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Xanadu Weyr - Senkyou and L'ters Weyr(#316RJLe)

Senkyou isn't just a mother of Zalyu, she has two other kids. Sitting at her table is a ten year old little girl, she could be a copy of Senk at a younger age. Mother and daughter share a very strong resemblance, also sititng at the table is a little boy who loks to be about four, he had senks green eyes and darker brown hair. The brownrider is sitting on her bed, the oddball in the dark haired family on her lap. Zalyu is giggling and clapping his hands, it is a pleasant family atmosphere. Sitting on his couch is Dulacth, and the two kids are eating and talking at the table. It is just after sunset at Xanadu, the wind is blowing and it is a starry night.

L'ton isn't a bad father, really. Or a bad surrogate father because well, bad things certainly happen if you bring something to one child, but not to the others. And is it with not one, not two, but four variously shaped bundles that L'ton has arrived at Xanadu with, and which he's balancing as he knocks on the door of a certain brownrider. "Senkyou?"

Serenity instead of Senkyou says, "Come in!" She yells out and then says to her brother, who has some little wooden dragons. "No, no.. the greens don't watch the eggs." The little boy isn't playing correctly it seems, and she corrects him. Leterou just keeps playing his way, Serenity wrinkling her nose and scooting away from him. Senkyou says, "Like nitty said, come in." She is still busy with little Zalyu who says in a cute little voice "Whos dare? Whos dare?" The 18 month old boy has suprising clarity.

L'ton seems to regard the door for a moment, surprised by the variety of voices which answer his knock before he's pushing it open and stepping inside, leaning back against it as its closed, offering a somewhat awkward smile. "Ah brought y'all stuff." It seems to be all he can think of, before shaking his head. "How's everyone?" Then, when it seems safe, he's stepping away from the door towards the table to deposit what is most clearly a wrapped wine bottle on the table infront of Senkyou. "Hey ya.." He greets with his now free hand patting her shoulder, as he makes a face at he boy in her lap.

Senkyou stands and then with a defeated sigh sits back down, hugging the baby closer to her body as if to show her possesion of him. Like a kid with a toy. Leterou continues to play, and then stands and runs over to Dulacth moving his play dragon along the browns tail, it's suprsing how tolerant the defensive brown is of the little boy. Regarding him with happy blue whirling eyes, and twitching his tail to make the game more exciting. Serenity rolls her eyes and eats her food, L'ton gets a glance and she says "Why would he bring us stuff? mom?

Senkyou stands and then with a defeated sigh sits back down, hugging the baby closer to her body as if to show her possesion of him. Like a kid with a toy. Leterou continues to play, and then stands and runs over to Dulacth moving his play dragon along the browns tail, it's suprsing how tolerant the defensive brown is of the little boy. Regarding him with happy blue whirling eyes, and twitching his tail to make the game more exciting. Serenity rolls her eyes and eats her food, L'ton gets a glance and she says "Why would he bring us stuff? mom?" Senkyou says "Hiya." Tickling the baby with a smile, Zalyu giggles and grabs a piece of fruit off of Senks plate, stuffing it in his mouth and getting it all over his hands. "That's nice of yu, Serenity this is Weyrsecond L'ton of Ista weyr." She gives him a quick glare, notice she did not mention that he was Zalyu's father.

"Well, Ah didn't think it would be ta nice of meh ta bring something fer Zalyu, and not fer y'all. O'course, if'n ya dun want it, Ah'm sure that Ah could find someone else who might." L'ton has apparently relaxed enough to tease even Serenity, setting a rather soft package down infront of her - a package that when opened will reveal a soft-bodied doll and about half a dozen miniature outfits - with a smile. Then he's glancing at where Leterou is playing, setting down a short wooden stick that happens to have a stuffed runner's head on the end of it in the seat where he was so recently, before the last pouch is set on the floor next to him - assuminginly for Zalyu - making the sound of wooden block settling against each other. "Ya'll look happy.." He murmurs with a wide smile, pulling a chair over so that he can tickle the boy as well.

Serenity spots the package and says, "I didn' say tha'!" Senkyou shoots her a look and she immediately says, "Thank you sir." She unwraps it, and smiles. "Ooo, look mom. He got me a doll." The little girl runs her fingers along the doll and take the doll over to Senk and L'ters bed, undressing it instantly and putting it in all the different outfits. Senkyou, despite herself smiles, "Thanks for tha', yu dun have to." She says, "Leterou, come over here. He gotcha something, I think yu should open it." Leterou spots it and he mouths the word 'Wow' picking it up and running to show it to Dulacth. Senk chuckles, pushing the mess her hair is always in out of her face. "Well it helps that they don't really live here. Nitty has a foster mother who's doin' a bang up job. Leterou and Zalyu are with the nannies, but I get them all together whenever I wanna. Best way to raise a good Weyr child I figure, have the Weyr raise the child." Helping Zalyu unwrap his blocks, the little boys giggle and turns his big brown eyes up to L'ton. This poor baby is a spitting image of L'ton, crooked nose and dirty blonde hair. Grabbing one block and then another he starts to bang them together, Senk rolls her eyes and gives him a squeeze. "Yu wanna hold 'im? I gets him all I want." She is being nice for a change.

L'ton chuckles softly at Serenity's reaction, nodding. "Yer welcome… And, Ah bet if'n ya wanted, ya could ask yer foster ma if'n she'd help ya make some other clothes fer her, so that she could match ya, when ya went out." The boy and his runner are grinned at too before he's pulling Zalyu into his lap, along with two of the brightly colored, carefully smoothed and sealed wooden blocks, continuing to allow him to smack them together as he will. "Well, ya're still doing a good job, Ah think." He offers, bobbing his head at the bottle of wine. "Ah figured ya might need that, maybe not tonight, but at some point. If'n ya like it, Ah can probably find some more." Oh, the benefits of connections. His little spitting image is bounced a bit, and he happily plays with the boy, even as the baby is quite distracted.

Senkyou nods to Serenity, the little girl looks up and says "I'll ask her." Not saying anything else, playing with her doll and moving it into different positions, sitting, standing. Senk watches L'ton with the baby, giving him a little kiss and saying "He looks like yu, yu know. Though i ain't sure if I should even let yu touch him. Heard a rumor that you said somethin' nasty bout him. Just cuz when I handed him off to yu, he cried. Course he cried, he'd never been with yu and he is such a good boy." She lets all this out in an angry voice, but keeps her face mild. Leterou is busy with Dulacth, but what is better than a lifesized toy? Looking a the bottle of wine she says, "I'll work on that when the kids are back with the nannies and such for the night." The baby knocks the blocks together again, showing why they need to be sealed by putting one of them in his mouth and then knocking them together again.

L'ton drops his jaw, looking at Senkyou with a shocked expressoion "Whatcha talking about? All babies cry, Ah mean, Ah'd worry way more if'n they didn't, ya know? Ah'd think something bad was wrong." He shrugs a bit, continuing to bounce the baby, shaking his head. "At least if'n he somehow manages ta break 'em or lose 'em, they're easy enough ta make. And, maybe when he's a bit older, Ah'll make him some that are different shapes and stuff ta." L'ton offers, trying to sound helpful, before he's grinning. "Do ya need a hand getting 'em all ready? Ah didn't mean ta mess up yer, uh, routine fer the evening."

Senkyou glancing over at the kids she says, "I'd like to speak to yu, without the kids around." By kids, she means witnesses. Standing, she says "There really ain't much to do. I'll just take um back to there respective nannies and such. Nitty can go by herself." Serenity really got lucky, she looks a whole lot like senk and you can't see the J'vry in there. Serenity nods, getting a hug and gathering her doll as she walks out the door. "She's pretty sturdy." Grabbing up Leterou, she leaves Zalyu with L'ton and returns without the little boy. "Now, I'ze wanted to send him with yu for a bit. He's needs to grow up known yur his father an' all. I ain't stupid, he looks nothing like my other two." Waving her hand towards the door.

L'ton arches an eyebrow, actually looking slightly frightened by what could vary well be a threat on his well being. But then the other children are gone and its only Zalyu left with him, and he looks down at the boy, before shrugging. "Aight." And then he's turning the boy around to sit on his hip as he stands up. "Ah dun suppose, uh, Ah can get ya ta pack up some toys fer him. And maybe get him into his betweening… thing." Whatever you want to call the funny pouch that so many babies get shoved into for their hops across the globe.

Senkyou nods, reaching out and taking the baby. "I was planning on it.' She says coldly, as if he as attempted to insult her mothering. Putting the blocks, along with a stuffed dragon, the blue blanket that Senk got from L'ton while pregnant. A few other things, a sippy cup of sorts and she says, "When I want him back i'm just gonna come get 'im" she warns, kissing him and despite herself she is starting to tear up. Putting him in his little between outfit, and then into a sling that is lined with wool to keep him warm. "You'ze better take care of him, he's my baby."

"Ah promise, Ah'll take good of him, Ah promise. Ah ain't gonna let anything happen ta yer baby, dun ya worry. He is half mine, after all." And then as the bag is finished, that's going to the bronzerider's back first, and then he's watching Senkyou tear up. "Would ya rather Ah came and got him tomorrow, so that ya had time ta spend with him tonight?" L'ton offers gently, trying to make an honestly genuine offer, before giving her a smile. "Aw, sweets, ya dun need ta cry. He's just a hop away."

Senkyou nods, and hands him the baby. "If he wasn't, this conversation would not be happening." She gives him a little kiss, the brown eyed boy does not cry just stares up at L'ton and says "HeeeIIIIAajajaja" Which makes Senk smile. She shoos L'ton. "I'll be fine. I know you know that I would kill yu if anything happened to him."

L'ton has to chuckle at the reaction of the baby that's now in his arms, the bronzerider absently nodding to her as he makes faces at the little guy, continue to get various reactions out of him. And then he's straightening as he's shooed. "Ah promise, sweets, ain't nothing gonna harm a hair on his head." And then he's obnoxiously planting a kiss on her cheek before heading out, baby in hand, to head back to Ista - just as burdened as he was when he showed up.

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