Post Flight

Xanadu Weyr - Zevida's Weyr
Largely made for the queen that resides and a few of her likely guests, suited to her tastes and hidden into the darker edject of the forest. Natural light does not fill the weyr, instead, carefully placed lamps along with red pattened shades. Pale gold curtains separate the weyr slightly, the sleeping aread where both the gold and her rider sleep is sectioned off. The sitting area has it's own place with a little pot for making klah. A shelf along with a few books, charts and papers. The final sectioned area is where the clothing is, a neat little dresser and a changing area, all hidden behind the final curtain. It's cozy, for the large gold. For any other it may appear abnormally large.

L'ton is certainly glad that Zevida isn't kicking and screaming - it does make it that much more difficult to accomplished well, anything. As they enter her weyr, he's leaning back against the door to shut it, even as he pulls her back towards him to give her a long kiss. Look, he doesn't have to duck his head!

Zevida returns the kiss slowly, though, more of someone in a daze. Still lost in Avaeth's feelings and completely unaware of her surroundings now, even the rider who she seems to hate. Lucky lucky man..

L'ton knows that he's lucky, and he's certainly going to take advantage of it, for he's carefully backing the goldrider away from the door and towards the bed, where he settles her down, stretching out with her even as Dhonzayth is stretched out with Avaeth high above. At least, despite the dragon lust, he's not being unreasonable and rough, rather settling for long, lingering kisses and idly roaming hands.

Zevida is spread out on the bed like a living blanket, quite possibly melting onto the bed easily and just laying there. At least she looks comfortable, too. Returning lingering kisses easily, and, ignoring the wandering hands. So far so good on L'ton's part. Though, waking up again will not likely be a pleasant experience…

Waking up always has the potential to be very unpleasant and in fact downright dangerous. However, its a necessary risk, for well, who's going to pass up a willing woman? Wandering hands slowly undress the melting Zevida, continuing to plant kisses along her chin and jawline, nosing gently at her ear. Its all about the distraction, even if one's lifemate should be distraction enough.

Zevida is quite gone now, lost in the feelings and the feelings of her lifemate. All she releases is a content sigh as he continues. Distracted is far from where Zevi is, it's more to the point of A.D.D, but less of her attention jumping all over. A loss conciousness, if you will. Without the sleeping.

L'ton is careful but swift in sliding her out of her clothing, before his is tugged as well, and then he's pulling the covers over them both, letting both of them be completely carried away by their lifemates' emotions.

Wakeup time! The goldrider wakes, slowly and then, sitting up and stretching. Slowly, she registers someone is beside her. Slowly, she looks in that direction and she lets out a soft groan. "Shards, not you…" She groans once more and moves to push him from the bed with her foot.

L'ton is a bit slower to awaken, stretching lazily before his eyes are even open. Only as he's getting nudged does he slowly roll over, opening his eyes to blink at her through his lashes, trying to look innocent even if the previous activities proved him to be anything but. "Aw, Zev.. Ah hope ya ain't ta angry.. Ah tried ta be careful.." But all the same, the nudge is there, and he's sliding away from her, albeit quite slowly.

Zevida huffs out softly, crossing her arms as she gives him a look. "It's still an awful activity, even if you're 'gentle' but I can hardly see anyone being gentle through that." Bad experiences, obviously. She turns red, turning away from the rider and frowns.

"Aw, sweetheart… Ah'm sorry if'n Ah hurt ya. Ah didn't mean ta. It ain't suppose ta be bad, yer suppose ta enjoy it…" And L'ton babbles a bit, clearly somewhat confused by the goldrider's reaction, particularly as she turns away rather red. Slowly, he reaches out of the bed to pick up her shirt, scooting just a tad closer to offer it to her cautiously. "Here ya go.. Ya can get dressed.. Ah won't look." And leaving it carefully across her legs, he's reaching to gather up the rest of her things and offer them in a similar manner.

Zevida glances at him, puffing up and mumbling softly to herself. As he offers her shirt, she takes it slowly and puts it on. As he offers the rest of her clothing, it goes on in a similar fashion. "Ahmm.." Uneasily, though, slightly less gruff than before. "It.. Doesn't seem enjoyable.." She mumbles, "I've only done it in flights.." A sigh and she slowly collects herself, wrapping her hair up once more.

"That's why, sweets. And, Ah bet yer all tense from the flight, ta, which dun help. Ya should find someone ya like, and make sure they're careful, and try it." Clearly L'ton has no issues talking about it with a relatively unknown goldrider, but his children - that's a different story. Turning away from her, he quickly pulls on his pants before settling back on the edge of the bed to look at her with a tilt of his head. "And, Ah really am sorry if'n Ah hurt ya. Ah really was trying.. trying ta not. But, sometimes with Dhonzayth, it kinda gets 'way from meh."

Zevida lets out a soft snort. "I don't think there are many tolerable men.. Who are worth it." She waves her hand almost dismissively. At his look she shakes her head. "It's fine. I'm sure there were more injuries this time. Avaeth gets pretty violent.. And with more chasers, more injuries.."

"Ah'm sure ya'll find one. If'n nothing else, find someone ya can trust, so ya dun have ta fear Avaeth going up again. Ah… Ah'd hate ta see what some of 'em would do ta ya." And then he's pulling his shirt over his shoulders, slowly starting to button it, glancing over his shoulder at her. "Dhonzayth Ah think just got a lil'nip. No worse than what he normally tends ta get, being stuck in the middle of it."

Zevida frowns, nodding slowly before letting out a soft sigh. She settles back into the bed and stretches out again. "Well, we'll see then.. That's good that he wasn't too badly hurt. Think I recall one getting a bite.. Hope that one is fine." Shrugging, the blankets go up over her head and she sighs.

L'ton absently leans over to gently pat her leg. "Its fer yer own good, Ah'm sure yer weyrlingmasters would have agreed." And then he's straightening up to tug on his boots, biting his lip as the cover goes up over her head and he can't see her any longer. "Ya'll let us know when she starts to clutch, right? Dhonzayth'd be real sad, if'n he was there ta help her." The second boot gets a bit of a stomp to settle his heel in, and then he's tying them both.

Zevida nods, though.. Knowing her relationship with the weyrlingmasters, she isn't really one to listen to them. A soft sigh and she nods. "Avaeth will let you know, she's not one to let the dad get away with not showing." A soft snort and she rolls to her side. "She'll tell you."

"Thank ya, sweets." L'ton offers softly, standing to go before pausing and turning around. Half kneeling on the bed, he pulls the blanket down far enough to reveal the top of her head, planting a soft kiss before tugging the blanket back up. "Get some rest, go take a bath, and a hop between, just in case.." The Istan offers as advice before watching her a moment longer before reluctantly heading towards the door. Pausing at the last moment, "Ya know how ta get a hold of meh, if'n ya need meh. Even if'n ya just need someone ta talk ta." Unlikely, but ya never know.

Zevida lets out a muffled squeak, smothered behind her hands and she doesn't move for a moment. "Thank you." She pipes out softly after that moment, shuffling the sheets and giving a shy smile. "I will.. If I need it…"

L'ton's nod goes unseen, but he seems a bit more relaxed than when she first woke him up. "Ah'll see ya soon, Zevida." He offers softly before slipping out.

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