The Three L's

Ista Weyr - Sable Sands(#3306RJM)
The Sable Sands, Ista's place for relaxation and entertainment in a child-free environment, stretches out before you. Once an old ground-access weyr, the place has been turned into a nightclub catering to riders and weryfolk alike. Dark shadows drift over booths that line one wall, the conversations and actions of the booths' occupents afforded some small sense of obscurity and privacy from the rest of the bar. Glossy black tables and chairs are scattered across the middle of the floor before the stage that sits opposite the main doors, while a long bar lines the opposite wall from the booths. The bar is a fine piece of furniture, its brass fittings shining bright and wood polished to a fine sheen. Brass-legged barstools covered in soft black leather are pulled up to its counter, often crowded as still other patrons push up to it to make their orders. Tropical plants fill in the corners, their huge pots set on rollers so they can be pulled outside during the day. A discrete sound system can be found recessed in the walls, piping either recorded or live music as the day dictates to every corner of the club.
A wide selection of wines, spirits and juices can be ordered from the barstaff, and a constant pot of klah is kept brewing. Towards the end of the bar, a large machine can be seen, its copper fittings gleaming in the light - a klappachino machine for those with more 'refined' tastes.

It is late afternoon at the Sands and it is for the most part empty, many still on duties or enjoying the sunny outdoors at the beach. One of the few inhabitants is Lisle sitting in a corner booth on her lonesome with a cocktail in front of her, one hardly touched. She sits there looking in quiet contemplation of the drink, ignoring the world around her. As far as duties went today, she did what she had to and left the Records room without a word, not her usual for sure.

With Ankhepith sunning herself calmly outside, revelling in the fact that she's growing larger by the day, Leslyn is taking the time while she has it to have a day off. Seeking some sort of company she heads for the Sands, pausing just inside the door to have a look around and see who's there that it's safe to join. Immediately off to her right sits one of the weyr hypocondriacs, which more or less rules out moing anywhere in that direction. Her gaze finally falls on Lisle and it's in that direction she heads with a cheerful, "Hi."

L'ton has more than enough excuses to need a drink - in fact, the current count is at about 24. Plus a wild niece who has recently appeared to make it more interesting. And thus, it shouldn't be a surprise for the bronzerider to be arriving despite the relatively early hour, heading straight for the bar to get a drink, before he's turning back to eye the others there, spotting a lonesome Lisle, and then the younger goldrider who seems to be joining her, heading in that direction as well, sliding in to sit next to Lisle. "Hey y'all."

Perhaps this was not the best place to seek solitude, but the best place to find a drink. Get away from your weyr, any place that can remind you of why you need a drink in the first place. At Leslyn's greeting Lisle looks up, a distant expression at first before she blinks, "Oh…Hi…did I forget something?" She asks of the woman before she looks over to L'ton as he slides in next to her. Her lips set in a thin line at first as if she was about shoo him off before she sighs and lays her head back against the booth and gives a casual motion to the other seat to Leslyn. Easier to let them sit then turn them away.

Leslyn pauses a moment, slipping into a seat as she replies with, "I… don't think so? Hey Ton." She greets the Weyrsecond as he sits down, but for the moment it's Lisle that has her attention. "You okay? They'll probably remake your drink if it's bad." Assumptions, fun things.

L'ton waggles his fingers at Leslyn with a grin. "Hey there, lil'bit." He teases Leslyn before settling back in his seat, going so far as to give Lisle a bit of an elbow to her side. "What's wrong, Lis-dear?" Sipping his drink, he arches an eyebrow, looking at her suspiciously. "That boy didn't do anything ta hurt ya, did he?" L'ton looks at her with worry, though his attention is divided between the two goldriders.

Lisle stirs the drink with the straw, the icey cocktail half melted. Yes she has been looking at it for awhile. She goes back to contemplation while the two settled in before shaking her head at Leslyn slightly, "I am sure its fine…" She says with a sigh before looking up at L'ton, "No more than I deserved I suppose…" She replies as she finally pulls the drink to her and takes a sip, "Apparently I was suppose to know that since we were not officially weyrmated that I gave approval to him sleeping around before he asked about it…" Bitter? Nah.

Leslyn blinks between Lisle and L'ton, then suddenly realisation hits and she winces. "You're too good for him anyway." it's the first thing she can think of to say that sounds like it might be vaguely sympathetic. Unfortunately she then messes it up by asking, "Who did he cheat with?"

"Who didn't he?" L'ton pipes up in response to Leslyn, rolling his eyes. "Some greenriders, and he didn't even have the nerve ta go back and see 'em again later. Ah can't believe him." Clearly, L'ton considers himself a whole different… beast?… than K'ael is. "Ya didn't deserve anything. If'n it wasn't a flight, he shoulda kept it ta himself, if'n he loved ya so much." Pot, kettle? "Ah mean, Sris never said no, she just didn't like it. And, we even figured out it wasn't gonna work, but we ain't angry at each other."

Lisle smiles a bit at Leslyn's first comment as she sets her glass down, "I knew…it wouldn't last. We were far too different, but I wanted to revel in it while it did. We discussed that he was not ready to settle down…and I understood but I told him I would not be one of many, that when he wanted to sow his oats that he would no longer be using my field.." She shakes her head and sighs again setting her head back again. She cants her gaze to L'ton and nods slightly, "I suppose I am just too old fashioned…Andy and I had each other alone and that was enough…" There is a touch of pain in her voice as she speaks of her deceased weyrmate. Perhaps she was hoping to find what she had with Andy in K'ael, however impossible it seemed.

Leslyn nods, "R'oc was like that, though I guess at least K'ael didn't deny it even after you caught him with them. You didn't did you? Actually catch him?" Thankfully it's not something she's had to deal with recently, but it's the entire reason she won't even talk to R'oc let alone allow his bronze near Ankhepith. "Amazes me sometimes that people like that don't have it just fall off from overuse." Quickly she adds, "Present comp[any excluded since you're at least sane about it."

"Thank ya, my dear." L'ton teases Leslyn with a wink, before settling back in his seat, moving to try and give Lisle an awkward half-hug of support. "Ah happened ta run into a certain greenrider with him, and she thinks she's pregnant. And he.. He didn't seem ta happy by the prospect. And that was close 'nuff, besides seeing him try and get all over S'ya, just cause she was wearing practic'ly nothin'." And then he's shaking his head at Lisle, with a smile. "Ah dun think yer old fashioned. Ah mean, look at Leslyn, works fer her, too."

Lisle shakes her head, "No..L'ton told me that he had seen him with others and when I asked K'ael about it, he defended it…said I should have realized that was what he meant when he said he was not ready to weyrmate." She laughs a bit, though there is little humour in it, "Then in the same breath says he loves me the most…that sex is nothing with anyone else…" She looks to L'ton after she says that, almost accusingly, "Thats the worse of it…that it means nthing but he still wants to do it…" She looks from him to Leslyn, "I should have listened to people earlier…I am such an idiot."

"But if it's nothing then why would he…." Leslyn breaks off, shaking her head, "I guess I don't see the point in it after you find someone that's Right. but then I'm odd." She grins at L'ton, teasing, "Con's holdbred I think that's what makes it work with us. It's how he thinks. We compromised when we decided to make a go of it. He agreed to no kids, I agreed to nobody outside of flights." There's a little shrug, after so long it's just how things are for her. "Who's pregnant?"

"Suri. So she says. Ah dunno if she is or not, but." L'ton shrugs a bit, before giving Lisle another gentle nudge. "Ah told ya Lisle, he's just a kid. Ah bet he's trying ta be his brother. His brother has a goldrider, he wants a goldrider. Ya know, one of them things. Yer way ta good fer him." He repeats Leslyn's earlier sentiment, before grinning at Leslyn. "Ya just love Con, though. Ah think Ah love 'em all. Though, Mai is different." And then he's offering Lisle a hand, palm up. "Ah'd have put him out the second he said that. And then told all the girls that's what he thought - that it dun mean nothing." Though, Ton may do just that, for revenge.

Lisle nods slightly, "Perhaps thats why it worked so well with Andy, he was holdbred and my mother raised me with her holder morals, for better or worse…I am just not sure I will be truely happy with anyone .." How could anyone live up to a memory anyway? She cants her head at Leslyn, "Still no kids?" She smiles faintly before she looks back to L'ton and huffs, "So I am a trophy? I feel so much better now…" She closes her eyes and leans her head back again, "I was just stunned, I could not even think of what to say.." She brings a hand up to her hair, "Then there is Analis…she thinks the world of Uncle Mikey…like she does with most of her 'uncles."

Leslyn frowns at the mention of R'miel, still rather sore at him for not being around for the clutch his bronze sired, but it quickly turns into a smile and a nod at Lisle. "No way, no how, not ever, nuh-uh. And you're not a trophy, you're just part of him being a child. Maybe he'll grow up at some point."

L'ton catches Leslyn's frown, arching an eybrow, before shaking his head and looking back at Leslyn. "He's just a stupid lil kid. The rest of us dun think yer a trophy. We know yer ta good fer that." And then he makes a face at Lisle as she huffs at him. "Dun puff at me, lil girl. /Ah've/ never done anything ta ya." And then he's glancing sidelong at her. "Ya know, ya could probably distract her with Zaerla, the next time that Ah have her. They're about the same age, ya know?"

"I sometimes wonder if I wasn't just looking for someone for myself, but a father for Analis. Alix has S'vitaur, Liva has S'va…" Lisle closes her eyes , "I want to do the best by her…He really is fond of her and whatever is between us…well it is not Analis's fault." So many complications. "He says he loves me still and wants to be my friend…but I just feel so …betrayed and humiliated…" She says with a sad tone. Not an easy pill to swallow for someone like Lisle. At the offer from L'ton she looks up at him, "Perhaps that would help…" She finally leans against him, settling her head on his shoulder.

Leslyn isn't good with the child talk, leaving that to sail completely over her head as usual. "I'd cut him off personally." She is the vindictive type, after all she cut her father off for turns and now it's her mother she ignores. "You don't do that to someone you love, if he even knows how it feels. And you don't lead a friend on so much either."

"Yeah, Lisle.. Ah wouldn't want ta have anything ta do with him, since he dun seem to know what he's putting ya through. And, like ya said, it ain't fair ta Analis, either. He's just angry cause he dun have his hot lil goldrider anymore." His tone is slightly teasing now, as he absently puts his arm over Lisle's shoulder, giving her a gentle pat. "Zsrist ain't ta much older either. And, they have some pretty neat toys, if'n Ah do say so myself. Ya should bring her over, and spend some time with Mai, and let her spend some time with them."

Lisle looks over to Leslyn at her words and smiles a bit, before tilting her head up at L'ton. She snorts lightly at L'ton's comment and shakes her head. "This goldrider does not feel so hot right now." She says softly before nodding at the invitations, "Perhaps I will..I need to get out and do something besides work I think.." Stop overworking and moping. "Thank you .." she says earnestly as she looks between them both.

Leslyn smiles right back, "Thats what friends are for, right. Real friends." There's a pause for a moment then she asks, grinning, "So are you going to drinkthat or do we need to buy you one that's not melted?"

"Ya get her a new one, and Ah'll get her another one after that." L'ton attempts to make a deal with Leslyn, moving to pull Lisle's melted drink away from her, leaving it for someone to pick it up, before flicking his hand a tad to get rid of the water on it, taking a sip of his own. "Bah, ya may not feel it, but ya are. It just means ya really do need another drink."

Lisle actually manages a laugh at that and shakes her head, "I think what I need most right now is to hug my daughter…" She says with a half smile to the pair, "But I will hold you to that when I am not feeling so…off center so I can enjoy it.." Did she actually agree to get drunk? Stop the presses! She gives L'ton a nudge, "And you don't go hurting the Kid…" Well not permently, she might feel bad. "And scoot over so I can get out.."

Leslyn grins, "You sure? Not often I offer to buy people a drink, you know." She's teasing, obviously so. "Go get some sleep though? You'll probably feel a bit better after a nap."

"But Lis….." L'ton whines a bit, giving her puppy dog eyes as she says that he can't hurt K'ael. "But, but…" And then she's trying to get out, and he's sulking more, before reluctantly agreeing, sliding out just enough to let her by, but not before he's planting a goofy kiss on her cheek. "Ah'll let ya know when Ah have Zaerla next, kay?" And then he's sliding back into the now empty half of the bench, waggling fingers again at Lisle. "Get some rest, ya."

"I mean it L'ton…" Lisle responds to the puppy dog eyes, though she does not extract a promise to that effect. She smiles a bit at the kiss and shakes her head before going over to Leslyn and giving a one armed hug, "I think I might take your advice, and later we drink." She nods to L'ton, "I will be waiting to hear, I am sure Analis would have more regular playmates her age…" She replies before she moves out of the Sands. At least looking a bit less burdened then when they found her. Going out to see her real love, her youngest daughter.

Leslyn watches Lisle head out, eventually just shaking her head. "She's going to go straight back to him if he blinks in the right direction."

L'ton watches Lisle go, shaking his head slightly at Leslyn. "Ah dunno. Ah think she's seen through his act though. Ah mean.. she was none ta happy when Ah went ta talk ta her." And then he's making a face. "Not ta mention if'n he dares try anything Ah'll make sure he can go sit ta the 'Reaches, and he can find someone else ta thaw out with."

Leslyn frows slightly, then shrugs, "Just seems liks she's looking for so much more and if he vaguely promises it…." Another sherugs and she changes the subject, "I hope you're right. How's M'iken? Not seen her for a couple of days."

"Ah dun think he could offer it, and she knows it. He seems ta think that a necklace is enough ta promise that he can sleep with her whenever he wants, but not enough that it only has ta be her." L'ton rolls his eyes a bit, looking again in the direction that Lisle disappeared, before grinning. "She's good. Ya gotta keep her fingers crossed fer her, we're hoping fer good news." L'ton winks, before shaking his head. "How 'bout ya, Les? C'nor survive Ankhepith's last flight?"

"Doesn't need to actually mean it though, does he." Leslyn replies with another shrug, perhaps equating K'ael with R'oc and how he behaved. But then there's a blink, and a laugh. "Another baby? Congratulations. None for us, usual procedure. Flight's over, he takes me between. Better that way, you can have all the kids people keep telling me I should be having."

"Maybe Ah'll have ta talk someone into naming theirs Zesly, just fer good measure. Ta be in honor of ya, cause ya dun want one of yer own." L'ton grins, waggling a finger, as he leans back in his seat. "Maybe. Hopefully?" He shrugs a bit, before giving a soft sigh. "Ya know, though, since Ankhepith dun seem ta like us Istan boys, if'n ya ever get bored while yer out on the Sands, Dhon and Ah'll come keep ya company. Ah mean, Ah know ya have C'nor, too, but.. Dhon's good at doing what he's told."

Leslyn laughs. "You do and I'll buy you a stuffed gold dragon that's bigger than she is." Now there's a threat. At the mention of Ankhepith she nods, "That would be good actually, I have a feeling we'll be on our own this clutch. Last one we were mostly alone too since he had three going at once. She needs to learn to pick better. It's strange, she used to adore Ytroth but he's never been given a chance. And Dhon is her father after all, maybe she's a bit wary of it. After all I do keep sending my dad away for her flights, just in case."

"Maybe Ah want a giant stuffed gold dragon. Ah bet the kids would love ta crawl all over it, from top ta bottom." There's a bright side to everything, right? He winks at Leslyn, before shaking his head, finishing off his now somewhat watered down drink. "Ah could say that Ah agree with it. Ah mean, Dhon really ain't so bad. Or, at least, Ah dun think he is." And then he nods slowly. "Ah expect Dhon'll be done helping with the Sands, by the time Ankhepith clutches. Ah'll try and talk him into it."

Leslyn nods, "I like him if that helps. To be honest I have no idea how she picks winners, thoughit does always seem to be her decision. Well, except for that once, but I don't count that one. Maybe if he didn't try so hard once then he'd get chosen?" It seems a sensible option.

"Nah, Ah know what it is. Ya just dun like meh. Yer afraid that if'n Ah look at ya wrong, ya'll have a baby, no matter what ya do." L'ton teases Leslyn, trying hard to keep from letting his laughter interrupt his words. "Though, Ah suppose Ah'll have ta have him try that, the next time. Ya never know, Ah mean." He shrugs a bit, waving a hand. "Ya want another drink?"

Leslyn laughs, "That's it, you've found my secret." She teases him right back, "Maybe if I ever do get pregnant before she flies then you'll win cause you can't get me pregnant. Course the chances of that happening are minimal." At his offer she glances towards the bar, considering, "Maybe one, but I really shouldn't stay too long. Ankhepith's sunning just now, but you know what they're like when they start gettin egg heavy, they can't sit still for too long."

L'ton gives a mock sniff, rubbing at his eyes, pretending to sniff, before he's leaning back, winking at her. "Maybe Ah'll have ta have a talk with C'nor, if'n that's my chance." And then he's getting to his feet, waggling his empty glass at her, with a wink. "Ya know ya want ta. It ain't even like ya have ta worry about me trying anything." Of course, it seems he's made the decision for her, for after a short trip to the bar, he's returning with 2 glasses, one of which is slide across to her as he resettles.

"I know, it's almost disappointing." Leslyn calls after him as he heads barwards, continuing the tease when he gets back, "What's it take for a girl to get hit on these days? Everyone else seems to just need to breathe."

"If'n yer Ankhepith wasn't out there all egg-heavy, Ah would, but well, Ah dun fancy becoming a dragon snack, if'n ya know what Ah mean." He winks, before shaking his head, taking a sip of his drink. "'sides, yar dad is scary. Thus, yer scary, just like Shar. Ya'll passed into the category of untouchable." He grins across the table, looking rather proud of himself for his explanation.

Leslyn laughs, "Part of me is sure I should be insulted by that, but for some reason I'm not. And she's not that big yet." She sips her own drink, taking her time over it despite her earlier worries, "You reall ythink my dad's scary?"

"Ah'm more than happy enough ta hit on ya if'n ya want, sweets, if'n it makes ya feel better." L'ton offers oh so graciously, before chuckling and sipping his own drink. Unfortunately, he almost chokes on it as she asks about her dad, and he nods, face red for a moment before he finally gets his breath back. "Yah. He was none ta thrilled when Ah went ta talk ta him, Ah dun think. Ah'll avoid him, thank ya very much."

Leslyn can't quite reconcile the thougth of her father being scary, after all she's seen him cry! "He's a big softy really, all bark and no bite. And not really much bark either. Even Con's never had a hard time from him, and he's at least earned it. Sort of."

"If'n ya say so. Ah mean, he's prolly fine cause well, he ain't sleeping with ya and everyone else." He teases her a bit more, before he's sighing, and tipping his drink back. "Speaking of sleeping with everyone… Something happened ta Zsrist.. Ah gotta go figure out what happened. Lemme know when Lis and ya want them drinks." He smiles at her, reaching to absently pat her arm before sliding out of the seat and heading off at a face pace towards the lower caverns and the nursery.

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