Mevalonath Rises

Western Weyr - Mevalonath's Domain(#8050RJh)
Outside on the ledge is a single dragon's couch, the stone worn smooth from turns of use, and padded with rushes to accomodate to Mevalonath's specific form. A thick curtain hangs down in the entryway to the weyr, a means of providing some protection from the weather. An additional buffer to the outdoors is that the entryway curves sharply before emptying into the rider's domain. Along this short hallway are a few pegs and items for care of dragon and straps as well as other utensils and at the end of it is a soft gauzy curtain of pale blue and cream. Inside the small space is transformed into cozy and inviting space. To the right is a plush off-white couch situated next to a pale yellow rug and a brazier to provide warmth in the room. In the other corner there is a large bed decorated with several pillows and a dark blue comforter. More pale yellow rugs are scattered about in areas commonly tread upon so as to protect the occupant's feet from the cold stone. Here and there are shelves carved into the wall in a nearly random pattern upon which several personal items rest.

The message has been sent out to the boytoy of hers that there is a proddy green. And it wouldn't be just any proddy green, but the lovely Mevalonath who's curled up on her ledge sneaking peeks at the males that happen to be within oogling range. As for her rider — she's been pacing, stopping now and then to rearrange a pillow on the couch, or the sheet of her bed, or adjusting how Mevalonath's riding straps hang just /so/ from their hooks, fussing over all the little details. Not even out of the first trimester, she certainly doesn't look pregnant yet. Maybe a bit of pooch to her belly if one squints.

The boytoy does take too long to arrive, although it is with still damp hair, even after the jump between. Dhonzayth is crooning quite happily to Mevalonath, attempting to steal a nuzzle even as L'ton is sliding to the ground and pulling his straps off, leaving them on a spare check of hooks even as he's heading into the weyr, pausing at the doorway to arch an eyebrow, watching Rhelia iwth amusement. "Everything okay sweets?"

Rhelia finishes fussing with the couch and then plops down onto it, taking a seat now that the boytoy is there and offering him a bright smile. About time, too. "Everything's just fine," she replies, "Even if Mevalonath isn't quite herself. But I told you I'd let you know when she was proddy…" she trails off there, glancing at the ledge. Even in this state the green doesn't want a nuzzle, or other touchings, and with a low snarl she's scooting away from the bronze. No touchie!

Dhonzayth jumps a bit as she snarls, before snorting at her, and just settling down to wait, even as L'ton will attempt the same move on Rhelia. Crossing to settle down on the couch, he arches an eyebrow as he leans towards her a bit, attempting to steal a kiss. "That ya did, and that she is." He agrees, reaching for her hand. "Ya think it's gonna be soon?" L'ton looks perhaps a bit overeager, admittedly, but he's stealing a glance back towards the ledge just in case.

Rhelia is much more responsive than her draconic counterpart. She leans into him as he kisses her, though doesn't go for more than that yet, instead opting to rest her head against him while they converse, hand curling into his. "I /hope/ it's soon. At least, it feels like it's been long enough that she ought to just do it by now before one of us explodes."

"Shards, if'n either one of ya exploded, the mess would be awful, though Ah think she'd be much worse ta clean up." He teases her lightly, wrapping his arms around her and craddling her close, absently planting a kiss on the top of her head. "Well, maybe it'll be soon, while we're here. Then at least one of us there won't be awful." He offers softly, folding his fingers through hers. "How're ya holding up, sweets?" And then his other hand is sneaking to absently brush over her stomach curiously.

Rhelia gently nudges the bronzerider in the ribs with her elbow and grins up at him teasingly, "And you'd miss me if one of us exploded." Perhaps Mevalonath heard that, for all of a sudden she's quite smug. Why yes, indeed she would make the better mess of the two. "I'd certainly like it to be soon," she replies softly, snuggling in closer to her boytoy. "I'm holding up fine, except for her."

"Ah would!" L'ton agrees hurriedly, grinning, shifting a bit as he's elbowed in the ribs, making a face at her. "Ah just hope if'n it is soon, that Dhon has better luck than last time… Otherwise Ah may not share anyway." He comments idly, as Dhonzayth snorts at the sudden smugness of the green. "Well, soon 'nuff, then. And then ya can get back ta as normal as ya can. Ah told ya it wasn't gonna be that bad." Didn't he?

"I hope so too," Rhelia replies softly, nuzzling further into L'ton. Leeeaaaan. "There'll be no sharing this time," she adds in, a hint of that smugness from her dragon seeping through to her. Speaking of which, maybe all the talking about her has got Mevalonath's ears burning, which has pushed things high enough to overcome the activation energy. For with a quiet little slink from the ledge, she's suddenly falling from it and then airborn once she unfurls her wings. With a scream of challenge she's off. Didja see it coming, Dhonny-boy?

"Mmm, Ah can deal with that." L'ton smirks as she leans towards him, and then he's tilting her chin up to give her a deep kiss, wrapping his arms back around her rather possessively. "Ah dun think Ah like sharing so much." He murmurs, even as he tenses a bit when Dhonzayth is tipping to dive after the green who so recently spurned his advances. Now that's just not nice! With a trumpet his wings are opening as well, and he's shooting up after her.

Mevalonath half-twirls in the air to see what's coming after her, though she turns quickly to issue another scream of challenge to the males as she climbs high above the bowl. La de da, she's flying! The sudden bout of possessiveness and extreme closeness catches Rhelia off guard, but after a moment of being surprised she moans softly into the bronzerider and melts. "Lucky for you then," she murmurs, pulling him back in for another kiss.

"Ah think yer the lucky one." L'ton replies, rather smug himself, even as he pulls her into the kiss, and then moving to nip at her ear and neck in turn, fingers twisting in her hair, as if he'd let her move away even if she wanted to. Dhonzayth trumpets back at her again, snapping at a brown who ventures into -his- space, practically pushing him out of the way as he continues to chase. Fly fly!

As if Rhelia could reply to that if she wanted to. She tilts her head up and back slightly, giving L'ton better access to her neck, as that seems to be what he's after right now. She also scoots forward a bit, heading lap-ward. And of course, Mevalonath is just flying at the lead of the pack… flapflapflapping her way through the sky ahead of the males. Don't you worry fellas, green flights tend to be short.

Why would she want ta reply? As she scoots, he's pulling her into his lap, nuzzling her jawline before planting a series of kisses along her neck, fingers curling in her clothes even as he finds her lips for another kiss. Dhonzayth, meanwhile, is in the back that Mevalonath is right in front of, continuing to chase, and continuing to snap at the unfortunate ones who get in his way. Short and sweet… Even if the green isn't exactly.

Mevalonath may not be sweet, or particularly short, but what difference does that make? These males clearly want her, and Dhonny is among the pack. Reaching a peek altitude she flips herself downwards, diving away from a near miss before she continues on her flight path. Though, she's not quite as fast as she was when she started out there. Rhelia grabs onto L'ton's hair, fairly yanking him forward as she pulls the bronzerider to herself. She noses his neck briefly before she nibbles on his earlobe, then nips his neck gently and playfully.

Dhonzayth has never been particularly smart either - nor does he have that important self-preservation instinct, thus why he is amongst the pack. Details, details. As she climbs, he does as well, though at a slower pace so that he's trumpeting in surprise when she's suddenly diving, taking a moment to recover from the shock before he's back after her tail again. L'ton should, perhaps, be shocked, but he's not showing it, for as she pulls him forward to her, he chuckles, tilting her chin up even like she did earlier, fingers playing with her hair and plucking on the bottom hem of her shirt.

Dhonny and L'ton are clearly a well-matched pair. They both like to chase after tail. Though, it would appear that Tonny is marginally more successful at it, and in this case is guaranteed victory no matter the flight's outcome. Come on now, time to catch up because the green lady can't keep going for much longer. The feeling of his fingers at the bottom of her shirt prompts her to smile, and then she's reaching down to remove the clothing herself because obviously Tonny is too slow.

Of course they're a well-matched pair - that's why they're such a successful bronzeriding pair - at least if you can count flights and babies as successful. And, guarenteed success is always a good thing, even if its fun to pick on others afterwards. As Rhelia is tugging off her own shirt, L'ton is undoing the buttons on his own shirt with shaking hands, before his hands are sliding back around her waist, holding her close for another kiss. Even as L'ton is once more close to Rhelia, Dhonzayth seems to have caught back up to Mevalonath as she's slowly, attempting to practically pass her, however, for he's hovering above her, stretching neck and talons out to snag her.

During that kiss Rhelia fumbles at pants. His pants, her pants, they both need to come off in order for the fun to really begin. Elsewhere, in the sky above the weyr there's a faltering green who swerves from one suitor, only to be ensnared by another. Looks like Dhonzayth is going to end up lucky as well… Talk about right place and right time, lucky bronze. It's the only time he'll get a chance to touch her.

And, given those circumstances, Dhonzayth will take advantage of it, and so he's lifting them both further aloft, even as he twines necks with her, snorting at the other, unlucky suitors. If they are, in fact, the unlucky ones. Even as Rhelia is fumbling, L'ton is fumbling as well, before finally pants are gone and they are left to enjoy themselves. Woo!

It won't be too long until Dhonny finds out if he's lucky or unlucky to have actually caught Mevalonath. Oh yes — it is most definitely naked time for the riders so that they can enjoy themselves and have plenty of fun. Aren't flights grand?

Definitely a good thing that he has no self-preservation instinct then, huh? Flights are always grand for everyone involved, at least during the flight itself. Afterwards, well, that's always debateable. And naked time is always enjoyable. Particularly when half the pair is already knocked up, so it can't happen again.

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