Western's Eggs Hatch

Western Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands beneath your feet are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

Merkabath croons some and looks around the sands and galleries, welcoming all who are there to gaze at her eggs. They are magnificent, aren't they? A look at Dhonzayth and the gold returns her gaze to her eggs, nudging her rider a bit.

L'ton will never question how dragons just seem to know when something is going to happen. And thus, he won't question why it was that Dhonzayth knew that they needed to be at Western. But either way, the crooning has started and Dhonzayth leaves Merkabath her space, crooning at the clutch. L'ton, meanwhile, hovers near Sharix, looking rather at a loss himself.

The candidates file onto the sands, creating a loose semicircle around the eggs. As one, then all bow down to the clutchmother, with a second bow for the clutchfather, before turning the attention on to the eggs before them.

Sharix notices L'ton and sighs heavily, noticeably moving /away/ from him. "You can stay over there, Bronze-rider."

Relegated to History Egg shifts back and forth, as the forces within and without work against each other, to progress further - only through change can the next step be achieved.

Candia comes out, and bows politely, respectfully towards the Queen, her hand in Aerhia's. She then moves back into the semicircle, staying with her friend, and motioning to Keziah as well

Keziah is nervous, for all that she's done this before. She's nervous. Seems there are some things on doesn't really get used to. She smiles to Candia and moves over her way, and a smile for Aerhia as well. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.

Relegated to History Egg suddenly cracks, a single tear running the length of the shell from top to bottom, threatening to push this egg from history to lore.

It's a whisper of movement, more the idea of something happening than the reality as the Ribbon of Green Egg rocks gently on the sands. Back and forth, with barely any show for its motion except the slight change to the sand that cups the egg.

Merkabath bows her head some to the candidates with a soft rumble.

Phyara joins the semi-circle next to Lilini, clasping her cousin's hand. She gives the other girl a smile, then watches the eggs before her with excited, eager eyes.

Aerhia pulls out of her half-hearted bow, eyes having never really left the two clutch parents. Though she tries to hide it behind a nonchalant facade, fear and anticipation grow in her. "Good luck, you two," she says over to Candia and Keziah, forcing what she imagines to be a reassuring smile.

Anoryn emerges with the last pair of Candidates, breaking off from them to take up her customary vantage point on the sidelines where all the necessary supplies await the arrival of new weyrling pairs. And judging by the way she stands, she's appearing just as nervous or anxious as some of the Candidates themselves may be.

Lilini follows alongside Phyara, clutching her cousin's hand, lips pursed as always as her eyes wander about at the eggs. A weak smile is given in return to her cousin before they all stand in front of the eggs, watching as the eggs slowly start to move.

Icy blocks teeter upon the surface of the Cold and Inhospitable Egg as it rocks back and forth upon its sandy bed, like a ship encountering rough seas. Yet, there is always a moment of calm, and the icy floe stills.

Inara is not as nervous as some, but you hafta be a little nervous to be out here on the Sands, standing on your own for what might just feel like the first time to some. She slips off away from the clutchparents after her bows and moves towards the eggs, selling off somewhere to the side a bit.

Slowly the rocking motion continues on the Ribbon of Green Egg, as slight lines begin to appear on the hard shell, snaking across the deeper taupe tones and then finally sliding through the bright green that winds across the surface.

Relegated to History Egg continues to rock back and forth, the motion becoming stronger each time, as the initial crack is joined by others. Then, the structure can withstand no more, and a damp blue is left upon the sands to face the future.

NPC Canal Waters Blue Panath and St'ven
A watery hued blue of average size journeys away from the remnants of the relegated to history egg. He is marked on his sides and belly by muddy streaks and oily smears within his wingsails which stretch to dry as he trudges diligently toward the line of candidates. The blue seems to know exactly what to do and what he wants and his course is straight and true, ending before the stocky form of Staeven. The smithcraft lad looks quite surprised, but as their eyes meet there is no doubt and he kneels to gently hug his new partner. "Panath!"

Phyara grins as the blue hatches, calling out her congratulations to St'ven. "That's a pretty dragon, don't you think? Him and St'ven make a good looking pair…"

Lilini nods slightly in agreement, a bit surprised at the already hatched dragon and the quick Impression. Lips still pursed and even biting her bottom lip now, she looks over at some of the candidates, perhaps most of them just as or even more nervous than she.

The waves on the The Tides of Destruction Egg, appear to slosh back and forth as the egg starts to move. The hatchling inside giving it a few soft jerks and slight bobbles as it tries to escape its water prison of a shell.

Aerhia's eyes reach the gallery, where she briefly seeks out her parents. She breaks her hand free for a moment to give them two seperate, shy waves. She slips her hand back into Candia's, squeezing gently again. "It's a little too toasty in here," she begins to complain before noticing the first dragon emerge and pair off. "He was… dirty-looking," she comments, eyeing the muddy streaks on his belly before offering a congratulatory nod towards the new pair.

Keziah watches as the blue hatches, her eyes following it as he heads straight for one of the other candidates. There's a sigh that escapes her lips. Is it disappointment? Or perhaps on of those 'look how good they look together sighs'? Perhaps it's both either way she leans to the other two girls "He's a pretty neat looking one." she states and then calls out "Congrats St'ven!"

With a quick, sudden motion that allows the Ribbon of Green Egg to hatch open, leaving the shell in splintered shards and exposing the green hatchling inside. She takes a few quick steps before she stops in confusion, considering.

Lost in the Deluge Hatchling
A seeming rush of cloudy water, darkened by earth and travel stains the hide of this green dragon. From that first brush, against her narrow muzzle and then back to her headknobs, it darkens her pale green hide with tinges of dusty browns, mudding her color slightly as it slides down her lithe neck. That same deepened green travels along from her slender shoulders to pool in little eddies along her slim flanks and lightly muscled forearms and haunches. Flashes of brighter hues pick up along her neckridges to where those trail down her body to along the steady streamlined length of her tail, leaving it water splashed and decorated with droplets. Nearer to pure green are her wings, with their lavish spread of pooled water that trails along her wingsails, from her leading edges to her ailerons. Bare ripples seem to flow, lapping at sturdy darker wingspars before falling off into a flooded deluge of water at the edge.

Candia shakes her head at Aerhia, used to her friend's ways. She doesn't say anything though, simply squeezing their hands, then she's distracted by the green. "Oh! Look at her! She's beautiful!

Quisits> T'burk says "All right! A nice green!"

Faintly the lines begin on the Tides of Destruction Egg, spiraling around the wobbling waves and then threatening the very integrity of the seas. Just a few more cracks to appear and then the egg will be doomed.

Inara gasps softly as that blue hatches and is paired off, "My, my. that certainly was fast. Breathtaking, how they all seem to present themsevles to the world, no?" she asks, Keziah, then grins and points at the new green out on the sands. "She's lovely."

The pleasing cloak of mediterranian blue upon the shell of the Map of Mysteries egg is broken in a quick succession of white jagged scars. An indication of vibrant life, even if the egg barely twitches in response.

Quisits> F'inn moves into the area, spotting a familiar greenrider. He smirks, heading over to take up a spot near the man, "The blue was nice too."

The expanse of ebony between each block of icy white seems to expand, as the Cold and Inhospitable Egg begins rocking again, this time wide fissures appearing across the surface, breaking apart to the depths.

Phyara tugs gently on Lilini's hand to be sure she's seen the green. "Isn't she so pretty? I hope she comes over here…"

Quisits> T'burk smiles over at F'inn. "Indeed! You need one to keep the other happy. Works out well, I'd say."

Keziah glances at the green and then nods absently to Inara "Yeah." she murmurs "Breathtaking." she swallows a little "That green sure is pretty and all though. Isn't she?"

Quisits> F'inn chuckles quietly as he leans forward to prop himself up on his knees, a sparkle in his eyes, "I know Taruth wouldn't be happy if there wasn't greens."

Anoryn moves forwards as the first egg hatches and the first Impression is made. Gesturing to the new bluerider, she heartily congratulates him and leads him over to the waiting supplies of meat. Concentrated as she is on giving him a few tips and instructions, she misses the next egg to hatch, but glances back eventually to watch the progress of the new hatchling and the rest of the eggs still rocking on the sands.

Aerhia drolly adds, "Greens are nice. I always liked my mom's dragon, anyway." She nods along with Candia's exclaimation, watching the green intently despite her efforts.

Lilini's eyes gaze over to the green that just hatched and smiles lightly at the hatchling, nodding. "Very pretty…" she whispers softly to her cousin.

Lost in the Deluge Hatchling takes the few moments to survey her surroundings, large eyes blinking lazily in contrast to the quick turns of her head that take in the mass of monotonously attired candidates that have been presented to her and her clutchmates. Her confusion seems to have faded for the moment as she takes her initial strides out into the world, her movements shaky and very deliberate, but that concentration helps to keep her upon her feet as she approaches the humans.

The Cold and Inhospitable Egg has fallen prey to the warm sands of Western, and finally the icy melts, the shell falls apart, and a deep green hatchling is left its its place, seeming to sway from side to side even as it sits.

NPC Searching for Adventure Green Berinth and Ophelio
With a rolling step, this deeply hued green seems unable to make the transition to the waves of the Sands, leaning a bit from side to side as she moves. Yet, everyone eventually gets their landlegs, and so with a mental net tossed, she heads for the candidates, and it isn't long before she pulls in the greatest bounty of all - a young, fit fisherwoman from Tillek. And so Ophelio crouches to lean against the sturdy form of her new lifemate. "Berinth, of course we'll eat!"

Inara offers Keziah a smile, she's a bit older than most of the other candidates, so she's not a giggler anymore. Now that just sounded snotty, ah well. "She is pretty and all, and look at the way she moves. Graceful. In a way."

The Tides of Destruction spread around the globe, or around this shell as you would. As the waves meet each other on the opposite side of this world a crack grows. Longer, deeper it can not be stopped and into two halves does the egg go, leaving a dark pudgy brown upon the warm Western sands.

NPC Merchant Brown Ndiath and I'ana
A portly brown, darkly hued and highlighted with rich dressings of gold and hints of royal blue and purple takes a look about the sands. There is a long moment of doubt as nose raises, sucking in deep breaths as he surveys. Will any be 'good enough' for this fellow? In the end there is only one, the other candidates regarded with open disdain as he picks his way carefully to where Ilsana stands. The spoiled daughter some times removed from a small Hold bloodline has defied the rules and tied her hair back with a band of silver and sports several bracelets of gold and silver. In the end, they are the perfect pair and a sly smiles comes to I'ana's lips as she softly murmurs her partners name "Ndiath. Mmm, I see." and both saunter over to where the buckets of meat have been prepared for the weyrling's first meal.

The mysteries have long resides upon the pleasing blue shell, but now the white cracks grow and grow with nary a twitch from the egg. Will the mysteries soon be revealed.

Keziah hmms a little and nods "Yeah." she murmurs as her eyes follow the greens movements. That is until another green hatchesand then the brown. She blinks at him and giggles "Oh my. He ate well in the shell." she states and giggles a little. SHe can giggle if she wants too.

Sharix quietly watches the candidates, offering applause to the impressed and a rare soft smile to those left standing, yet waiting to see how fate unfolds.

Phyara's eyes are darting back and forth between the hatchlings, congratulations being called out when needed. "They're coming out so fast, Lilini… so fast!"

Candia smiles, watching the green and brown find their lifemates, even as she continues to watch the other green, eyes following her around the sands as she searches. She squeezes both Aerhia and Keziha's hands again, and swallows, nodding in agreement with Aerhia's words. "I know… I love greens.

Crashing Upon the Rocks Egg starts a gentle wobble as the current speeds up, the hatching sands a hard base beneath the moving ovoid.

Lilini isn't the type to just yell out random congratulations among the others that are being voiced and so she only nods to her Phyara's exclamations, eyes shifting here and there to the dragons that are already hatching. The hand not clutching onto her cousin's grabs at the side of her rooms, the only other indication besides the biting of her lip that she's still quite nervous.

Aerhia can't help but smirk at the next two, the dark green is given an approving look, and an eyebrow is quirked at the rotund brown. "I wonder how they even get that big in there," she wonders snidely, a smirk going to Candia as she nods her head toward the eggs.

Anoryn has her hands full quite early on it seems, as she moves now to welcome a new greenriding pair and lead them away, only to quickly come back to do the same for the newest pair - I'ana and Ndiath. How that candidate managed to sneak by her with the bracelets causes the Weyrlingmaster to frown, but if anything is said, it's no doubt between them or saved for a later time.

Quisits> T'burk watches the candidates with a bit of a critical eye. "Those girls should spread out. It makes it easier for the dragonets to find their lifemates."

Lost in the Deluge Hatchling ends up standing before Phyara, studying her in a dignified silence as her damp wings droop against the sand to either side, framing her in a fashion. Her neck is extended, head lifting high before she dips forward to sniff at the girl before her. Abruptly she steps back, tail lashing restlessly behind herself, the girl clearly weighed against whatever criteria exists in the young green's mind and found lacking.

Phyara freezes - with a hatchling in front of her, she holds her breath, not daring to move. Then, when the green moves on, she exhales, looking wistfully after her. "Darnit, I thought she wanted me," she mutters as she watches the green's progress.

Keziah holds her breath as she green stops in front of Phyara and then blinks as the dragon steps back. She lets out her breath in a rush and doesn't say anything. Oh dear. She returns the squeeze and then brings her other hand to her mouth and chews on a knuckle.

Aerhia quirks an eyebrow at the green's reaction to Phyara, and can't help a little 'heh' that escapes her mouth. "Guess that wasn't it, at least it didn't maul Phyara," she adds, chuckling rather darkly. "You okay?" she asks of the chewing Keziah as she peers around Candia.

An explosive force, strong and demanding sends shards far and wide from the Map of Mysteries egg. Most land upright in the warm sands, glinting like a protective shield of spears in a circle about the eggs remains, while the hatchling freed stretches its wings for the first time and lets out a loud bugle!

Imposing Mercenary Hatchling
Deadly steel is the hue the talons bear, their sharpness even fiercer than the cut of such blades. They sit as barely tamed weapons upon the tip of each delicate finger and toe of this petite green dragon. Her hands are well defined, so very human-like as they rest upon the ground. Slender arms angle to meet narrowed, streamlined chest, defined muscle wrapping about the bone but without any unnecessary protruding mass. Haunches are much the same, hide over muscle but only enough for a toned body to be given an easy grace. Narrowed muzzle sports a camouflaged spattering of green, the soft curve of eyeridges highlighted in black. The hues patterning continues down lithe neck, around her body, and across her muscled back. The slender long length of her tail slowly fades from the camouflage mix of greens to an even olive green by two thirds of its length until the very tip. A few smudges of brown and sooty gray work their way along the undersides of her wingsails. The translucent membrane is otherwise awash in the mix of greens to hide her in plain sight day or night. Her wings are slightly long and rather narrow, enhancing the delicate and petite look of her build, despite the intimidating pattern of her hide, and fierce look of her pose. Don't let her figure fool you, it too can be a weapon, although more often wielded to break hearts and minds rather than that which is physical. The swirl of her eyes in placid blues belies the sharp and cunning mind which churns behind the deceptive orbs.

Crashing Upon the Rocks Egg has hit the rapids, and as its tossed out of its sandy bed, cracks forming along the surface, as its unable to withstand the surf.

The distant sphere represented by the Ocean in the Sky egg seems to come a little closer to Pern as life takes hold within it, causing the egg to rock gently back and forth.

Candia smiles, and leans over to Keziah. "Hey, it's all right, Keziah. Don't be nervous." She smiles, trying to reassure the younger woman, even though she's pretty much as nervous. She glances back at Aerhia, stifling a slight giggle, and grinning at her.

Lilini's grip tightens in her cousin's as the hatchling stops in front of the other girl, her breath held for that few seconds of observation. Blinking ensues when the green steps away, and a heavy exhale as she looks over at her cousin and then back at the green, nodding. "It did seem like that…" she mutters back. When another egg suddenly hatches, a small exclamation is heard from the often quiet candidate, causing her to put her free hand over her mouth before observing the other green and staring in awe. "That one's really pretty…" she whispers, pointing slightly.

Inara just watches the progress of the hatchlings on the sands, watching carefully that little green thing. She might be a delicate being, but looks can be decieving. Ina stays quiet, her eyes flitting over the sands, keeping an eye on everyone. Everything.

Imposing Mercenary Hatchling is hardly the graceless, wobbly hatchling that some of her clutchsiblings have been. Rather, she seems at ease on her feet, settling to the sands in the remains of her shell with much the same ease as an oiled blade drawn from its sheath. But, its hardly a moments rest before she's stalking hurriedly towards the white robed ring.

Keziah gives a bit of a nod and speaks around her finger "Yah." she murmurs and then jumps at the bugle and then blinks as the egg just about explodes. She also yelps a little. Wasn't expecting that. Nope. "Wow."

Quisits> T'burk says "Oooh, that's a nice green there! She knows how to move."

Aerhia shrugs at Keziah's response, still skeptical. At the bugle, even she gives a little jump, squeezing tightly onto Candia's hand. "Loud," she mutters as she settles down again. She eyes the vicious-looking green apprehensively. Aerhia doesn't want any loud loud sounds over this way, thanks.

Quisits> Alisar arrives, looking aged of late, but still dapper. His eyes shine, as if he's concealing happy news — or perhaps it's this occasion. In any case, he quickly finds a seat so as not to block anyone's view, smiling warmly to a good many people he knows in attendance.

The great storms in the outer reaches of space, solar winds whispering about the distant form of the Ocean in the Sky egg as well as the life within, take its toll and the surface seems suddenly impacted by a great asteroid as a large circular series of cracks can suddenly be seen.

Crashing Upon the Rocks Egg can withstand the heavy rapids no longer, and the egg crashes once more, the cracks spreading the rest of the way across the surface. And then, a bright green hatching resurfaces below the rapids, all wings and limbs.

NPC Falling Downriver Green Floeth and B'taru
Bright green practically splashes out of her shell, as body parts seem to go in every direction without a sense of unity. But even as this green skids into the sand not once, but twice, she seems to take no care, and instead continues the rest of the way to the candidates. And, it isn't long before she stares up at a young man who's been better known for the failure of his ideas then their success. And, once he becomes undistracted by the green muzzle in his stomach, the dark-haired Botaru is looking down at the green. "Floeth?" And then B'taru and green Floeth are headed off the sands.

Candia is startled as well, and almost falls over, losing her balance for a moment. Still, she manages to right herself without pulling down either Keziah or Aerhia, which is just as well, considering how hot the sands are (how in the heck can Inara stand it barefoot?!) She does seem a little surprised at the number of greens, however. "Hmmm.

Lost in the Deluge Hatchling doesn't go far however, seeming to catch hold of Lilini's muttered words and glare at her, or at least it might be a glare, her expression is difficult to read, though it is definately intense. With a sudden motion, almost a leap, she shuffles sideways, leaving Phyara to get out of the way or perhaps be trampled as she attempts to seperate the two girls. The green dips her head in close to Lilini sniffling and looking rather intense for a long pause…

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Lost in the Deluge Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

As ancient as it is, the Ocean in the Sky egg is not forever. The time of change has come and it is a vessel about to be shed for another. The shell gives way in a quiet, nearly unheard demise, leaving its occupant to chart its course within the world of land and sky, and who for now seems firmly stuck to the ground.

The Guiding Star Hatchling|
Large is this queen of Pern, and dominating of presence not only by sheer size but by something much more intangible. Not that she would be hard to miss for the blazing intensity of a sun has settled to her figure. It begins upon the center of her chest, the hottest near white flame is a the width of one's palm. It expands and writhes with nuclear intensity that explodes over her body in a mix of gold, amber, yellow, orange and even some brilliant flame reds. The reds seem to particularly caress the prominent eyeridges of her large head. Rippling flames in amber and yellows compete to dominate her strong jaw and even stain the teeth which glimmer their deadly role as jaws part. The heat of the star blurs the hues together across her medium build, only the heavyset of haunches and over large hands seeming out of proportion. Her tail sweeps away from her body, a dramatic coronal mass ejection in darkening flames of tangerine and crimson which fade at the very tip to the surrounding dark of the void. Along her neckridges a rare scene, as a comet has been drawn to its ultimate fate, plunging toward the very heart of the star, its icy vapors dusting the ridges in a sparkling trail of diamond-like glitter. Not that she seems to have any sympathy for such destructive fate, life has its beginning and has its ending. Strong wingshoulders support a cloak of wingsail which offers some shelter from the solar storm. The dark sails are the void, space in its inky depths that seek to eclipse the star, but even here the light can not be entirely subdued, the brilliance of the corona lights up the leading edges and fans along the wingbones and partly into the main sail in an eerie drama.

Imposing Mercenary Hatchling continues the straight line she's cutting out towards the candidates, her steps taking her to a young boy with tousled curls that she considers for a moment before moving on. He doesn't have what she needs, he does not have the power to lead. And so, onwards, around the circle.

A twitch spasms through Crossing the Great Lands Egg, for a moment causing ripples to pass along the blue ribbon running along the shell and waves to clash amongst it's dry desert plains. As quickly as it began the egg settles still, quiet once more.

Lilini nearly falls backwards with the sudden dragon upon her, with the gaze and a soft whisper of "Phiaroth?" She scratches the hatchling and leads it over to the weyrlingmaster.

Anoryn seems to have settled into the all too familiar routine after having to go out and guide another new pair, which she's barely settled before having to go back and tend another. "Lilini and Phiaroth, hmm? This way then - well done!" she says while leading them away.

Inara is a beach gal! She can stand hot, hot sands any day. She beams and offers a grin to Lilini as she attracts that green and then Inara tilts her head towards teh sands and pretty much gapes, how lovely! A Queen.

The great expanses of Crossing the Great Lands Egg are sent asunder as cracks trace across it in great jagged gashes, the result of a fierce movement from within. The shell's integrity somehow holds for a little longer, though the movement does not let up, heaving in steady pulses of exertion, threatening to give way at any moment.

Keziah glances at Candia "You okay?" she asks as she turns to look at back at the dragons, barely seeing the impression of the green. Then her eyes go to the gold that hatched and she blinks a little as she stares at her. Wow. Simply. Wow. She swallows a little as she almost can't seem to take in the expanse of her coloring.

Aerhia can't refuse the grin that comes to her face as Lilini Impresses. "Hey, that quiet girl," she mutters, leaning over to get a better look. "She seemed… nice," she adds, canting her head to the side in thought. As the gold hatches, even Aerhia is caught off guard. "Oh," she squeeks, straightening up again. "Didn't think there would be one of those in this clutch."

Imposing Mercenary Hatchling knows she needs someone with a strong will, able to withstand anything, and able to conquer it all. Attention is something that can be worked on. And so, to start the lesson, the spattered, shadowed green hurries with a certain sense of grace around the circle of candidates to stare up at one a little older, and a little more mature.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Imposing Mercenary Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

The Guiding Star Hatchling eagerly peers around the sands, looking for a potential life mate. She wobbles over to a few girls and looks at them, searching for something that only dragons know about. Do they have it? Apparently not as the gold starts to move to find a new potential girl.

Candia nods to Keziah, as she shifts her feet, moving to sturdy herself. Her eyes are locked on the gold now, and she gently squeezes both hands. "Look at her. I've not seen one so beautiful in a long time.

Slowly it wobbles on the sands, the Hidden in the Tropics Egg as it picks up the haste and flavor of movement of its siblings alongside it. Now seeming unable to remain still, it rolls and rocks slowly, a steady seeming metronome.

The great desert displays upon the Crossing the Great Lands egg is not, despite how it looks, forever. It too has an end, one which gives way to life in the kiss of greenery and in this case the white hot cracks that suddenly break the surface as a blue snout pokes out, once, twice and then all gives way leaving the wet damp hatchling to fend for himself.

NPC Jungle River Blue Coluth and Sher
Jumping away from the remnants of the Crossing the Great Lands egg this large blue pauses a long moment where he has landed. Wing spread, the silky sails filled quickly drying in the heat of the grounds. River blue soaks his frame, bits of golden and red leaves drift across here and there. Along his belly there is a silty glitter of gold amidst the blue, and more bits of sand are picked up as he drags himself along toward the line of candidates. It takes him a long time, pacing back and forth the line until his mind is made up and when he nudges against Sheri from the woodcraft she gives a delighted giggle "Ok Coluth!"

Phyara squeals excitedly as Lilini announces her lifemate's name - "Oh, Lili! Congrats!" She claps, then turns her attention back to what's in front of her. Her eyes dart between the hatchlings and the eggs, and she bites her lower lip, a little nervous now.

Keziah gives a nod and then ohs as Inara Impresses "Congrats!" she calls out and then pulls her eyes back to the other hatchlings, including that gold. She bites her knuckle a little more and shifts as the heat of the sands cooks through her sandels. "She is. I am. Oh my."

Inara turns her head and then gasps softly, looking down towards the green at her hips. Her eyes meet the green's and she smiles warmly, "Luxth." she purrs smoothly, "Ina, I am." She turns and leads the green off towards the food at the side of the sands, content with the speechless quiet that floats around them for the time being.

Aerhia gives a gentle nod in agreement with Candia and Keziah, eyes on the gold for a moment longer. Inara is given a long look, and a smile - for all that it won't be noticed. "Luxth is an interesting name," she mentions, shrugging. "That green looked pretty, ah, harsh, though."

Anoryn doesn't have much free time to spend watching the actual Hatching, although she does take enough notice to know which eggs have hatched and how many hatclings are still roaming, unpaired. As she gets Sheri and Coluth settled, it's not long before she also guides Inara and Luxth away as well, casting a quick glance back to make sure she hasn't missed anyone.

The Guiding Star Hatchling can't seem to find anyone that has that special something she wants. The young gold turns her head to some other candidates and moves over to them, staring up an Aerhia. Do you have what I am looking for? That special something? That Miracle Whip Zip?

Creature of the Deep Blue Hatchling
A rare specimen surfaces in the appearance of this small blue dragon. He has a noticeably large head with a long tapering muzzle that ends in a blunted tip. Nostrils are large, the insides stained an ink blue rather than the typical pink and his eyes often whirl in the blue hues of his head which help to camouflage them so that he will look eyeless. Not that you stare at a plain matte one dimensional painting, no he is a sculptured one, streamlined for the destiny he is created to fulfill. The large head rests upon one end of a long slender neck that dips into a wide chest. His belly tucks to his body, yet retains near the girth of his chest and hips noticeably protrude. It gives him a stocky look, muscles firm and strong but not overly noticeable beneath the smooth layer of his hide. It stretches across flank and twines down the long tapered length of his tail which sways steadily back and forth as thought it is the rudder to guide him through this strange world. The lower half of his body is a dappled mix of navy and cobalt blue, the colors about evenly distributed across belly, arm and leg, even staining talons, before sliding down the base of his tail and lapping at his neck. Here though the waters shift and although still in the dark blue tones the hues are more a mix of cobalt and that lightening of the sky just before dawn. Moonlight still reigns however, and the light dapples through the water to caress his neck, back and tail in laced hues of mystical light. Dawn's blue becomes more prominent as one works up the wingbones but the broad yet shortened sails are something altogether different. Here the translucent membrane has been caught by an ethereal fog settling still over the lakes water and the light of dawn filters through the gray to give it an intense blue-gray that reveals little and hides everything behind it in shadow and rumor.

Starting slowly and then increasing with a rapidity that is astounding are the cracks now forming on the Hidden in the Tropics Egg. Seeming to barely hold together, as the webbing and fractures increase, leaving it a breath away from hatching.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the The Guiding Star Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Creature of the Deep Blue Hatchling takes his first few steps, his head bobbing slightly as he looks all over the sands. Then it's with a slow shuffle that he starts to move, feet sliding through the sand and his tail trailing behind. Another quick look around before he continues, absently peering at first one candidate and then the next.

Creature of the Deep Blue Hatchling is still moving slowly, methodically looking around at the faces that he passes and giving each that same deep consideration before he stops for a moment, considering. Only then slowly does he begin to move again, head tilted in a determined manner.

With a rapidity that is astounding, the Hidden in the Tropics Egg hatches by shattering into glittering shards that decorate the sands. Let loose into freedom then is a smaller bronze hatchling, his head swinging around to take in the suddenness of the changes and everything that now he can see.

NPC Light of the Jungle Bronze Venaith and P'kup
He's a quick moving gent, this bronze hatchling as he takes his first steps out on the sands. With a slight bob of his head, he's searching over the candidates, very carefully scrutinizing all that he sees. Finally he comes to a stop before one of the weyrbred candidates, a boy named Parekup. The dark haired boy turns, throwing his arms around the damp bronze neck. "I'm right here, Venaith and I'm happy to be your rider, P'kup." Then slowly the new pair is turning, each of them wobbling off the sands in search of sustanence.

Quisits> Menea tilts her head slightly, letting out a soft sigh. "Such memories these sands hold." She murmurs.

Aerhia took her eyes away from the gold long enough to be surprised to find it square in front of her. Eyes are wide for a moment, as if the normally calm girl plans to turn on a pinion and run at the first sight of talons. But apparently that Miracle Whip Zip was there, and the girl's expression softens into an uncharacterist genuine smile. Seeming lost in her sudden elation, she sighs, "I'm Aerhi, Onauth? Anything you say."

Keziah watches the gold some close and holds her breath. Course close is only as far as it goes. She stares at Aerhia as the gold stops at her and then she blins as she quickly looks towards Candia. How's she taking that?

Anoryn moves out as two new hatchling's find their matches, reaching P'kup and Venaith first and sending them off in the right direction to be tended to by the Assistant Weyrlingmasters while she continues on to meet with Aerhia and her new lifemate. "Aerhi and Onauth? Just follow me, we'll get you settled…" And she motions for the pair to follow her.

Candia grins as Aerhia…er, Aerhi impresses, although if you look carefully there's a bit of disappointment, as Candia realizes that she's not going to have a traveling companion for her journeys. "Congratulations, Aerhi. She's beautiful…

Quisits> Alisar nods, "They're all very handsome! I've not been to a Hatching yet that wasn't exciting." That's saying something, considering how much the man travels.

Creature of the Deep Blue Hatchling is finally there to look up into paler green eyes, waiting for just that moment before he nudges the girl in the knees, completely confident in his choice of a rider. Then he waits patiently, for her to acknowledge him.

Sharix seems to be in her element now, taking a firm voice as she steps forward, the last of the eggs having hatched and the dragons walked away with their human counterparts. "For those who found their lifemate today, I offer congratulations. For those who did not - Do not despair. Your lifemate simply wasn't here on these sands today. You are welcome to stay at Western, or if you'd prefer to return to your home, we will provide transportation. Either way, please come, and enjoy the feast."

Anoryn carefully makes her way towards the last pair to Impress, taking a brief look over the now shell strewn sands before her glance settles on Phyara and her new lifemate. Smiling lightly, she motions to them as well to join and follow her. "If you'll just follow me, we'll get you settled in with the rest too." she murmurs, ushering them off just as Sharix begins to speak.

Keziah stands there for a moment. Yup, she's lookin just a bit sad but then the glances over at Candia and grins "Wonder what the weather's like back home." she notes with a grin and then frowns "Shards I hope there's no blizzard."

Candia shrugs, as she and Keziah are left behind. She's not really bothered by it, though. It's not like she expected to impress. "Hopefully not. But like she said, you can stay here if you'd like. I may hang around for a bit before I travel on.

Keziah looks thoughfull for a few moments "I dunno. It's been nice here and all. But I think me goats likely miss me." Or maybe it's her missing her goats. "You'll have to come stop by Reaches sometime."

Candia nods, and lets go of Keziah's hand, smiling at the younger girl. "I'll have to make sure to.

Keziah gives a nod to Candia and heads off the sands. Her feet are starting to burn.

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