At the Bar

Sitting down at the bar, Niah is comfortably up on a bar stool and off in the corner so that she is easy to miss. If it wasn't for the fact that she is in a very bright purple dress, the is off her shoulders and makes her look overdressed compared to the rest of the people there. She is content in the corner, though the poor thing attracts people and they come to touch her stomach of try and make conversation. At the moment a brown rider from western is sitting obnoxiously close to her, well at least for Niah standards. Drinking at a frozen juice drink she is nodding, though not attempting to smile.

The bar is always a good place to be. Particularly after a particularly long and trying day, and so that's where L'ton has taken himself. Who to prey on… hmmm… And then the bright purple dress is spotted, and that's the direction he's headed. Sliding between Niah and the Western brownrider, he's ducking to catch her lips in a long kiss before straightening and smirking in the brownrider's direction, arching an eyebrow as if to ask, 'Was there anything I could do for you?'.

Niah jumps a bit in suprise, then smiles and returns the kiss though blushes and whispers, "L'ton, we're in public. What will people say?" She drinks on her juice. Sadly the brownrider isn't good with hints, and he touches Niahs stomach giving it a pat before walking away. Niah looks ready to scream, but just sighs and leans her head against her man. Well, mai's man. It's a long story ok..

L'ton snerks. "Whatever they wanna say. It dun matter ta me." And then he's turning to narrow his gaze at the brownrider, relaxing slightly as he meanders away finally. But then she's leaning back into him, and he's loosely wrapping his arms around her neck, letting her. "He was just a lil weird, weren't he sweets?"

Niah wrinkles her nose and nods. Asking for another drink, and getting on pretty quickly. She puts hand on her stomach and says, "Well if you aren't worried." Leaning forward and having to balance a bit so she can drink from her straw. "All the men have been touching me, like.. like being pregnant gave everyone the excuse to stroke me. I can not get them to stop." She mumbles but gives him a kiss.

"Clearly, Ah gotta do something ta make sure that they know yer mine, as much as Mai is mine… Maybe Ah'll have ta get ya both necklaces, cause well, Ah already got her a ring, so Ah can't do that again." Thinking aloud? Most likely. But then he's returning her kiss and giving her a squeeze before reluctantly moving to settle on the stool so recently vacated by the Western rider.

Niah grins brightly, smoothing the dress and then saying "That sounds nice, I mean you really do to much for me." Blushing she scoots back a bit on the bar stool, moving the stool over so she can be right next to him. Her side touching his. "What brings you here? Where is mai." She looks around, like she could miss the brownriders entrance. Then leaning against him she says, "You know my favorite colors."

"She's resting… But she's okay. Ah just got back from checking on some things at Ista Hold, and them darn Holders give meh a headache." And to fix said headache he's ordering an alcoholic beverage, which is sipped on as he sits. "Ah do, Ah do. ANd, Ah'll keep that in mind, and see with them smiths can do." Darn crafters are gonna be rich off him.

Niah sits up and says, "Umm, tonny." She is using the nick name, oh no. "Well, I have been thinking and Celiketh thinks that you kidnapping me someone to help would be.. nice." Yup, blame the kidnapping on the dragon, "But only if they really want to come. I mean I don't want anyone to be unhappy and just for things like washing Celi and when I need to go back to my duties." She rambles and bites her lip, "And you really do not have to get me any of these things, I mean I don't need them and you are so so very wonderful all by yourself."

"Maybe Ah want ta. Ah mean, Ah dun want ya ta feel Ah use ya just fer the hot sex." At least for Niah's dignity, L'ton is leaning in to whisper the words for her ears only, and not the bar at large. "And, Ah'm sure Ah can find a girl more than willing ta help ya out… Ah can't say that many people would want ta turn down life here, for life there." He shakes his head, before leaning back a bit, staying just close enough to rest fingers on her stomach

Niah blushes bright red, shying and stammering "You, you just get me, umm with me can't be better then all your little greenriders." After a few moments of silence she nods slowly and then saying, "Alright, just make sure she wants to be here. It needs to be she, I mean it would be a job of sorts for her and I am nice?" She says the last bit questioningly. With his hand on her she grins, "They are moving so much more, I am almost ready to be a mother. And I have two months or more to go." Sighing and ordering a glass of wine, good wine not all that cheap.

"That's what ya think.." He winks at her, before shaking his head. "Ah'll make sure its a girl. And Ah doubt ya could get anything but a hardworker out of them, Ah mean, we'd get beat real good if'n we were lazy. Ah'm sure she'll get 'long fine." And then he's gently touching his fingers over the curve of her belly. "Ah doubt ya'll make it all the way ta the end, but.." And he shakes his head a bit. "Wine?"

Niah gives a small smile, "Just one glass, healers said I could drink one glass when my muscles got tight. I won't even drink the whole thing. Promise." She gets the wine, sipping gingerly at it and then shaking her head, "They beat them? Oh how horrible. I would never beat her, and maybe she will love my babies and want to stay around and help." One can only hope. "I, the healers are asking me to relax as much as I can. I think it's almost a threat."

"As long as the Healers said its okay.." L'ton comments quietly, dropping the argument and settling on drinking his own alcohol. "Ah ain't ya, but maybe a nice hot bath would help, ta? Ta help relax the muscles and all? Did.. Did the healers tell ya anything else ta do, or not do?" And then he wrinkles up his nose. "Ah dun think any of us have gone back, so Ah dun think ya have ta worry about that."

Niah yawns a teeny cute yawn and reluctantly says, "Well.. I mean it's not all that important." The radar should go up, most things unimportant to niah are actually of critical importance. Cradling her stomach she nods "I am glad, or how would I have ever met the most amazing man." Cuddling up to him, maybe she can get him to forget the previous, very important subject.

"Nah, it is that important sweets.. Ah mean, Ah dun wanna accidentally do something, and well, that would be no good." And then he's shifting to tilt her chin towards him, eyes searching her face carefully. "What did the Healers say, sweets. What ya ain't suppose ta do no more?"

"Well, they don't want me on my feet a lot and they did say we shouldn't.." Niah stutters it all out, but seems to mouth the word sex, she may be incapable of saying it. "Just that if afterwards I am in any pain that we might.. neeed to not." Sighing and leaning up to kiss him. "I do not want to though, and I've never had a problem but what if.. I am boring without being able to do… that?" Again with her word barrier.

"Ah figured that's why ya were avoiding it.." L'ton shakes his head giving her an honest smile. "Sweetheart, Ah ain't gonna stop come ta see ya, just cause o'that. Ah mean, we can, long as yer comfortable, and then, when ya ain't, we stop. And, Ah'll still come see ya, and Ah'll rub yer back, and make ya feel better, deal?"

Niah takes a long swallow of her wine, and then with half left offers it to L'ton. "You can have the rest, I have had enough." She nods, smiling back at him and saying "I just, did not think /that/ would be such a big thing. They are just growing so fast." Grinning affectionately and nodding, "Alright, I do not know what I would do without you around. Probably still be in ierne sitting on the beach you found me on."

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