After Shellie's Flight

Xanadu Weyr - Laera and Kereth's Weyr
This room is decorated in blues, purples and most shades between. Large cushions tossed about for sitting on, draperies on the walls and rugs in Kereth's couch all reflect these colours. A low table sits amidst the group of cushions for eating at or socializing. There is a tapestry on one wall of a blue dragon in flight, one of a different shade then Kereth, paler even like her mother's dragon Liraeth. A gift given by Laera's grandmother to Lyn and now to Laera. In one corner is a four poster bed with draperies enclosing it on all sides to provide privacy if needed.

As Kereth was left flying with no green to catch, Laera looked around to her 'competitors' and met eyes with L'ton and nodded to him. Permission asked, permission given and she reaches out to his hand to drag him to her weyr, just a bit up the beach really. She does not look too stricken about loosing and spins around to face the rider once they get to her weyr, "So you finally lost one, hope I can manage to console ya.." She teases, emerald eyes flashing.

While Dhonzayth may be a bit grumpy about his distinct lack of a girl, L'ton has no such reason to feel the same way. And so he's grinning at Laera as their eyes meet, and then he's happily tagging along with her up the beach. As she swivles around, he arches an eyebrow, putting his hands on her shoulders absently. "Ya ain't exactly unlucky yerself, lil'one. Ya did get S'ya." Maybe that it itself is unlucky? "Ah just hope Ah can console ya, ta." He smirks back at her.

Its a weyr that shows for her youth in some areas. Bean bag style cushions everywhere and not a chair or table in sight. Her flight leathers dumped over one of the bean bags, the rest of her clothes in a basket or two by her bed. Of course her bed is not made, typical of a teen. (why make it when you got mess it up later) She grins at his resonse, "And that was pretty fun…doing it with a pregnant chik.." So she is a bit weird. "From what I hear I reckon you just might…" Oh the girls do gossip. She steps up to him her hands already tugging at his shirt. She still wearing nothing more than a bandeau bikini and a sarrong. She is definately nothing like her aunt it seems.

"Is that so?" L'ton smirks down at her, hands moving to rest on either side of her face, and then he's ducking to get her a quick kiss. "Ah didn't realize Ah had a reputation." An eyebrow is arched as she tugs on his shirt, and he chuckles, taking half a step back to undo the buttons, though his eyes are solely on Laera, sweeping over her from head to toe appreciatively. The layout of the weyr doesn't seem to phase him one bit, and after his shirt is unbuttoned he's giving her a gentle push backwards, further into the weyr.

Laera grins at L'ton and leans up for the kiss, her fingers stroking lightly over his chest even as he unbuttons his shirt. Yes she is a bit randy for a girl her age and at least locally probably has a rep. Ya know 'Sweet girl, but she opens her legs for anything!' Even if only partially true. She does a little wiggle as she notices him checking her out, "Like what ya see?" She asks playfully, letting him guide her back into the weyr. Not much in the curves department maybe, but she makes up for it with enthusiasm that is for sure. She slides her hands up to his shoulders to slide his shirt off even as she continues to step back.

"How could Ah not sweet heart?" He grins at her, shaking his head. "Ah mean, from what Ah've heard, yer know perfectly well that guys like what they see." Winking at her, he contemplates for a moment before ducking to scoop her up into his arms, before turning for the curtained bed. Carefully setting her down, he regards her for a moment, eyes lingering before he's sliding down next to her, stealing another kiss, even as he tries to return the favor, undoing her bikini top.

Unlike some girls, she does not seem to mind she has a rep, "Well lets see if I can put truth to rumour.." Laera laughs as she gets pick up and puts an arm around his neck. Her lips find his neck, teasingly kissing to his ear as before she is laid down on the bed. With just a strip around her torso it is not too much work getting it off and she tilts her head up lips moving hungrily into the kiss, her fingers exploring his chest lightly, then around to his back as she draws him to him. She has had a few good teachers, her first partner having been a former prostitute.

L'ton pulls her up towards him as he gives her a long kiss, fingers rubbing her shoulders, her neck, and her collarbone, planting some kisses here and there hungrily. Pulling away for a second, he looks over her again, before rolling to half pin her on bed, proceeding to prove his reputation even while testing hers.

Well she would have worked hard to prove hers, teasing and tantalizing before finally delivering. When all said and done…and done again. She lays on top of the sheets panting and flushed with a rather large grin on her face, "Well well…not bad.." She says as she tilts her head to look over to the bronzeriders, "I finally got to ride a bronze.." She teases, "You enjoy riding blue?" She asks with a laugh. Yes the girl is just entirely too chipper.

L'ton is certainly not much better in that regard, though hopefully he delivered satisfactorily. As she's sprawled on top of the sheets, he's rolled onto his side, the top of his head pressing into her arm, and fingers curled lightly around her wrist. "Well, riding a bronze is certainly an experience that ya shouldn't pass up." He grins, tilting his head up to meet her gaze, winking. "Ah think t'was a wonderful experience. One Ah should consider more often."

Laera grins and looks over to him and trails a line down his chest before pushing him on his back to straddle his waist if he allows, "Perhaps I won't." Not much of a cuddler it seems. She looks down at him with that ever bright smile on her face, "Perhaps I should make sure I am there for you at more flights…" She comments as her hands slide over his chest, kneading it gently. "Do you bronzers a service and all…" She says as if she was doing some great gesture.

L'ton is flipped over onto his back, and then there's a bluerider on top of him. Arching an eyebrow at him, he's resting his hands on her sides, gently running his hands up and down them. "Perhaps ya should, even if it means that Dhonzayth's got less of a chance, with ya and yers there." His hand drops to idly trace fingers over the scars on her thigh, lifting his head to outline them with a nail, before flicking his gaze back at her. "Perhaps Ah'd be doing ya blues a service instead."

"We only won two and Kereth trained with both of em as weyrlings, he knew how they flew." Laera responds to dismiss any heady record on her part, "He gets too caught up in the acrobatics of the flight to actually win them." She says with a laugh as she continues to gently massage his chest. She squirms a bit as he traces over the scars on her thigh, not is displeasure, more like they tickled. "That there was from when I was a weyrling…ended up being Kereths first proper kill." Yes it had to take a kitty attacking his chosen to bring out the hunt lust in the blue.

"Well, ya've got time yet. And, he'll get better with time, and if'n yer interested, he'll probably be more interested." L'ton offers absently, continuing to trace over the scar after she squirms, grinning at her. "Yer lucky it wasn't worse. Though, Ah have ta say, Ah'm sure it makes a good story." But the he's leaning back to grin up at her. "Ya shouldn't dismiss yer Kereth's wins so quickly, ya know?"

She slides her hands along his sides to give him a tickle, "You don't think I am interested enough do you?" She asks with a glint in her eyes, but squirms again as he continues to stroke her scars, "Yeah I know…but well he was there and I didn't fear." She explains and looks toward the entrance of her weyr for a moment before looking back, eyes unfocused briefly before she looks down at him leaning down and placing her hands either side of his head. "I don't darling…I watch him fly and feel him up there and get lost…for him flying…is ecstasy not just the catch." The expressiveness in her voice really gives feeling to how she feels about flights and her lifemate's role in them. "Here we are…he got to do what he enjoys and so did I…"

L'ton squirms a bit as she touches his sides before grinning. "Ah think yer more interested in the after than the during." He teases her, shaking his head. "Not that its a bad thing - taking advantage of it is certainly enjoyable." As illustrated by his total willingness to tag along with Laera without a second thought. As she leans down, he grins, lifting his head enough to give her a slow kiss. "As long as you are both happy and enjoy it then."

"Aren't we all? Focused on the catch…." She murmurs as she lower her head to meet his for a kiss, toungue dancing over his lips as they part again. Yes, her and Kereth are an odd couple. Known during weyrlinghood as the dragon who wouldn't hunt for the longest time and while he joins in flights and shows enthusiasm in the flying, it seems as much of an acrobatic game to him as much as a chase. "I enjoy it when he catches cause…everything happens together..and…" She claps her hands together over his head for a moment, "Bang…but sometimes you can get so lost in it…you don't get…this.." She says with a grin and leans down to nuzzle his neck.

"Well, Ah think ya're happy in the person catch, regardless of the other half." But then he's words are silenced as she returns the kiss, and he's grinning at her as she pulls away enough fo finish explaining. "Dhonzayth Ah think just likes the challenge. Ah mean.. Ah enjoy it, and being caught up. Ah.. Ain't sure which Ah like more. At least, if'n he doesn't catch, Ah know who Ah'm gonna end up with." And as she nuzzles, he chuckles. "And there is always that benefit." Lifting his head, he give a quick nip to her shoulder to counter her own move.

Laera grins as he nips her shoulder and takes a little playful nip of his neck before pushing up again. Laera looks down at L'ton thoughtfully at his words, "So you reckon I could really be holding him back?" She asks as the words actually have an effect on her. She does not seem overly concerned, but at least thinking on it. She lowers herself down again to lay on top of him as she waits his response, lightly kissing along his jaw line. Does the girl ever just settle?

There is nothing wrong to never settling, and as she stretches out atop him he's idly looping a leg around hers, keeping her in place while his hands are together at the small of her back. "Ah think that with a bit more experience, ya'll learn ta know what each other really wants. Ah dun think yer holding him back, really. Maybe ya should encourage him ta fly well, but fly for the green, 'stead of for himself?" He offers, trying to figure out the words to explain in a soft murmur. The kisses along his jawline have him tipping his head back with a grin, and even a soft chuckle.

She wiggles on top him a little, just teasing the bits touching each other. Laera's lips continue to play along the skin of his chin then throat again. Despite her actions listening to the bronzerider. Having impressed young she is still ever learning and unlike some, revels in that fact. Perhaps its moments like these that show her true age, but she does not seem to mind. "Yeah I find every flight a bit different…I think I got distracted by you at the getgo.." She says with a grin as she peeks her head up to look at his face again. Well he did nearly trip her.

"Ya did almost take me out, ya know. Not that Ah mind having girls falling over meh, but usually Ah dun expect it ta happen so literally." He teases her, continuing to enjoy her absent attentions, gently rubbing her back as he does so. "Like Ah said, ya'll get used ta it with time, and so will he. Ya'll start ta see the same things over again - some of 'em like ta just run, and some of 'em like like ta dip and dive. It really just depends on the green." As she wiggles, his fingers press momentarily into her to stay her, before looking back at her with a grin.

"Well I could not help my self…you are just the kind a guy to bring a girl to her knees…or almost anyway." She teases in return, moving in a way to realign their bits again. She smiles down at him as her hands spread along his arms spreading them out to either side of him to pin them down. "He is picking up their flights already…watching…perhaps too much." She murmurs slightly before her lips meet his again, just a lightly teasing kiss as she presses against him. "What other words of wisdom do you have oh Master of the skies?"

"T'would seem that yer already learning far different lessons about yerself." He teases her, shaking his head and tightening the loop of his leg over hers. As his arms are pinned, he arches an eyebrow questioningly, before grinning. "Its never ta much, Ah promise." He winks, giving her another gentle kiss, though he's not struggling. "Ta enjoy each and every flight, and each and every girl, or guy, or whoever. And, there ain't no reason ta go fer wine or the water. 'specially not when yer as cute as ya are."

Laera grins down at him now she has his arms pinned, and he her legs pinned. "I like these lessons.." She murmurs before diving down to kiss his neck again, her lithe body moving ever so lightly over his, teasing and taunting. She grins up at him once more, "Well let me show just how cute I am …" She murmurs before she sets off to iniate another enthusiastic session.

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