Good News!

Ista Weyr - Inner Weyr(#8253RAJL)
Usually kept fairly well illuminated, the interior of the weyr, a rather decently-sized bubble, actually, isn't overly or sparsely furnished for its size. Two separate depressions in the stone serve as draconic couches, one covered with a deep, pitch-black cushion. Several tapestries make an attempt to brighten up the weyr and make it feel a little more homey - although a rather loud, sinuous red-and-black one sticks out proudly upon the stone walls to anyone who happens to gaze upon it. A short distance onward from the couches, a small table and a large, comfortable looking chair rests, most likely present in the event that visitors arrive to socialize with one or more of the occupants. Beyond that, there's a large desk nestled against the far wall, covered with stacks of hide that seem to alternate between being neat and messy, along with several pens.
Two sections of the weyr have been curtained off, one considerably larger than the other. The smaller one sports curtains of a soft, ocean-blue, which when parted, is revealed to contain a small bed, large enough to house a young child. There's also a basket containing several stuffed toys, mostly of dragons. The larger curtained-off area conceals a large, full-size bed, complete with two, fluffy pillows. Although this weyr apparently houses at least three people, there doesn't seem to be any lack of space, for the moment.

It's evening time, just around dinner and Mai's decided to put together a nice dinner up in the weyr. She's got the table set and the food already on plates, expecting L'ton back soon. Now all she's got to do is play with Carrot. The orange cat is rolling around and jumping after the string in the brownrider's hand, much to both parts of the brow pair's delight. Meluth is loungeing on the ledge keeping a look out for the bronze pair so he can take off when they get there.

Dhonzayth seems to be right on time - there was no unexpected incident to keep him and his rider from Ista. He backwings carefully, letting L'ton off before he too is taking off to enjoy the last of the tropical sun from the rim of the bowl. Straps and jacket are left on their respective hooks before he's heading into the weyr proper, pausing as he sees the set table grinning widly. "What's the special occassion sweets?" He offers, moving to her side, ducking to snatch at Carrot's tail before giving Mai a soft kiss.

The cat meows before going off and running to his pile of tatters. M'iken smiles into the kiss and chuckles a little. "Well, ya know, today was my appointment to go see the healers for my check up. So I felt like having a nice dinner." She says, balling the string up and putting it in her pocket. She's got a full dinner of roasted herdbeast, mashed tubbers, and some kind of green vegitable.

L'ton makes a face as the feline runs off, rolling his eyes slightly before wrapping his arm over her shoulders, keeping her close as he escorts her to the table. "Ah assume that it went okay, since ya ain't all worried, and ya didn't call meh ta come down there." He ventures slowly, settling her into her chair with a kiss to the top of the head before he's settling in his own, taking a deep breath, appreciating the scent of dinner.

M'iken smiles and nods when she's set down in her seat. "Hum, yes, I think It went /very/ well." She pours some wine into L'ton's glass and then pours water in her own. "In fact I've got some good news." She's kept her face pretty normal up till now, but a ridiculously happy smile breaks onto her face.

L'ton arches an eyebrow as Mai's glass is filled with water, and then her words are slowly sinking in and his eyes are widening. "Like, good good news?" As she breaks into a smile, L'ton is practically shooting back out of the chair back to her side, moving to pull her into a protective hug. "Ya mean…" And then he's waiting, just in case, looking quite hopeful.

M'iken actually laughs a little when L'ton's up and by her side again. She nods though and smiles brighter, if that's possible. "Yeah. I'm pregnant!" All the excitement she's been feeling ever since her check-up just bubbles over and she starts bouncing in place a bit.

L'ton pulls Mai out of her seat quickly, totally forgetting about dinner for the moment, and wrapping his arms around her as he spins her around, gleefully bouncing a little. "Shards Mai! We're having a baby!" His words are punctuated with kisses, and he's still spiraling some - you might think it was his first child… Although this one is certainly different.

M'iken holds onto him tightly as she spun around and laughs brightly. "I know! I feel like I'm going to burst inside." It /is/ her first, so this mount of exictement from L'ton /really/ makes her happy. All the kisses are accepted happily.

L'ton continues to spin her around some, giving her a long kiss before burrowing his face in his neck. "Oh Mai…" He sighs happily, still looking completely thrilled. Reluctantly, he settles her back down in her seat, though he's quickly pulling his chair over so that he's settled right next to her, putting a hand lightly on her knee, still beaming, unable to take his eyes off her.

M'iken hummms deeply at the kiss. Once she's set back in her chair though, she grins at his moving of his chair. "Should I have not bothered to set the table the way I did?" She asks, pulling his plate over so he can eat with her. "So! Now we're set on another waiting game. At least this one's got an actual end in site." She says, picking up her fork nd knife nd starting in on her roast. She's gotta eat something or she might throw up from being so excited.

L'ton opens his eyes wide, shaking his head. "No, no… And… eat. Shards, ya need ta eat!" He blurts out all in a rush, leaning to give her another kiss before taking a fork full of tubers. However, given the antsines, its a wonder he's able to eat anything, as between each bite, he's grinning all silly-like at her, and reaching to squeeze her knee again. "Oh, Mai… Ah.. We…" And then he's speachless, just shaking his head again.

M'iken laughs. "I know I have to eat. You know I like to eat. I'm not gonna stop etting just cuz now I'm gonna get a baby belly." She sys between bites. "Yum, the kitchen staff, really are great cooks." She says happily. Now that the declaration of her pregnancy has been made, she's quite comfortable again. "They said I'm about a month in by-the-way. Only eight more to go." She smiles at Ton's lack of speech, totally loveing it.

L'ton reaches quickly for her hand, pulling it up to plant a soft kiss on the back of her hand, still fighting the urge to start squeeing aloud. "Ah…" And then he shakes his head, forcing himself to take a few more bites, and then a sip of his wine. Only then does he take a deep breath to try and talk again. "Ah.. Ah can't wait ta tell anyone. Ah.. Yer parents and… Ysa and Ram and.." He rambles a bit more, shaking his head, still grinning like a goof.

And that just gets Mai all excited again. "My parents! I didn't even think about them, I was all excited about just telling /you/!" She bounces in her seat again, looking probably more happy than she ever has been. "Man, Ysa and Ram are gonna flip. We're pregnant at the same time!" She makes a very happy kind of squeeing noise and leans over to snuggle into his shoulder. "I think I might die from happiness."

L'ton pulls her into a long hug as she snuggles into her shoulder, before he's tipping her chin up for a kiss. "Ah, sweets, ya can't do that, then where would Ah be!?" He teases her lightly before grinning. "Ah'll ask Ram and Ysa ta come, when Ysa can between again, and if'n ya want, Ah can go get yer parents, so that ya can tell 'em in person?" L'ton offers, cheerfully, trying to be helpful. "Ah can't even tell ya how happy Ah am…." And then it seems that dinner is all but forgotten, for he's too busy clinging to the brownrider.

M'iken smiles into that kiss. "I don't know where you'd be, but I think you'd be ble to hndle it." Or might not, he /is/ very emotional. She gives him a quick kiss and gives him an appreciative look. "That would be great if you could. And I'm sure my parents would enjoy a trip over here, especilly my mom." Yes, it would make the brownrider quite happy to have her mommy here wth her, even for just a little while. She hsn't forgotten about dinner though as she was too excited to eat before so she's rahter hungry, which her stomach declares for her by growling quite loudly. "Ah, I think I might be hungry."

L'ton chuckles, quickly shaking his head. "Ah… Ah dunno." And then he's giving her another joyful kiss as he's waving her back to her meal. "Ah'll get yer parents as soon as Ah can arrange the afternoon off ta go get 'em, and a place fer 'em ta stay, that they'll be comfortable with." And then he's sliding her plate closer to her, looking rather silly. "Eat, eat! Ah.. Ah didn't mean ta keep ya from it, Ah mean.. We have 8 months ta be happy!"

M'iken smiles at him. "You're amazing, you know that?" She gives him a good long kiss before going back to her food. "I actually think we have the rest of our lives to be happy." She says around a mouth full of tubers, grinning like an idiot. She can honestly say, she's lead a pretty happy life so far and it's only getting better.

"Well, we always that that, sweetheart." He chuckles, stabbing the green vegetables and stuffing them in his mouth, before he's getting up and meandering around, practically skipping with each step. Each time he passes by her, he ducks to give her a long hug before he's heading to fall backwards onto the bed, stunned into happy silence.

M'iken grins and watches him walk about the weyr. She's very intent on finishing her dinner. She even eats some of L'ton's before getting up and moving over to the bed to crawl in next to him. "Well, Mr. Skippy, too excited to eat?" She snuggles onto his chest and kisses his chin lightly. "Maybe you're to excited for other things too?" She asks

"Ta excited ta sit still and eat, yah.." L'ton agrees, grinning up at her as she joins him. "Ah just.. Ah'm so happy, ya have no idea." And then at her question, he's smirking a bit, arching an eyebrow. "Ya should know that's never the case, Mai-dear.. And Ah think that that is the perfect distraction." And he's tipping her chin to give her a very long kiss, showing that he's in fact more than willing enough.

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