Guilting Rhelia

Western Weyr - Mevalonath's Domain(#8050RJh)
Outside on the ledge is a single dragon's couch, the stone worn smooth from turns of use, and padded with rushes to accomodate to Mevalonath's specific form. A thick curtain hangs down in the entryway to the weyr, a means of providing some protection from the weather. An additional buffer to the outdoors is that the entryway curves sharply before emptying into the rider's domain. Along this short hallway are a few pegs and items for care of dragon and straps as well as other utensils and at the end of it is a soft gauzy curtain of pale blue and cream. Inside the small space is transformed into cozy and inviting space. To the right is a plush off-white couch situated next to a pale yellow rug and a brazier to provide warmth in the room. In the other corner there is a large bed decorated with several pillows and a dark blue comforter. More pale yellow rugs are scattered about in areas commonly tread upon so as to protect the occupant's feet from the cold stone. Here and there are shelves carved into the wall in a nearly random pattern upon which several personal items rest.

While normally, L'ton is hardly the type to announce his presence - assuming of course that people simply /know/ that he's there, he's doing the the opposite after Dhonzayth backwings to the ledge of a particular Western greenrider. Hesitating once his feet hit the ground, he's glancing this way and that, before taking a few hesitant steps down the curved passageway, pausing at the curtain. "Rhelia?" He questions hesitantly

Mevalonath has a wary eye for Dhonzayth, but also a trilled greeting. She's not /rude/ after all, just a wee bit icy and slightly hostile. Soon as the notes of her greeting die down she's back to ignoring the bronze. It's not long thereafter that Rhelia appears at the curtain, all smiles for L'ton. One of her favorites, back again, eh? "Lovely afternoon, isn't it? And all the better for such wonderful company."

Dhonzayth only has a sweet croon for the green, despite her icy attitude, but he's keeping his distance settled on the edge of the ledge, settling for just watching. L'ton, however, will have none of this just watching, for as Rhelia appears and is all smiles, he grins back. "Tis a wonderful afternoon." He agrees, before leaning to give her a kiss in greeting.

Rhelia leans into L'ton with that kiss, turning slightly to fall in beside him so as to lead him in. "We're doing quite well, and from the looks of it you two are as well?" There's a lilt at the end of that statement, turning it into a query that's followed up with a questioning look. She nudges the bronzerider to come into the weyr. He's not really a stranger there after all.

L'ton gives Rhelia a long hug, grinning and accompanying her into the weyr. "We're doing great… Ah figured Ah hadn't gotten a chance ta see ya lately, so Ah'd see how ya were. Since, ya know, when Ah was here, Dhon was ta busy helping Benneuth ta let me get anything else done." Nice choice of words, hm? And then he's grinning at her, tilting his head. "Whatcha been doing, ta keep yerself busy, hm?"

Rhelia leans further against L'ton, wrapping an arm about his waist and resting her head lightly against him. "Oh, this and that," she replies idly. "Trying to stay out of trouble, you know, all that." And probably driving the Weyrlingmaster above her insane due to her constant presence. "Say, I wonder if you might be willing to do me a quick little favor?" she asks, tilting her head up to kiss the underside of his jaw.

L'ton turns towards her as she leans aagainst him, moving to wrap his arms around her, hugging her gently and grinning as she kisses him. Giving her a quick kiss in return, he grins. "Ah think Ah can do a lil favor for such a sweet thing like ya." Winking, he grins, leaning back to watch her face. "What can this poor ole bronzerider do fer ya, lil'bit?"

"Weelll," Rhelia begins, drawing it out and turning a wry look at the bronzerider. "Seeing as how I'm not really supposed to be going anywhere, and Mevalonath's not about to be disobeying that order, I was wondering if we might take a little trip somewhere or other?" The request is followed up by a sweet little smile. She's all innocence, really.

"Why aren't ya suppose ta be going anywhere?" L'ton questions slowly - perhaps he's had enough of weyrlings trying to dodge the rules that now he has to question things that seem odd. "Ah mean, Ah'd be happy ta take ya down ta the beach, if that's what ya mean, if'n there's not something bad ya did, ta keep ya here." As she gives him a sweet smile, he's taking half a step back to look at her with a bit more suspicion.

Rhelia shakes her head lightly, "Silly rules and uptight people, nothing all that serious but N'bis had a /fit/ and that's why I'm not supposed to be going anywhere. Though, I suppose for this favor I don't really need to go somewhere, just.. take a little trip between and back somewhere." Obviously the greenrider is allowed to go to and from her weyr for food and whatever else she's supposed to be doing to atone for her naughtiness.

"Rhelia…" L'ton starts slowly, narrowing his gaze at her, slowly taking another step back, leaving his hands on her shoulders and turning her slightly this way and that. "Lil'bit.. Is there something ya want ta tell meh?" He slowly asks, the smile having fallen off his face as he's left to look at her questioningly. "If'n Mev ain't gonna take ya between, Ah dunno if'n Ah should…"

With all the children he's fathered, and all the womenfolk he's more than just a little acquainted with, you'd think the bronzerider would have caught on a bit sooner. But clearly Rhelia can't dupe him, and so she just smiles with her best cute expression as she's turned this way and that. As if it would be obvious just by looking at her. Though while the bronzerider turns serious, she keeps up with the cute act. "Well, I don't really /want/ to be having a baby, and it's really only a problem 'cause we're grounded here for other reasons." Because, you know, this is a lighthearted matter or something.

L'ton is a bit slow, now and then. After all, the circumstances are generally considerably different, at least from his perspective. He continues to turn her a bit before deciding that the visual evidence is lacking, and so he's sighing softly, moving to give her a hug. "Ya shouldn't be so upbeat, lil'bit." And then he's sighing again, absently resting his chin on her head. "Ah dun think ya should. Ah mean, maybe ya'll change yer mind?" He questions, before his voice drops to a murmur. "But, I guess.."

Ah, but she's so upbeat because it's not a problem /yet/. Rhelia is apparently of the mindset that L'ton will just help her out of this and it's really no big deal. But the chiding does get through to her, a little, and her posture stiffens even as he leans in to cuddle. "I don't really want one," she points out, all matter of factly. She tilts her head up a bit at that murmur. Oh, so does she win then?

"Ya dun have ta keep it, after. Ah mean, maybe yer brother would talk it. Or, Ah'm sure the nannies wouldn't notice another. Or.. ya could foster it out somewhere." L'ton protests some, still rather subdued as he steps back when she stiffens, and he turns to settle down on the couch, hiding his face in his hands. "Ah.." Pausing, he shakes his head. "Do ya know fer sure who else's it is?"

Rhelia stands her ground there even as L'ton retreats, going so far as to fold her arms across her chest. Looks like someone might be close to seeing the real Rhelia that lurks inside when she's not being sweet and trying to win over men. "Most likely yours, though it could also be Y'sar's. But what difference does it make?"

"Ah guess nah never decided what it might do ta him.. or meh, huh?" L'ton mutters a bit, clearly brooding as he does anything but look at Rhelia. Apparently his palms are an interesting thing for at the moment he's pressing them into his eyes, trying to clear his mind. At least he's not truly paying enough attention to anything to notice the sudden switch in Rhelia's… self.

Rhelia offers a bit of an indignant sniff at that response. "And what about what I want?" she fairly snaps at L'ton. "I'd rather not have one, and this wouldn't even be an issue if I weren't grounded." The poor man, he must go through so many such incidents.

Thankfully, L'ton tends to find the girls who /want/ babies, and then he just happens to oblige. "Clearly ya know what ya want. Ah just want ya to stop and think fer a second, that ya dun have ta. Though, ya know, ya were the one who got yerself grounded. Ya should have been taking precautions, if'n ya didn't want one." Finally he drops his hands from his face to look at her with a soft sigh. "Sorry." He mutters, getting to his feet, looking as if he's ready to just leave.

What, Rhelia stop and think? Or accept any sort of blame? That's far too… adult and responsible for her. L'ton's little spiel about taking responsibility and all that has all the effect of a slap in the face, and she just looks even more indignant than before. "You know, I've never wanted anything from you," she points out, a harder edge in her voice than usual, "So I would have thought you'd understand better!" Huff.

"Ya never wanted anything from meh, huh? Ya seemed happy enough ta have meh whenever we happened ta run into each other." L'ton replies quickly, turning on his heel to cross the floor to her, hands on her shoulders and giving her just a little bit of a shake. "Ah.. Ah just dun think Ah could deal with mahself, if'n Ah knowingly helped ya go, ya know?" Shoulders heave softly in exasperation, and he just shakes his head.

"You know what I mean!" Rhelia hisses out despite the shakes, sending L'ton a nearly glowering look of anger. They had this conversation before, after all. Men are always so quick to forget, or at least remember things in a selective and different fashion than how they actually happened. She sniffs again as he declines to help her out with the little problem. "Well then, /shoo/. I'll find someone else," she finally says coolly, uncrossing her arms and then recrossing them.

"Ah ain't gonna just /leave/ ya here, Rhelia. Ah dun want ya ta get anything into yer head and try something stupid and hurt yerself." L'ton sighs again, though he drops his hands from her shoulders, chewing on his lip. "Besides taking ya between, what can Ah do, Rhelia? Do ya want me ta talk to the nannies fer ya? Or… maybe ta yer brother?" L'ton's not going to just give in, or give up, at least now.

For a moment there he almost had her start to soften, but at the mention of another greenrider she's back into snappy mode. "Don't you involve my /brother/!" Grr, feel the wrath of angry greenrider as her dragon is just beginning to enter proddiness. Rhelia then looks long and hard at L'ton before she goes for an overly dramatic heel turn towards the couch where she plops down. Progress, perhaps?

"Fine, fine, Ah won't!" L'ton practically throws his hands up in the air, before sighing and following after her to the couch, settling himself on the other end of the sofa to stare at her across the distance, slouching a bit as he folds his arms across his torso. "So, that does mean Ah can talk ta the nannies?" He offers softly.

Rhelia looks grumpily at L'ton, crosses her legs, and then says pointedly, "I didn't say that." Nice try, bronzer boy. After a moment of silence on her part she finally looks over at L'ton, "It means a lot to you, to have a child?" She's still not completely calmed, but at least there's a hint of curiosity in question.

"But ya didn't say Ah couldn't either." L'ton offers, arching an eyebrow. As she finally speaks again, L'ton's gaze lifts from his knees to look at her, slowly nodding. "If'n the circumstances all come tagether in a way that there happens a be one, and ya know about it, Ah dun think its fair ta.. not. Ah mean, there are so other things going on, that the chances of it.." But then he's shrugging, falling back into silence on his end of the sofa.

Rhelia firmly crosses her arms and narrows her eyebrows at L'ton, fixing him with a stare for a moment. But, for whatever reason she finally yields, "Fine, go talk to whatever nannies you'd like. But don't be expecting me to be your weyrmate or a mother, you got that?"

"Ah promise, sweets, Ah ain't looking fer another weyrmate. Ah was rather satisfied with the arrangement we had, if'n ya know what Ah mean." The last bit is almost inaudible, but then he's shifting to tug her hand, trying to pull it away from her. "Ah'll talk ta the nannies, then ya dun have ta do anything." And then he's tilting his head, the next words trying to lighten the mood. "Though, ya might could get some nice things out of Y'sar, if'n ya let him think its his fer sure."

As if Rhelia's evil ways need encouragement. She allows her hand to be tugged away from her body, though she's not exactly leaping into his lap like usual. "Good," she says. "I'm glad we're on the same page on… some things." Obviously they're not entirely together on some issues, else there wouldn't have been the whole spat they just had. The mood does lighten at his suggestion and her body posture changes entirely. There's a raised eyebrow and a slight tilt of her head as she considers it for a moment. Yes, she is considering it. "This is why I keep you around, I like the way you think," she replies with a smirk.

"Shards, maybe Ah'll even be able ta be talked into something nice ta wear, fer when the rest of yer clothes are getting tight, hm?" He arches an eyebrow before giving her a wink, giving her another gentle tug, trying to pull her down to his end of the sofa, clearly no longer that worried about it. In one ear, out the other? "A'course, if'n it is mine, the nose'll prolly be a dead giveaway, so ya might want to make sure he can't take anything back." Teasing, he's relaxing a bit again.

For now, at least, Rhelia can move on and enjoy the company that she's been given for this afternoon. There's a key word in there somewhere though. With a laugh she gives in fully, scooting down to snuggle up next to L'ton and get extra cozy. "You'd better," she says playfully, leaning in to give the bronzerider a kiss.

For now, at least, L'ton is happy enough to enjoy the company and cuddle with her as she snuggles up close. Draping an arm over her shoulder and pulling her close, returning the kiss with a grin. "Just let me know what color ya want, and Ah'll find ya something sexy, just so ya can show off, mmkay?" He teases her, pushing a lock of hair out of her face, before giving her another kiss.

"Something to match my eyes," Rhelia purrs back in good humor. After a wee bit more scootching, she's all nice and cozy next to her boytoy. "And it better be sexy, I don't want to be looking like a fat ol' herdbeast." Oh wait, that's not actually funny. But for the moment, while she's enjoying herself and kissing L'ton, it's appropriate joking material.

"Ya ain't gonna look like. Yer gonna look sexy… Possibly even sexier than ya already are." He winks at her, stealing another kiss, before leaning to watch her. "Now, so, yer gonna let meh know when Mev's gonna go up again, right, so Ah dun have ta worry about some idiot manhandling ya, right?" He turns puppy dog eyes on her, pouting a bit even.

Rhelia simply laughs, and noses Tonny's neck. How could she turn him down, "Of course I'll be sure to let you know, I'd rather not end up with another idiot like the last time." Oh wait, did she just say that about Tonny's weyrleader?

L'ton tilts his chin up a bit as she noses his neck, before chuckling and tapping her nose. "Well, hopefully it'll go better. Gotta make sure ya get something better than a silly lil boy." Giving her a long kiss, he seems to be willing to illustrate his point.

Rhelia hardly needs a demonstration to know who she'd prefer. "One can always hope that it does go better," she agrees before the long kiss that she fairly melts into. Then again, the possibility of lording something over Chai is also an enticing thought, should she ever have occasion to run into the silly little boy again.

Demonstrations can never hurt though, when it is necessary to drive the point home, right? "We'll do our best, then." He promises, looking for something else to harass the younger bronzrider over - there are never enough things on the list, really.

Rhelia catches her breath, resting her cheek against L'ton. "Wonderful plan," she agrees, before leaning in to catch him in another kiss. The younger bronzerider is thoroughly unimportant, really…

Even if he thinks otherwise? And, he's no longer on his mind, for Rhelia's leaning for another kiss, and he's wrapping his arms around her as she leans, happy enough for the distraction. It really is a good afternoon.

Well, at the beginning and the end of it all the afternoon was/is good, but there was that rocky patch in the middle. But distractions are always welcome, and Rhelia's never been one to easily resist a good distraction.

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