Summoned by Umniyath

Ista Weyr - Lisle's Weyr

The most notable thing about the weyr is the windchimes and bells that hang from the entrances and cieling. A queen size bed rests on the far side of Umniyath's couch behind a dividing curtain. Also hidden behind the curtain is a wooden cradle and a small child's bed, with a wooden chest between them no doubt for the children's toys. A tapestry of a gold dragon hangs on one wall. To one side is her desk, with many files and papers in neat stacks.

It is a lovely SPRING afternoon at Ista Weyr though Lisle has kept to her weyr for the afternoon despite of it. Even Analis was not picked up as usual from the lower caverns, though the cavern staff would not be overly worried as riders often get caught up in stuff. Umniyath remained at the entrance of the weyr, a quiet sentinel for the longest time before her mind cast to the winds for Dhonzayth, perhaps an odd choice considering his own rider proclivities, though it is perhaps BECAUSE of those the gold did choose to summon him.

It seems that despite the lovely afternoon, Dhonzayth and his rider were neither occupied nor loathed to respond to the gold's call, for only a few short moments have passed before Dhonzayth is landing on Umniyath's ledge - an all together unneccesary move, admittedly, and L'ton is slowly sliding down his back, pausing. "Lis? Lisle-dear, is everything alright?" It seems that the randomness of the call has L'ton worried a bit himself, as he bobs his head distractedly to Umniyath in greeting.Ista Weyr - Lisle's Weyr(#10293RAJL)

Lisle is sitting at her desk, a piece of paper before her, quill in hand yet there is little written…well rather nothing at all. Lisle looks up in surprise as she feels the wind from Dhonzayth's landing. It is obvious it was not her that called. As usual when Lisle is concerned Umniyath has taken matters in her own claws. Doing what needs to be done, not neccarily what is wanted. The golden head sways to Lisle as she is finally informed of the call and her jaw tightens before she looks over to L'ton and the bronze before looking back down to her desk. "Yes." comes a clipped reply, though there is a tremor from her, like the jerk of someone trying not to cry.

L'ton seems rather confused as he takes a few steps further, and realizes that Lisle is in fact alright, at least at first glance. There are no missing limbs, no pools of blood, no horribly awful sights to behold at all. However, as Lisle stiffens and offers a curt reply, L'ton's eyes widen and he shakes his head. "Dun ya lie ta meh, Lisle." He offers softly, moving quickly to stand behind her, hands going to gently rest on her shoulders. "What happened sweets? Ya know ya can talk ta meh…"

Lisle just sits there silent as a stature, even as Umniyath is leaving the weyr, nudging Dhonzayth out before her. The cow. As the hands rest on her shoulders, Lisle flinches slightly. One hand tight around the quill till it crumples in her hand. "How do you do it, L'ton. Go around as you do and return to M'kien (sp?) at night…how does she do it?" There is a tremor to her when she speaks. Going on the attack it seems, her voice tight and barely controlled.

Dhonzayth is shuffled out, crooning slightly over his shoulder at the humans before it seems that he's willing to be guided by the gold. As Lisle flinches, he tenses slightly himself, sighing softly. "Most of the time, its flights, or losing flights or.." He shrugs slightly. "Sris and Ah? We couldn't make it work around that. But, Ah think M'iken understands. Ah mean, she.. Ah.. She /was/ the other one, fer a while." As he speaks, his hands gently pat her shoulders, before squeezing her upper arms as he stares off at some point on the wall. "Ah ain't sure how she deals, though, other than she knows that Ah wouldn't begrudge her someone else, either, if'n its what she wanted."

Lisle remains sitting there with her back to L'ton. She takes another shaky breath and releases the crumpled quill. Her hands reach out to smooth the sheet of paper that needs no smoothing…just to have something to do with her hands no doubt. "Is it wrong of me to? To begrudge him someone else?" Lisle finally asks, strain obvious in her voice. "I was weyrmated for nearly ten turns…for each of us outside of flights there were no others…" Sounds so easy, so simple really.

"Ah dun think so, Lis, really Ah dun. Sris and Ah ended, cause she couldn't. And, as much as Ah loved her, and Ah still do, Ah'd rather she'd be happy with her one, than having ta deal with meh." Hesitating for a moment, L'ton reaches over her shoulder, trying to rest his hand lighlty on top of hers. "Lisle, yer my friend. Ah.. Ah want ya ta be happy. And, Ah've wanted ta talk ta ya about it, cause.. Ah dun want ta see ya hurt. But, Ah didn't realize that ya already knew - Ah was worried he was playing ya fer the fool." He rambles a bit, biting his lip as his finally drops his chin to look at Lisle, even if its just the top of her head.

The fidgeting fingers cease as the larger hand is rested on top of them, them trembling as well ever so lightly. "Perhaps he was, perhaps I was letting myself be played. People tried to say looking back, but he denied it then. Told me I was the only one for him…" She lowers her head shaking it slightly. "Even right before he graduated..we agreed not to weyrmate, that neither of us were ready…but still then…you know you hope for the best till it lasts…" The words just fall from her lips now and her hands tighten to fists, "But then…he asked me to be his …in the same breath asking if it was alright if I was not the only one.." She shakes her head and leans it lightly against the arm the has come around her shoulder. "I just can not…"

L'ton gives a gentle squeeze to the trembling fingers, before stepping around to her side, and crouching some, moving to pull her into a hug eve as she leans against his arm lightly. "Lisle.. Ah.. Ya seemed so happy. We didn't wanna ruin it, none of us wanted ta say anything. But, he just ain't good fer ya.. Ah can't tell ya the number of times Ah've run inta girls telling meh that at least Ah come back ta seem 'em again, unlike some other Istan bronzerider, only ta have him turn up and act dumb." A soft sigh, and he's tilting his head, trying to catch her gaze. "And.. Ah ain't just saying it cause Ah wanna get ya in bed or anything.. Ah'm saying it cause Ah consider ya a real good friend, and Ah dun want ya to deal with anything like that."

Lisle finally looks to him as he crouches beside her, her eyes red and moist from crying. Lisle nods faintly at his words, "Yeah, he did make me happy…here is this young man, a stranger…who is telling me how lovely I am..who treats my daughter like a treasure…" She shakes her head and looks down, "He even reminded me of Andy…" At least physically. "I suppose I wanted so much to feel it again…" She sighs softly. She lets herself finally be enveloped into the hug before she tenses at his words on K'ael and she looks up at him, "He…has already been sleeping around?" She asks, eyes widening the further. So perhaps he hasn't told her everything?

L'ton loosens his hug a bit as she tenses, eyes widening slightly. "Ah.. ya.." And then it seems that L'ton has managed to open a can of worms which he wasn't entirely expecting. But, after a deep breathe and a soft sigh, he's nodding. "We were at Ierne, and we ran inta Suri.. She's a real nice girl, but she told us she was pregnant, and he looked like he was gonna faint, cause it coulda been his. Ah mean, he ain't the only one." Oops? "But, then S'ya, this greenrider at Xanadu, seemed ta know him real well, ta, though Ah dunno fer sure on that. And, if'n the other weyrlings are ta be believed, he slept with that.. Angsley.. Aisling, whatever it is." But then, he's chewing on his lip more, and reaching to wipe away a tear from her cheek. "Ah'm.. Ah'm sorry Lis."

No, this much she didn't know and that is plain from the look on her face. It is one thing to be asked if it was alright for the future, but that that future is past tense. Her pale features seem to pale further and she pushes away from L'ton moving to stand up, knocking the chair over in her haste. "He denied it at the party…they teased him so much…I believed him…" She walks a few steps away, wrapping her arms around herself with her back to L'ton again, "I knew it would not last L'ton, that we discussed…I promised to enjoy it while it did…myself…him…" She sighs and motions to the air, "But…oh shards L'ton…when he asked if I could handle it…I didn't think.." Her words come out sporadically as if she is trying to catch her breath, her back trembling with the shock. "I did not think he would have already done it.."

As she pushes away and stands up, L'ton's hurriedly letting go, retreating a few steps to look at her in surprise, slowly moving to right the tipped over chair, resting a hand lightly on the back. As she keeps her back to him, he watches her, chewing on his lip and looking quite worried. "Ah'm sorry Lisle… Ah didn't mean ta drop it on ya like that.. Ah didn't mean ta make it worse, or.. Or ta make ya cry." After a moment of gripping the chair back hard enough to whiten his knuckles, he's crossing to lightly rest his fingers on her shoulder once more. "He's a kid, Lis.."

Lisle raises a hand to motion in the air, "You thought I already knew…everyone probably does or else they think me a fool…" Lisle's voice breaks and her arms tighten around her again, her head drooping in..shame? Embaressment? For a woman holding to pride and dignity as she is, both. "You know, I was prepared for it to end. I knew he would not stay with me…there is so much between us…but this…" And then he is behind her once more, a strength to her wavering one. She leans back against him, trembling still. "I know…I told him that so many times…but he gave me assurances to my fears…" She gives a bit of a laugh, though there is little humour in it.

As Lisle leans back against him once more, he instinctly wraps his arms around her and over hers, lending her some support as she trembles. "Ah.. Ah know its rough. Ah can only imagine how ya must be feeling right now. And, Ah know it can't be easy, but Ah'm here, if'n ya need ta talk. Ah always am." And then he gives her a gentle squeeze, and he's leaning to the side slightly to watch her face. "Maybe, though.. maybe its better this way. Ah mean, it ain't fair fer ya, if'n he's just parading ya around like a trophy, while being everywhere else ta, without ya knowing." Perhaps he's not the best with comforting words.

Lisle just leans heavily against him, her eyes closing. She would probably be on her knees right now if he was not there. Tears roll down her cheek silently for some time, her hands clinging on to his arms as they wrap around her. She nods at his words with a bit of a shaky bob. "I was worried I was being too hidebound..that If I loved him I could handle it…but I was sitting there and realizing…I couldn't and wondering what kind of person I was…" She says shakily, "But to be used like this…oh L'ton…how can I walk out of this weyr and face people? What do they think of me…pining over a bronzerider who is flying the globe for other lovers."

L'ton tightens his hold slightly as she continues to lean, not making any move to leave her, or back away, or leave her alone. As she clings, he gives her a squeeze, shaking his head. "Ya shouldn't worry about that. We all adore ya. We ain't gonna look at ya funny, or ignore ya or anything like that. And, Ah think everyone who knows is worried about ya." Leaning to peek around at her face again, he shakes his head. "Ah'm sure ya loved him, in a way, Lis. But, Ah wouldn't be surprised if'n ya didn't love the /thought/ of him more than anything. Ah mean, ya've opened back up a lot, since… Since Addy. And, ya saw something different, and ya enjoyed it. But, Ah think its best fer ya, if'n ya let it go.. And know that we're all here fer ya, even if'n ya think we ain't."

Lisle's head tilts back against his shoulder/chest (well he is tall, she is short!) as he looks down at her. She nods at his words, "I think I already came to that realization…I liked the way he made me feel…and I suppose I cannot regret that.." She says in a quiet voice before swallowing and closing her eyes once more. Her hands relax ever so slightly on him and nods at his final words. "I had decided that before you walked in…but was secondguessing myself…trying to think ways around it…but there is not…and that is…ok.." She starts before giving a sad little laugh, "Ok, maybe it will be ok tomorrow…"

L'ton is brave enough to drop a quick peck on the middle of her forehead as she looks up at him, giving her a little bit of a smile. "Ya should remember what time ya did have with happiness, Ah didn't say ya shouldn't. But.. remember that there is other stuff ya, so ya shouldn't… Shouldn't hurt yerself just so that he can be happy." At her sad little laugh, he shakes his head, giving her a long hug. "Ya always know where Ah am, if'n ya need someone.. even just ta sit with. Ah can't say Ah've been in yer shoes, 'xactly, but."

Lisle nods at his words and gives a tremulous smile at the kiss. His class always did 'mother' her in a way. Her first weyrlings, even now she feels some kinship with them and Pi still tries to drag her to the Sands. Franses the mother. Ta'sin still looks out for her and here L'ton is. Helping her against someone in someways like him. All looking after the littlest little Weyrwoman, even while she looked after them. "Thank you L'ton…" She finally says, her body slowly starting to relax and she turnss around in his embrace, "I wanted to strangle Umniyath when I saw you…but she always knows what I need even if it is not what I want.."

"Ya know ya were happy ta see me, even if'n it was a surprise." L'ton teases her lightly, unwrapping an arm from around her enough to tap her on the nose. "Ya know ya enjoy when yer favorite Dhonzayth-rider comes ta see ya." But then he's sobering a bit, with a smile, and a nod. "Anything ta keep ya happy, Lis. Anything ta keep ya happy. Ah know Ah'd not be here taday, if'n it weren't fer ya, so Ah gotta keep ya safe." And then he's giving her a real hug, a bit posessively in a different sense, though, really.

Perhaps things would have been different back when if A'drais didn't catch her eye, perhaps not. The past is the past. She gives at least an honest smile at his teasing. "Of course…" She replies as she slides her arms around him, "Thank you for coming…" She settles in his embrace for the longest time before she finally pushes him out, "Now, get back to your women before they get jealous of me…I will be alright now, ok?" She says, wiping tears from her eyes. At least she won't just be in a cold frozen self reproach she was when he walked in.

"Promise meh that ya'll come get meh, if'n ya need someone around, or if'n ya just dun wanna be alone? Shards, Ah'm sure the kids would love someone else ta crawl all over ya." And then sneaking another peck onto her forehead, wiping a tear from her face, and he's allowing himself to be shoo'd out the door. "And, Ah'm sure Mai and Niah'd love another woman ta hang around with and chatter." He winks, before blowing a goofy kiss and dodging less the weyrwoman find him too weird. "Ah'll talk ta ya soon, Lis, Ah promise."

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