Kitchen Chores

Ista Weyr: Kitchens(#9208RJ)
A huge, vaulted cavern houses the kitchen. Set well withing the Weyr, the kitchen uses the natural coolness of its size and position to keep the room from turning into an oven itself. Along the eastern, innermost wall sits a curve of stoves and ovens so that any number of things may be cooked at one time. Cast iron pots hang from over head hooks mounted to the wall by brackets. A long row table is just a few steps away, useful in the preperation of the food. Along the western wall is the dish washing station, at the north and south around the exits are the cabinets and a small cold room for the storage of what'll be needed for the day. There are a few smaller tables with chairs set up between the work table and the sinks, where a few aunties sit and help with the preperations.

Pallaton has pulled up a stool to the long prep table, and it is there that he is perched, a pile of unpeeled tubers on his left, and a bowl full of peeled ones on his right. And slowly he works on each vegetable, depositing it in the bowl, which is eventually swept off by other kitchen workers for preparations.

Paimida slips into the kitchens, peeking around and then grining as she spots a Pal. There we go, he'se where he's supposed to be, always a handy thing. So she pulls up a stool on the other side and peeks at him. "Heya."

Pallaton glances up from his tuber-duties, peel stopped half way as he arches an eyebrow at her. "Hey?" And then he's paying attention to his chore once more, carefully rotating the tuber, hoping to avoid inadvertently chopping his finger in the process.

Oh, but chopping one's finger is a good way of getting out of peeling tubers, right? Bleeding all over them makes the cooks unhappy. Pai grins a bit at the response, smirking. "So um…. meh brother is gonna be here in a couple days."

But chopping one's finger also results in a lot of pain. Pal really doesn't pay too much attention to his cousin, another tuber set to the side, beginning on yet another. "That's ni-" Pause. "Wait, what!?" And, unfortunately for Pal, in his surprise he jerked the tuber, resulting in the knife getting in a fight with his other hand, and winning. And so both the tuber and knife are dropped, and the finger goes immediately into his mouth, swears erupting around it as he glares at Pai. Look what she did.

Paimida waits for a reaction from that, she did say it all nice and casually. There's a grimace as he manages to cut himself though. "Yeh okay?" Aw look, she's actually somewhat concerned. Not her fault!

The finger stays in his mouth, shaking his head. "Does it look like Ah'm okay, woman?" And he shakes his head, hesitantly taking the finger out to examine it - Nothing serious, though it's going to bleed for a bit. "Wha /did/ ya say, now?"

Paimida rolls her eyes slightly at the response, especially the 'woman' bit. "Maybe yeh should put somethin' on that.. stop the bleedin'." Even if it isn't serious. The girl folds her arms, resting them on the tabletop as she leans against it.

Pallaton glares at her a bit more before reaching for a small, mostly clean, rag that he wraps around his finger and squeezes. "Ya didn't answer mah question. What's this about yar brother?"

Paimida watches the other as he 'bandages' his finger with a little nod. Then there's a slight shrug of her shoulders at the question. "Ah was jus' makin' sure yeh didn' bleed all over the place first. He's gonna be here in a few days."

Pallaton settles back on the stool cautiously, as if the moment he sits she'll spring more terrible news on him. Still gripping the rag-wrapped finger, he glares more. "And what in Faranth's name did ya say that made 'im decide ta come down here?"

Paimida sighs slightly, especially at the glare. "It ain't /meh/ fault." Well, it sort of is but not in the way Pal is implying. "Ah didn' say /anythin'/ that made 'im wanna come here." Grump.

Pallaton shakes his head slightly, waving his hand around. "Then why did he get it in his head ta come here? Ya know as well as Ah they just don't go roaming for fun." And he pushes a tuber away - He's not peeling any more right now, no matter what someone may say to him.

Paimida rolls her eyes. "Ah know that, he's comin' ta… well, so Ah don' have teh travel by myself… 'cept he don' know that Ah /ain't/ goin' back home. The hatchin's gotta be soon anyhow." She's taken this all in stride it seems, and probably just confusing Pal even more.

Woah, woah, woah… "What do ya mean, trav'ling by yarself? Where do ya think /yar/ going?" Pal flicks a bit of tuber peel at him with his good hand. "Ya just betta hope that the hatching happens first.."

Paimida glares at the other as the tuber peel lands on her arm, picking it off and flicking it right back. Then she just shrugs slightly. "Supposedly Ah'm goin' back home ta get married… tha's what the letter Ah got from 'em said… but Ah ain't actually plannin' on leavin'."

Pallaton wrinkles up his nose, shaking his head and pushing the peel away from him. "And who are ya getting married to, hmm? Ah can't imagine anyone'll actually wanna marry /ya/. With how ya act now, especially." Pause. "Is yar husband coming with 'em?"

Paimida rolls her eyes at that comment, not looking /horridly/ offended though. "Yeh mean especially since Ah punched every guy back home who tried ta kiss meh?" That's one of the main reasons they had issues finding someone willing. Guys like the girls who do what they say, cooperate and /don't/ give them broken noses and black eyes. Yup. "He ain't meh husband, an ain't gonna be." No response on who yet… other things to clarify first.

Pallaton snorts. "And if'n ya were bad then, they'll probably hurt ya when they see ya now - Yar even more unfeminine then ya were." Pause. "So, who is 'e? And if'n he's coming with, ya can trust meh, Ah'll have words with 'em.."

Paimida glares slightly at the other. "Is that a threat ta meh or him?" And she's more feminine here, in a way… the girly clothes the actual something of an interest in guys… dancing… but maybe not Pal's definition of feminine, or many people's back home. The whole quiet, agreeing, sweet… ew.

"If'n ya actually wanted ta marry him, it might'n be a threat to ya, but since its not, Ah'd say just ta him, silly." And he actually manages a bit of a grin before its back to scowling. "What else did they say? And /who/ is it?"

Paimida can't help but grin a bit at the response. "Ah meant were yeh plannin' on telling him how 'orrible Ah am or were yeh plannin' ta threaten 'im an' such." She's curious after all. "They jus' said that a marriage was set up an' meh brother was gonna come here ta travel back with meh. That Ah should notify the beastcraft an' get ready ta leave, plus finish up with bein' taught." She keeps forgetting who, doesn't she.

Pallaton shrugs, "Ah was planning on telling 'im how he really doesn't wanna marry ya, cause if'n he does, he'll regret it. 'e'll hurt bad, 'e will." And the knife is idly stabbed into a whole tuber. "And who is this marriage set up with, hmm?"

Paimida blinks slightly at the stabbing of the tuber bit. So is Pal saying that the guy would regret it because yeah, Pai'd probably harm him, or that Pal himself would… the knife seems to hint towards the latter. She smirks slightly looking just a little amused at that. "He ain't comin' here though, jus' meh brother. An it's Alcander" Everybody pretty much knows /of/ everyone back home. Alcander is a younger one of their parent's generation, in his early thirties. Pal probably doesn't know him well though, he'sa hermit type almost, stays away from everyone, grumpy when in public (though that's rare), never courted any girls, has been a loner since he was a teenager.

Pallaton wouldn't actually harm him, but Pai probably would. He's willing to put money on the fact that a foot, or elbow will end up somewhere incredibly painful. "Ah can't believe they'd try and just send yar brother - What happens if'n ya dun wanna go home?"

Paimida rolls her eyes slightly. "Ah didn' tend ta disobey meh parents yeh know… maybe didn' listen ta everyone an stuff but Ah'm sure they think Ah'll come back home… Ah mean, that was the plan anyhow." And for quite awhile she was planning on them telling her to come back but now? She doesn't really want to. "Well Ah ain't goin, and there's no way they can make meh, meh brother'll jus' have ta deal with that, an' meh parents." Not to mention the guy she's supposedly getting married to.

Pallaton shakes his head quickly. "Whatever ya say." And he's not really going to argue the fact any more. "Ah think t'would be fun ta see ya with a little dragon, and him trying ta take ya back. T'would make things entertaining." He wouldn't mind seeing that, especially if minor injury is involved. And then, he's standing up, glancing around. "Ah'm gonna go take care of this, and clean up. Ya should think of doing the same." And he heads off of the kitchen, leaving the tubers just as they were.

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