Checking On Niah

Ista Weyr - Celiketh's Sinking Ship

It is nearing breakfast time, the windows and door are open and Celiketh is not in the weyr for a change. The blue is up on the rim, basking in the sun. A small breeze blows, Niah is watering her plants and pruning them just a bit. Sweeping the ledge and Celikeths couch, she seems to get a lot done in the morning.

Dhonzayth isn't really a morning… dragon, but it would seem that L'ton has managed to detach him from whatever he was doing, for the bronze is backwinging lightly to the ledge of the blue, letting L'ton off before he's headed off again. A deep breath, and he shakes his head slightly, with a grin. "Hey there, Niah.."

Niah turns quickly, it's visible that at some point her lip has lost the battle and she finally broke the skin. As she see's him she gives a shy little wave, not approaching him as she usually does but saying, "Umm, morning Tonny." She uses the pet name, but continues her sweeping. Fidgeting a bit, she seems intent on making micro adjustments to the plants the poor things are losing leaves at a dangerous rate. The blueriders hands are shaking and she plucks another leaf, chewing on her lip. It's dead already, she can stop.

L'ton seems rather confused by her unenergetic greeting, forehead wrinkling up, as he blinks a few times. "Morning?" He questions as he meanders towards her, reaching for her wrist as she's picking up a leaf. "What's wrong, lil'bit? Did.. Did Ah do something?"

Niah shakes her head, sad little face she stutters out. She hasn't stuttered with just him in a while, "N-no, you didn't." Sighing and leaning against the wall, "I, I went to Xanadu because I had business there. This gold rider said that Mai can't get pregnant because you sleep with me." She sniffles a bit, "I do not want to lose you, but how can I live with myself if it is my fault." Her eyes well up, "She said a bunch of really rude things, and said Mai was her best friend and is that really how mai feels?" Confused she pulls another leaf, the plant need more leaves then it currently has to survive.

L'ton moves quickly to Niah's side, pulling her away from the wall and towards him, trying to save the poor plant an untimely demise. "Ah.. Lil'bit, ya know that's just crazy stupid. Ah ain't /not/ sleeping with Mai. And, we dunno if Mai's pregnant yet, cause it ain't been long enough, but we're thinking she is. It ain't nothing ya did." And then L'ton looks anything but thrilled, and then he's tilting his head. "It ain't some Ysa was it? She's just angry 'round that she got stuck with one of 'em babies by Ram."

Niah allows herself to be pulled away from the poor plant, and moves to press herself against him. Nodding her head she says, "She was really bitter, and mad." Sighing and stroking her stomach. "I don't feel bad at all for getting pregnant. This is what I wanted, you know that." Kissing her fingers and and patting her stomach. "She called Zalyu ugly.." Sniffing a bit and looking up at him. "She apparently has not seen him, he looks so much like his goregous father." When he mentions a name she says, "That was her." It takes a moment, and then she screams a suprised happy scream "Really? You think she is pregnant! OH!" SHe moves to hug him.

L'ton rests his hand lightly on her stomach, wrapping his arm over her shoulders and keeping her close. "Ah know ya dun. And, Zalyu ain't ugly. Like Ah said, she's just angry. She dun like kids.. At all. 'cept maybe her own, once she has 'em." He shakes his head a bit, tilting her chin up to give her a quick kiss. But then she's practically screaming, and he's leaning back, blinking a few times, making a face. "No need ta scream, lil bit… And we dunno fer sure, but.. Ah mean."

Niah grins and hugs him, "Sorry." Her hands start to shake and she says, "I am just so very excited for you, so if she is pregnant my baby is going to be four months older then her baby." As he says they aren't sure, she nods and seems very happy. "I was so worried, tell me as soon as they confirm ok? I should go see her!" Niah nods her head, looking suprised for a moment and saying, "Baby is moving, but he's moving all over.. it's very odd." She places her hands at the top of her stomach, and near her side.

L'ton lets his hands be moved to rest where she wants them, grinning as he starts kicking and moving. And then he's grinning. "Of course Ah'll let ya know, as soon as we know fer sure, dun ya worry 'bout that. What do ya think Ah am, mean?" He teases her, moving a hand to tap her on the nose, before glancing back down. "Maybe.. Maybe ya should go see the dolphineers, ta see if'n one of the dolphins will take a look, since he's moving so much."

Niah shifts from one side to another, "What would dolphins be able to tell me." She takes his hand, placing it on her side and then reaches for the other one, placing it lower and the very opposite side. It doesn't exactly feel like kicking in both place, but definetly odd. Giggling as he touches her nose "What are you thinking?" She asks scooting closer.

"Maybe they could tell ya if'n yer really as far long as the Healers seem ta think, cause they might could tell ya how big he is." And then his hands are resting on her sides, smiling as the baby moves, before grinning at her, before wrapping his arms around her. "Ah dunno, that Ah think ya're sweet, and cute. And 'specially cute when ya get all nervous, specially when there ain't no way ya've done anything wrong."

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