Off-Camera Happenings - BBPost

For the observant Weyr resident, it seems that the members of the Shipton clan at the Weyr have had a rather rough time of it lately. First Zipalla was seen sporting some interesting facial bruise, and Zh'ae was rather beat up as well. Now, it seems that L'ton's is in a heavy cast and tied close to his body, and his already crooked nose is now more crooked, and his eyes have black bruises betraying the broken status of it.

However, wherever L'ton got his injuries from, it was not the only thing that he brought back. For, with him was a small package that contains something important for he won't let it out of his sight, as well as a young teen - perhaps 13 or 14, who's name is said to be Zaenar. Yet, with her came an infant that looks strangely similar to herself, who's name is Ellyza. Rumors are spreading as to who this girl is, and why she's now at Ista, but so far nothing has been said.

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