Ista's Hatching (Partial)

Ista Weyr: Candidate Barracks(#1737RAJ$)
Rows and rows of cots fill the length of this room, which is far too big for the amount of candidates that Ista commonly hosts - it's a remnant from turns gone by, when space for up to eighty candidates was necessary. The cots have been pulled further apart, many discarded, which means that there is plenty of space between each of them for a press and even a small table, although it's still not the most spacious of areas - there are far more cots than could ever be needed. Boys and girls have been mostly separated, with a curtain able to be slung down between the two areas, although there's still a communal sense between the two areas.
A tunnel, kept firmly covered by a great door, leads deep into the bowels of the weyr; it's a long walk to the end, wherever it goes, and glow lamps are required for any who walk that way. The barracks themselves are well lit - glow lamps kept filled, as yet another chore for the candidates, both on and off duty. Upon one of the walls, a brilliant mural has been painted, depicting a queen and her mate, and a clutch of eggs (+view mural).

B'relle rushes into the barracks. "Get your robes on. Get in line. they are hatchng. Hurry! Hurry!"

Pallaton is lazing around, and at the initial commotion, he just stares at her before realizing what all it means and falling over to the floor, scrambling for his robe and sandals.

Sarcon gets his robe on and heads out. "Now?!"

Alexis looks up from her cot where she's just settled having recently come from her chores in the kitchens. In a bit of a rush, she grabs at the robe that was recently finished and throws it on in a rush. She hurries to follow the others out of the barracks.

Iaeran looks up from folding a selection of his laundry. "Now?" He declares incredulously. With a snort he starts to change into his robe, retrieving it from it's place at the bottom of his trunk. He'd have to finish folding later. Pulling on a sandal he hops towards the line.

There's a sudden flurry of activity behind the black privacy curtain around Lyda's cot. Moments later she emerges, dressed in that horrible white robe she was forced into wearing for the occassion. And then, she's hurrying out with the others, trying to find friends to stand near.

Taliesin pulls on the last of his sandles, grumbling at the straps as he tugs them on. And backwards even! "Dun' care at this point, they are on my feet." He shuffles his way over to the line of other candidates and makes his way out onto the sands.

Ahti was lucky - He was trying on his robe to make sure it all fit. And so he's already in it, pulling his sandals on so that he's ready quickly. "Uh, guys?" Pause. "Good luck.."

Perrie was just about to head out the door to the baths, she's hot, sticky and sweaty. Well there goes that idea. With a blink or two, she jumps onto her cot and begins to strip while fumbling for her robe. Finally she gets it on over her head and looks around for her friends. She almost pounces on Lyda in the process, "They're hatching!" She giggles nervously. Well this is a new side of the Smith.

Paimida was flopped on her cot as well, lots of candidates lazing about today isn't there. At B'relle running in she blinks and rolls right off it with a crash. Whoops. Getting to her feet she blinks and peeks around. "Wait.. wha'… what'm Ah supposed ta do?"

Franses trembles with nerves as she throws her robe on and steps forward with panicky jitters. "I'mfine…I'mfine…I'mfine…" she murmurs under her breath as she moves behind Perrie, her eyes unseeing.

B'relle glances over the candidates and nods noncommittally.. "You'll have to do, they didn't give us much warning. Follow me."

Iaeran turns at hearing Pai's startled and confused voice. "Grab on your robe and follow us. He pauses to wait and make sure she'd be alright. "Hurry now."

Sarcon runs and grabs Pai's hand. "Common, come stand by me."

Lyda giggles nervously in response to the near-pounce from the smith, nodding excitedly. She takes a quick look around the barracks. Like a commando, she can't leave her friends behind. She hurries over to Paimida. "Get your robe on and go, c'mon!" And then she moves to follow B'relle.

Paimida finally figured it out and finds her robe, getting it over her head with some difficulty before tossing her socks off and putting on sandals. Tugging her hand out of Sarcon's she lines up with Pal aisntead

Ista Weyr: Hatching Sands
The gently convex floor is hardly visible thanks to its filling of deep black sand, nonetheless forming a bowl in which a clutch of eggs can harden in safety and warmth. Heated by the thermal energy of the dormant volcano, the sands are always opressively hot - even through boots, the sand seers and bakes, small rushes of air from above and through from the bowl making little difference. A large outcropping of stone becomes an island within this sea of sand, the resting place of a queen who guards her clutch; a smaller platform of wood is set aside for the queen's rider.
Centuries of eggshells scatter the dark sands, broken down to but pieces of colour amid the darkness. A staircase rises towards the far end of the sands, almost out of view, whilst a small passage leads in the general direction of the weyrling barracks.
===============================< Room Contents >==============================
People: Pallaton C'rro Ahti Lisle Sireen S'va Alexis Lyda Woodrow Nelali
Dragons: Vsonath Umniyath
Eggs: Volcanic Chameleon Egg Shaft of Darkness Egg Heat Born Secrets Egg Pale Pink Cluster Egg Mutable Colors Egg Shades of Green Egg Lightning Through Abyss Egg Pretentious White Queen Egg Fortitude of Virtue Egg Bridges of Peace Egg Illusions In the Sand Egg Shades of Grey Rainbows Egg Whistling in the Wind Egg Twin Wedges Egg Earthy Resonance Egg Fairy's Cross Egg

Volcanic Chameleon egg manages to wriggle itself out of its little groove that it's had built in the sand around it. Of course, to onlookers, this occurrence probably looks as if a massive mound of sand has heaved itself up. Then again, as the movements stop, it appears as if that was just an illusion. That's right

Shades of Grey Rainbows Egg shudders suddenly, then stops just as suddenly, as though rocked by an earthshake.

Pallaton tugs nervously at his robe, fingers plucking at loose strings as he remembers to bow to the clutch parents before shuffling over towards the *moving* eggs to pick a spot. After all, this is a totally different experience.

Alexis follows along with the rest making their way into the hatching grounds and onto the sands bowing to the clutch parents on her way. She peers around quickly looking for any of the others she's managed to make friends with in between her time doing chores and the like. Upon seeing Lyda and Paimida, she heads toward them, slightly mince stepping even though she's wearing sandals on her feet. Looking to Lyda she murmurs, "Okay…so…I've only been to one of these before…what do we do?"

Franses steps onto the black sands of the hatching grounds, her eyes not quite focusing yet on anything but the back in front of her. "I'mfine…I'mfine…I'mfine." Oh yeah, she's fine alright. Maybe she's just reminding anyone in earshot? That may be likely. Moving into line alongside Perrie, she turns toward the eggs and as they come into view, her gaze finally sharpens. "No more waiting. Ok. Right."

Umniyath looks over the candidates as they make their way onto the sands. She stands slightly back from them almost offering them to the group in white that start to fill the sands. She is not one of those overprotective golds, she is rather proud of this clutch as she is of all her progeny. As all the candidates find their places she gives a loud bellow, almost in greeting before looking over to Vsonath.

Perrie walks smartly onto the sands, her steps are prim and stately, for the first couple at least. Then she yelps slightly, "Jays! The sands are as hot as maiden on her wedding night!" Uh oh, foul language, yup the smith is nervous. But then she remembers her duties and bows to the clutch-parents before looking around to find her friends. Franses is given a warm smile, "It'll be fine. Really." she moves with the other girl over to by where Pall is standing.

Ahti bows to the clutch parents as he crosses the sands before passing the other candidates, moving to stand on the far side of Franses, reaching for his fellow candidate's hand. "I.. I hope this goes well."

Vsonath is standing off to the right of the entry that the Candidates must pass through in order to get to the eggs themselves. His body is held rigid, head held high and an expression of absolute triumph upon his bronze face. He has every look of a proud father-to-be, marshalling himself near enough to see exactly what is going on but far enough from the scene of action that he will be keeping out of the way. As the Candidates and company begin to enter he swings his forequarters around to survey the long line of white-robe clad people, his thrumming stops for a split second. This is to give the lot of them a 'good luck' of sorts before his attention is swung back to the eggs themselves.

Paimida follows right behind Pallaton, grabbing for his hand here and there, but it keeps moving away. Grr. She's actually trying to stick with the boy? Well, why not, they are related. She bows as well and then as she's falling behind moves in to his right. Whew.

Sarcon stands around looking nervous seeing the eggs moving. He's heard the stories. "Whoo." Sarcon twiches. "Oh please…." Sarcon says before bowing to the parents. "Stay calm, show no fear." He seems to say to himself

Lyda looks rather nervous and harried herself, sticking close to her little group of friends, her eyes darting between the familiar faces for reassurance. She manages the tiniest of smiles for Alexis. "Just… stand still, try not to panic…" The bellow from the gold cuts her off, nearly making her jump. Okay, so she's not always entirely collected. Her eyes move to the eggs, looking for any sign of movement.

Shades of Grey Rainbows Egg rocks roughly about and a wide fracture appears from top to bottom of the egg. The fracture is wide enough in one spot that movement can be discerned within the egg.

Iaeran slips in with a couple of the male candidates at the tail end of the line. He bows to the clutch parents then gazes out upon the moving eggs. The gold's bellow gets a start from him but he smiles at her. His gaze goes to Sarcon. "You'll be fine boyo." He says matter-of-factly.

The colors on the shell of the Twin Wedges Egg dance erratically as it shifts in the sand. Is it now? What's all this humming? The excited shudder of the egg soothes however a moment later. Not now, it seems.

Taliesin strides with a little hop into the sands, stopping when he realizes how many people there are watching. Sky blue hues peer over to the clutch parents where the young man turns to offer his own bow. He then turns and peers at the sound of crackling coming from behind him. "What was that?" he mumbles to himself as he redirects his attentions elsewhere. Not a spot of nervousness in this lad…or so he lets on.

Bump. Volcanic Chameleon egg manages to roll again (and how dizzy the dragonet within must be getting), but this time, it bumps up against one of the other eggs, hard. A great cracking sound is heard throughout the bowl. Which one of the two it is, however, is unclear.

Franses takes Ahti's hand in hers, her gaze unwavering from the eggs. "It's alright. Remember they're dragons. Baby dragons. Nothing here can hurt you." A small smile lifts the corners of her mouth then. Now /that/ was the reminder she needed. Not that her hands aren't still shaking a tad. Nerves.

Sireen wanders in with the rest of the herd, looking lost and confused and of course nervous. Her hair is neatly coiled in a bun to help with the overwhelming heat. An even though her bangs neatly pinned back she lifts a hand to push back and the place they normally dangle. Beads of sweat are already forming on her brow and she's chewing on her bottom lip.

Alexis nods to Lyda and offers a smile back to the girl. The gold's bellow makes her jump just a little, but she smiles at Umniyath, remembering her manners, before returning her attention to the eggs on the sands. She shifts her weight on her feet, trying to keep from letting them stay in the hot sand too long. "Thanks," she says to Lyda, her eyes shifting from one moving egg to the other.

Pallaton reaches for Pai's hand as he settles, glancing over at her with a nervous grin as he shifts back and forth, offering his hand to whoever's on the opposite side of him before leaning slightly to peer at Franses. "Ah dunno.. They say they can hurt ya, and ya should be careful.." Just the reassuring words Ahti needs, certainly.

Shades of Grey Rainbows Egg bursts apart each half falling to the ground as the Abstract Stained Glass Green Hatchling flings her egg-wet wings wide.

Abstract Stained Glass Green Hatching
A more colorful version of the shell that once housed her, this green hatchling sports the whole gamut of that color. Tracings of deep, deep, near black green divide her hide in to millions of tiny sections in varying sizes Some as small as a mark others as large as a firelizard egg. None of the sections have a regular shape, they are instead rough and jagged as though made of shattered glass put back together like a jigsaw puzzle. Each section is a different shade or hue of green. Some shine in briliant Emerald, others glimmer dully in turquoise, some have so much yellow as to be scarely considered green, others are nearly blue. Some are shaded so dark as to blend with the tracings outlining them, others so pale as to be mistaken for white. Seafoam, jade, lime, forest, antique bottle, sage, spinich, olive, aquamarine, and chartruse all seek to draw the eye and mesmerize the observer. Janneth is a well formed dragon with average features. Her hide is the only remarkable thing about her, but it does the job better than most.

Heat Born Secrets Egg shivers suddenly, perhaps the wind from all the dragons flying in and depositing passengers has cooled the sands and chilled the furnace-thriving egg.

Ping, ping. Like a dark black pinball, the Volcanic Chameleon egg continues bumping against its siblings, more thuds and crackling sounds becoming audible by the moment. As it rolls off into a clear space, into light, the egg breaks apart at all its facets, a large, brightly lime wing of gossamer breaks through, spreading feebly to introduce the resident within to the world.

Mesa Verde Green Hatchling
Long glossy wings. Wings that, when they unfurl, are so long as to appear terribly, terribly awkward. They make the medium-sized green appear to be without grace: narrow at her top, the body getting larger, from the broad shoulders, her wings - glossy, splashed in certain places with a shimmering, silvery green. This, my friends, is where the subtlety ends. Pulled back taut against the thin, yet well-muscled form is a hide of a brightly lime green across her belly and right at the tip of her muzzled nose, there is a lighter green, in its own a bit awkward at the tips of her headknobs is a slightly darker green. Through the hide can currently be seen the traces of bones - not the point to where she's malnourished, but to the point that the lady is most definitely having the room to fill in to be one of Pern's best flight-fighters. The ridges on her back, every so often, run crooked, adding to the slight imperfections. There seems to be a pattern, to those upon her back, but as soon as they've had it 'figured out'? The pattern is gone. Despite her appearance, the gaudily-green miss is not an awkward, clumsy mover at all indeed, she moves with a sort of careful fluency (which was, come to think of it, probably from her father's side of the gene-pool). It's her eyes, though, which are her saving grace - eyes which reflect a constant sense of contemplation. Not too deep, of course - she already basically knows everything. And if not her eyes that're whirling? Well then, her tail is moving, or her claws are clicking, or…

Essentially catching a second wind, the Twin Wedges Egg starts to move again. This time hairline fractures cause several of the silvery spindles to flake off. The more brilliantly colored portions of shell almost clouding over with the internal egg residue that has begun to seep from the cracks.

Paimida squeezes Pal's hand tightly as he takes her, and she does have a rather strong grip. The boy can deal though, he's no wuss, or at least pretends to not be. Shifting her feet back and forth she peeks at him. "Thanks… tha's really makin' meh feel alot better 'bout this, yeh know." Glare. Then as a actual hatching appears on the sand she bilnks… and another. "Tha's…." Bliiink

Ahti stares at Pallaton with wide eyes, looking to Franses for a bit more comfort before it no longer matters, for there are hatchlings out and about, and he's squeezing the hand in his looking nervous.

Taliesin peers about and spots Sireen nibbling away on her bottom lip. Carefully he makes his way over to her and stops at her side. "Ya know, I wouldn't chew too hard. You might need that later." All the while a cool and foolish grin rests on his face as he brushes blond strands from his eyes. He peers back out and spots the two wandering greens taking their place on the sands. "Wow…beautiful."

Another shiver from Heat Born Secrets Egg and a black talon protrudes through the shimmering shell sending a crack horizontally across it.

Nelali is standing, moderately near to B'relle and watching as the eggs start to crack and dump out their contents. She's quiet though, nothing really to say and add to the moment.

Lyda does the 'candidate dance', shifting from one foot to the other to keep herself from getting a burn. Her eyes go wide as saucers as she sees the first pair of hatchlings emerging from their eggs. She's frozen, unable to do anything but shift her feet, affected just as strongly as her first hatching.

Alexis blinks as the first egg hatches. "It's much different down here…last time…I was in the stands," she says to no one at all, blinking again when the next hatchling appears. "Both greens," she murmurs more to herself then to anyone in particular as she watches first one, then the other green hatchling.

Sarcon looks and is quiet as the greens hatch. "Whoa, look at that." Sarcon whispers to Iaeran. "This is amazing." He feels the sands getting hotter and hotter. But tries to ignore it.

Perrie is reaching for Pai's hand as she finds her clique with Franses, "This is more intense than I imagined, that's for sure." she glances at Lyda with a little wink, "Good luck all." she says with a wide grin, "We'll be toasting this day for Turns to come, I know it." she shuffles a little bit, "And cursing our burned feet for weeks."

Franses shakes her head, darting a quick glance at Pallaton before squeezing Ahti's hand in comfort. "Just because they can be clumsy doesn't mean they should be feared," she replies, her smile still unmoving. Then the first eggs hatch and the trembling really begins in her rotund body. "Breathe…"

Iaeran squints a little, not able to wear his hat. The lights weren't very pleasent at this point. The first little green is hatched. Ran smiles at the patterning. But before his eyes are two greens. He takes off the glasses, wipes them, and returns them. Nope, it's not his eyes. There -are- two now…

Pallaton takes Perrie's hand, though he mutters a bit at Pai's squeeze. "Do ya have to squeeze so hard? Ah'd think ya were scared, the way ya're hanging on." And he shakes his head, tsking before he gives her a good natured wink, attention focusing on the greens. Eep.

B'relle stands at the ready watching the eggs hatch and the hatchlings wander around waiting for an impression.

Mesa Verde Green Hatchling looks around the sands with an air of sophistication. Just where has she landed herself. She notices the group in white, looking over each curiously. No rushing these things. One must make the right choice of accesory. She finally takes a step forward across the sands, eyes on a particular set of candidates. All the boys get a dismissive look, they will just not do. She then looks over a group of female candidates, examing each with a careful glance.

Sireen blinks a few times as there are suddenly two greens loose on the sands. "That was fast." She murmurs to herself before attention and wintergreen eyes are snagged briefly by Taliesin. The chewing stops. "What?" She didn't even realize she was doing it until her lip starts to throb. "Oh." Blink. And then she turns back to those eggs and hatchlings, watching and waiting to see who they choose.

HophopHop! Ok, maybe putting the sandles on the wrong feet were a bad idea. Taliesin quickly slips off his sandles while doing his own little hop on the sand just long enough to make the switch. He peers over to Sireen with a sigh and a chuckle. "That feels better now doesn't it? I particularly like my bottom lip."

Abstract Stained Glass Green Hatching arches her neck just a bit even though the goo is falling around her, whirling eyes quite red in her distaste. Goo will definately not do. Attempting her feet, the little green stands up and shakes her body, flinging what excess goo she might have onto the nearby shells. Now, those white things out there, to proceed to them.. Yes…

Paimida manages to glare at Pallaton again. "An' what if Ah /am/, aren't yeh?" Not that the boy will admit it more than likely. She frowns slightly and keeps holding on, not really caring if he teases her. The greens are watched with a mix of awe and fear, yes, she /is/ scared.

Mesa Verde Green Hatchling finally stops in front a smaller group of girls. Each one is eyed over before her gaze finally settles on one in particular with green eyes that just seem to match her hide. She settles herself in front of the girl for a quiet moment before she takes any action, yes she must make sure. Then she does take action.

Alexis's eyes finally rest on the green that has headed in the direction of the group of female candidates. She is rather in awe having not seen a hatchling even this close before and her mouth is open just a little. A nearby sound from another candidate shakes her from her reverie and she looks around a bit, closing her mouth before glancing from one green to the other again and murmuring to Lyda, "So…who do you think they will pick?"

Lyda eyes the greens as they start to approach the group, taking a moment to overcome her nervous freeze. She squints and moves her head, trying to see past the crowd and determine whether the first impression has already happened. She murmurs back at Alexis. "I think one of them picked… who?"

The Twin Wedges Egg has had enough. The shell just doesn't have the strength to hold it's captive inside any longer. Large bits of shell peel off and fall away, flashes of hatchling hide and limb visibly thrashing around until nothing of its former prison remains.

Sarcon makes a fist and tries to calm down seeing the dragons hatch. "Oh its pretty hot in here." Is all the hot sand gets from him, he doesn't even hop. "They're big….bigger than I thought. Hey Lyda, If I get mauld, tell Martrin he can have my stuff." He winks at his closest thing to a freind at Ista.

Not Quite Metallic Enough Bronze Hatchling
Cool wisps of icy brass form a subtle layer of foggy condensation over a glistening shade of pale copper. That particular metallic coat sweeps over his steadfast body and fleshy haunches, blocking much of his base color's reflective quality. What should perhaps be shadow on this frosted bronze, the curve of his belly and underside of his strapping limbs, is instead lighter still, a fine Victorian brocade of opalescent lines, dancing across mulled amber. Each broad paw finds itself home to a set of shining claret talons, the tone isolated from the rest of his coloring. Brass thickens, choking out the copper, up his lissome neck, creating touches of pearl across his eyeridges and head knobs where a delicate shine returns to his hide. Broad wingsails cast of translucent auburn are supported by skeletal spars, deceptively tenuous. Curling down his tail, the brocade pattern returns, finishing at tail tip in blinding ivory.

The Fortitude of Virtue Egg shifts ever so slightly, a smallish white egg almost unseen amoungst its siblings. Its movement is likely unnoticed unless it is looked at directly.

Perrie tries to do her hopping very subtly, can't let herself look like the heat is bothering her. She's a smith after all. But shard it! The forge is nothing compared to the heat of these black sands. Wait? There are dragonets out there. Two green ones to be exact, and now a bronze too. No one ever told her it would be this fast. She tries to look everywhere at one, and only accomplishes to make herself dizzy. "

Abstract Stained Glass Green Hatching makes in quicker to the white robed things, seeing her own sibling obviously going in that direction, too. She stumbles a bit on her way, tumbling just as her other green sibling makes to one. Wait! Don't forget about her! She crows a bit pleadfully before she charges towards the band of girls, she knows who you are, yes!

Iaeran keeps his eyes on the dragons, though half of him wants to close them. They really need to reassess their policy on hats, yep. This wasn't pleasent… and it was making him a little sick. However his stomach's constant churning is forgotten as the extremely palid bronze hatches. "Wow." he mutters softly.

Paimida blinks as a green sits down in front of her, hardly breathing as she tenses up. It's kinda close isn't it. Then suddnely her hand clenches even tighter around Pal's, the boy is bound to have a bruise by the end of this. Wavering the girl ends up settling down onto her knees with a shocked expression. Finally her arms go around the Mesa Verde Hatching's neck and she sighs.

Not Quite Metallic Enough Bronze Hatchling gives a derisive snort, kicking sand back at the mutilated remains of his egg. Jeweled eyes whirl in muted colors of agitation and hunger, the bronze loosing a harsh bugle at the candidates and stamping a foot. Though he does not yet approach, instead parking his fanny on the sand and busying himself with flinging egg goo from his wings.

Franses smiles, in her eyes a reflection of both hope and sadness. "So /that's. how it happens," she murmurs. "See? No one's getting hurt or clawed or mauled Ahti." Yes, comfort the boy. Don't think of anything else. Help him. "Congratulations, Paimida!" Now a bronze has entered the fray. "They're amazing so young."

The top of Heat Born Secrets Egg flips off backwards, revealing a slightly confused Trunk of the Ancient Tree Brown Hatchling. The hatchling examines the bottom half of the egg before tapping it several times with a talon until it splits in half and frees the captive hatchling. Trunk of the Ancient Tree Brown Hatchling wanders the sands creeling loudly. He examines each of the candidates in turn, before returning to the short, stocky Irehwon. As the lad looks down at the brown in shock, a broad smile breaks across his weathered features. "He says his name is Virenth!" He calls triumphantly before adding in a softer tone. "I suppose I'won is a good name, and certainly I'll get you some food, beloved Virenth."

Trunk of the Ancient Tree Brown Hatchling
Moderate brown, as of sun baked dirt, coats this dragon's unsually rough hide. Deeper brown stripes run vertically down the dragon's side making the rather bulky looking young dragon look thinner. The awkwardly long forked tail bears a few glimmers of green in with the brown. His pale brown wingspars may now seem small and week but he will no doubt grow to become a champion of the skies.

Pallaton looks like he's going to cry as the green not only approaches the group he's standing with, but has the audacity to take his cousin away from him - From right beneath his nose! As a result, all his other words are cut off, and he just stares at Paimida and the green, attention stolen momentarily by the bronze, though his attention goes back to the situation at hand. "Ya, ya…" And he trails off, dumbfounded.

B'relle rushes out on to the sands to assist Paimida back to the barracks where she can feed her new lifemate.

The Fortitude of Virtue Egg continues its seemingly slow shifting in its own little dip in the sands, before the movements start to increase and fine lines start to appear over the white and grey marbled shell. A piece of shell falls away and an talon reminiscent of a stubby icicle emerges to pull apart the shell further.

Alexis blinks as the second green heads toward the first, watching her and saying, "I hope she doesn't fall…" Frowning a bit, she keeps trying to look all around seeing who is chosen as it seems both greens have picked now. Looking to Lyda, she says, "Who? Oh…Pai got one…who got the other?" She then grins and says, "Congratulations Paimida!"

Shades of Green Egg starts rocking in on the edge of the mound, a rather insistent movement as it wobbles on its little mound near its siblings

Sireen slowly bobs that head of hers, dislodging some of the carefully placed hairs around her ears. "I suppose so." And yet right after she's done saying that she's gnawing on that lip again. Worrying away. Paimida's impression gets a whoop. "Yay! Go-" And then her voice falls away as she forgets the girl's name. Names weren't her strong point. Eyes flicker back to Tali before she spots that other green.. and.. "Oh.." Well there goes her talking partner.

Perrie blinks and looks to see the green with Paimida and she deliberately looks back at the crowds and yells out to someone supposedly up there, "See! Told you so!" Then back to her friend, she just beams, "There, now no one can tell you what to do ever again." She scurries closer to Lyda with a grin, and even gives her other friend a little hug, "Your next, I know it."

Tali watches the little green finally taking its place with her new lifemate, and not a moment later a bronze takes the scene. "Would you look at that one?" he mumbles as he begins to shuffle a bit on his feet. Sky blue eyes peer down at the little green before him. "Ja-Janneth? Food!? Of course sweets!" Tali lowers himself down to his lifemate and snugs her muzzle as he begins to peer about. Where do I go again?

Not Quite Metallic Enough Bronze Hatchling finding himself less drippy than before, pushes up to his feet again, tail flicking oddly to maintain balance. He still regards the candidates with borderline annoyance as he plods towards them, head held high and haughty. Be it new legs or purposeful stride, he effects a slight swagger, a swishing trail behind him from his swaying tail.

Lyda shakes off all her nervousness with a big bright smile as she sees Paimida is one of the first impresses, clapping gleefully for her friend. "Congratulations, Paimida!" She's straight back to being nervous when Perrie hugs her and offers her encouragement, her eyes back on the eggs. "There's so many of them… look, now a bronze, and a brown! This is happening so fast."

Iaeran grins, watching the brown take it's lifemate… and wait… isn't that Pai with that green. "Congrats Pai!" But no doubt he's unheard. He'd congradulate her later maybe. Another candidate he'd not met gets the other green. "Congrats." he tries again. It's the thought that counts.

Franses doesn't know where to look anymore now that impressions are being made so fast. "It's alright. Ahti. Really." Is she saying that for his sake or hers? "Tali! Congratulations!" Lyda is heard and nodded to. "Very fast. It's…woderful."

The Shades of Green Egg continues its rather insistent rocking, before cracks start to appear over its surface like streaks of lightening. Finally bits of shell start to fall off and the first evidence of life appears, a shiny blue gooey muzzle poking through a hole. Shards continue to fall about its occupant until there is left standing in a pile of broken shell, Clearing Spring Rains Blue Hatching. He stands there for a few minutes taking in the world around him, starting at the shell that lay about his feet to the sands and the eggs that still lay near him.

Paimida nods B'relle and gets to her feet, stumbling off with her bond following after. The girl's in a dase it seems, but luckily she let go of Pallaton's hand.

Pallaton continues to pout, though he is paying enough attention to his surroundings to notice the kidnapping of Tali, and he shakes his head, looking at his feet, and plucking at his robe as his hand is freed. He lost half his hold - Not fair!

Alexis nods to Lyda and gives a grin to Perrie as she arrives. "It is fast…I couldn't keep track when I was in the stands. It's not much different down here at all, is it?" She looks around, trying to see who the brown and bronze will go to then ahs as the brown choses, still watching the other eggs and hatchlings as well. "Look…a blue!"

Not Quite Metallic Enough Bronze Hatchling stops far closer to the candidates this time, surveying them each in a hyper-critical sort of way, annoyance traded for condescension. Just as he starts to step towards one, he jerks to a stop, turning instead to the opposite direction and stalking towards a young man. His choice apparently made, the bronze kicks a bit of sand at the feet of his selected dingy-blonde candidate. Or is that Weyrling?

Heat. Not the same at the sands around you, but still there is a warmth spreading over your flesh. This of course, only visits itself upon you long enough to make the transition to cool autumn breeze all that more striking. «Look at you. Come away from these others. We have better things to do. Never too soon to begin to farm a reputation. Dhonzayth and his L'ton, everything a female could want and a male could want to be. Yes, I like that.» A sudden flicker of bright red and copper dance before your eyes, the mental breeze snuffing out. «Oooh, but I'm empty. You have food don't you?»

Ahti gives Franses a crooked smile, biting his lip as he nods slowly, offering his own hesitant congratulations, though his gaze remains on the dragons the entire while - What better way to make sure he doesn't get trampled?

The Pretentious White Queen Egg suddenly moves, lifting a few inches off the ground. It is silent for a second and then leaps again — rolling several feet away from its comrades in a fit of violent motion and then lying still.

Perrie nods and jumps, not really from heat, but more from excitement, "And two more just picked too. Lyda, I do believe this is more exciting that any evening at the Sands. Even when I do hook up with someone." Uh oh, look, it's Perrie uncensored.

Sarcon looks at the approaching dragons and closes his eyes. "Ok calm down, they won't do anything." Then opens to see the bronze coming. Gulp.

The Fortitude of Virtue Egg stops rocking finally as bits of shell start to fall away. The creature that emerges at first seems to be as white as the shell that once surrounded him, until finally he steps out of his shell prison revealing the rest of the iceberg that this dragon seems to embody. Tip of the Iceberg Blue hatchling shakes off his shell before looking around. A solid dragon for such a tiny egg and a solid mate he does look for, but in no particular hurry. He slowly makes his way across the sands looking over each candidate in turn before stopping in front a sturdy Minecrafter candidate, Beragon. He regards him silently for some time before the sturdy lad's arms go about the icy blue neck of the dragonet, "Of course Tlunath , there is bound to be food somewhere." Responds the now named B'erg as he is lead off the sands by the waiting Weyrlingmaster.

The Fairy's Cross Egg lurches sideways, stopping at an odd angle before it actually falls over. Rolling eggs? Maybe it just doesn't like all the noise.

Tip of the Iceberg Blue Hatchling
From the tip of the nose to the tail this hatchling goes from the palest of blues to a deep navy blue. An Iceberg indeed. His head is such a pale blue it is almost white, the icyness spreading over the broad shoulders of this blue. Past the shoulders it starts to darken to a clear blue reminiscent of blue sea making waves against the surface of the glacier. Then it suddenly darkens at the haunches as if going beneath the surface of the water into the darkest depths until you reach a nearly black tail spade. Each talon looks to be made of ice, white and strong, yet almost carrying an illusion of transparency. A rather solid glacier he is, unmovable yet what lies beneath the surface?

Bits of the Fairy's Cross Egg's shell have begun to break away, like a sudden breeze blowing the sandy surface off the actual egg hidden somewhere inside. It continues to lurch until slooooowly making contact with the hatching sands on its side.

Pallaton stops plucking at his robe long enough to realize that the bronze is in front of him. And throwing sand. And so, Pal does the only logical thing he can think of, start to scurry backwards. And then, as the mind voice he'd previously experienced drifts into his mind, his eyes widen and his jaw drops, and he blubbers a bit. "Ah, Ah.. Food?" Pause, and he moves forward to wrap his arms around the bronze's neck. "Ah can get ya some, Dhonzayth."

Lyda can't help but laugh at Perrie's comment, shaking her head and nodding as she looks around at the hatchlings with Alexis. "A blue… two blues! Oh, who's impressed already? I can't even keep track…" She does, however, spot the nearby impression of Pallaton and the bronze, and smiles and applauds it as well. "Congratulations!"

Iaeran blinks as the pace picks up a bit much for him to manage. He watches several dragonets now, each finding it's partner. Yeah… That's how it goes alright. But not how his eyes would like. He holds a hand over his eyes to help some.

Finally Clearing Spring Rains Blue Hatchling notices the people around him and he examines them from a distance, yet does not move toward them. Eyeing off each one that is left before a noise draws his attention to the stands. He heads off in that direction and he moves to the feet of a young woman. A recent arrival to the weyr, a spicy young healer, Veera. Perhaps no one caught her sneaking on the sands to touch this egg, but he felt it. It is not long before it is obvious too all an impression is made as V'er slides out of her seat and onto the sands. "Of course I belong with you Nascenth!" The pair are led off the sands by a bewildered Weyrlingmaster.

Clearing Spring Rains Blue Hatchling
A sky blue hatchling, this bright blue covers his form from muzzle to tail tip. A bright cheerful colour of a cleared spring sky after rain. One could almost see the droplets lingering on his smooth hide in minute patches of white that speckle his hide. The remnants of the rain clouds can only be seen once his wings are outstretched, each wingsail the pale greyish blue of rain clouds, tipped with white. He is of average length for his age, but rounded out in his build like a fluffy spring cloud.

And now the real fireworks start! The Fairy's Cross Egg shudders violently, larger pieces of shell wildly thrown from the ovoid. In the wake of this sudden burst to action: A brown hatchling. The Righteous Warrior Brown Hatchling emerges from his egg shards with a bright trumpet, gleeful at his release. He seems to have a direction already in mind, promptly trampling off on his chosen path with no small amount of awkwardness. The spirit is willing! But the limbs are shaky. Scampering up to a sallow, serious sort, the brown trumpets again, and plants himself before the young man. Blinking in response, it takes Viros a moment to shout, "His name is Crusadeth!" He wraps his arms around the brown neck, murmuring, "And I am his V'os." As an assistant Weyrlingmaster comes to lead them from the sands.

Franses blinks as the bronze impresses and smiles even wider. "Congratulations!" she cries out then takes a deep breath. "They look so…happy, Lyda." A stolen glance at her first friend and confidant follows. Back to the controlled chaos on the sands.

Righteous Warrior Brown Hatchling
A rich, warm shade of gooey toffee seeps over this blocky hatchling's stout shoulders and bulky torso. Limbs and haunches are favored with a different shade however, one more akin to dry autumn leaves. And his tail seems to have been dipped in molten dark chocolate. Winding up his wingsails are subtle foamy swirls, a pale beige that only finely patterns against the original toffee coloring. This beige again resurfaces to highlight his head knobs and eye ridges, surrendering the rest of his hide to the thick coat of sugary-toffee-goodness.

Alexis nods to Lyda and looks around, just barely managing to catch Pallaton's impression and she grins off in his direction. "Congratulations Pallaton," she offers before looking back to see the other eggs and shaking her head. "So fast…it all happens so fast…"

The Pretentious White Queen Egg begins a flurry of motion once again, rocking and rolling in all directions over a three foot or so circle. All at once, a particularialy violent motion causes a slew of cracks to appear around the head.

Perrie giggles some more and clutches at Lyda now that Pallaton impressed. "Look! They are choosing so well. I knew they would yeah, but everyone I thought would impress are. And that means you two have nothing to worry about." she says matter-of-factly to both Lyda and Franses. A wee bit over-confident is the Smith.

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