Touching the Eggs

Ista Weyr: Hatching Sands
The gently convex floor is hardly visible thanks to its filling of deep black sand, nonetheless forming a bowl in which a clutch of eggs can harden in safety and warmth. Heated by the thermal energy of the dormant volcano, the sands are always opressively hot - even through boots, the sand seers and bakes, small rushes of air from above and through from the bowl making little difference. A large outcropping of stone becomes an island within this sea of sand, the resting place of a queen who guards her clutch; a smaller platform of wood is set aside for the queen's rider.
Centuries of eggshells scatter the dark sands, broken down to but pieces of colour amid the darkness. A staircase rises towards the far end of the sands, almost out of view, whilst a small passage leads in the general direction of the weyrling barracks.

As with many of the previous touchings the gold stands proudly over her eggs, more in a stance of 'look what I have done' then 'don't hurt my babies'. Each egg is proudly displayed in their own little mounds, really starting to harden up with each passing day. The Weyrwoman sits in her usual touching place, on a little ledge behind the sands. She seems a bit more protective of the eggs then her mate does as she watches each candidate move upon the sands.

Lyda files in with the other candidates, giving the gold and weyrwoman a respectful bow before she approaches the eggs. Today, she has committed herself to touching the egg she's put off connecting with. She's heard scary rumors, but she'll make the determination herself. She steps right up and puts her hand on it.

Pallaton glances around him rather nervously, an arched eyebrow as he stares at Umniyath. They all claim she's not going to eat him, but.. If he messes up, maybe she will anyway. Slowly moving onto the Sand, he bows to the pair, though he carefully keeps his eyes raised, before moving towards the eggs.

Paimida walks in right behind Lyda, and bows towards the Gold before wandering through the eggs a bit. Finding one she hasn't touched yet she stops by it, peeking at it and tilting her head to one side before reaching to touch the sandy surface. There's a frown on her face at the moment, but it's been present since she walked in.

« Peaceful delights sends a wave of welcoming thought as you touch the egg, inviting you in to become one with it and share your thoughts. Snakey tendrils seem to surround your mind as if it is probing you, wanting to learn about you and not just the other way around. One thing that can be felt about the egg more than most is its warmth and welcoming nature. »

Lyda blinks, a little jolted by the reaction she recieved from the egg. Though she's startled, it doesn't seem quite what she was expecting. That can't be it, can it? She lingers close, waiting for anything else from within.

Pallaton takes a bit step back at the mental touch from the egg, eyes widening as he looks just about ready to scream. But, luckily for all he neither does that, nor goes sprinting across the sands in terror. And after a moment of hesitation, he moves back to the shell, tentatively touching it. "Ah neva realized it was like /that/…" Stories just don't do it justice.

Paimida seems to visably relax, muscles losing their tension at least a little bit. Her other hand moves up to touch the eggs surface as well and the frown melts away… there's no smile still, but it's an improvement. Eyes drifting closed she lets her mind wander into the egg's world.

« Peaceful delights tendrils slide around your mind, sending waves of warmth and harmony even as it seems to access your deepest thoughts, your darkest fears. Yet even as it does that it seems to make those fears its own, wanting to take them from you. Those fears that you never show the world. »

Lyda looks rather on edge, uneasy, uncertain about what to do. She takes a couple deep breaths to keep herself calm and focused, continuing to linger. She searches through her memory, trying to pick out tidbits that might interest the egg.

Pallaton wrinkles up his nose, staring at the egg. "Ya aren't suppose ta look at those. They're mine, not yars." And then as things are pulled away, he shakes his head, again stepping back. "Ah dun think that's a good idea.." And despite the warmth and harmony, he doesn't return, instead turning to pick a different ovoid, hoping for change.

« Solid Prism of Fog pours through your mind heavily, like molten rock. There is a strong sensation of great heat burning through your walls finding your secrets and engulfing them before sloshing away. »

Paimida actually does start to smile though, now seeming fully relaxed which is probably a change for the better. Moving one of her hands down the surface of the egg with a gentle touch. "Ah never knew what flyin' felt like." is mumbled quietly as she lets her mind go fully.

Lyda quickly withdraws from the egg, looking a bit shaken. Well, she certainly wasn't expecting whatever just happened. After a moment to compose herself, her eyes drift to the other eggs, spying another one she has yet to touch. She makes her way over quickly.

Pallaton finds a bit of a change, though this time the warmth is intensified, and he just stands there dumbly as secrets are found, jaw hanging there, staring at the place where his hand meets the shell. And he shifts a bit, still unable to really say anything, confused and unsure.

« Solid Prism of Fog flows smoothly through your thoughts, searing away barriers, but moving on before reaching the point of pain. A second, cooler wave follows the first, moving more sluggishly. It flows thickly over thoughts examining all the nooks and crannies in the time it takes it to pass through fully. »

Pallaton shivers a bit, pulling his gaze upwards to stare at the others touching the eggs, before he stares back down at the shell. "Why'er ya all so.. curious. They be mah thoughts, and not yars. Dun ya have anything bette' to do?" Silly eggs, at least in his opinion.

Lyda seems to have a knack for picking the aggressive eggs today. But this time, she's ready for it. She braces for the mental invasion and tries to feed the curious egg as much information as it desires, rifling through her history of memories.

Paimida sighs as the sensation of flight starts to leave her and she's left back in reality again. There's a intense feeling of a let down but she smiles once more. "Thank yeh" is said to the egg as she steps back. At least she's staying relaxed if a bit disapointed. Glancing around she moves over to a blue mottled egg, looking it over with curiousity. Finally she just places her hand against it with her head at a slight tilt.

« Solid Prism of Fog slips in way through your mind, weaving between thoughts as it slowly crystalizes in a myrid of colors. The crystals seep in and around some thoughts, shunning other entirely, before the whole thing suddenly shatters and melts away. »

Pallaton shakes his head hurriedly, attempting to clear it as he steps backwards, glancing this way and that to make sure no one saw him before he gives the shell an absent pat and moves away. A better one this time, maybe?

Perrie is waiting in the back, taking her time choosing just the right egg to go up and touch. Finally she notices Fairy's cross egg and decides it looks safe enough. So she makes her way over to it and lays her hand gently on it's shell./

Paimida sort of squirms slightly at this sensation, one shoulder rolling backwards in a circle. "Hey… that… feels wierd." The girl lets her eyes close anyhow and trise to keep her mind open despite the invasive feel.

Lyda tries to answer the barrage of questions from the egg, but has difficulty keeping up with it. The general request for opinions is something she can try to satisfy, though. "Let's see. Uhm… people don't spend enough time appreciating the beauty of art. Too many men are jerks. And, uhm… everyone should know how to dance?"

Perrie lets a smile twitch on her lips as she gently trails fingertips down the curve of the shell, her ear cocks to one side as she listens intently, trying to decipher the strange language she is hearing.

« Soothing Ancient Mists billow into your mind, encompassing your every process. It lingers there in a silent smoke screen. No further reaction from this one. Though the mists do not retreat, merely sift about, blocking out the world around you to form the perception of total silence. Just you, and the beat of your heart. »

Paimida shakes her head a little, trying to adjust to the feeling as it's completely different from the one before. "Yeh can look…. Ah guess… jus' don' poke around too much or anythin'." is mumbled as she lets her mind fall on the memories that are touched, brought back to the surface of her mind. "That's meh oldest brother." is mentioned at one particular one.

Lyda looks almost disappointed as she withdraws from the egg, a little confused. She thought she was doing well there. Now she feels almost used. By an egg, no less! Must be a male. She looks for an egg with a more feminine feel to it, coming upon one after a little search.

Pallaton freezes almost immediately upon touching the shell, face scrunching up as he tries to figure it out, taking a few, slow, deep breaths to slow his heart, to perhaps make everything better again, as he ignores the rest of the group. "Uhh..

Perrie giggles a little bit all the while wincing at the prodding her mind is getting. Oh this is interesting. She opens her mind as best she can to it's machinations, but makes sure to keep the really private stuff well shut away.

Lyda submits herself to the flood from this egg's mind, doing her best to lose her self-consiciousness and open her secrets to it. After all, it's not like an egg is going to tell anyone. Is it?

Paimida giggles a little bit. "That's a ovine, an' that's a runner… canine, heardbeast…" she lists them off with a little grin on her face then her eyes pop open at the flash and she smiles, stepping back. "Curious one, that one is."

« Soothing Ancient Mists thickens to a dense cloud of subtle pink, the beat of your heart being picked up and amplified to a resonant hum. A distinct euphoria creeps in, gentle, though building in power the longer you remain in contact with the shell's surface. Suddenly the world within the egg is turning, albeit slowly, as the euphoria sets in. »

Perrie blinks at the feeling and slowly takes her hand off the egg. So much for it looking 'safe'. She gives herself a full body shudder to attempt to get rid of the tingling feeling she was left with. On to the next one. Really, there has to be /one/ egg that doesn't leave her feeling violated in some way. Oh look, a green one. Let's hope it's safe.

Pallaton taps his fingers slowly on the shell, before hurriedly shaking his head and backing away from the shell, "Ya made meh dizzy." Poor Pal. And then he's glancing around him, backing away slowly. "Ah, Ah'm gonna go lie down." And he manages a bow to Umniyath and Lisle, stumbling a bit as he continues backing up. "Ah, Ah dun feel well."

Lyda continues to look rather uncomfortable at the slow and steady invasion from the egg, almost wincing a little as it pries into normally hidden areas of her psyche. But she'll tough it out. She has to.

Paimida wanders along some more, past people touching eggs and ones she's already touched before. Finally she spots a more spherical egg that's smaller than many of the others. She gently touches the white surface with one hand, letting her fingers trace a grey 'crack'.

Perrie grins widely, look she finally found a nice safe egg. But they are tricky, so she doesn't quite give in to being comfortable, just a little more cautious. She picks up her other hand and touches both palms to the surface, waiting to see what happens next.

Lyda allows herself a little relief as she withdraws from the egg. She looks a little tired, as though warn out from the various assaults on her mind. Taking a look around, she doesn't spot any she's yet to connect to. So, she decides to head for one she remembers as more energetic and pleasant, for a little pick-up.

Paimida smiles again as the egg she touches is welcoming, there's something to be said for one that doesn't scare you when you touch it. She makes an effort to let the strange mind into her own, though she's still not entirely sure how to do that when they're just prodding about. "What do ya want ta know?"

At least this one is cheery in it's assault on her mind, Perrie realizes as she continues to caress the egg's shell. Her nose wrinkles at an imagined smell, and her head shakes trying to clear her head a little bit.

Lyda withdraws frown the egg quickly with a bit of a disappointed frown, not finding what she was seeking there. But, she won't let it get her down for long. She makes her way quickly to antoher and brushes it with her fingers.

Paimida frowns a bit and shivers, "Don'… don' look there…" is mumbled rather quietly. Her eyes close rather tight as she tries to pull the fears back away from the egg before it can figure out what they are. Not that she suceeds or anything. Her own insecurities on if she's fit to do what she wants, being nothing but an object."

Perrie is hesitant. She lingers on the egg for a moment, looking as if she might bolt at any moment, but her curiosity wins out and she stays there. Her palms no longer rest on the shell though, she is at least that cautious, and now only trails her very fingertips over the green shell. After all she does remember what curiosity did to the cat.

Lyda suffers yet another wave of confusion as she attempts to decipher the messages from the egg, her brow furrowed in concentration as she attempts something resembling communication with the array of sounds and images, seemingly unconnected.

Perrie leaves the green egg for now. She shrugs a little bit and then nods at it as if coming to a truce for the time being. Time to move onto the next one it seems. She sighs heavily as she moves off the sands. She walks towards Lisle with a polite bow. "I really should get going, I have some work to do." And with that she turns and exits.

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