He Learns to Knock!

Ista Weyr- Celiketh's Sinking Ship
The ledge has a few chunks taken out of it, and you can see where dragon talons have reshaped the rock over the turns. Near the door to the weyr are a few potted plants, and two large rocks presumably to hold the doors of the weyr open on a nice day.
Inside the weyr the walls are a lilac blue, soft and mild coloring. The entrance has a rug of dark midnight blue in front a navy blue sofa which is adorned by a baby blue blanket a pillows. The place only has two windows, and both have been adorned with curtains of a blue that matches the walls. In contrast is a round table near the small kitchen area, the table is a dark maroon and four chairs that match. Sitting on the table is a vase holding a flower of white and blue, if examined closer it would be discovered the flower is fake. Further into the space behind a heavy curtain of deep crimson is a king sized bed adorned by a bright red quilt and pillows that vary from a near pink red to deep maroon. All the furniture is red, shelves along one wall hold a collections of shells, pictures and other household items. Space has been left near the bed so that Celiketh may be near Niah at night. Off to the side is a well swept dragon couch, fabric hanging near it is bright and very cheery blues, near the couch is a small collection of objects varying from yellowed leaves, shells and pieces of glass that are blue and red.

It's midmorning and everyone else is down at breakfast, there is a light breeze and the clouds look like rain. Besides the weather it seems almost pleasantly quiet, everyone off doing what they should be. The bluerider not so much, she has a new stack of paperwork and is working on it at the table. Celiketh is out on the ledge, stretched out attempting to get even a little sunlight.

Dhonzayth offers a polite greeting to the blue on the ledge, settling down lightly before retreating to the rim to catch some sun of his own. For once, L'ton does what Niah asks and knocks on the door, even as he's leaning around to to stare at her back with a grin.

Niah looks up from her work, turning with a little bit of jump since she isn't use to the knocking. "Hello?" It's a shakiness to her voice, as if an intruder would knock. When it turns out only to be L'ton she smiles, rising and saying. "Come in, thank you for knocking. Still scared me, I missed an appointment I thought you where some healer coming to find me."

She probably shouldn't have admitted that, for at the mention of a missed appointment and a healer, L'ton's eyebrow is arching and he's quickly moving to stand next to her, narrowing his gaze as he looks down at her. "Ah though ya promised ya'd go, lil'bit?" He shakes his head slowly with a sigh as he plops down into the next chair.

Niah frowns, sighing and making a few little notes on her paperwork. "I did, and I will. Just, I do not want to go all alone and I had to make an appointment and what if they decide to keep me down there and poke at me. You said they might." His own words might haunt him, Celiketh rumbles from outside and Niah quickly smiles at some unheard joke, "You don't have a meeting or anything right?" Perking up slightly now that they seem to be past the topic of healers.

"Fine.." L'ton mutters softly, shaking his head, leting it drop - He'll let Mai deal with it later. But then she's smiling and changing the topic, and he's leaning back in his chair. As she questions, he shakes his head. "Nah, Ah've got the morning free. Ah had a meeting in the middle of the night at Benden, so now Ah've got the rest of the day off, and a late evening meeting at Western." Stupid timezones.

Niah as he leans back in his chair she smiles holding onto the edge of the table and tipping back in her own chair experimentally. "Ew, so you have to go to all those meetings and…" Scrunching her face up to show how she feels about that, "Do you enjoy those?" Asking and gripping the edge of the table a bit tighter so she doesn't fall. "I would never, I mean if i had to but really how can you stand all those people and the talking and." A small shiver, and she loses slight control of the chair reaching her hands out to catch herself and squeaking just a bit. Pregnant ladies, should not tip there chairs.

L'ton is quick to return his chair to the cloor as she begins mimicking him, and he's shaking his head. "It ain't so bad. Rather do that than paperwork. And, Ah get ta go all over the place, and see all sorts of people, so." He shrugs absently. "Ah think ya'd be fine, if'n ya gave it a chance. Its really not ta bad, just a lot of sitting and listening." As her chair begins to tip, L'ton reacts almost instantly, one hand going to catch the back of her chair, the other to grab at her arm.

Niah squeals just a little and as he moves to grab the back of her chair, grabbing the chair would help if she was still sitting in it. SHe sort of falls out of the chair on it's way down and at his grabbing her butt just lands firmly on the ground. Celiketh is inside in an instant, hovering over her and Niahs eyes are all big and she reaches a hand out to stroke Celi and then saying, "Sorry, I'm sorry that was so so stupid, and I just should not have done it and…" Running out of words and giving his arm a little squeeze.

"No, no, lil bit. Dun be sorry.." L'tons comforting her as he slides outo his chair to kneel next to her, moving to wrap his arms around her even as Celiketh is there too. Gently rubbing her back, he shakes his head again. "Its okay sweets… Ya okay?" He questions with a bit of concern, moving to tip her chin up to meet his gaze.

Niah allows him to wrap his arms around her nuzzle just a bit into him and with the question she waits a moment, running a hand down her stomach and then saying, "yes, I am fine. A little scared but fine." As he gazes at her she moves up to give him a little kiss on the cheek. "I should probably not be doing that." Celiketh touches his head to her stomach slightly and she giggles a bit, patting him and then looking back up L'ton, "I think I am ok, my back hurts." Rubbing her lower back and sighing.

L'ton gives her a quick kiss on the top of her head, resting his hand on her stomach for a moment too, just to verify for himself before he's letting Celiketh in, getting to his feet and stepping back. But then he's offering her a pair of hands. "Come on sweets. Up and ta the bed. Lay down on yer stomach while ya still can, and Ah'll see what Ah can do ta help yer back, kay?"

"If you are sure." Niah grabs his hands pulling herself up and saying, "I better not be depriving M'iken." She shyly says, walking over to the bed and positioning herself so she is on her front knees a bit scrunched up for comfort. Glancing back over at Celiketh she says, "Heart go back outside… You to." And the blue is back outside relaxing. "So.. does Mai mind after flights, I really really do not want her mad at me."

"Yeah, yeah, Ah'm sure. And, trust meh, ya ain't depriving her. She's stuck with some wing duties right now anyway. Pi'd best not have sent her anywhere, though, or Ah'll have ta have words with her." Stupid cousins, ruining the army-building schemes. As she settles on the bed, he's straddling her hips, carefully rubbing her lower back. "Nah, Ah think she understands. We try ta be there fer each other, but.. we know it ain't always possible."

Niah relaxes under his hands, smiling and sighing. "I hope she doesn't go anywhere, I think that is how I got pregnant I stayed on the ground. I mean, not only not going between but I didn't get on Celi for at least that first six sevendays." At the mention of Pi she goes, "Oh, I could do what mai is doing I mean I can travel a bit though the last time I saw a healer they weren't totally sure when I was due." She drops and changes the subject, "That is nice of her, to share."

"Ah hope so too. We're ready ta have a lil'one, and Ah hope Pi isn't just mean about it. Cause, now that Meluth's eggs are done, we finally have the chance." He carefully continues to massage her lower back. "Ah bet Mai'd appreciate it, if'n ya could settle out yer duties between ya, at least while ya can still between, til we're sure on her." Fingers gently rub her sides too, and he grins. "She dun mind…" At least, he hopes not.

Niah yawns a bit, finally able to take breath from all the paperwork. "It would be nice, if my baby and her baby could maybe just you know, if she really does not mind." She pauses not sure how to proceed then says quickly in her nervous little voice, "grow up together." At the rubbing she says, "This is really nice, you know you do not have to." Placing her hands under her head, even though she has enough pillows you could drown in the fluff. "I could take anything that she does that requires betweening, would she mind a bit of paperwork?" She proceeds through this kind of talk cautiously.

"Ah bet ya could talk to her and arrange something fer yer work. And then Pi can just deal with it." L'ton offers softly, continuing to carefully rub her back as she rests her head on her hands. "And, Ah know Ah dun need ta, but Ah know ya gotta hurt.. And ya won't always be able ta lay on yer stomach, so, Ah gotta do what Ah gotta do." Pausing to slide a hand along the side of her stomach, he grins. "Ah'm sure Mai'd love ta have them grow up tagether."

Niah listens to him talk and Pi and then says, "Well you are the weyrsecond right? I mean could you. Oh, it was dumb. Forget I said anything." She lets herself slip into being quiet and thoughtful, she pushes the hair from her face and gives a bit of smile, "Do we have a name yet? I know we will not know the sex but maybe.. I wanna call him something. Then if it's a girl we can call her something else." Offering up her idea and then shrugging, he seems to be in her shell a bit more for the moment. With big eyes she asks him, "Why didn't you go home to Mai the other night?"

"Ah will, but sometimes she's not so willing ta help meh out, but she's more willing ta help out the girls." L'ton chuckles softly shifting to stretch out next to her, brushing a hair out of her face. "Ah ain't sure, but if'n its a Z, Ah'm perfectly happy with whatever ya come up with." As she looks at him with wide eyes, he chews on his lip for a moment, shrugging. "Ah wanted ta make sure ya were okay. Ah mean, ya had taken off so fast, and.. It was kinda late, and Ah would have felt back waking Mai up fer that, and yeah. Ah was worried about ya."

"That's nice of her, when I do go see a healer I imagine I am going to have to argue my due date out." Niah grimaces, scooting closer to him so that her side is almost touching his. "I like Zialon, Ziah, Zariton.. before impression I was Narnia so I guess we could use some of that. What where you?" She blushes slightly at her preimpression name, at his explanation she nods accepting it and saying, "As long as you tell her, I mean she knows right? That.. we." A worried expression and she moves away from him and pulling a pillow into her lap. She hugs it to herself, sighing. "She doesn't know does she?"

"Just dun let them get ya all flustered." He offers, and then she's pulling away, and he's shaking his head, and he's wrapping is arm around her to pull hre back. "How about Zarnin? Or Zalian?" He ponders. "Pallaton.." He offers absently, before looking at her rather surprised. "What, what ya worried about?" And then as she sort of explains, he chuckles softly, shaking her head and pulling her close for a hug. "Oh, dun ya worry 'bout that Niah. Mai's comment when ya moved here was that as long as Ah spend more nights with her than here, she dun care."

Niah gives a slight nod and says, "I don't, they just." A little sigh, as she goes into an explanation of types, "Last time I went they kept me longer than I wanted to stay." No suprise, since she didn't want to go at all. "I will not go alone, because then I have no one to help get me out and they could just keep me in a strange place for as long as they wanted." A little paranoid, she accepts the hug nodding and saying, "Well that is alright, I mean I really don't need you here at night and you have to work on getting our baby a brother or sister." Like the poor thing doesn't have enough of those already.

"Ah understand, Ah understand." He reassures her, giving her shoulder a squeeze. But then he's grinning. "Well, Ah'd have ta wait, ta give him a full brother or sister, cause it just dun work like that. But, ya know if'n ya want another later, Ah'd be more than happy to oblige." As he certainly proves whenever she allows him. "And, Mai and Ah are working on it, Ah assure ya."

Niah purses her lips, running a finger along her own stomach and saying, "We'll have to see. I guess I won't be getting a girl and a boy, and I kind of would like both. But I want this baby to have all my attention and time, and then if I think I can handle two we can try again." Turning with a little, innocent smile and tilting her head so she can be just a little closer to him. In one of the odd changes of mood she is prone to she moves to run a finger along his jaw, soft smile as she scoots closer and turns so that they are facing each other. She moves to run her finger from his face down to his chest, a lot like she did with the sofa.

L'ton grins, gently rubbing her stomach, before leaning to plant a random kiss on her stomach, before straightening back up to grin at her. "Well, if and when ya get ta that point, ya know where ta find me. Not that yer gonna ever really have ta go looking for meh, so." He grins, but then she's tracing a finger over his jaw and chest and he's arching an eyebrow, leaning to give her a soft kiss. "Not that we really ever need an excuse, either." Of course, at that point, he's eyes drop, less she whap him for that thought.

Niah is still tracing, making little swirls on his chest but with the kiss she grins, another thought seems to interupt her current activity and she pulls back her hand, nervously asking, "Do you, it is ok if you don't I understand but do you want to be there when he is born? Do you want me to wait and maybe, have Celiketh tell you afterward or?" Not sure how to proceed she back up, then with a change of mind gets closer, so that if he allows she can press herself against his side.

"Of course Ah want to be there, lil bit! How could Ah not? Ah ain't gotta be a jerk, and be here this whole time, and then just.. not show up when its coming ta and end. Yer just being silly, Niah!" And then he's giving her a tight squeeze as she presses herself into his side. "Now, why were ya worrying about that?"

Niah smiles, clearly thrilled with his reaction she moves forward to give him a kiss on the cheek, "Seriously? I thought that maybe you would prefer.. just because it isn't pleasant from what I have read. You do not have to, if you are uncomfortable at all." Clinging to him a bit and biting on her lip for a moment before rambling, "I just thought that it would be rude if I just made you come, because it isn't like there is anything you can do and if you where unhappy then it would not help me and I am a little worried about all of that and the fact that I think I might have to be in the infirmary." She thinks?

"It ain't nothing sugarpie." L'ton chuckles, planting a kiss on her head to reassure her. "Ah promise, Ah'll come, and Ah dun mind one bit. Ah was hoping ya'd ask, cause Ah dun want ya ta have to be there by yerself.. Ah'll wait and hold her hands and all that, dun ya worry." As she clings a bit, he shakes his head and moves to touch her lip, trying to keep her from continuing to bite it.

Niah bites down a bit more, but as he touches she stops. Her poor bottom lip has little scars where she has chewed it to death. "Alright, what do you think of Zion?" She throws the name out there as an idea. Celiketh sticks his head into the weyr, snorting and moving back to his ledge Niah smiles nuzzling him gently and saying. "Do you think i should have baby stuff up here, or wait because I have no clue how I am going to get a baby up here." her voice has a tone of happy excitement. Moving to lay her hand on his chest she starts to mess with the buttons on his shirt, he is being distracting.

"Dun bite!" He fusses at her quickly, shaking his head. "Ah like it, though. Ah think its cute." As Celi's head pops in, he grins a bit at the blue, waggling fingers. Nodding, he grins. "Ah think ya should start picking out what ya want. Crib and all that. Get what ya want, and get it up here, and the baby can handle a short lil flight up, after a few days." As she starts playing with his buttons, he watches her with amusement, absently rubbing her back again.

Niah's eyes glaze over in a silent conversation and she nods. "Celiketh thinks the crib should be a neutral color of purple. " She undoes a couple of button pushing the shirt a bit to the side. She isn't undoing them in a typical fashion, no one on the top and one of the bottom one in the middle. "I think purple will work for both either a boy or a girl. She isn't in to much of a hurry to get his clothes off him, slowly but surely she is getting there. "You sure you have time?" She asks cautiously throwing a few of the smaller pillows off of the bed.

"Ah think we could find something purple. And maybe Ah might can even find a nice purple blanket fer ya ta, hm?" He teases her, glancing down at his shirt, before moving to give her another soft kiss, catching her lips. He's not keeping her from messing with his clothes, though, and he pushes a piece of hair out of her face. "Ah promise, Ah has time. Ah dun gotta go running off, lil bit."

Niah nods, now very distracted with undressing him. Moving a few more buttons and wandering her hands along his chest. All very slow, running her fingers over the fabric and seeming to take every moment very carefully. Finally she smiles at him and says, "The blanket sounds nice, but if we are going to after this have another.. we might need to practice a bit." She's offering and blushing heavily, though holding her own at not backing into a corner.

"Ah think we can do just that." L'ton agrees with a grin, leaning as she pushes at the buttons of his shirt. "Ah think we can do just that indeed, lil bit." He chuckles, before leaning to give her a long kiss, before pulling her down to the bed quite willing.

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