Peeling Tubers

Ista Weyr: Kitchens(#9208RJ)
A huge, vaulted cavern houses the kitchen. Set well withing the Weyr, the kitchen uses the natural coolness of its size and position to keep the room from turning into an oven itself. Along the eastern, innermost wall sits a curve of stoves and ovens so that any number of things may be cooked at one time. Cast iron pots hang from over head hooks mounted to the wall by brackets. A long row table is just a few steps away, useful in the preperation of the food. Along the western wall is the dish washing station, at the north and south around the exits are the cabinets and a small cold room for the storage of what'll be needed for the day. There are a few smaller tables with chairs set up between the work table and the sinks, where a few aunties sit and help with the preperations.

Franses swallows twice. No nerves this time but to clear her throat. This is something she can do and now that she's in her element her core of confidence lights within her. "Well, then I'll sing something I wrote…The hold harper at Southern put it to music for me…" Her expression clouds for only a moment at that memory then away the darkness flits. A soft low alto voice with just a touch of warm "fuzz" fills the air as she sings to a slow simple melody:
Soft and gentle is the wind,
Sail me to the stars again,
In my dreams my life begins,
And nothing comes to harm me.
Rising higher on the breeze,
Soaring in this sweet embrace,
Holding fast I beg you please,
Never, ever leave me.
Soft and gentle is your dance,
This your touch of wafting air,
Swirling round I take the chance,
'Til I wake and you're not there." The song finishes on a lilt that the girl trills softly to a close.

The song is accompanied by the sounds of Pai peeling tubers as she listens, head tilted slightly to the side. As Franses finishes she grins a bit from where she's perched on a stool. "That was nice, yah gots a pretty voice."

"Do I want to know why there's singing in the kitchens?" And Pallaton glancing around him as he comes in from the direction of the living caverns, rather hesitant to find out, and seemingly ready to bolt back the other way, should a reason present itself to.

Lyda continues to scrub as she listens to the song, smiling happily as she enjoys the melody. She wraps up her washing just as the song somes to a close, allowing her free hands to applaude. "That was a very nice song. And your singing is beautiful…" She then looks over to Pallatin when he enters, giving a wave.

Franses's natural smile widens at Paimida's compliment and she gives the candidate a 'bow' of her head in appreciation. "Thank you!" There's clapping? She's never been /applauded/ before. And she blushes red right down to the roots. "Th-th-thank you, Lyda. Thank you very much." Pallaton's entrance doesn't even phase the girl this time, so high is she riding on the wings of appreciation. "Hi! I was just entertaining while we finish," she replies. Will wonders ever cease?

Paimida beams at reaction she gets from Franses, look, the girls blooming somewhat! Yay. As Pal walks in she smirks a bit at him. "Jus' ta lure guys in ta do our chores fer us." with that she tosses a tuber at/to him. "Get peelin' so we can all go dance an' such." after a moment she actually adds a "Please?"

Pallaton stops dead in his tracks, attention shifting from Lyda, to Franses to Pai, blinking a few times before slowly shaking his head. "If you say so.." Needless to say, he doesn't totally trust the situation as it is, now, and he's cautious. "Are you almost done, then?" This could work out quite nicely.. "Wait, dancing?" But, nevertheless he catches the tuber, barely avoiding botching the attempt, and starts peeling.

Lyda pulls up a stool to start in with the peeling herself, eager to be done with the chores. She eyes Pallaton for the moment. After all, going out dancing takes on a whole new dynamic when a boy is involved, and she's had bad experiences with people of /that/ gender lately. "We're all going dancing after chores… by the way, my name's Lyda."

"well, /they/ can dance," Franses comments, picking up one more plate and drying it vigorously. "I don't know if I will…yet…I might…but I think I should stick to singing." A swift nod follows. Oh, yeah, the introduction thing. "And I'm Franses." She's not completely at ease with the new arrival from the way she sizes him up. Trying to spot potential 'womanizers' you see, but her smile is not as wary. It's even friendly.

"But, why dancing?" Pallaton just obviously doesn't see the appeal in it. "Or, at least, what type of dancing?" And a tuber is put to the side, completed, as he looks for further input. And then he slowly nods his head. Introductions - fun. "Ah'm Pallaton. 'er cousin, sorta." And he inclines his head to Paimida. He's no Sarcon, though - And until he's out of candidacy, the girls are safe outside of innocent flirting.

Paimida smirks slightly at Pal "Yer actin' all nervous an unsure, that's a new one." nah, she can't not poke fun at her coursin, distant as he is. "An jus' at the club, whatever ther playin'. An dancin' just cause we felt like it? Lyda's gonna teach me."

At Pai's accusation, he shakes his head. "Am not. Ya just think Ah am, cause ya wanna make me look scared. But Ah'm not." And the peeling continues slowly.

Lyda grins at Franses. "Well, you can do what you like, but I'm happy to teach you some dancing if you like. It's fun, really." She peers at Paimida and Pallaton. "Well, I suppose I can see the resemblance. Anyways, nice to meet you. And the kind of dancing will depend on the kind of music, obviously."

It's the nose, the resemblance is the nose!

With the last dish dried, Franses slides over to the tuber bucket. Um, someone should warn the others that this girl should /not/ be given a blade. Too late, she begins to peel and…"Ow!" A cut already. Must be a new record. Well, now she knows Pallaton is safe, relatively any way. He's Pai's cousin thus, no immediate threat. "I'll learn from you Lyda, honest!" she exclaims, "I'm just…well, I'm /good/ at singing, that's all. But I'll try anything. I promise." One more tuber done and in the peeled bucket. "Are you a Beastcrafter too Pallaton?"

Paimida would say otherwise about Pallaton being 'safe' but she's not feeling like it at the moment, she's in a good mood not a sarcastic mean mood… okay not quite as sarcastic and mean that is, she'll still tease. "Yer slow though, bet Ah can peel ten in the time yer gonna get that one done." Blink at the ow and she peers at Franses. "careful… don' cut yerself…." She's actually concerned, isn't it sweet?

Pallaton nods slowly, somewhat understanding before the idea of dancing is dismissed altogether. At least for now. Wrinkling up his nose, he avoids looking at Franses's hands, instead quickly shaking his head. "Woodcrafter." And that answer prompts his response to Paimida. "Speed doesn't matter - I could turn mine into anything. Its smooth and neat." Not that /that/ matters when peeling tubers, but oh well.

Lyda winces in sympathy at Franses' cut, then smiles reassuringly. "It's alright, Franses. We're nearly done with these anyways." She's putting in her fair share of effort, slowly peeling and pitching the tubers over. She nods to Pallaton. "Well, good to meet you. So, you are coming dancing?"

Franses chuckles and sucks her thumb where the cut has appeared. "'Ooh wate," she mumbles from around the appendage with a smile. It's not too bad obviously as she wipes her hand then picks up another tuber, peeling /away/ from herself this time. She nods to Lyda then laughs at Pallaton's response. "Well, if we want animal shaped tubers one night we'll know who to ask." We have banter from the usually terrified one, folks! It's a miracle! Her eyes dart a glance at the boy, watching for his answer to Lyda's question about dancing.

Paimida grins at Pall a bit, it's not quite a smirk really. "But we're tryin' ta peel 'em so we can go have fun… not carve 'em… so speed /does/ matter." Glancing back at Franses and Lyda she winks slightly. "Nah, 'e ain't gonna come, can't dancer 'er anythin'."

Pallaton wasn't necessarily expecting that question, and he glances back and forth from Lyda to Franses before shrugging. "For some reason, Ah have a feeling Pai here wouldn't want meh around ya girls, when ya're trying to have fun." But then at her comment, he wrinkles up his nose. "Ah bet Ah can dance betta then ya, if'n its something good."

Lyda smiles encouragingly at Franses. It's good to see the shy girl in the conversation. But the comments from Paimida and Pallaton earn the boy a rather wary look. "You're one of those types, aren't you?" Because, y'know, that's so specific. She looks to Paimida for confirmation.

Franses grins back. This 'socializing' thing is a cinch! Well, as long as people aren't 'womanizing.' She even giggles at Pai and Pallaton's seemingly good-natured argument. Sort of. It's a little nerve-wracking to the girl, really, but giver her credit, she's /trying/ to take it in stride. Until Lyda's wary look and question, that is. Suddenly she's slipping a little farther away from the boy, her gaze bouncing from him to her friend. "One of /what/ types?" she asks, with another not so calm stare at Pallaton. Is it? Another dreaded 'womanizer?' The horror!

Paimida blinks slightly at Lyda and Franses and shrugs a bit. "'e ain't bad." And Pal had /better/ not prove her wrong about that one." She actually smiles a bit to her relative as well. "'cept he's a bit full o' himself if'n he thinks he can dance, the musics different than at home."

Pallaton glances back and forth between the girls, managing a bit of a smile for Pai before he shrugs, throwing one last tuber to the finished pile, and making no move to grab a replacement. "If'n ya're worried, Ah won't interrupt ya're fun. Then its nothing ta worry 'bout." And he shrugs, inclining his head to the trio and then heading back the way he came.

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