Fleeing the Flight

Ista Weyr- Celiketh's Sinking Ship

It seems that L'ton has a bad habit of walking in without knocking. For, once again, Dhonzayth is clanging against the ledge and L'ton is sliding off his side and walking straight into Niah's, though in far different mood from last time. Not too long has passed since Niah fled Xanadu - it would seem that Sophyrinth's flight was short and sweet, if not very successful or satisfying for L'ton /or/ Dhonzayth. "Niah?" He ventures as he crosses the threshhold.

Niah is in the corner, quiet and not at all happy. She is in the same clothing she was in earlier, and doesn't look like she's in much of a mood. Celiketh gives a warning rumble and moves himself so that he is nearer to the bluerider. Niah looks up and spots, L'ton sighing and saying.. "COuld you knock?" She stand going and letting herself basically fall on her sofa.

L'ton has no self preservation instinct - this is a fact that should be well and totally known by this point in time. And so, despite the rumbling of the blue, and the look of intense displeasure on the rider's face, he's still progressing, moving in fact to settle down on the sofa with her. "Sorry, lil'bit.. Ah.. Ah was just worried about ya. Ah mean, ya took off so fast.. Ah promise, Ah didn't know that was gonna happen…"

Niah scoots so that she is farther from him, and saying. "I did not feel safe, with her on my lap. And then all those guys, and that one bronze rider. I don't want to be helpless and what happened if one of them took off with me?" her voice raises a bit, it's a pitiful shakey sound, and Celiketh croons to her eyeing L'ton but settling back on his couch. "I am not mad at you, I just did not want to be there."

"Ah promise, Ah would't have let one of 'em go off with ya. That's why Ah had my arm round ya, and Ah didn't go wandering off ta mess around with S'ya. Ah got ya into it, so, Ah was gonna make sure ya were okay." And then as she's scooting away, and sounding pathetic, he's scooting after her, and moving to try and wrap his arms around her. "Come'ere love.. its okay. Its all over, and ya dun have ta worry about it."

"I have heard the stories, I have heard about bronzeriders after flights taking off and thinking the girl is agreeing. You know I would never agree to something like that." She has a protective hand on her stomach, then sighing as he is trying to wrap his arms around her. Niah lets him placing her head on his and saying. "Thank you for watching out for me, I know you do not have to." Celiketh rumbles and niah almost smiles. "I pity the rider who tries that around Celiketh. He was so amazing.. he really really wanted her but he didn't for me." Now she has a warm little smile on her face.

"Ah wouldn't have let anything happen ta ya. Ah dun think Ah could deal with myself, if'n Ah did, and someone took advantage of ya." Though, sometimes you have to wonder if he's much better. After all, as she leans her had into him, he's leaning to steal a long slow kiss. "Yeah, they'd have ta be a fool, ta try it with him. He takes good care of ya ta, ya really dun need ta worry." Resting a hand over hers, he gives it a gentle squeeze, with a smile.

Niah smiles leaning into the kiss a little and nibbling at his lower lip and seeming entirely willing to go along with what he has in mind. "That is good, because if you let anything happen to me, I do not know if M'iken would be to happy either." She has a little smile, fully aware of what Mai thinks of her. At the hand she smiles, putting her hand ontop of his and saying, "You wanna go lay down?"

"Ah think Mai might beat meh, fer losing her new lil friend." He teases with a wink, after he reluctantly pulls away. "Ah think that's an excellent idea, my dear, sexy bluerider." He murmurs, reluctantly getting to his feet, pulling her up and then escorting her to the bed, carefully settling her down there instead, even as he leans for another long kiss. "Ah am really sorry.. And, Ah missed ya when ya ran off. Ah mean, t'would have been nice ta have ya right there."

Niah lays down and relaxes against her pillows, pulling off her jacket and leaning up so that she can kiss him as well. She smiles up at him happily and says, "You are to nice to me." She murmurs, sighing just a little and saying. "Happens as soon as I lay down." Placing a hand on her stomach and at the last part she raises an eyebrow, "Why? I mean.. why would you want me there. Didn't it make it easier for you once I was gone, so you could play with S'ya. Isn't that what you wanted?"

L'ton stretches out along side her after removing his own boots and jacket, moving to gently rub one hand over her stomach. "He sure is moving.." L'ton comments idly before his gaze drifts back to her face, catching her surprised look. Shaking his head hurriedly, he grins. "Fer a moment.. just a moment, Ah did. Cause Dhon did. But, when ya took off, Ah realized it was ya that Ah was wanting, ya know? And then Dhon lost and…" And then to prove his point, he's ducking to give her another long kiss, looping his ankle over hers to keep her there. No more words to explain, only actions, as his fingers curl around her chin.

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