Zip Gets her Gift

Ista Weyr - Dhonzayth and Meluth's Ledge(#7862RAJL)

Large enough for a bronze to sun upon, this elongated ledge also happens to be fairly wide, providing plenty of room to accomodate a friend, provided that that friend is no larger than a small brown and doesn't mind being a little squished for room. Overlooking the southern part of Ista's bowl, there's always some sort of activity to be seen from here, whether it's people rushing about during their daily duties, or observing the arrivals of incoming visitors to the Weyr.

Luna has arrived already, timidly tippyclawing into the space she doesn't recognize. She stares up and around, eyes whirling, little chirps and chirrrs sounding.

L'ton is settled in the weyr, with an ice pack across his nose and his arm out of its sling but still cradled against his body. It seems that Dhonzayth has removed himself somewhere else to sun, and the only sign of M'iken is the brownrider's orange tabby roaming here and there. Yet, as there's a chirp, the icepack is being shifted, and the bronzerider blinks at the little green.

Suddenly, a half-familiar ironclad bronze backwings onto L'ton and M'iken's ledge. It's a good thing Dhon wasn't around, since the two giants probably wouldn't be able to both fit there. Azaeth isn't staying long though, once K'ael and Zipalla have stepped down, he swoops off the ledge to return to his own, just a short hop away. K'ael sort of… fidgets at the entrance and looks down at Zip. "Well… go ahead I guess. Er… L'ton? You here, man?" Even though he already knew the answer. Who knew what, or who, the bronzer was doing inside.

Zipalla slides down after Mike and she pads into the weyr almost timidly, the same reasons, who knows what or who. She bends to pet Luna and the little green skitters up her arm to her shoulder, resting there. "Ton?" she asks, then peers more inside, spying the cat. "Hello Carrot.." she says softly then she sees L'ton. "Ton?!" she yelps, steps quicker now. "What happened, what have you done?!"

The sounds outside are enough to at least get L'ton sitting up, the icepack dropped to the floor next to him. However, the visitors are wandering in before he gets far enough to escorting them in, and he's giving a half smile to Zip. "Ah… It's a long story." And then he's motioning them in with his other hand, even if he does give K'ael a rather annoyed look. "Ah.. Ah got something special fer ya, though, Zip. And.. Ah think it was worth it.. Ah hope ya do ta."

K'ael steps inside behind Zipalla, though he's already glacing towards the exit. He looks at the little tabby for a moment with a grin, then blinks at L'ton's condition. He's given at least sort of permission to enter though, so in he goes. "She needed a ride…" He mumbles, trying to offer up some sort of explaination. The younger bronzer doesn't say anything about the gift though, just looks at L'ton with a blink.

"Niah told me.." she says with a sort of disapproving look. "Have you been to the infirmary? That is where Niah went this morning..she wasn't feeling well.. really you should be seeing to her." Her brows crease some and she bites her lip a moment, "Niah said you were retrieving someone to help her with the babies," she says flatly.

"Ah.. it ain't cause of that." He's awkwardly getting to his feet, moving to his jacket to pull a small tarnished-bronze hued locket out, dangling by a chain. "It cause of this. Ah.. Its from yer ma, Zip…" And then he's carefully offering it to her, with a bit of a smile. "Ah.. Ah checked on her a bit earlier, but Ah'm suppose ta take fellis, and Ah ain't willing ta risk falling off my ledge like that poor bronzerider fella at Igen." And then his gaze is going to K'ael, and it seems that he's willing to let the boy stay for now.

K'ael pats Zip's shoulder. "I'm sure Niah is alright. She's gotta be getting pretty big now…" He pushes his hair foreward a bit, looking around awkwardly. Though his eye drift back to get a good look at the locket. "Huh… wow. That looks pretty nice, Zip." It wasn't another cousin, or a woman or something either. He gives Ton a half-grin. "Er… so my brother was wondering if M'iken was pregnant yet… Told him I didn't know…"

The words are exchanged and Zipalla looks between Mike and Ton then her eyes fall to the icepack and she looks up to her father to study over his injuries a bit. The furrows only increase. "How'd you get so hurt.. and.. where is she..who is she?" she asks then when Ton gets to his feet and mentions the locket, the confused teen goes nearly pale. Her eyes flick to the locket and then up to her father and back to the locket, unblinking, "From her?" she asks, her voice trembly. Tears gloss her eyes and gather against her lower lashes as she reaches out for it then pulls her hand back, as if afraid that touching it might make it disappear. She glances back to Mike as if to make sure he hasn't departed, then back to Ton, "How did you…where did it…come from really? From her? I don't understand.." she says, upturning a bewildered gaze to her father.

L'ton arches an eyebrow at K'ael's question, before nodding, and looking sort of proud. "Just shy of 3 months… She had an appointment ta be at the Healers today, ta." And then his gaze is back on Zipalla, and he's giving her a slow, serious nod. "From her.. Ah.. Ah went ta see her. So ya could have something from her fer yer turnday. And.. She had that.. But.. that man.. that man she's with. Came home and he weren't none ta happy ta see meh. Dhon's big, but he ain't so helpful stuck in one of 'em lil'houses." There is a touch of amusement in his voice at those words, as he tries to lighten the mood. Yet, as she asks about the girl, he sobers. "She.. She's yer cousin, Zip. Zaenar… Ah.. Ah couldn't leave her there. Her.. Her dad did bad things ta her.. Tis his.. tis his baby." And then the bronzerider is clinching his fist, as the poor girl's background is discussed.

K'ael is still there! He's just… hanging out back there. He gives a nod to L'ton, but stays out of the way between him and Zip. "Ah, that's good. Ram will be glad ot hear it." He blinks a bit at the other bronzer's story. "Huh…" Big dragon, tiny house. "Her father?" Blink blink. "That's horrible! Well, at least she's out of there now… Sheesh…" Pregnant with her father's baby. What a poor, poor girl.

Slender fingers lift again and Zipalla traces the shape of the necklace, one tear slipping free. "It was hers?" she asks in a small, no, tiny voice. "Oh..da.." she says with a little whimper and her arms go around him, head to his chest. "What?!" she yelps, drawing back with a surprised look. "I don't…her who?" and she just blinks. Her frown returns and she steps back, gently taking the locket, staring down at it, all of the information sort of whirling around in her mind. "H-how is uhm…she? My mother, I mean.." she asks, not daring a glance up to either man.

"Ah.. Ah wanted ta drop him between fer it, when mah sister told meh. But.. she said that he's a good man.. Ah dunno how any.. anyone good or not could do that ta their lil'girl." And he's returning Zip's hug carefully before moving to get Zip at the very least settled, though he is nodding his head at K'ael to sit as well. "Paz… Paz is good, Ah think. She.. she seemed happy 'nuff. Gots about 9 lil's, if'n Ah counted right. Coulda been seeing doubles though, from that punch ta the nose."

K'ael shifts his weight a bit. When L'ton motions for hims to sit he sort of shakes his head. "I uh… should be getting back to my weyr, really. Let you two… talk things over and all of that. Er… If you want to head back just let me know Zip, I'll have Az swing by." He scratches his head a bit. "Um… Hope you're feeling better soon, Ton. Congrats, too, by the way. I'll see you later." He gives them a wave, then heads back out once his dragon has settled onto the ledge.

Zipalla starts to sit but when Mike declines she gives him first a worried look then one of understanding. Not willing to settle for a wave she hugs him briefly and smiles, "I'll send Luna when I'm ready.." she says with a littlel smile. She watches after him for a omment then turns back and sits down, laying the locket out over her lap to look at it. "Nine.." she says softly, "Did she..ask how I am?" she asks, knowing it sounds silly but she can't think of any other way to ask it.

L'ton nods at K'ael as he excuses himself before moving to settle down next to Zipalla so that his good arm is on the same side as she is, and he's gingerly draping his arm over her shoulder, giving her a bit of a smile. "All boys…" He offers in explanation, nodding at the locket on her lap. "She wanted ta know all about ya. If'n ya were doing well. Said ya should have it, since ya were her only lil'girl. Ah.. Ah told her what Ah could, 'fore that man came home."

Zipalla looks him over again worriedly then she smiles gently at her father, "Mike is my best friend, Ton," she says in reply. She leans in against him gently, her voice still soft, "I'm sorry you had to get hurt over it.. though.." Her eyes well up again and she finally just gives up and cries. "I don't even know what to say.." she nearly blubbers, leaning her head to his shoulder. "Is Niah alright really? I felt bad that she got so upset but I was pretty upset too.." Her head shakes and she pushes thoughts away.

"She's gonna be fine.. Ah promise. Ah went and checked on her. She's gotta stay up in her weyr, fer the most part though. No running or stuff. And, if'n she ain't careful, she gonna be stuck on bed rest ta. But.. Ah.. Ah thought that she'd be the best person, ta help Zaenar.. So she's got Zaenar and her Ellyza with her ta." As she cries, he wraps his arm around her, rocking her slowly to comfort her. "Ah know.. But it's gonna take some time fer meh ta trust him again. And.. It ain't nothing. Ah.. Ah'd have taken it worse, ta make ya happy."

Zipalla nods her head and then looks up at her father, "Why does everything have to be so confusing?" she asks him, and it could mean any portion of her life, to a fourteen-turn-old, nothing is simple, well sometimes but not usually. "I'm glad she's happy.." and she smiles as she fingers the locket again. "I guess it's good her man is protective of her and honestly, Ton, you can't blame him for reacting poorly to you showing up like that.." and she sorta grins. "I'm not so young that I've escaped the bloodline is.. well.. a popular topic."

"Tis just how life is… Ah mean, if'n it was easy and all made sense, than.. what's the point?" He asks slowly, giving her a bit of a smile. "Ah tried ta tell him Ah was just there ta talk ta her.. It ain't like even Ah'd try something with all the kids, and all, and.." L'ton shakes his head hurriedly. "Ah… Ah try ta make sure that no one knows, cause it ain't fair of ya, ta have that hanging over yer head. Ah mean, yer just as normal as anyone else."

"Ton, I'm not going to hide who I am.. not unless it is bad for you in some way.. It is unfortunate that it happened as it did but I am not ashamed of who I am." She sounds, for that moment, more mature than her years, such as it is for young women just trying to arrive at womanhood instead of remaining a little girl. "I'm not normal.. I'm rather spectacular!" she chirps then she turns to look at him. "I have struggled..and likely still will from time to time with things because I am..well.. a female. I don't understand much of your life.. and probably never will. Part of me is simply your little girl.. who loves you no matter what.. part of me has to make decisions about life.. my life.. how it will be.. and I guess I'm just.. well.. sometimes you enfuriate me.." and she laughs a little. "Then I feel bad cause you're my da.. and I love you so much.." her head shakes.

"Ah have ta enfuriate ya sometimes, or ya'd never grow up ta be yer own person. And, Ah want that more than anything, even if'n Ah just want ya ta be my lil girl forever." He offers, moving to turn her chin up. "Ah'll support ya no matter what ya chose ta do.. Or who ya are friends with." And then he taps her nose with his forefinger. "Ah dun expect ya ta follow my footsteps, dun worry. But, Ah do want a grandkid, eventually, so ya better have that somewhere in yer thoughts, once ya grow up a lil more."

Zipalla grins some, eyes sparkling as she looks at her father, she does adore him so. "I know you will.. I can't wait to stand.." and she inhales then nods her head. "He's good to me, Ton," is all she says on that matter, then nods her head. "I can't follow your steps, Ton, it'd take me too long to BEAR the number of children you've fathered.." and she winks then giggles, blushing as herself. "I just have a different view of things.. probably no one would understand.. which is fine, my own person and all.. and I might have a baby some day.." though her shoulders lift, "We'll see."

"Well, Ah didn't expect ya ta have all that many. Just.. one." He chuckles softly, before giving her another long hug. "Ah can't wait ta see what finds ya on the Sands. Ah know ya will, even if'n it takes a time or two. And, Ah know that K'ael'll be there ta, even if'n he frustrates me." And then he's flipping his hand over to offer it to her palm up. "Well, look at it this way, sweets. No one ain't ever going to have the same insight as ya."

"Good.." then she snuggles him gently and smiles, "Now then.. what can I do for you? You said something about taking medicine? And you need to lie back.. and put this ice pack where it goes.." and she stands up to retrieve it, looking as though she won't take no for an answer. "Where is the medicine.. and lay down.."

"Ah already took a bit, but its mixed in with the wine skin.." And he looks around trying to figure out where the skin has gone, before he's shaking his head slowly. "Ah'm okay, Ah really am…" But then nevertheless he's slowly leaning back, fingers brushing over his nose. "Ah ain't sure which is worse, ta be honest. The nose, or the arm… Though, Ah have ta say Ah'm glad that ya didn't end up this bad, when y'all went."

Zipalla finds the skin and sets it in his reach then bends to kiss his forehead before she puts the icepack against his nose. "I hope it doesn't straighten out your nose.. or we won't look alike anymore.." she says with a little grin. "I'm glad I didn't either.. I"m never going back there," she says firmly. "I'll let you rest.. thank you for the locket, it means more to me than you can possibly know.." and she opens it carefully.

"Ah dun think anything could straighten out the nose, and ya know it." He teases her, shaking his head even as he resettles the icepack a bit more firmly before reaching to give her arm a gentle squeeze. "Thank ya fer coming ta see meh. Ah.. Ah appreciate it. And… Yer welcome, sweets. Ah'm glad ya like it, though Ah'm sorry there ain't nothing in it."

She smiles softly and nods, "Maybe someday.." she says as she curls it in her fist then tucks it into a pocket, "Az is on his way…get some rest.." and she kisses him once more then disappears to the ledge.

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