M'iken Finds the Injured L'ton

Ista Weyr - Inner Weyr(#8253RAJL)

L'ton is settled on the bed, sprawled rather awkwardly on his back, with an icepack resting squarely on his face, covering up his nose and eyes. His loose shirt is open, and his left arm in its cast is cradled against his body inside of it, while he dozes lightly. Carrot is prowling across the bed, intrigued by the icepack, it seems, for it gets an occasional test nudge with his nose.

Just because Mai's grounded from :betweening:, doesn't mean she can't still go about giving people tours of the area from Meluth's sturdy back. So the brownrider only just heard about teh condition her weyrmate came home in and is eager to see him. She has to smile when she sees him though, half asleep with the cat about to attack that icepack any minute. She picks carrot up off the bed and sets him on the ground with a little tap to his behind to send him on his way so she can get a good look at L'ton. "Goodness gracious.." She breathes before picking up that ice-pack herself to get a look at the damage. "Ouch."

"Mmmm.. Two Mai's." L'ton murmurs softly as the ice pack is removed and he's slowly blinking up at M'iken, before his eyes come back into focus. "They told meh is looks much worse than it actually is. Ah ain't sure how it looks, but Ah can promise, it dun feel so good.." He tries to reply at least a little cheerfully. "Ah mean, the fellis does help but.. Now Ah have mah Mai, ta take care of me.." And his reaching out with his good hand to rest it on Mai's thihg.

M'iken shakes her head a bit but still smiles. "Ah L'ton, what did you do to deserve this?" She asks, sitting down on the bed next to him and leaning down to kiss him lightly on the forehead. "You look like you had a lot of dye thrown at your face." she wipes some of the condensation from the ice pack off his forehead, afraid to touch any of the rest of his face. Her eyes travel down to the arm in a cast and frowns deeply at it.

"Apparently, when Ah went ta talk ta Zip's ma, ta get something fer her, fer her turnday.. her husband ain't ta happy with another man being there. 'specially me. Ah.. Ah wish Ah could say that ya should be him, but Ah think he had the advantage." He shakes his head slightly, turning his head to kiss her hand as she brushes the condensation off his forehead. "Ya ain't gonna leave me, now that Ah'm all ugly, are ya?"

M'iken only frowns more deeply. "If I weren't stuck here…" She takes a deep breath and tries to hold her tounge, but fails. "I'd beat the crap out of that guy." She glares at how she imagines the guy in her head for a moment untill L'ton is asking absurd questions. she raises a brow at him and grins a little. "What are you talking about? There's a difference between beat up and ugly." She places the ice-pack gently back on his face.

"Promise? Ah mean, Ah ain't yer handsome bronzerider coming ta save the day, at least not fer the next few sevendays. Hopefully my nose'll get all messed up and normal." Winking at M'iken, he gives her arm another gentle squeeze. "Its over and dun with, Mai. Ah ain't going back there, and Ah dun want ya ta either. Ah.. Ah can't bare ta think what could happen ta ya there." And then he's giving her a tug, pouting a bit. "Dun Ah get a hello kiss?"

M'iken nods. "I promise. And you'll always be my handsome bronzerider, even if you aren't swooping in to save the day." She says, taking the bag back off his face and smiling at him. "And I liked your nose the way it was, but however it turns out I'm sure you'll be just as dashing." She sighs a bit though at his not wanting her to go beat up Zip's step-dad of sorts. "I'm sure I'd ruin my wing and the weyr if I went there. Might even start a war if I end up killing the guy." Cuz she feels like she would if she were to meet him face-to-face. "I suposse you can have one, but if I hurt your nose or something, it's your fault now, not mine." She says with a grin before leaning down to kiss him lightly.

"If'n Dhon had gotten a piece of him, Ah think he might have ended up between, but.. luckily fer him, he didn't." And then he's curling his fingers in her shirt, keeping her there for another kiss before smiling up at her, and gently touching the tip of his nose. "They numbweed'd it.. it dun hurt, its more the headache that came with it." But then he's dropping his hand back to the bed, patting her leg again. "How're ya feeling sweets? Holding up?"

M'iken smiles at the thought of Dhon dragging that guy off and leaving him between. She leans over him a bit, bracing herself with her arm on the other side of his stomach after that second kiss and brushes some of his hair back. "I see. Well that's good to know, but I think I'll still becareful." She gives him a little wink and shrugs. "This morning was kind of rough, but I felt well enough to give a tour this afternoon, so… I'm holding up. It was a lot better then yesterday's constant throwing up." She was all pail and nasty looking, but her color's come back nicely today.

"Ah'm sorry ya're having such a rough time of it, Mai-love.." He offers softly, giving her a bit of a smile, even as he's scooting over enough to give her a little more space to settle next to him. "Ah mean… Ah feel bad that we had ta try so hard, and now yer having such a miserable time of it." His free hand moves to brush over her cheek idly, before giving her a little bit of a smile. "Ah expect Ram'll be showing up, soon, since that shardin' brother of his just found out ya were expecting."

M'iken smiles and shrugs a bit. "Should have known it would be rough. I mean, just my luck ya know? I'm just glad to be pregnant finaly." She rearranges herself to get more comfortable when he moves a bit. "I mean, I'm going to be 29 in a couple of months, it's about time for it I think." She leans into his hand a little and grins. "How did Mike find out of all people?"

"Ah am too. Ah mean.. tis ours." And he absently brushes his fingers over her cheek, before rolling his eyes. "Ah'm sure ya've noticed that him and Zip are practically joined at the hip, hm? He brought her by, cause they saw me come in real rough. And, well, ya know him. Gotta ask stupid questions when it ain't the right time." And then he's dismissing the, at least to Ton, distasteful subject, brushing his fingers through her hair. "Mai.. Ah love ya, ya know that, right?"

The little light turns on in M'iken's head and she nods. "Ah yes, that makes sense." She can't help but grin at how much L'ton seems to dislike Ram's younger brother and wonders a bit if it's because she slept with him once… "Humm, well, I'll be glad to see Ram and Ysa too when she can between. Should be soon I think since she got pregnant before me." She smiles down at him. "Oh course I know you love me. And since you still seem to not quite have it ingrained in your head yet, I love you too." She says with a cheeky grin.

Thankfully, L'ton is blissfully unaware of that fact, and his dislike for K'ael is solely from what he did to Lisle. "Ah think it should be soon, yeah. Though, Ah do have ta tell Ysa she has ta stop picking on people just cause she got tricked inta being pregnant. Ah'm glad that Ah didn't have to trick ya." He grins, tapping her nose as she replies with a cheeky grin. "Well, Ah feel like Ah have to say it, in case ya manage to forget. Can't have that."

M'iken shrugs a bit. "I like Ysa's picking on people. It's kind of fun since I'd like to pick on people more often, but just can't bring myself to do it most of the time." So the smiley blushy girl wishes she could be more mean to people… So what. She grins and giggles a little at that tap to her nose. "I'm not going to forget. But it /is/ nice to hear."

"Ya, but she said some mean things.. And man, she has a real strong punch. Ah definitely wouldn't want ta be on the wrong side." He shakes his head a bit. "Ah think one broken nose is 'nuff, ya know?" He winks, before reaching for her hand to pull her a bit closer. "Well, then.. Ah love ya, Ah love ya, Ah love ya, M'iken. Even if'n ya want ta be meaner sometimes." He grins.

M'iken grins and laughs under her breath. "You know, I have a pretty strong punch myself." Something that Ram could attest to. "But yeah, I think one broken nose is plenty for now." She lets herself be pulled closer and moves her hand beside his head to suport herself there. "I love you too." She says with a coy smile before kissing him.

"Ah'll take yer word on that one.. though Ah dun wanna be on yer wrong side either." L'ton coughs softly, looking a little pathetic. "Ya do know that.. That just cause one arm ain't so good.. dun mean that Ah dun have another arm?" And then he's sitting up a bit to give her a slow kiss before he's batting eyes up at her.

M'iken grins at him lovingly. She just arches a brow at him before 'humming' lightly into the kiss. "I don't want to end up making anything worse off than it is. I mean your arm is in a cast so I'm assuming it's broken. Does it hurt?" She decides to go about moving his shirt away so she can see his arm.

"Sorta aches, but they've been dosing me with a bit of fellis in my wine, so it ain't so bad… And, it ain't like its gonna go no where, with the cast and all…" And then he's pushing the shirt back off his shoulder to show the cast that goes from his palm to just below the elbow, the plaster hardened to provide a sturdy shell. "See, it ain't ta bad."

M'iken breathes a sigh of relief that his arm isn't casted all the way to his shoulder or something. "I'm glad it's not hurting too bad then. Now I can do this." She moves his arm out of the way before laying down on his chest and snuggling into him. Call her odd, but she always feels better when she's pressed against him like this.

L'ton awkwardly puts the cast across her back as she stretches out along him, his other arm being the one to truly keep her in place. "Ya can indeed…" He coos softly at her, before giving her a few kisses. "See, it ain't so bad." His good hand curls fingers through her hair with a smile. "Yer beautiful, ya know?"

M'iken smiles at him and just chuckles a little, quite happy over the kisses. "Never bad for me." She says, playing with a bit of his hair. "And you're crazy, ya know?" She says with a wink. She doesn't specify what makes him crazy exactly, it's just a blanket statement.

"As long as crazy ain't a bad thing, Ah think Ah can deal with that…" And he's pushing a lock of hair out of her face, giving her another bit of a kiss, before tracing her ear with his fingertip. "Ah think Ah need to show ya that crazy is a very good thing.. Ah could use a Mai distraction.. if the Mai is willing."

M'iken shivers a bit and her eyes roll back for a moment before she's blinking trying to shake the warm fuzzy feeling that's filling up her mind out of her head. "Oh no you don't." She says, pulling away and sitting up. "I'm not doing this right now." She shakes her head again, confident she's out of reach from his hand unless he follows after her. "You need to at least rest for one night alright?" Though who knows how she'll feel tomorrow, it's kind of touch and go right now. She reaches for the ice-pack and gives him a kiss before putting it back on his nose. "I'm going to go get dinner and bring it back here. Alright?" And with that she's getting up off the bed to go get food. Food's important right?

L'ton sulks a bit as she's pulling away and sitting up, the bronzerider slowly sitting up and reaching after her, before it seems that the headache wins for he's leaning back on the bed. "Fine.. Ah'm holding ya do that sweets.." As the icepack is returned to his nose, he sighs softly, before the fellis-dosed wineskin is grabbed and he's dosing himself, starting to doze off even as she goes to get food, managing to mumble a sleepy, "Ah love ya.. Ah'll be… right here.."

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