Nekkid-ish Niah

Ista Weyr - Celiketh's Sinking Ship

Niah has everything, really clean. The crib now has two little pillows in it. Her wardrobe is rapidly shrinking, or rather she is expanding out of it. All her clothes are laid out on her bed, and she is in a bra and skimpy underwear, what people don't see won't make her blush. Sighing she says, "Celi, it doesn't fit." It's about lunch, and she can't go down in her underwear.

Luckily for Niah, L'ton and Dhonzayth are appearing on the ledge, and it seems that he has a basket with him - a basket that is full of sandwiches, pies, and sweets. Stepping into the weyr, the basket swinging a bit, he has a wide smile on his face. However, as he sees Niah standing there in nothing but her undies, his grin is widening, and the basket is set down as he moves to pull her into a long hug and a longer kiss. Poor Niah.

Niah squeaks a bit at being pulled into the hug, wiggling and kissing him back but she says "You brought me food?" She grins and then moves to give him a kiss back, nibbling a bit at his neck and saying. "You are so amazing." She takes a deep breath, simply dazzled then wrinkles her nose, "I have nothing to wear."

"Why do ya need anything ta wear?" L'ton replies suddenly, pulling back just enough to look her over, a smirk on his face. "Ah think ya look great like this. 'nuff that Ah almost forgot that Ah brought food." Glancing over his shoulder at the basket, he's shaking his head before looking back at her, tracing a finger over her exposed collarbone. "Yeah.. Ya are sexy, but ya dun have ta worry anymore 'bout what Ysa said, cause well, she dunno what she's talking about." Is that… good news?

"Well I can not forget food very easily, Celiketh will not let me skip a meal anymore. The healers want me to gain… alot of weight." Niah does not bother with giving him a precise value, wrinkling her nose and then perking up. "What are you trying to say?" Then with her boldness she blushes and steps back, shivering a bit with his fingers on her collarbone, and sucking on her bottom lip.

"Well, ya do need ta eat.. Ah mean, ya're eating fer three ya know." He teases her, stepping afterwards. "Well, with Mai pregnant, Ysa can't say that yer keeping meh from her. And, well, with ya in that, Ah remember why Ah was so willing ta give ya yer baby." Winking at her, he attempts to steal another kiss, before grinning. "A'course, Ah dunno what Ah'd do if'n all those other guys were suddenly staring at ya ta. Ah mean, Ah can't stop ya, but.." He shrugs a bit, and then gives her puppy dog eyes.

Niah giggles as he mentions eating for three, "Yes, I am eating for three. I have not gotten much hungrier. The dolphins said they both looked fine, though the dratted things didn't tell me more than we are having one boy." Sighing she runs a hand over her stomach and blushes again at his news she breaks into a huge smile, "Oh, congratulations! How wonderful!" She takes a step towards him to give him a kiss. "I do not want to hurt you, and you are so wonderful to me." Looking over at the food then blushing a bright red and shying, tucking her head and lowering her eyes. "You just feel obligated, because you are my babies father."

"Well, ya still need ta eat. They're gonna get bigger, so." He teases her, jaw dropping a bit, even looking a little bit hurt. "What, ya think Ah only…" And then he's shaking his head and tilting her chin up. "Ah do not just feel obligated. Dun ya even think that. Ah honestly enjoy spending time with ya, otherwise Ah wouldn't always be here." But, then he's giving her a bit of a smile. "But, it tis wonderful - Ah.. Ah was so happy when she told meh. We.. celebrated." Giving a wink - as if the poor bluerider wasn't embarrassed enough, he taps a finger to her nose. "Dun stress out so much, sweets."

Niah lets him tilt her chin, eyes all big. "I just keep thinking, you" Pointing to him, "this." motioning to her weyr and such, "Is just to good to actually happen to me, besides Celiketh nothing good ever happens to me." She nods, oddly not blushing at his news that him and Mai celebrated. "I keep waiting, waiting for something bad to happen. For you to decide I am boring, or ugly or get really mean, or just not want me around anymore. I am still waiting for Mai to decide I can not see you, and I feel like I am just sitting waiting for something bad to happen." Sniffling slightly.

"Shards, Niah. Ah promise, ya deserve this. Ah ain't gonna suddenly get mean, or stop coming ta see ya, or anything like that. And, well, we ain't gonna take away yer weyr, or anything goofy like that. Ya need ta stop worrying, and be happy." He replies sfotly, meeting her eyes, and reaching to brush a thumb over her cheek as she sniffs. "Oh, sweets.. Ya couldn't be ugly if'n ya tried. All ya have ta do is look at yerself… Shards, its all Ah can do ta not…" Trailing off a bit, he shakes his head agian.

Niah steps closer to him, nodding slowly. "Thank you." She whispers before rubbing up against him and saying. "I had not thought you would take my weyr away, just worried my babies would not have a father. Or that you may not want them." She blushes, looking down at what she is wearing, or well what she isn't. "You don't have to stop looking, I will always be yours. I never thought I would find someone, who wouldn't want to move in and cling to me all the time."

L'ton is arching an eyebrow, giving her another appreciative look, gently rubbing her shoulders and giving her a soft kiss. "Ah ain't going no where. Our babies'll have two parents, and a lil.. brother maybe who aint' ta much younger, and ya'll have another parent ta be with. And Ah'll be yers ta, as much as Ah can, and as much as ya want me ta, as long as ya know Mai is there ta, ya?" And then he's grinning, winking as he tracing the outline of her bra, tilting his head. "Or, do Ah have ta prove it ta ya again?"

Niah groans happily as he rubs her shoulders, they're all knotted up and with the stress she puts on herself it is no suprise. "I do not want to keep you from her, you where hers first. But, I would like to be your second.. you have so many girls, I must be like the 106th or something. That is a lot to compete with." At his offer she nods, "That sounds alright with me." Giving him a small shy smile.

L'ton shakes his head as he feels the knots, moving to hurriedly steer her towards the bed, settling down on the edge and pulling her with, turning her away from him so that he can continue to rub her shoulders, carefully working each knot out in turn. "Ya are second, Niah. Ah know its hard ta believe, but ya are. Ya're.. different than the others." He murmurs softly, continuing to work on the tight muscles in her shoulders.

Niah is shaking just a bit, mostly her fingers. She allows him to lead her, and sits down on the bed. At the rubbing she just leans into it, rolling her shoulders a bit and when he whispers her eyes get really big. "You really mean it? Of all those girls, Suriaya, and S'ya, and all the greenriders who know you. I really am second?" her eyes light up, sucking on her lip only slightly. "I-I get to be second?" It's a quiet little question, as if she is afraid to use to much noise in asking it.

"Ya get ta be second. Ah have ta say, they are rather fun ta have, but they dun want more than that, and Ah think we're all good with that." He reassures her softly, continuing to rub, hands shifting to the middle portion of her back as she leans back. "But, yah. Yer mah second, if'n ya'll put up with meh. And, well, when ya do this ta meh, Ah dun think Ah could let ya go if'n ya wanted meh ta."

Niah giggles just a small one as he touches her back, possible that she is a little ticklish. She gives a very small nod, and says "I would never deny you your girls, I was one of them I guess. For a while." With his reassurance she turns around and leans towards him to press him against the bed and give him a long kiss. Afterwards she whispers, "Thank you, for letting me into your life. I will always want to see you." She blushes, but smiles through it.

L'ton grins back at her as he's pushed back onto the bed, reaching up to curl fingers in her hair, looking perfectly happy as he grins up at her. "Well, Ah'm glad ta hear that. Though between ya and Mai, Ah'm starting ta wonder if'n Ah have energy fer anyone else." He winks, before absently tracing fingers over her throat as she gives him a long kiss which he returns more than a slightly willingly.

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