To Defend Her Honor

Ista Weyr: Main Beach(#3773RJa$)
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the deep, verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their colour deeper into the great ocean, the beach is no less striking, truly beautiful in its own way.
The hot, heavy rays of the sun reach deep into these sands, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing even upon the hottest of days, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, coming from the plateau, a small, thin waterfall, emptiesinto a catching pool that runs off into the water through dark sand and pebbles.

Ah, escape. The hot, humid, still air sits thickly over the entirety of the weyr, though the ocean breeze provides a slight respite, coming in off the low waves. And so Pallaton lies on the beach, settled on a large blanket, arms straight out on either side of him, looking up at the sky, though his eyes are closed.

Lyda has managed to escape the chores and the heat back at the weyr as well. No better way to cool off and relax than a day at the beach. This time, however, she's thought ahead this time after the embarassment she suffered the last time she went swimming. She's wearing a black bikini swimsuit, with matching black sandals and a black towel slung over her shoulder. Has anyone noticed a pattern here?

Sarcon is jogging along the beach again, trying to keep up his new found figure. As he run he notices both Lyda and Pal and rolls his eyes, but decides not to let them ruin his excersise. He stops for a second to begind to stretch and he pays no attention to the other two on the beach with him. But his attention is really centered on not talking or doing anything with Lyda.

Pallaton shifts a bit, rolling over onto his side and blinking, shaking his head to clear it, before he pushes himself into a seated position, wrinkling his nose at Sarcon's exercise before his attention goes to Lyda, with a bit of a grin. "Ya're all matching. Perhaps ya should talk to Pai about her dressing."

Lyda frowns a tad when she spots Sarcon, but decides against fleeing the beach. She's not going to let him determine where she can and can't go. Instead, she'll sneak over to Pallaton. He doesn't seem so bad. She gives him a little smile as she lays her towel out. "It's easy when everything I own is the same color, really. Not sure that's Pai's cup of klah."

Sarcon looks at both of the enemies and just tries to ignore them both. He looks over the ocean and starts to mumble something to himself about how stupid western women are or something of that sort.

Lyda casts a dark glare over at Sarcon, suspecting the worst from that mumbling. She flips him off before she sits down on her towel named Pallaton, sighing. "Of course he'd have to be here…"

Sarcon doesnt see the bird but decides to just look onto the ocean and relax. He still doesn't understand what he did. Maybe he's just a guy but he's trying not to make anymore trouble. As he gets up he takes our a crystal and starts to look at it through the sun and watches the colors all make a rainbow. It calms him down.

Lyda is tempted to pointedly ignore Sarcon completely, but she can't shake the suspicion that the boy is up to something. She certainly doesn't want to end up the victim of another one of his cruel tricks. She keeps an eye on him, with a bit of a frown.

Sarcon looks at the crystal and then breaths in. "Serenity now." Oh yes it does work. He goes into a meditative state where he calms his breathing and relaxes.

Lyda just rolls her eyes at the boy. She's sure his meditation is all an act, just an attempt to get her to drop her guard. Well, she's doing no such thing.

Sarcon still just meditates and tries to calm his rather natural anger. And the fact that he knows he's being stared at is irritating him like no other. He begins to grind his teeth as two of his enemies are sitting right there and plotting against him.

Lyda tries not to stare. After all, focusing on Sarcon is just going to get her angrier, and she came to the beach to relax. She lies down on her towel, sighing and trying to calm a bit.

Sarcon turns around and says. "You mind not starring I think your gaze might turn me to stone." Then turns arounda and calms down again.

Lyda flips Sarcon off again without bothering to look at him. "I'm just making sure you aren't plotting something sleazy again."

Sarcon just says. "Oh don't worry unlike you oaf freind I don't like guys like you?" Oop and there he goes insulting again. Still hans't gotten over that little habit.

Lyda sits up and scowls at him. "Oh, grow up. Can't you get over the fact that I'm not interested in you? Find something better to do than following me and my friends around acting like a stupid child."

"If I do recall I was here first." Sarcon says calmly. "So you stop following me around.

Lyda rolls her eyes. "It's a big beach. Use some of the rest of it. I certainly didn't come out here for you."

"They you won't mind moving on." Sarcon states simply kinda enjoying this little fight.

Lyda sighs in frustration, continuing to scowl. "Just leave me alone. I just came out here to relax, and I'm not going to let you show up and bully me away because I hurt your precious ego."

Sarcon stands up and then says. "Well don't worry I'm going to leave you miss high and mighty." And then runs off to finish his run. And as he goes his finger flips the bird.

Lyda sighs and shakes her head as Sarcon departs, angry at the boy, but clearly relieved that he's leaving. She looks back over at Pallaton. "Thank Farnath. That boy is such a jerk."

Pallaton has disappeared after Sarcon's appearance, deciding that in reality, it was not worth the possibility of a fight. However, his blanket remained behind, and so now he reappears on the beach, glancing up and down the nearby portion, looking for where his blanket may have gotten blown to.

Lyda is still near the former location of Pallaton's blanket, laying facedown on her black towel, soaking up a little sun and calming down after the confrontation. Perhaps she's also trying to lose a bit of her trademark pallor.

Pallaton spots it down the beach a bit, and a lazy jog takes him over to it, where he picks it up and wanders back up the beach, spreading it out on the sand next to Lyda, before his shirt's off and he's sitting there, on the blanket. "Ya survived, Ah see.. Can the same be said for 'im?"

Lyda flips herself over when Pallaton makes his reappearance, smiling a little now that she has company that doesn't immediately infuriate her. "He ran off after bothering me for long enough… I swear, that boy is such a jerk."

Pallaton leans back idly on his hands, glancing up at the sky and shaking his head. "Ah dunno who has more issues with 'em.. Ya or Mhadia." And he glances sidelong at her, with a bit of a smile. "Ah told Pai its all 'er fault, since she danced with 'im and all. She wasn't laughing.."

Lyda frowns a little at that, propping herself up on her elbows to look at Pallaton. "Probably because it's not very funny. The man is a total lech, no girl deserves to be subjected to that."

Pallaton arches an eyebrow. "Ah dunno. Would ya agree ta dance with him?" And he shrugs, stretching out his toes as he stares at them. "Ah mean, maybe her dancing with 'em gave 'im the idea he's like.." Pause. "Ah dunno. Some gift to women, or something." Pall, meanwhile? He's just a gift to women who /like/ him.

Lyda shakes her head quickly. "He had a puffed up ego well before he ever came to Ista. I had the misfortune of knowing him back at Western. And I wouldn't agree to dance with him, obviously, but I assume Pai did so before she realized what his deal is?"

"Ah'm sorry for ya, Ah must say. Pity Ah didn't meet him sooner.. he'd of gotten mah fist in 'is face for shure." And Pal waves a hand bit for emphasis. "He doesn't really frighten meh, but he's.." And he wrinkles up nose nose, not saying anything else.

Lyda smiles, doing her best attempt at taking on a flirtatious tone for a moment. "Well, you know, if you wanted to defend the honor of all us girls, I'd swear he started the fight." She winks, laughing a little.

Pallaton pushes his chin up in the air a bit, a grin appearing on his face. "Ah would, if'n ya could get the rest of y'all to do the same thing. Ah mean, y'all dun deserve ta deal with him."

Lyda grins back, leaning in closer, one hand resting on Pallaton's blanket. She may resent being objectified, but she's apparently not above using her feminine wiles to manipulate males. "You only need one witness, don't you?"

Pallaton may not actively /start/ anything, but he's not above admiring what's offered. And so, he turns slightly red as his gaze drifts down her body, eyes resting finally back on her face. "If ya could ensure there'd be no one else around.."

Lyda grins, partly to keep up her alluring act, and partly because she enjoys the effect she has on the boy, to some level. "You'd really do that? For me? I'm sure an opportunity will come up…"

Pallaton slides just a bit closer to Lyda, brushing hair out of his face as he does so, nodding slowly. "Ah, Ah supposed Ah would. For ya and the others, too.." And he shrugs a bit more with a smile.

Lyda bats her eyelashes and smiles, continuing to lean close. "That's very sweet of you… I don't know why Pai was warning me about you. Family thing, I guess. But thank you!"

Pallaton tips his head a bit, visibly swallowing as she continues to lean, eyes widening a bit as he shifts to, perhaps, prop his arm behind her. "Ah think she's just like that.. She's always warning about the family.."

Lyda doesn't complain. The guy is offering to take care of her Sarcon problem, after all. "I suppose so. I'll have to ask her for the dirt on you later." She winks and laughs again.

Pallaton leans towards her a bit, wrinkling up her nose. "Ya shouldn't ask her. She'll just say lots of stuff. If'n ya really want ta know, find Ponce, wherever he's weavin'. He's too much of a girl ta come up with dirty lies."

Lyda laughs a little and shakes her head. "Hmmm. Well, maybe I'll just come up with my own opinions. Since you're helping me with Sarcon, you can't be too bad…" She decides now might be the good time to switch topics. "So, come out here often?"

Pallaton makes no move to lean away, though, even as the topic is changed. "When Ah can.. More before this whole.. change. Good place ta find clean driftwood." Which is good for carving little things, and all.

Lyda doesn't quite cool down the flirtatious vibe yet. After all, the guy hasn't beaten up Sarcon for her yet. "Mmm, surely you come out here for more than the driftwood?"

Pallaton glances down at her, gaze drifting down her body once more before he shrugs. "Tis just an added benefit, ya know. Ah mean.. with women like ya out here.." And he shifts, perhaps to push a piece of hair behind her ear.

Lyda laughs a little, smiling as sweetly as she can. "Awww, that's nice of you to say… I've been trying to spend more time down here. Some boys don't like how light my skin is."

Pallaton arches an eyebrow, shaking his head. "Some of 'em are just too dark, ya know. Ah mean, its not normal. If'n ya're pale, tis nothin' wrong with that. Tis different, is all. And ya're cute different." Ack, here he goes. And he was doing so well, too!

Lyda manages a giggle at the compliment. "Awww, thank you… m'glad you think so. You don't think I'd look better with a little color, then?"

Pallaton shifts, sliding away enough to get a good look at her, making a face before shaking his head. "Ponce'd know better, but Ah think just a little color. Otherwise it'll look like ya just wanna be one of the others. And tis enough of 'em.."

Lyda leans back far enough to model herself, grinning playfully. "Mmm, well, that's good. I don't relish the idea of getting tan lines. They're so… jarring, and all that. Maybe I'll try to keep my color."

Pallaton shakes his head quickly. "Ah wouldn't worry ta much about the lines. Ah mean, unless ya're not doing what ya're suppose ta.. No one'll see 'em." Of course, if she /is/..

Lyda continues to grin, shaking her head. "Well, first off, they're ugly regardless. But that's not really even true, is it. What about using the hot springs? Or the sauna?"

Pallaton shrugs. "S'not as if'n there'll be too much that's still pale, no matter what. And, in the sauna and the springs, people'll are hardly gonna be worried about ya're lines, with everything else to see."

Lyda grins and shrugs. "Well, besides, this is a candidate group. I'm sure we'll all end up sneaking up at night and skinny dipping, or something equally crazy. As long as Sarcon isn't involved." Hint hint.

Pallaton arches an eyebrow at her, trying to hide a grin. "Ah think he'll avoid it, if'n we're there. Did ya see that look?" Though, Lyda was still bothered by him for a long while. "Would ya go skinny dipping?"

Lyda rolls her eyes at the first comment. "He'll go anywhere there's girls to ogle. I have no faith in that guy." She grins mischieviously, quirking an eyebrow a little. "Sure, I did with my friends at Western. What, you wouldn't?"

Pallaton hms, and shrugs. "Maybe he'll go away if'n we all ignore him. Though, Ah think that Ah'd be uncomfortable going in with him around. 'e might try and hurt me." And, skinny-dipping = vulnerability. And he shrugs slightly. "Ah might. If'n ya girl's would let meh."

Lyda continues to grin flirtatiously. "Well, maybe you and I could sneak out sometime ourselves. I mean, if you did teach Sarcon a lesson, I would like to get to know you better…" She's not at all bothering with the subtle manipulating anymore, is she?"

"Well, ya know… Ah mean, we are ya know, by ourselves now. And Ah mean, Ah will take care of Sarcon." And Pal scoots back where he was next to her, placing his hand behind her once more.

Lyda giggles softly, maybe a little bit nervously. She wasn't expecting to have to go through with it so soon, apparently. "Mmm. Well… I suppose if you /promise/ to help me…" She pauses, then grins. "You first."

Pallaton arches his eyebrow for a long moment, watching her with a rather surprised look before he shift, putting his arm around her waist, should she let him. "Why am Ah going first?"

Lyda does nothing to protest the arm, continuing to grin mischieviously at Pallaton. "Because you're the guy." That makes pefect sense to her, apparently. "So?"

Pallaton gives her a bit of a squeeze, grinning all the while, though he does spare a nervous glance over towards the stairs to the weyr. "Ah dunno if that's fair, ya know." And then he tips his head, shifting to give her a kiss, or at least attempt to, assuming its still okay.

Lyda goes along with that, although the kiss is limited to a quick peck before she continues to grin, full of mischief. "Does it have to be fair? Now c'mon, or you'll miss your chance…" She winks, teasingly.

Pallaton actually sticks out his tongue at her, shaking hi shead a bit. "Ya're so silly, ya know. All ya girls. How do Ah know that ya'll do the same, after meh?" And he grins. "Ah doubt /that's/ true, ya know.."

Lyda huffs and rolls her eyes dramatically before grinning again. "Fine, we'll do it at the same time. But if you chicken out, I swear…" She reaches behind herself to where her top is tied, waiting with an arched eyebrow.

Pallaton shakes his head quickly, "Ah won't chicken out, Ah just dunno about ya." And he pushes himself to his feet, fumbling with the clip on his long shorts. "And, ya can explain, if'n we're seen." The price of being a girl.

Lyda sticks her tongue out. "What are you, a hold boy? There's nothing to explain. People swim naked all the time at weyrs." And she is definitely a weyr girl. She unties her top and slides it off, quickly shielding her chest with an arm while she watches to make sure he's following along.

"Ah am, thanks. If'n ya had no clothes, something big had better of eaten 'em, if'n ya didn't wanna get flayed." And Pal stares at her with wide eyes before he turns, facing away from her, pushing down his shorts and going straight for the water. "Ya still get ta explain."

Lyda laughs and shakes her head. "Holder boys…" She slips out of her bottoms, then takes both parts of the bikini and stashes them under her towel, just to prevent any mischievious boys from stealing it, or something. She then hops up and follows to the water, grinning in amusement at Pallaton.

Pallaton quickly submerges himself, using his hand to hide the most vital portions from sight until he's deep enough, turning to glance at Lyda, rather surprised how at ease she is. "Do ya do this with boys all the time, er something?"

Lyda does seem fairly well at ease, no longer making an effort to cover herself as she wades into the water without a particular rush, grinning in amusement. "No, I was just raised in a weyr. It's not such a big deal to us… why, are you bothered?"

Pallaton considers this for a long moment as he submerges to his chin. "Ah think if'n Ah knew Pai was swimming naked with guys, Ah'd have ta smash a few heads. Or, if'n Zipalla does it when she's older." Pause. "Ah just think tis different."

Lyda giggles and shakes her head. "It doesn't necessarially mean anything…" There's a touch of seriousness to that comment, just in case Pallaton was thinking of trying anything. She dips completely under the water for a moment, then resurfaces with a splash, giggling as she pulls her wet hair back from her face. She stays submerged up to her stomach. "You need to relax a little."

Pallaton isn't about to try anything serious. At least not as a candidate - he's still convinced a dragon might eat him, if he messes up too badly. "Ah know, but… Still!" And he hurriedly shakes his head, turning away from her and wading deeper.

Lyda certainly has no plans to break any rules. Perhaps she views this all as a little more innocent than Pallaton does. She follows into deeper water. "Aww, you're embarassed?"

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