One of Those Moods

Ista Weyr - Celiketh's Sinking Ship

It is late, well not overly late. The sun has been down for at least three hours, and the early risers are already in bed. Not niah, she is soaking wet in a towel. Celiketh stretched out on the ledge, and yet again being oiled. He must be very well cared for, it seems all Niah does is oil and bathe him. She works around his muzzle, singing a little song and smiling. "Oh my love, is like a melody that's sweetly played in tune." She sings, she is in a lavender bikini and running her hands along the hide. The little bluerider, is not so little anymore. She looks about six months along, yellowing bruises still visible on her left side. The clouds are dark, and stars aren't visible wind blowing, looks like rain.

Despite it being later in the evening, there is a Dhonzayth backwinging to the ledge of the 'little' bluerider, rather than that which he shares with the brown just a short distance away. He's careful as he lands on the ledge, to avoid buffeting Niah or Celiketh with the wind from his wings, as L'ton slides down from his back, going almost immediately to Niah's side, stepping between her and the blue to wrap an arm around her growing waist, pulling her close to him with care for the fading bruises, before dropping his head to give her a long kiss.

Niah is still singing her little song, "Tell all the leaves run.." She turns and stops singing as Dhonzayth lands, smiling a bit but continuing her oiling. A small squeak of suprise as she is grabbed and kissed, she kisses back gently. She holds it, not really willing to break the kiss, and then with a quick ragged breath she says, "What brought this on?" Her big eyes confused, and Celiketh moves away from the pair. Giggling a little she says, "I am not complaining, just.. it's so unexpected." She runs her hands along his chest, in that slow way she tends to. Feeling where skin meets fabric near his neck, and trailing down gently.

"Oh, Ah dunno. Ah just thought ya needed it." He winks, glancing over his shoulder as Celiketh moves away, before tugging the towel off, dropping it to the ground before pulling her back towards him, turning her enough to spread his hand out over her abdomen. "How're ya doing baby?" He murmurs, ducking to give her another gentle kiss. Least he's in a good mood?

Niah covers herself up with her hands shaking her head, leaning down and picking up the towel. The breeze blows and her hair in all in her face, she pushes it aside and says. "It was very sweet." Wrapping the towel around her, she says. "What do you think of K'ael?" It's random, and she has a little smile on here face. Her cheeks are bright red, and as he puts his hands on her belly she wiggles a bit taking and returning the little kiss. "Better now, with you here." She whispers, blushing and hiding her face.

"He's a dirty cheater. And Ah'd say more, but it ain't appropriate for a lady ta hear." L'ton practically growls at her inquiry on K'ael, pulling her to him and tightening his hold on her. "He didn't try anything did he? If'n he did…" L'ton tips her chin up to meet her gaze. "Ah swear, if'n he did anything…" Despite his sudden shift in mood, he's tugging the towel away from her again, though he is escorting her into the weyr itself, and out of the wind.

Niah nods slowly, shaking just a bit in her typical nervous reaction. Being pulled into the weyr she says, "He didn't well I mean, I don't know? He was really very nice to me." She blushes again, tucking her head like an erring child. "I really am bad at spotting flirting, and celiketh says he was flirting but. I mean, I doubt he would hurt me or anything." She smiles her little smile, it's just puppy love. Last guy who was nice to her, well her stomach is exhibit A. Shivering slightly, and saying "I want to get out of the wet clothes, ummm, do you want to turn around or something?" And embarrassed flush comes over her face, so he can get her pregnant but can't watch her undress.

"Ah have ta go with Celiketh here, sweets…" And then he's sighing softly, shaking his head at her, sighing again. "He ain't go good, Niah-dear. He just sleeps with girls so that he can say he slept with 'em. He dun care who he sleeps with, just does it ta make him seem better." At least Ton really /does/ enjoy knowing the girls, in multiple ways. As she asks him to turn around, he pouts a bit. "But sweets…" But then he's sighing softly, tracing a finger over her collarbone before stepping away and turning his back, even though he's sneaking a glance over his shoulder now and then.

Niah nods lightly, and relaxes as he turns around. Taking off the bikini and then, bad planning on her part she says. "Umm, could you just get me a shirt, or something close to shirt?" L'ton is near where she keeps her clothing. At his description of K'ael she says "That is horrible." She gets quiet, wrapping the wet bathing suit in the towel and covering up best as she can with her hands, her quirky attempt at modesty. With a sigh as she waits, her eyes are all big and she has a single tear rolling down her face. "I thought, maybe he liked me..for me."

"Maybe." L'ton offers, stealing a glance over his shoulder, arching an eyebrow appreciatively. But then he's reluctantly pulling out a button up shirt to wander towards her, carefully moving it to put over her shoulders, fingers lingering for a second at the neck. And then there's a single tear and one hand is reaching for her own, the other to wipe the tear away. "Sweetheart.. Ah like ya fer ya. And other people will like ya fer ya. K'ael… K'ael just is trying ta be different. And, he dunno what he does."

Niah pulls the shirt on, shaking her head and making her wet hair flop. She starts to fumble with the buttons, having to restart because they are crooked, she gives him a small smile and leaves four of the top buttons undone. "I just do not have much experience with men, and I thought maybe all his questions about me and he seemed like he cared." She sniffles a bit and with the lingering fingers she gives another small smile, eyes still welled up. Stepping towards him she gives his hand a little squeeze, "So, was there a reason for your visit?"

L'ton slides his arms back around her, pulling her close. "Maybe Ah'm wrong, lil'bit. Ah mean, ya can always get ta know him, but… dun let him get ya ta bed. He's hurt 'nuff people already, and Ah like ya ta much ta see ya get hurt." Winding his fingers through her hair, he's pulling her close enough for another long kiss. "Ah just wanted ta see my favorite lil bluerider… And ya're looking so sexy…"

Niah leans into him with a happy little sigh, then she says, "I have something to show you." K'ael is all but forgotten, she has her happy little skip and takes his hand like she is prepared to drag him with her "Celiketh does not want me getting involved with him, he does not want me having a weyrmate." she is back to being her normal, happy little self. "Come on." She pushes aside her red curtain, there next to her bed is a meduim purple crib, purple bottom sheet and everything. She smiles, "I don't know if it's hit you yet, but we're having a baby." She giggles.

L'ton follows along willingly, even though she's prepared to drag him, grinning broadly as he sees the purple crib. "Ah'm glad that ya have stayed with the purple, cause Ah've got a purple blanket coming fer ya." He smiles down at her, pulling her to his side. "But, we are having a baby. Yer having a beautiful lil baby." Tipping her chin up, he gives her another kiss, before grinning, and arching an eyebrow. "O'course, Ah know that ya dun want a weyrmate, but if'n yer looking fer a bedmate.." He's attempting to steal another longer kiss, as his hand is catching the bottom of her shirt.

Niah with another little flicker of a smile. "That sounds pretty." With another tiny smile she nods, "Well, I mean, as long as Mai doesn't mind or anything?" She asks the same question every time. She presses against him laying her head on his shoulder and saying. "I have some time, and really it is windy and Dhon should not fly in such weather." Now she is making up excuses, "You can be my bedmate anytime you want to you know?" Another smile and she moves so that she can nibble on his neck.

"That's good." And he chuckles softly, shaking his head. "It's fine sweets." He reassures her yet again, waving off her various excuses. "Ah always want ta make sure, ya know. Ah mean, Ah can't help that Ah find ya irresistible right now.. Ah always have ta worry that one day yer gonna get bored of me." He winks, teasing her, before ducking to give her neck a kiss before scooping her up and carting her to the bed, making short work of removing the shirt that she so painstakingly just put on, joining her in bed after a brief pause. No need for excuses now!

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