pauses to lift the still curious child a bit, she adjusts his position. Anakin is still happy, curious and looking at the dragons. Oh boy. Anstarath's rather inquisitive on her own, offering the bronze as many questions as she can possibly lay upon him. «A handsome bronze like you…» the green can discreetly be heard cooing, «….what brings you to Xanadu?»

L'ton arches an eyebrow as she mumbles to herself, but settles down on the ground, and looks up at her. "Ah'm W'yn's Weyrsecond. Which means Ah gotta go ta all the meetings he dun wanna." Yet, his tone is joking, as he grins at her. "And what do ya do, here at Xanadu, Miss Angel?" Dhonzayth is content to answer questions, half draped across her as he is. « Mine had meetings. But with a wonderful one like you, I'd come back. » Smooth.

She softly whistles, "Sounds like you got your hands full, sir." Angel discreetly leans towards the rank, a touch cordial here and there. This is ever since he noted his rank. She chuckles, shaking her head, "Poor you, all that responsibilities on your shoulders, you don't mind doing that for him, do you?" Miss Angel? The young woman looks a touch startled, "Oh, greenrider, nothing spectacular." A snort from a certain green dragon. "Well it's not!" The retort is gentle, a bit of a jest to the lady. "And a journeywoman baker. I specialize in sweets." That grin upon her face is clear, she loves baking, "I bake less nowadays, since I have this little cutie. Anakin, say hi." The child blinks, waving his fingers cutely.

L'ton shrugs a bit, with a grin. "It ain't nothing. Ah at least get ta travel, and see all sorts of things." And people? At the 'sir'ing, he shakes his head slightly. "Ah ain't no sir. Just L'ton. Ton. Whatever ya like. Ah ain't old 'nuff to be a sir." Thank you very much. An arched eye, and he smiles at her. "Yer son is one lucky boy, then, ta have all the sweet he could want." And he waggles fingers back at the little boy, and makes a few silly faces.

"Ton? You certainly don't look like a Ton to me.." Angel laughs, and then she lightly coughs, "Oh no, I don't give him that many sweets. I limit him to a few, and such." She gives the innocent Anakin a look. He looks cute and snuggles up to his mother, giggling rather immediately to the faces, a hand reaching out to swat at the man. "Otherwise, he would be weighing a ton now." Ahhh, a joke.

L'ton makes a face at her, sticking out his tongue at her. "Thanks, Ah think?" He replies teasing, and leans back to look around him, gaze going to Dhonzayth and the green where they are settled, Dhon acting quite possessive. "What is yer lovely lady's name, anyway? Since mah Dhonzayth seems ta be taking her over…"

"Anstarath.. is her name, and you can bet she weighs a ton." Angel's sense of humor is obviously going off the scales. Not in the right way, but it's going somewhere, "She certainly doesn't mind it… especially… well, especially… oh nevermind." The young woman decides to not repeat herself. The green dragon doesn't mind this at all, most definitely, the attention is basked in, enjoyed and all that.

"May Ah hope that her rider isn't taking offense at a similar situation, either?" He asks, having learned a bit of formal phrasing from sitting in various meetings. "Dhonzayth does enjoy the company." Particularly when its of the female persuasion. And then, back to more idle subjects as Dhonzayth has settled for nuzzling Anstarath now and then. "Do ya have the rest of the afternoon ter yerself?"

"Me?" Angel's surprised by the comment, her brows lifting, a laugh suddenly slipping from her, "Of course not!" She mockingly shakes a finger at the rider, bouncing a yawning son. "I have it mostly … to myself, once I get this little boy down for his nap." Anakin curls up against his mother, once more. "May I ask the reason for the question?"

"Ah was just wondering. Ah wouldn't want to get hit 'er nothing fer bugging ya ta much." But then, it occurs to L'ton that perhaps she meant his other question, and he shrugs. "Ah was just curious, since yer sitting here, and ya seem ta not be in any rush."

"Never in any rush, I don't have patrols or sweeps." Angel intones, shaking her head at him, a faintly amused grin once more crossing over her lips and face. Of course, by now, Anakin had dropped off to sleep, breathing steadily against his mother. She sighs a bit and leans up against a rock. The young woman looks to L'ton, admitting, "Well… since you're here… how long you planning on staying?"

"Ah can't say Ah'm in any rush." L'ton turns her own words back on her with a grin, eyeing the now napping boy. "Canni help ya carry stuff anywhere, ta put him ta bed?" He tries to offer helpfully, scooting a bit closer as he does so. "Mah meetings got out early, and if'n Ah go back, they'll just find something else fer meh to do."

"So you have nothing to do now?" Angel strives not to laugh out loud, or someone may wake up, "How about you wait here a bit, I'll put him down with his father…" And then she adds, "Let me have that bag, I don't need it." In fact, she actually picks it up. Hurrying away for a few minutes, the greenrider disappears - only to reappear, without a child and that bag. She wipes her brow, mockingly and then sighs. "Done!"

L'ton hardly had time to protest before Angel is running off. He ends up flipping over to lie on his back and stare up at the sky while he waits for her return, and props himself up on an elbow to watch her, and smiles. "That seemed relatively painless." He teases. "The afternoon is now yers, huh?"

Angel's lips curl at the ends but she watches him for a scant second, "Of course it is… until Ar'ik brings out a crying Anakin…" Her eyes flips upwards towards the skies, "Then I'm not free." As she comes to sit next to the rider, she pauses to observe the dragons. The green of hers is grooming the bronze, making sure he's … clean.

L'ton laughs softly. "Ah gotcha. Oh, how we run away as soon as they start ta scream." And he's just as guilty of it as the next guy. As she settles down next to him, he looks up with a smile. "And now what are yar plans, missy?" Now its Dhonzayth's turn to revel in the attention, and he leans into the green contently crooning. He can keep her, right?

Angel's eyes widen a bit and she laughs, shaking her head before speculating, "I don't know, just be lazy, sit around, do nothing until I have to do something. I don't rank besides being a rider." She casually admits, stretching out and then resting upon her hands, arms situated behind her, keepign her up. She stifles a giggle, mumbling, "Ans… I know he's cute, but for Faranth's sake, will you keep that to yourself?"

L'ton grins, and scoots a bit closer as she stretches out next to him. "Ah'm glad yar letting meh keep yer company. Its certainly wonderful company ta keep." Oh, what a flirt. At her mumbling comment, he arches an eyebrow, grinning broadly. "Dhon? Oh, he is rather handsome, isn't he?"

Oh-ho, a flirt! Oh no. A flirt. Angel's brow quirks and then she nods, honestly stating, "He's a handsome fellow." Wisely, she speaks none of another bronze that is probably more handsome. That would NOT be wise. Duh. Her lips twitch and she admits, "His rider isn't too bad looking, himself."

L'ton arches an eyebrow, and ruffles a hand through his hair as he beams at her. "Why, thank ya. Though, ya and yer Anstarath are really a stunning pair. One beauty paired with another." Who said flattery never got you anywhere? Propping himself up a bit more, he tilts his head. "Or was that green of yars talking bout someone else?" Not that he or Dhonzayth really care who was the subject.

She was about to say another thing but then ends up laughing, a hand holding her sides a bit. Shaking her head, Angel gives L'ton a look, "You are good at complimenting, aren't you?" She wonders of the man, expressions bright and bemused. However, she rises to her feet, "I think I'll get a bit of something from the kitchen and I'll come back.." It'll be longer this time and as she disappears, the woman teases the man with her .. shapely form.

L'ton looks rather dejected as she gets up to leave, and after looking around him for a moment, gets to his feet to jog after her, reaching a hand out to grab her arm, should she allow it. "Aw, dun leave. Ah mean, Ah dun mind the wonderful view, but how'm Ah ta know yar gonna come back?"

She pauses and then looks over her shoulder, curiously. Angel then grins at that, stopping in the middle of her walking, "How about you join me then? I'm sure they won't mind us in the kitchen." is that a sweet smile upon the young woman's face? You bet it is. And that's one saucy wink, also. "I think I can whip up something quick for you as well."

L'ton arches an eyebrow at the wink, and catches up to her, moving to loop an arm through hers, less of course she hit him for it. "The kitchen, mm? And something sweet? Ah suppose its a deal." Not like he'd put up a fight. And so, away to the kitchen!

Xanadu Weyr - Kitchens

As the kitchen door opens, Angel ducks inside and heads towards the middle of the area. She tosses a few waves, ignores the whistles and the looks before glancing at L'ton, "Ignore the flying…" The greenrider pauses to reach over and pull him down. Something flew over their head, right as a kitchen worker caught the UFO.

"The flying?" ANd then as he's pulled down, he looks up with wide eyes, blinking at the now empty space over his head, and then at Angel. "What in…" And looking around again, he stares at her. "What just happened?"

"I think that was a tuber." Angel remarks, almost too casually for words to describe. Her lips twitch and she shoots the sheepish kitchen worker a glare, "Did you really have to show off?" There is no words from the young man as he and his friend ducks out of the way.

L'ton just stares at her, shaking his head as he slowly stands back up, glancing around him, though he's still prepared to duck should he need to. "What are ya gonna make, hm?" And, its pretty obvious he doesn't spend too much time in the kitchen as he's looking around him with what might even be a bit of awe.

As she gathers a bowl, some flour and minor ingredients, the greenrider hums a merry little tune. "You will enjoy it, won't take TOO long." The bronze rider will note the fresh fruit she plucks as well as the sugary substances. It's a little mess Angel makes as she whips up what could be a very sweet concotion.

L'ton arches an eyebrow, and moves over to lean against the counter as he watches the various ingredients going into the bowl with interest. "Fruit?" He asks, rather surprised, and attempts to stick a finger in the concoction, just to test it.

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