Double the Good News?

[DTU/Project] Dhonzayth senses that Celiketh's mind is full of sparkling clean water, cold wind blowing and this flush of bright reds and blues. Clearly over joyed, «Mine wishes to speak to yours, and I would like it if he would bring her something to eat.»

[DTU/Project] Celiketh senses that Dhonzayth gleams with hues of silver and copper, seemingly passing along the message, for there is a long pause before there is a response. « Mine is coming, we will be just a few minutes. »

Ista Weyr - Celiketh's Sinking Ship
The ledge has a few chunks taken out of it, and you can see where dragon talons have reshaped the rock over the turns. Near the door to the weyr are a few potted plants, and two large rocks presumably to hold the doors of the weyr open on a nice day.
Inside the weyr the walls are a lilac blue, soft and mild coloring. The entrance has a rug of dark midnight blue in front a navy blue sofa which is adorned by a baby blue blanket a pillows. The place only has two windows, and both have been adorned with curtains of a blue that matches the walls. In contrast is a round table near the small kitchen area, the table is a dark maroon and four chairs that match. Sitting on the table is a vase holding a flower of white and blue, if examined closer it would be discovered the flower is fake. Further into the space behind a heavy curtain of deep crimson is a king sized bed adorned by a bright red quilt and pillows that vary from a near pink red to deep maroon. All the furniture is red, shelves along one wall hold a collections of shells, pictures and other household items. Space has been left near the bed so that Celiketh may be near Niah at night. Off to the side is a well swept dragon couch, fabric hanging near it is bright and very cheery blues, near the couch is a small collection of objects varying from yellowed leaves, shells and pieces of glass that are blue and red.

The sun has set, Niah is sitting near Celiketh. The pair seem to be having a conversation, her eyes glazed and blinking occasionally. She has a hand over her stomach, and a big really goofy smile on her face. A nice breeze blows, and the weyr is a very comfortable temperature. She is soaked wet, still in her bathing suit.

Its more than a few minutes, but in time Dhonzayth is backwinging to the bluerider's ledge, L'ton taking a few moments to get to the ground, juggling what seems to be a skin filled with juice and a sack containing a variety of foods. Spotting the bluerider where she's sitting all goofy like, he's blinking. "Ya look happy, lil bit."

Celiketh rumbles a greeting, and Niah stands holding onto Celiketh to push herself up. When he has the foods she says, she has a shy little smile and her voice is a quiet little chirp. "I am happy." She murmurs, walking over to him and saying, "I am so happy it's almost silly." Blushing she sits down at the table. "I don't even know, if I should tell you." She is teasing, very rare for her to tease or be anything but sweet and modest.

L'ton pulls her into a hug, he gives her a squeeze before settling down at the table with her and unwrapping the various food to reveal a variety of meatrolls, veggierolls, and even a few bubblies. "What, ya found a boy who's gonna take ya away from meh, didn't ya? That's why ya dun wanna tell me, huh?" He teases her right back, even as he's stealing a bubblie. "Ya seem ta giggling for that, though. Hmm…"

Niah shrugs her shoulder, putting on a very cute little smile and taking a bite. "No, not even close.. you are bad at this." She strokes her side affectionately, as she is pulled into a hug she just grins. "You have to guess, no, don't guess! I should wait, I mean I guess you will find out eventually." She sits and enjoys a veggie roll, then a bit nervous she starts to talk really fast, "I really hope it is good news, I think it is amazing but you may not. Oh, I so hope you don't get mad." She seems to be between total joy, and nervous excitement.

The bubblie disappears, and then L'ton is reaching to gently rest his hands on her stomach even as she is, arching an eyebrow at her as she begins to ramble. "Well, 'e's still moving around, so that's good. But.. ya said it was good." And then he considers, before arching an eyebrow. "Is it actually a boy then, maybe?" He guesses, clearly somewhat thrown off by her joyful exuberance, but trying to humor her.

Niah stands, giving what is possible her first ever attempt at a mischievious smile. "Come to the bed, you may need to be laying down for this kind of news." She stands, walking over to the bed and sitting against her pillows, legs crossed. At the touching she simply giggled, "He is!" Leaning back she says, "Come sit down, and give me your hands."

L'ton arches an eyebrow, watching her meander. "Ya ain't trying ta seduce meh, are ya lil bit? Ah mean, Ah dun mind, but ya dun need ta try ta hard." He winks before he's following after her towards the bed, settling lightly down on the edge, leaning back on one hand, extending the other hand as she asks for it. "Now what, Niah?" He grins expectantly.

Niah looks over at him, eyes big and she doesn't seem to even be able to get out the words, she takes his other hand. "L'ton, I do not know.. How do I tell you." Happy little tears on her face, that really big goofy smile. She finally whispers out, "L'ton, we.. we are having twins." The word twins is stuttered out. "The dolphins where sure, that we are having twins." She seems to almost sing the words twins, completely dazzled.

Its probably a good thing that L'ton was sitting down, for he's staring at her with wide eyes, blinking a few times. "Wait.. Twi-" And then it seems the words are sinking into his mind, albeit slowly, for his look of confusion is slowly turning into a wide grin, and then he's stretching out towards her to catch her in a long kiss. "Oh, sweets…. Congratulations!" And then he's giving her another kiss to prove his point, before grinning. "Ah guess that explains why the healers are sure ya were further on.."

Niah smiles her biggest smile, positively beaming. As he kisses her she responds enthusiastically, kissing back and saying to him. "Congratulations to you to, thank you.. Thank you so very much." She moves to get closer to him, attempting to pull him more towards the top of the bed with her. "It is, it is.. I- I hope you are not mad, I mean.. I didn't know if you just wanted one." She looks concerned, biting on her knuckle a bit eyes very wide in anticipation of his response. "Please say you want them."

L'ton kicks his boots off as to not have them get anything on her bed before sliding up with her, pulling her into a long hug, kissing her repetedly on the top of her head, her cheek, and anywhere else he can reach, before shaking his head, quickly squeezing her again. "Sweetheart, sweetheart, two is just fine! Two's always better than one, ta, dun ya know?" He teases her, tipping her chin up and removing her knuckle from her mouth. "Of course Ah want them, sweets. Though, now Ah have ta say, Ah ain't sure Ah'll be able ta talk ya into another later, anymore." A wink, and he smiles at her.

Niah allows him to kiss her, kissing back and allowing him to remove her knuckle and adoring him. "I don't even know if I believed it when they told me, I was just so shocked and had to sit down." Nuzzling him and kissing any piece of him she can reach. At his mention of another she gets quiet, sighing contently and just absorbing the moment. "I am not sure, if I do not get a girl then I would really like to try again. I just can not stop thinking that four would be to many." She grins putting a hand on her belly, then she stiffens considerably "This is so wrong." She almost starts to cry, a very quick mood change. "I get two, and oh, oh poor Mai. Don't tell her we're having two alright? Not until she is pregnant."

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly, quickly pulling her towards him, giving her gentle kisses, thumbs brushing over her cheeks to wipe away any tears. "Sweetheart… Niah… Ya dun worry. Ah ain't worried about meh and Mai, we'll have one when its time. She's got a followup soon 'nuff, and maybe they'll have good news, like Ah told ya before." And then he's rolling on his side, resting his hand on her stomach, with a smile. "Sweets… Twin's ain't nothing new, really. Ah've had a few sets, Sris had a set, even. Ya didn't do anything wrong, sometimes it just happens. Ya need ta be happy.

Niah nods slowly, sniffling. "I'm ok, I am really happy. I just keep thinking of what that Ysa said, about me being the reason Mai and you can not have a baby. What will everyone think when they find out I am having twins." It seems that little talk did a lot to the bluerider, she kisses him back. At his hand she says, "I have a better idea, well a bit better of why it keeps feeling so different. Want to feel?" She runs a hands along her stomach, and at his comments she asks, "Are you happy?"

"Ah'm absolutely thrilled. And, Ah'm gonna have a talk ta Ysa, cause it ain't fair of her ta attack ya like that. Ah mean, ya ain't done nothing. Trust meh, Ah've been enjoying having Mai stuck in Ista more than 'nuff." He winks, and then gently rubs his hands over her stomach too. "And, now ya dun have ta worry about why he's so active, either."

Niah smiles, relaxing against him and then getting another smile on her face. "You probably find me fat now, since you know it's two and all." She sighs, nodding ever so slightly and saying to him. "We need to start calling them, them. He sounds like one, the boys is ok with me too." She adds with a grin, "Maybe we will both get what we want? I get one like you and you get one like me? Though I am not sure if I am going to share my boys." She sits up and gives him a long kiss, moving to his neck and starting to play with his buttons in her characteristic way of hinting.

"Ah dun think yer fat at all. Ah think yer still just as sweet and sexy, 'specially with ya in that suit.." L'ton is quick to reassure her, fingers splaying over her stomach, even ducking to plant a kiss on it before grinning up at her as she plays with his buttons. "Them it is.. And, ya dun have ta share yer boys. They're yers… But, they may have ta share ya, cause well, Ah dun think Ah could just quit ya.." It doesn't seem like he has problems with her hinting, for he's reaching to play with her swimsuit top. (re)

"Well I will share them with you, and you share me with them." Niah gently kisses him, undoing a few of the buttons and allowing him to mess with her swimsuit top. "You have some time?" She asks, running a hand along his chest. "So, you remember what we did to concieve twins? Could we do it again?" She giggles and blushes at her own words, but gives him another kiss.

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