No More Eggs!

Ista Weyr - Dhonzayth and Meluth's Ledge(#7862RAJL)
Large enough for a bronze to sun upon, this elongated ledge also happens to be fairly wide, providing plenty of room to accomodate a friend, provided that that friend is no larger than a small brown and doesn't mind being a little squished for room. Overlooking the southern part of Ista's bowl, there's always some sort of activity to be seen from here, whether it's people rushing about during their daily duties, or observing the arrivals of incoming visitors to the Weyr.

Hatchings are always great and wonderful occasions. Of course, when a hatching happens to end up with a somewhat beaten up blue and a candidate in the Infirmary unlikely to make it, the occasion tends to be a bit more sober - however, its nothing that alcohol can't make one forget about. Despite the early morning hour, the pair are just returning from Xanadu, and a slightly inebriated L'ton is doing his best to escort Mai into the inner Weyr, while Dhonzayth has retired almost immediately to sleep after a long day - they weren't even his eggs!

This is probably a day of the most firsts /ever/ for the brown pair. Mai's just about as plastered L'ton, though it took much less to get her that way, and Mel's finally really a daddy. The big brown is still in Xanadu, the first time he's been really far away form his rider. He's just to overwhelmed to be away from his new little hatchlings even if they /are/ all safe with their lifemates. So leading Mai to the inner weyr is a lot like attempting to move a cart who's wheels are all on wrong and just /won't/ go in the right direction.

A swaggered step, and L'ton stops shortly, blinking a few times as he looks around him, before he's swiveling back around to tug the wheels-on-wrong brownrider into his arms with a toothy grin. "Ah did tell ya Congratulations, right sweetheart?" He grins at her, leaning back a bit to let his eyes focus on her. "Cause, Ah meant to. But, Ah think Ah had so many drinks ta tell peeople that, Ah ain't sure who Ah told and who Ah didn't." Being very careful not to shake his head to emphasize his point, he's leaning back close for a kiss. "Ya did good. So did Mel. Dhonzayth says so too."

M'iken stumbbles a bit when she's tugged into L'ton's arms and giggles a little, slipping her arms around his neck to try and hold on. "Umn, Ah think ya did." She squints her eyes and furrows her brows, trying to think back to what seems like forever ago. "But, if ya didn', thank you." She says giving him a dreamy smile. "Ah dunno half of what ya said though." She says, shaking her head just a little too much, her brain feels all sloshy. "Ah'll tell Mel you said that when he gets around to commin' home." She says, nodding her head this time, swaying a bit backwards.

L'ton reaches up quickly to put a hand on her chin to still her head as she shakes it and then nods it in turn. "Ya'll make yerself sick, lil'bit." He teases her, before grinning. Leaning for another kiss, he murmurs afterwards. "Do ya remember then when Ah told ya that ya're beautiful, and that ya look wonderful?" And then he's stepping back with a wink and moving to find the pitcher of water, filling two tall glasses with it, returning to where he left her suddenly to offer one to her. "Drink up, Mai-love, or Ah dun think ya'll remember anything.:

M'iken laughs a little when he holds her chin still. "I'm not not gonna get sick." She reassures him, but then what does she know? She's never been this drunk. The fact that she hasn't fallen over yet is a miracle. She makes a pleased sound in her throat after that next kiss and smiles quite happily. "Yeah, I think Ah remember you sayin' that. S'nice ta hear it again though." She takes the water and drinks it down, pulling a face at the change in taste. "Ah, I don't think I can drink /anything/ else or Ah might really be sick." She says, covering her mouth as she hic-ups.

"The water'll help, Ah promise." L'ton's own glass is mostly emptied before taking Mai's back away from her. "Aw, hiccups, lil'bit? Its hard ta kiss ya when yer all hiccup-y." The bronzerider mock-pouts, before moving to pull her back into his arms. "Maybe if'n Ah distract ya, ya'll forget about 'em, and they'll go away?" He wagers, with an arched eyebrow as he gives her a quick peck on the lips, and then a series of light kisses to her neck. "O'course.. It ain't nice of meh ta make yer pretty lil self just stand here, either?" Tipsy, and all.

M'iken makes a face at L'ton about the water helping, though honestly it kind of felt like it was. "Ah think it was just the one hic-up." She says with a faint blush, but she smiles once she's back in his arms. "Though Ah definately won't compain if ya wanna distract me anyway." She says, happily accepting the kisses, humming happily. "As long as I don't hit the ground, I don't care where you kiss me." She says with a wink. "Though I'm sure the bed makes for a /great/ place to spend time."

"Ya know, Ah think Ah've heard that too.." He considers, nipping a bit at her ear as he seems to weigh the pros and cons before he's carefully steering her towards the bed - a slow pace maintained as much for her benefit as his own. "Ah never mind distracting ya, ya should know that by now." He murmurs as she hums happily. Straightening up as they get to the edge of the bed, he watches her for a moment smiling, before leaning to catch her lips in a long kiss.

M'iken shivers a little when he nips at her ear like that. "Now that's just mean, makin' me all weak in the knees when I can barely stand." She she says, mock-pouting at him. She follows along with him though. "And Ah /do/ know that. But Ah still feel the need to let ya know I like it." She blinks a little at him, smiling, before she finds herself kissing him and her hands are finding their way up into his fluffy hair.

L'ton pulls away to smirk at her a bit. "Maybe Ah am mean.. O'course, if'n Ah was really mean, Ah'd wander away now. But, Ah couldn't do that.." Though, the question is, to himeslf or to her? As she plays with his hair, his own hands are quick to slide over her shoulders and back before he's awkwardly stepping out of his shoes and moving to pull her down to the bed with him. "It /is/ always good ta know what ya still like it." He whispers, before nipping again.

M'iken pouts for real at Ton when he threatens to wander away, but then purse at him and his teasing of her. "You couldn't, but Ah probably could." She says, trying to look sassy, but probably only suceeding in looking drunk off her bum. She doesn't protest though when he tries to pull her down to the bed with him. "Reassurance is the /key/ to happiness." She has to wait till she's on the bed before she can reach down and loosen her boots to kick them off.

"Ya know ya love meh ta much ta be able to do that." L'ton murmurs, sitting up enough to help her push her boots off before taking advantage of her slightly intoxicated state to go ahead and tug her shirt off as well, shifting to settle behind her and gently rub her shoulders, leaning forward to kiss her neck now and then. "Ah think yer the key ta happiness, actually." Pushing her hair over her shoulder, he's leanign over her shoulder to kiss her cheek, before continuing to rub her back.

M'iken shrugs a little, conceeding the point. "Ah'd make it out to the ledge." She says with a grin, that's as far as she'd make it before comming right back to him and attacking his face. The sudden pulling off of her shirt leaves her head feeling like it just spun around a few times, but she revels in the rubbing of her back. "Ah, that feels nice." She says softly. "And you're just puffing smoke there." Though it's filling up that balloon in her head called her ego.

"Whatever do ya mean, my dear? Ah do think that ya are the key ta happiness. And, Ah think ta be fair, Ah need ta make sure ya are happy ta." And as she revels for a bit, he continues to rub her back, before his hands meander to her neck, and then over her shoulders to rub at her collarbone. After a few minutes, he's wrapping his arms around her middle and scooting her back against him, resting his chin on her shoulder. "What would make ya happy dearest?"

M'iken says "You know what Ah mean." She says, her voice more slurred thanks to the wonderful back rub she's getting. If he's not careful she'll fall asleep on him. But then he's pulling her back against him and that wakes her up as she snuggles back against him. "You know what would make me happiest." She says, being a little coy. "And I think Meluth might just leave me be on the ground long enough to have it now." She says, turning her head to kiss his temple."

"Is that so, sweet heart?" He murmurs, shifting to give her another gentle kiss, as fingers absently pluck at her waistband. "Ah think that would make meh happiest, ta.." And then he's moving back to one side to pull her down on the bed to catch her in a long kiss, before propping himself up on one elbow to look down at her, brushing fingers over the side of her face, sighing happily as he watches her. "Ah can't wait ta see mah Mai, all sexy…" And it seems that its a good time to put all that practice to good use, for he's planting a variety of kisses along her chin and neck, looping his ankle over hers.

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