The Next Morning

Ista Weyr - Celiketh's Sinking Ship
The ledge has a few chunks taken out of it, and you can see where dragon talons have reshaped the rock over the turns. Near the door to the weyr are a few potted plants, and two large rocks presumably to hold the doors of the weyr open on a nice day.
Inside the weyr the walls are a lilac blue, soft and mild coloring. The entrance has a rug of dark midnight blue in front a navy blue sofa which is adorned by a baby blue blanket a pillows. The place only has two windows, and both have been adorned with curtains of a blue that matches the walls. In contrast is a round table near the small kitchen area, the table is a dark maroon and four chairs that match. Sitting on the table is a vase holding a flower of white and blue, if examined closer it would be discovered the flower is fake. Further into the space behind a heavy curtain of deep crimson is a king sized bed adorned by a bright red quilt and pillows that vary from a near pink red to deep maroon. All the furniture is red, shelves along one wall hold a collections of shells, pictures and other household items. Space has been left near the bed so that Celiketh may be near Niah at night. Off to the side is a well swept dragon couch, fabric hanging near it is bright and very cheery blues, near the couch is a small collection of objects varying from yellowed leaves, shells and pieces of glass that are blue and red.

The sun hasn't yet risen, Niah is laying next to l'ton her side right next to his. Celiketh has already woken up, and his tail is twitching. Ni just lays there happily, yawning and pushing sleep out of her eyes before looking around. Where is that shirt? Loath to move she turns to see if L'ton is awake being very quiet with a little smile.

L'ton is perfectly able to sleep anywhere, particularly after enjoyable company the evening before. However, as Niah shifts a bit, he whines a bit in his sleep before rolling onto his side, turning to pillow his head on her shoulder, curling fingers lightly around her upper arm, settling back in with a content sigh.

Niah giggles quietly as L'ton turns, leaning her head down on his and sighing. After a little bit more silence she shifts and arranges the pillow under hear head, then she says, "Tonny, I don't want to wake you, but. I don't like laying on my back." It's not a complaint, just a very quiet little factoid, she does not move to make herself more comfortable instead just closing her eyes and stroking her fingers through his hair, "I hope he has your hair.' She adds with a grin.

As L'ton's warm, living, breathing pillow begins moving and shifting, he's whining a bit more. Only when there's a voice interrupting his sleeping does he lift his head, blinking at her with a confused look, before smiling at her, shifting a bit closer to give her a kiss before flopping over onto his back, a smile on his face as she plays with his hair. "Maybe Ah hope he has yers."

Niah moves over, onto her side and tucks the cover around her to cover up her lack of clothing, yawning and closing her eyes she moves so that at least her belly can touch L'tons side. In a quiet voice, as if she is still attempting not to wake him. "But mine is just brown, yours is so golden and pretty. Your eyes to, all he needs from me is.. my nose." She whispers the last part.

L'ton turns his head enough to stick his tongue out at her. "At least he'd know who his daddy was, if'n he had my nose." He teases her, before reaching out to lightly touch the tip of her own, shifting a bit to get his arm around her, bringing her closer to him, leaning then to kiss her forehead. "Maybe it'll be brown and curly. Either way, Ah'm sure he'll look fine." He teases her with a sleepy smile.

Niah smiles a bit, and then says "He will know you're his father, that won't be a problem." His finger on her nose gets a little giggle, she presses herself against him and closes her eyes again. "I hope you don't mind, I have been really tired recently." Shaking her head and giving a slight shrug. A tiny yawn, and she gets herself comfortable. Laying against him she whispers, "You're his father, he will be goregous." His kissing she nuzzles him gently.

"Ah'm teasing, lil'bit." He offers softly, chuckling, and shaking his head as he gives her a hug. "Ah dun mind at all, sweets." As she settles in, he gently runs fingers up and down the length of her arm, from shoulder to wrist, barely touching. "Nah, he'll be gorgeous, all cause of ya." He disagrees, but he snuggles into her nuzzle with a content sigh.

A comforting silence, Niah dozes for a few minutes and then in a very abrupt move sits up and says. "Heart, I know. Come on." She turns to L'ton, "You follow me to the feeding grounds? Or do you have somewhere to be?" She says to him stroking his hand gently and looking around. "Do you know where you put my shirt last night?" She is now blushing, pulling her knees up to her belly and pulling the blanket up to cover herself, a shy smile as she attempts to protect her virtue.

"Maybe Ah do know where yer shirt is.. but maybe ya can only have it, if'n Ah get a kiss." He pulls the shirt from his side of the bed and dangles it tauntingly, giggling all the while. "But, Ah dun have anywhere ta be. Ah'll come down ta the feeding grounds with ya." Though, he does look at her rather surprised. "Celiketh's hungry, Ah take it?"

Niah leans over to L'ton, kissing him very gently and slowly getting more involved. She has gentle soft kisses, they seem to match her personality and she nips slightly and his neck before saying. "Can I have my shirt?" Celiketh moves out to the ledge, as if he can't stand to watch this. "He is hungry, have to wash him afterwards though." grimacing she says, "If we are going to the beach afterwards I am wearing shorts and and shirt. No bathing suit."

L'ton is more than willing to accept the kisses offered by the bluerider, before he reluctantly surrenders the shirt to Niah, pouting a bit. "But.." And then he's reluctantly moving to gather up his own clothes, shaking his head. "Then who am Ah suppose ta oogle, if'n yer wearing a shirt and shorts, rather than a swimsuit? Maybe Ah like being able ta see mah lil Bluerider real good." And then he's pouting a bit, gaze flicking momentarily to the fleeing Celiketh, before grinning at her.

Niah sighs, and says, "Alright, I mean I guess I can put it on and then I do not have to take off my shirt." Flitting around her space, she picks up this or that. Moving to L'tons side of the bed, she makes it. Just that one side of the bed. Getting on her suit, and then putting the button down shirt over it along with a pair of shorts. The bluerider is very clean, or well orderly is more the word. Once everything is properly placed she said. "Will you ride down on Celiketh?" Her eyes are all big, it's almost a request and she says. "I wanna show you something." Finally past the nervousness he gets to see more of Niah's personality.

L'ton is not above watching the bluerider get dressed, though he tries to be subtle about it, winking at her as she finishes, stepping back to let her complete her morning ritual. And then he's nodding. "Ah will. Ah doubt Ah'll get Dhonzayth ta move anyway. He says he found a nice lil green ta stay with, fer the time being, so." The problems of bronzes. "Ya promise ya ain't gonna go jumping off, though? Cause, Ah'd have ta hold ya the whole time, and Ah dun think Ah fancy a fall."

Niah blushes red, some of her shyness is back as he mentions her jumping. "I won't." She notices she wink, and tucks her head shyly. Fixing her clothing and taking the straps off there peg, she runs her hands along them, checking for any flaws in the leather of buckles. When she is satisfied, she puts the bright lavender straps on Celiketh who stands stark still. Giving her a little help where she needs it, and then settling down so she can mount. "You sit behind me, and umm hold on." Niah gets comfortable and pats Celiketh lovingly.

L'ton chuckles softly, letting Celiketh settle before he climbs up behind Niah, settling behind her and wasting no time in wrapping am arm around Niah's waist. Of course, being L'ton, he has to get in a kiss to her neck and a nibble on her earlobe before he's settling down securely for the short flight down.

Celiketh bunches his muscles up, rumbling a bit but accepting L'ton. Launching himself into the air very quickly, and making sharp turns that don't seem to even phase Niah. He is a good deal smaller the Dhonzayth, and he moves with a deal of agility. Swooping up and dipping down sharply. Niah loks back at L'ton and says "You hanging on?" She seems exstatic, face lit up brightly and every turn seems to bring a little giggle.
You cannot go that way.
Ista Weyr - Southeast Sky(#3475RJe)
Above, the sky is a neverending canvas of blue - mixed with grey and white as the weather changes - but below, the view is just as breathtakingly stunning: Ista Weyr and her environs spreading out in rocky crevices and great peaks. Patches of greenery interrupt volcanic stone, jungles and areas of growth startling in contrast to that - and the great, blue waters that spread further away, against sable sands, visible thanks to the collapse of one wall of the bowl. To the northwest, the further curve of the bowl is visible, whilst beaches and forest spread to the southeast
The weyr walls rise up to the sky, the pock-marks of ledges and personal weyrs beyond visible about all sides of the great caldera. Nearest to the bowl floor are the ramps to the ground weyrs, and the larger entrances to caverns - not to mention the smaller area of the training grounds. Ista's Star Stones, a remnant of times past, sit high against the bowl wall: a sentinal against the peaks of the Weyr.

"Ah'm hanging on, lil'bit, Ah'm hanging on." He reassures her, for his arms are doing just that, being wrapped tightly around between her chest and her rounded stomach. As the blue dips and dives, he doesn't seem too bothered, though it's certainly a different experience.

Niah smiling she nods back at him and then, wordlessly Celiketh starts to twists into a barrel roll. Niah lets out a loud, sweet laugh and says. "Isn't this amazing." She leans back against him, but then leans forward and strokes Celi gently. As he spirals down, and dives then swoops back up with a bit more effort then it normally takes him. Soon they're above the feeding grounds and he lands gently waiting for Niah to dismount.

Ista Weyr - Feeding Grounds
Enclosed by a multi-barred fence that runs from one point in the bowl to another, this lopsided meadowed area is was created in order to house the weyr's beasts, their deep sounds reverberating off of the weyr walls. The grass is thick and plentiful, a small stream having been worked into the enclosure— also doing the job of providing adequate drinking supplies for the herdbeasts who spend their short lives here.
Shade is provided from the hot, Istan sun by the towering bowl walls, whilst many of the animals seek refuge in the cool mountain water, resting by the inner edges of the enclosure during the hottest of days. The meadow is broad, however, large enough to allow a good number of dragons to feed at once, and there is plenty of space for the herdbeasts to roam about. Wherries often fly overhead, here; the food and water supplies keep them willing guests, providing a second form of meal for those dragons willing to face the feathers. In testimony to this, feathers often scatter the grassy expanse, which is also stained with blood and fragments of bone and hide.

L'ton is, thankfully, not one to yelp. Though, if he was, he would have. Instead, he's just left clinging to Niah, and praising the forces that be for the presence of straps. As the finally land, he's sliding down to the ground after Niah, shaking his head. "Was that what ya wanted ta show meh, lil bit?" He teases, though he does shake his head a bit to get his bearings as he gives Celiketh his space.

Niah nods and grins. "He didn't really want to do everything he normally does." She then slides down and leans against him shaking her head and suddenly gripping the straps for support. Celiketh croons to her, eyeing the herdbeast but hovering over her, maybe there is a reason he doesn't do all his little tricks.

L'ton quickly moves to wrap his arms around Niah, even as she's grabbing at Celiketh's straps, pulling her close to him and supporting her. "Niah… Niah, what's wrong sweetheart?" The bronzerider questions with concern quite evident in his voice, giving her a bit of a shake. "Sweetheart…"

Celiketh croons to her again and watches, eyes whirling a red and yellow. After a deep breath she forces a smile and says, "I'm fine, just all the blood rushed to my head. I got off a little to quickly. It's nothing." Turning to celi, in her sweetest gentlest voice she says, "My dearest love, let me get the straps off so you can eat." She moves to step towards him, and shakes her head leaning against l'ton and relaxing another moment. "This has happened before, it's sorta the reason I fell the first time."

"Sweets, ya stay here, Ah'll get the straps." And, after giving Niah a long squeeze, he's stepping from her side, leaving her with Celiketh for support, as he moves to remove the hindering straps. He gives Celiketh a bow in greeting before stripping them off, and quickly returning to Niah's side, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close again. "Sweetheart, ya gotta be careful. Yer body's gonna act different now."

Celiketh looks at L'ton, but sticks close. With the bow he grumbles, he seems to preoccupied with his rider. Once the straps are off, he launches himself onto a herdbeast. No playing with the herd, no picking and choosing just grabbing a meal and going to a ledge so that he can eat. Niah shakes her head again, "Yes, but I don't expect it to act that different. I mean, I know that you can get dizzy. The healers said to take it slow, but then they also say I am six months along." She rolls her eyes and squeezes his hand, once Celiketh has eaten she brightens a bit. "See I feel fine, and he feels better."

L'ton keeps his arms around Niah still, craddling her against him, with a soft sigh, and a shake of his head. "Ah know they may not be right 'bout that, but, ya should ya know.. Listen ta some of the things they say." He reprimands her just a little bit, before snuggling her more. "Ya promise? Though, too bad Ah ain't letting ya go til Ah'm sure. Ah dun want ya falling down on yer other side, now."

Celiketh eats, picking off another one and then taking it to another ledge. Niah grimaces, and says to him. "Fine, I am not going to fall down." She gets quiet, holding onto L'ton but watching her dragon eat with interest. "I will listen, probably going to have to go back and see them soon anyways." She grumbles but then wiggles a bit to get loose. "He only wants two, but is going to need a bath." Celiketh moves towards the beach and Niah leans up to kiss L'ton on the cheek.

L'ton catches Niah's lips in a kiss as she looks up at him. "Yeah ya are gonna need ta see 'em again." He agrees, before letting her get loose, though keeping an arm around her for support, to head towards the beach, for the needed bath.

Ista Weyr - Main Beach(#3773RJa$)

Celiketh dives into the water, and niah watches him and says, "You want to come in?" She asks, watching Celiketh and then turning and saying. "I won't go back to a healer unless you come with me." That is more of a threat, though she does blush and tilt her head. "please?" Then with a sudden change of mood, that tends to be something only she would do she says, "Oh, you spent the night last night." Sitting down on the beach and pulling her feet to her chest she says, "Mai is going to get mad.. isn't she?"

"Ah told ya Ah would…" He shakes his head with a grin, before following her towards the water. "Ah'm coming, Ah'm coming.." Though his shirt and pants are left on the beach, and he's just meandering in in his undershorts. And then her mood is suddenly changing, and he's shaking his head, encouraging her to come into the water with him. "Nah, it'll be fine. Ah promise."

Niah nods slightly, taking off the shirt but leaving her shorts on. "Alright." Looking down at her belly she says, "I'm bigger than celiketh." Celi is out pretty deep, but he snorts loudly. Wading into the water she gets closer to him, moving to wrap her arms around his neck. "So, is there any chance Mai will let us be like this forever?" her voice trembles, and she sounds nervous.

"Ya ain't bigger than Celiketh, silly." L'ton shakes his head at her, rolling her eyes as he flops backwards into an oncoming wave before moving and being caught around the neck by her, supporting her as he pulls her out a bit further to allow the water to support them. "Wha, like this? Ah think her exact words were as long as Ah spend more nights with her, she dun care."

Niah gives a big smile, "As long as she doesn't mind." Cautioning and splashing him lightly. "Is she pregnant yet?" She asks casually, a little smile as she lays back and enjoys the water. "You don't spend the night all that often, and well it was late and windy." And she would kiss mai's toes if it came to it. "I worry that if she doesn't get pregnant soon, she will want my baby." This paranoid thought doesn't seem to be one he can get rid of.

L'ton chuckles, shaking his head. "She ain't gonna take yer baby. She wants her own. And, we're waiting, but.. really hoping. Ah mean, we've got a bit more before we can find out." As she leans back, he wraps his arms around her chest, gently supporting her. "But, we've been trying, just like we did." He teases her, kissing her cheek slightly, enjoying the water.

Niah rubs her belly gently with a hand, smiling. "Alright, oh. The waiting was really hard for me, I should go see her today." She says and then sighs shaking her head. "Wish the healer could figure out all this movement, I mean it is probably normal but I use to have little breaks. Now it feels like he is always awake." Taking his hand and putting it on her side. "I guess we know he is healthy." Celiketh is still busy rinsing, and she is happy to be with him. "I want to be one of the first to know.. I mean I do not want to have to get the good news through weyr gossip."

"Ya should. Ah'm sure she'd love the company. And, eventually, Ah'll have ta get going, and go to Fort ta check on the eggs, or Dhonzayth might try and roll me over in the sand, instead of the eggs." He chuckles softly, shaking his head, and then stretching both of his hands, palm down over her stomach, feeling a kick with a grin. "Maybe Ah should talk ya into another, ta be sure Ah'll have a healthy one."

Niah raises an eyebrow and says. "You don't think this one will be healthy?" She takes his words a little wrong and scoots away, "I think he is going to be perfect." A quiet little voice, "Is there something wrong with him that I need to know about, I mean the healers keep saying that his size is a good indicator of health and all." She cradles her stomach protectively. "I would love to have another one, and I will certainly go see Mai today. You should go to fort, but.. but you don't think our baby is healthy." Huge puppy dog eyes

"Nono, Ah think this one is going to be perfectly healthy, and since ya are obviously a good ma, Ah should talk ya into another, later, so that she'll be healthy too." And then he's moving after her as she moves away, pouting slightly. "He's perfect, Niah, honey. Ah'm sure of it. Just like his mother." And then he's pulling her close. "Ah ain't going quite yet. Just in a lil bit."

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