Beach Front Falls

Sun down, and most people are eating. For niah it's time to pounce on an oppurtunity at being on the beach without anyone disrupting her, or touching, or talking to her. Anti-social time. Celiketh is in the water, happily floating along and Niah is jogging along the beach in shorts a her swimsuit top. No one is really around, rarely can one get such privacy. She jogs, not all that fast and with a small waddle but she does keep a decent pace. Her hair is back, all braided as usual and in the braided pig tails that she seems to enjoy.

L'ton has escaped to the beach as well, it seems, for that's where he's laying, despite the lack of warming and tanning sun, with his shirt unbuttoned and lightweight shorts. A towel is rolled up behind his head, and he's staring upwards at the sky, watching the stars that are beginning to appear in the darkening sky, with little regard for the other few who occupy the beach.

Niah does not really notice L'ton, she is very lost in her own head as usual. Jogging along and not watching where she is going at all. Celiketh is not paying enough attention, and so the first notice she has of L'ton is that she has just hit something semi-soft and warm. Tumbling forward she lets out no sound, only throwing her arms in front of her. She lands somewhat on his legs with a big thump as her hands hit the sand.

L'ton has been discovered! As there is something suddenly hitting his side, he's freaking out, starting to flail, but then even that is stopped as there is a person on top of him. A person who he happens to know quite well. Of course, this all takes a moment to register, and by that point Niah's already fallen and caught herself, and quite possibly recovering from the fall before he's starting to panic. "Shards, Niah! Are - Are you okay?!" And then he's trying to sit up to tilt her over, to make sure.

Niah squeaks, she has not yet realized this is L'ton and stutters very fast and incoherently "Oh I am so so sorry sir, I didn't mean to oh" she isn't yet on her front, then as he helps her she says cautiously "Tonny?" Then without really waiting for an answer she turns over and is breathing heavily from the whole shock of falling on her mate thingy. "I'm so sorry, are you ok." She asks through deep breaths, Celiketh has floundered his way in and is now less than half a foot away.

L'ton now has a floundering, squirming, flopping Niah who's apologizing and breathing heavily, and the protective form of the purple-blue Celiketh. "She's fine… Yer fine right?" He questions hurriedly, flopping to a sitting position to settle Niah down, rubbing her leg to try and keep her calm. "Dun ya worry about meh, really. Ya okay?"

Niah has a hand on her side instantly, as if it is just registering that she fell. "Oh, my beautiful song I am fine." she says to Celiketh, who snorts and nuzzles her just a bit. Nodding to l'ton she says, "Are you sure you are ok?" She asks again, eyes getting all big as she is very out of breath and she shakes like a leaf. "I'm fine, fine, fine." She repeats the word a few times and says again, "Oh tonny I am so sorry." Celiketh is harder to convince as he lays his head right next to her and snuffles her hair.

"Ah promise Ah'm fine. Ah mean, its not like Ah dun have girls falling over me all the time." The bronzerider tries to joke a bit to lighten the mood, even as his hand goes to her abdomen, gently rubbing it, even as he glances up at the still slightly worried Celiketh. "Sweets.. Ya promise? Ah mean… if'n yer worried at all.. At all at all, Ah could take ya ta the healers.."

Niah shakes her head, still trying to let her mind catch up and then biting her lip she doesn't seem to get his joke, just nodding at it as if to acknowledge any passing comment. At his mention of healers Celiketh tilts his head and for the first time and most likely the last he says one word aloud. If L'ton can even hear it, it's a very soft musical sound that seems to come with a very very deep red «GO my song» is all, it's like a soft intricate tune that harmonizes with each word. Niah sighs, "He wants me to go." She says to L'ton, and says "I really would rather not." Murph, stupid dragon being all caring and such.

L'ton flicks his gaze up to Celiketh hearing his brief words, before shaking his head at Niah. "If'n he thinks ya should go.. maybe ya should go." Pausing, he smiles a bit. "Or, Ah mean, Ah guess we could wait, and if'n ya hurt or anything seems wrong, Ah can take ya a bit later? Thankfully, ya caught yerself." Otherwise he'd have her in his arms carting her off despite any words of protest.

Niah waves celiketh off, forcing a little smile and scooting so she can wrap her arms around him. "I like the second option, where we wait and don't over react and go and do something irrational." She didn't lose a limb, she isn't unconcious she does not need a healer. Celiketh rumbles, and treads back into the water. "I am so sorry I ran into you tonny, I must have no been watching where I was going." Obviously. "I have to go tomorrow anyways, so maybe I should just sit here and rest with you for a while." Anything to distract him from carting her off.

"Ah guess that it works.. But if'n anything feels weird, ya tell me right off, no?" He puts a bit of pressure behind his fingers to tilt her chin up to meet her gaze. "Promise meh, Niah.. Ah dun want anything ta happen ta ya cause Ah was lying in the middle of the beach." And then he's gently stroking her hair, wrapping his arms around her and giving in. "Yer fine, sweets. Yer fine. Ah ain't mad, and Ah ain't hurt, ya shouldn't worry.."

"Where is mai with you all alone?" Niah asks, rubbing her side gently and saying. "As long as i didn't hurt you." She is trying to get nicely away from the subject, as he tilts she pushes out a little smile and leans up to kiss him. "I will let you know if I feel anything at all. Why are you out here all alone tonny." She asks, voice filled with concern, reaching so she can stroke the side of his face. "They are both moving, so I think they are fine. I promise." Pressing herself against him happily and saying. "The stars are so pretty aren't they?"

"Ah just came out ta think a bit. And Ah liked laying here, but Dhon didn't wanna go up on the rim, cause there's some other bronze up there or something he dun like, so Ah was stuck here instead." He shrugs a bit, before shifting her, to settle her head in the crook of his shoulder, wrapping his arm around her. "Ah was pacing, and Carrot was getting all silly, and Ah didn't want to disturb Mai or nothing either."

Niah nods, and says "I can leave, celiketh can take me back to our weyr and.." Scooting to give him some space, and putting a good foot of room between them. "That was nice of you, not to disturb her." Sighing a bit and biting at her lower lip she inches closer to him and asks "Do you want to talk about it?"

"Ya're fine.. Ah.. Ah think Ah figured out what Ah'm gonna do." And then he's smiling, shaking his head a bit. "Nah, is all good. Just trying ta figure out a way ta give Zip a bit of something of her own ma, since she dun really.. get the chance ta know her or nothing. Not like the others." He scoots her back closer, not letting her leave.

Niah's face falls and she nods, "Poor Zipalla." She says weakly, laying her head on his shoulder and asking "What happened to her mother?" every word is very slow and cautious, as talks about mothers can unfortunately go both ways and she'd rather not talk about hers. "Did, did she die?" Eyes all welling up. "Where would, where would you get this peice of her ma?" Asking very carefully and looking in his eyes, her green blue eyes are huge.

"She didn't die, sweets. Ah ain't like, gonna go take her arm or something, dun worry." Though this seems to be a very funny idea for L'ton, given that his body is shaking a bit with silent laughter. But then, he's sobering, and shaking his head. "She.. They took Zip from her, and sent her off ta get married, and sent me off here, ta deliver a tithe, and then kept Zip fer themselves. Her new husband didn't want na bastard kid 'round."

Niah sighs and nods, wiping her face on his shirt and saying "That is so sad, couldn't you just steal her back? Zips mom?" Such a simple solution, "I mean, you could just take her away like you did Zipalla." She says it in a wondering little tone, as he probably has not considered the option before. "Zips mom just let people take her away." Her hand goes to her stomach, rubbing down her side and leaning more on L'ton.

"She was just sixteen. And.. Paz.. Paz ain't the type ta like weyrlife. Ah'm she's perfectly happy within her gaggle of kids and her husband and all, just taking care of it all. She was pretty, and Ah really adored her, but.. she ain't like ya women. She just had no.. spark." He shrugs a bit, before giving her a squeeze as she leans into him.

"I do not understand." Niah states in a low whisper, "How you could carry a child, and not adore it." She speaks like she does understand, but does not want to. "My mother, never really.. spent time with me. Not a lot, when-when I was little she would but then I kept being bad. I disappointed her, I didn't get searched at fourteen." Her voice is shaded over, like she is speaking from far away or talking about someone else. Though she shakes a bit and has a pretty good grip on him. "Even after I impressed Celiketh, celi wasn't hatched at fort and was just a blue."

"It.. It wasn't her. T'was her parents and my parents. Ah think if'n Paz could have kept her, she would, but they just weren't gonna let that happen. Shells… Ah dunno what they did when Ah took her." And then he wrinkles up his brow, shaking his head. "Sweetheart, just cause ya and yer mother didn't always get along doesn't mean that ya ain't gonna be a great ma. Ah mean, how could ya not be?"

Niah nods and looks up at him, "Well, you can not change the past. Just learn from it." every now and then she says something truly worth hearing. Little pieces of wisdom, though she talks to no one like she does him. "Me and my mother never got along, I was not good enough." Stating the truth very simply and then looking suprised at his interpretation of what she said. "I already love our babies more than I could have ever imagined, I am not even sure I really need any help. When you love something as much as I love our babies, you can live with less sleep."

L'ton taps a finger on her nose, with a bit of a grin. "Trust meh, ya'll want a hand. Only cause as soon as yer feeding one, the other'll start ta cry, or need ta be burped, or who knows what." He shakes his head hurriedly. "Sris went through it, and she had the nannies ta help, and she was still run ragged." And then he smiles at her, resting his chin on top of her head with a soft sigh.

Niah shrugs her shoulders, not arguing. "If I fall asleep, would you please make sure i get up to my weyr?" Requesting as she yawns and curls closer to him. "Love you." she says in a small whisper, she does not say it very often and she looks up at him and relaxes. "I will be able to take care of our babies, don't worry." She says before falling quiet but running her hands along his chest

"Of course.." He murmurs with a grin, gently stroking her hair and giving her a gentle squeeze. "Love ya ta, Niah-pet." He murmurs softly. Perhaps the third person ever to be told that by L'ton? And then he's smiling at her. "Ah know ya will, Ah just dun want ya ta be overwhelmed and hate me ferever, fer giving ya not one, but two." He gently rests his hand over hers, with a grin.

Niah shakes her head, "No, you.. you gave me many times more than I ever dreamed I would get. You gave me you, and mai and my babies." She murmurs to him, tiredly yawning again and getting limper and maybe a bit heavier as she starts to nod off to sleep. "I could never ever hate you tonny." She whispers a little before she is pretty much out.

L'ton just rearranges her slightly as she dozes off, content to lay there for now. He'll move them both when he's ready to.

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