Zaenar is Settled with Niah

Ista Weyr - Celiketh's Sinking Ship(#10142RJ)
The ledge has a few chunks taken out of it, and you can see where dragon talons have reshaped the rock over the turns. Near the door to the weyr are a few potted plants, and two large rocks presumably to hold the doors of the weyr open on a nice day.
Inside the weyr the walls are a lilac blue, soft and mild coloring. The entrance has a rug of dark midnight blue in front a navy blue sofa which is adorned by a baby blue blanket a pillows. The place only has two windows, and both have been adorned with curtains of a blue that matches the walls. In contrast is a round table near the small kitchen area, the table is a dark maroon and four chairs that match. Sitting on the table is a vase holding a flower of white and blue, if examined closer it would be discovered the flower is fake. Further into the space behind a heavy curtain of deep crimson is a king sized bed adorned by a bright red quilt and pillows that vary from a near pink red to deep maroon. All the furniture is red, shelves along one wall hold a collections of shells, pictures and other household items. Space has been left near the bed so that Celiketh may be near Niah at night. Off to the side is a well swept dragon couch, fabric hanging near it is bright and very cheery blues, near the couch is a small collection of objects varying from yellowed leaves, shells and pieces of glass that are blue and red.

Late in the day, Celiketh is out on the ledge basking in the last of the days sun. Inside Niah is comfortable on her couch, book open on her belly. Dawn is curled up ontop of the sofa, she is almost to sleep and the blue blanket is covering her feet. All is nice and quiet, her place nicely kept and bed completely made for a change. A little pile of paperwork on her table, and hair down for a change. Not wearing anything fancy, comfortable sweats for a change.

The quiet can hardly last, for Dhonzayth is landing on the ledge with far more delicacy and grace than normally exhibited by the bronze. However, after a moment, it becomes evident exactly why this is the case, for there's a young teen practically being carried off the dragon's back, a bundle in her arms as L'ton sets her stiffly to the ground, Dhonzayth carefully removing himself with a croon to give Celiketh his space back. "Niah?" L'ton ventures cautiously even as he gently urges the other arrival towards the weyr.

Niah doesn't react, though Celiketh gives Dhonzayth more room and eyes L'ton. Niah perks up a bit, not opening her eyes but saying. "Tonny, I am tired." With a little yawn she sits up and rubs the sleep from her eyes. Looking over at L'ton she jumps up off her sofa saying "What.." She gets really quiet and sits back down on her couch, putting her hands over her eyes and peeking through them for a moment. Completely speechless she just sits, "What did you do to yourself?" Her voice is very shakey, and she doesn't seem to notice the girl yet to stuck on his injuries.

L'ton pushes his hair out of his with his good hand before its going back to rest lightly on the teen's head, shaking it. "It.. ain't nothing. Just a broken nose, and broke arm. They'll.. heal Ah guess. The healers say so, least." The girl with him is noticeably quivering, quite nervous at being brought to yet another new place in the strange place that is the Weyr, clutching tightly to the bundle in her arms. "Niah.. This is Zaenar…" He ventures, the girl giving some sort of squeak that is meant to be a 'how do you do'.

Niah looks on the verge of getting actually mad, and in the end she breaks into tears getting off her couch and looking at the girl and back to him and saying, "I told you they had to be willing! She looks scared to death! Tonny how could you!" He has never heard her yell, or get angry before and she sounds very distraught. "Then you go and get yourself hurt and this is all my fault!" Moving away Celiketh moves into the weyr nuzzling Niah gently and getting her to sit back down. Looking at the teen she says in a whimper, "I am so sorry sweety."

The teen just looks at Niah with wide eyes, clutching the bundle a bit closer. "Dun yell, ma'am.." She squeaks, barely audible as she continues to tremble just a bit. "Niah… Ah.. Ah didn't just take her." And then he's taking a moment to settle Zaenar carefully on the couch, reassuring her with soft words that he's not going anywhere before crossing to Niah, voice dropping to a whisper as he puts his hand on the bluerider's shoulder. "She ain't why Ah got beat up. But.. she couldn't stay there. Mah.. Mah sister sent her. But, she's got a baby. She ain't but barely thirteen… Her da got her like that. Ah.. Petula.. couldn't just let her have ta have it happen again."

Niah's eyes get very big as he explain, and she nods eyeing the girl and then taking a deep breath, reaching up to touch the dark circles under his eyes she has a very gentle touch, mouth open as if she is preparing to ask another question. At the mention of a baby she looks over at the girl again, "Baby?" Asking and spotting the bundle, "She, she had her fathers baby?" Aghast, her little whisper and she stands slowly walking over to Zaenar, sitting down on the side of the sofa and saying very softly, "Hello." Just a very weak hello, hand on her stomach as she introduces herself.

L'ton reaches up to stay Niah's fingers - despite the gentle touch it seems that it may be too much for his still recently broken nose. "Aye… Ah.. Ah told ya Ah couldn't leave her there. Ah.. Ah wanted ta drop that man between, but Petula.. she wouldn't let meh, even after all he done." And then he's chewing on his lip, watching Niah cross back over to the couch. The infant in Zaenar's arms whines a bit before the girl is awkwardly trying to shush her, looking up nervously at Niah. "M-ma'am.." She offers softly, looking at her with wide eyes.

Niah takes a deep breath, settling herself and saying still has tears leaking down her cheeks. "No, no you couldn't leave her." Hearing the baby she doesn't move forward, saying "What is your babies name?" Niah has a naturally quiet voice, nothing loud of obnoxious. Naturally pretty gentle, she says "You do not have to call me ma'am." Stuttering just a bit herself and getting quiet herself, saying to the girl "Do-do you want to be here Zaenar, I will not keep you here if you do not want to be." her own lip is pretty close to bleeding, scabbed over.

"E-Ellyza.." Zaenar ventures slowly, taking a moment to push the blanket back from the face of the infant in her arms, showing a girl of maybe 4 months with a little bit of blonde baby hair. L'ton slowly creeps a bit closer, moving to settle at the opposite end of the couch as to not overcrowd the two of them shifting the knot of his sling as it sits behind his neck, staying quiet. "Ah.. Ah dun wanna go back, ma'am.." The girl ventures finally, voice still quite soft, as she drops her chin, practically looking like she may start to cry herself.

Niah nods, "I-I do not know if L'ton will let you stay here, I found out that I am not supposed to be to busy, and so I probably won't be very entertaining." She says, looking over to L'ton and nodding as she gets a name, "Ellyza, a very pretty name. She is beautiful." Niah offers, relaxing into the couch and shaking her head slightly, hand on her side. With another deep breath she leans forward and looks up to L'ton, she looks lost and shrugs her shoulders.

"If.. If ya were willing to let her.. Ah.. Ah think that ya might be the best person fer her.. Ah.. Ah know ya wouldn't let anything happen to her." L'ton ventures quietly, nodding at the girl and her infant. "Ah.. Ah could get stuff fer her, ta have a bit of her own space up here. Ah.. Ah bet she'd be willing ta help look after ya and yers when they come ta, no?" Zaenar can only nod, looking at Niah with pleading eyes. "Please, ma'am?" And then as she comments on Ellyza, she cautiously offers her to Niah.. "W-would ya like ta hold her?" Perhaps the longest phrase the girl has managed all night.

Niah smiles very gently and nods to L'ton, saying to him softly "Could she, get on Celi alone? I am supposed to keep quiet until the healers are comfortable.." Mumbling for a moment about stupid healers, Celiketh goes back out to the ledge looking at Zaenar for a moment but back to enjoy the last bit of sunlight. At Zaenar she nods, reaching out her arms to take the baby. Holding the child close to her she says to Zaenar, "Of course you can stay." Then saying to Zaenar, "I am Niah, and the pretty violet fellow you just saw leaving is Celiketh, he lives here too." Introducing herself, then she says to L'ton "Tonight, maybe she could sleep in the bed, I can take the sofa." Murmuring and sucking on her lip.

"Ah bet if'n ya told her how, she could. She didn't even cry, when we came back between." L'ton offers, feeling soft of guilty for talking about Zaenar even though she's sitting right there. "Ah'll leave that fer ya two ta figure out.. Ah.. Ah didn't mean ta put ya out of yer own space.." And then he smiles. "And.. Ah saw ya handle Zalyu.. Ah thought ya'd be the best ta help her, ta, with Elly." Zaenar is shifting a bit, giving Celiketh a rather nervous look, but a polite bow of her head despite it all - the look on her face betraying her desire to run from the dragon. "Ah.. Ah dun need ta take the bed, Niah, ma'am.." She offers softly. "The.. The couch is fine.. Ah.. Ah ain't use ta being 'lone anyway."

Niah rocks the baby gently, "I could teach her, he would take her if it was for me." She explains, still in shock over this whole new situation, quiet for a long while and she says "Do not worry about him, he is very loving." Meaning Celiketh, who croons from outside in a small attempt to prove her point. "It's ok Tonny, just.. we can talk about it later." Brushing her hair out of her face, "Zaenar, you can sleep wherever you are most comfortable. Celiketh sleeps by me, where I am he will always be." It's both a condition of her stay, and a fact. "His couch is over there." Pointing to one of the curtains. "Ellyza can sleep in the crib, or I have a basket that she can lay in if you want her by you." Softly, and very carefully listing options for the teen. "If L'ton didn't tell you, I am expecting twins in a few months and if you still want to be here then we can see what we can do to make all of us comfortable."

"Ah think ya two will be fine.. Tomorrow is soon 'nuff. Ah mean ain't nothing gonna get done tonight, and Ah'll have ta get someone else ta help carry stuff in, since Ah ain't so much good with just one arm. Just.. let meh know what ya'll'll need. Ah can find another crib, ta, Ah think." He glances around him, as if pondering ways to help rearrange stuff, before Zaenar is piping up a bit softly. "Ah.. Ah would like the basket, if'n its okay… Ah'll just.. stay on the couch, if'n Ah can." And then the girl actually lightens up a bit, looking with wide eyes. "Twins?"

Niah turns and says to L'ton, "Alright, I think we can do this." She says, without a trace of actual confidence. Turning to Zaenar she says, "Would you like to meet Celiketh? He comes in and out an awful lot and I do not want you to be scared of him." Biting on her lip, it's bleeding a bit now "Another crib would be good." Leaning down she gives the baby a little kiss, "The basket will be fine, once you have a bed we can put her where you need her. How does she sleep?" Asking and then pressing a hand to her belly she smiles, "Yes twins, in a few months though. I usually am in and out a lot, but.. I will be here most of the time now that… I've been told to be." She leaves off the long explanation and Celiketh comes into the weyr, standing back but fidgetting a bit.

"Ah… Twins.." Zaenar looks a bit surprised, fingers twitching out to brush briefly over Niah's abdomen before she's jumping backwards as if expecting to be hit, looking up at her with wide eyes. "Ah… Ah can help to. Ah.. Ah been taking care of Ellyza.." And then she's reaching for her baby back, before nodding slowly turning to gaze at Celiketh as the blue returns. "Tis okay Zaenar, remember what Ah told ya about Dhonzayth? They ain't gonna hurt ya or anything. They real gentle.. And they just like to whuffle a little, cause they like you. Celiketh is real sweet, too."

Niah giggles as Zaenar touches her, "You can touch, if you really want to." She has to add the really, she isn't really one to be touched. "They both move a lot at night, you will have plenty of time to feel." She says, handing Ellyza back to Zaenar and letting her eyes glaze. "Celiketh is just as intelligent as me and you, more so then most people sometimes. And he has feelings too, so when you talk about him he hears you and understands. He can talk to you, though he mostly talks to me." She says, slowly and softly explaining her relationship with her dragon in case Zaenar hasn't had a proper education. "If you would let him, he would like to sniff you. You can touch him and stroke him if you want to." Offering and standing, she walks over to Celiketh as if she can lead by example. Wrapping her arms around him she gives him a big kiss on the nose.

"This is a different Niah.." L'ton murmurs lightly, slightly amused, even as he's moving around to gather up the basket and a few other things for Zaenar with his good hand, even as he's watching Zaenar's reaction for any sign of total fear. But, it seems that the girl is braver than many would give her credit for, for she's slowly extending a hand to Celiketh, though she's unwilling to leave the safety of the sofa, and is still holding rather tightly to Ellyza. "H-hello Celiketh.."

Niah stays close to Celiketh, as he takes a step forward and stretches his neck so that he can sniff her hand. As Zaenar clutches the baby she whispers, "It is ok, he loves babies dear. We had a little boy here the other day, Zalyu and he plays all over Celiketh if you give him the chance." Celi nudges the hands lightly, then pulls his head back to nudge Niah. As l'ton gathers things Niah watches him but then smiles. Celiketh says in a very light voice, his tone almost a whisper though whisps of the same light blue that is one Niah's walls comes with his mind. It is a very calm song, a lullaby and Zae may hear the ocean in his light little «Hello to you, and your little one.» Niah smiles and says, "He likes you."

Zaenar probably would shriek if she hadn't been conditioned to never do precisely that. And so she just sits there when Celiketh first nudges her and then she catches the light lilt of his voice. "L'ton…" She whimpers just a bit, though she seems to calm down at Niah's words. "I.. If ya say so, Niah.. Ma'am.." L'ton hovers close, but as it seems the girl is going to be okay. Lightly moving to rest his hand on Niah's shoulder, he gives her a smile. "Ah.. Ah'll let the two of ya get settled. Ah.. Ah should go take some more fellis.." And he's giving her a quick kiss before patting Zaenar's shoulder in turn. "Ah'll get the stuff tomorrow, if'n.. ya need anything at all."

Niah nods and says "Come to the ledge with me, so I can talk to you." Turning to Zaenar she says, "I will be back in a moment." Once out on the ledge she leans up to kiss his neck, gently needing her lips on him for a moment and saying, "Never do anything like this again ok? If I lost you.. what would we do. Leave your three unborn children without a father, my two and mais baby." She seems anxious, finally letting it show she paces back and forth. "I am on weyr rest until the babies are born, was.. having a problem. It's better now but." She sighs and moves to wrap her arms around him "I love you." she whispers, just seeming overwhelmed.

L'ton pulls her into a hug, returning the kiss with a smile. "Ah promise, Ah won't do it again.." He shakes his head, giving her a gentle squeeze even as Dhonzayth settles on the ledge. "Ah promise, Ah won't let anything happen, that would leave ya alone.." And he sighs softly, shaking his head. "That ain't good, Niah.. We'll talk about it tamorrow?" And then he's gently kissing the top of her forehead. "Ah love ya ta, lil bit. Go get some rest, and get Zae settled in. Ah'll see ya tomorrow."

Niah gives him another kiss, and says "I am fine, just need to calm down." She nuzzles him and says "I will, we can talk about me tomorrow." She steps back and goes into her weyr to take care of her new situation.

L'ton watches her for a moment, before Dhonzayth is landed and he's awkwardly climbing onto his back before the pair returns to their own ledge.

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