Breakfast with Zipalla

Ista Weyr - Living Caverns(#9756RJ)

Its morning at Ista - certainly not early morning, for the sun has already broken the rim of the weyr and lit up the bowl - but never the less morning. It would appear that at least for the time being, L'ton has no meetings, no obligations, and no desire to run off to visit someone or other at some other location. Instead he's settled in the living cavern, chair tilted back as he attempts to struggle through a red-covered book, never seeming to turn a page as he's chewing absently on his thumb, muttering to himself as he reads the same passage again and again, only breaking the monotony now and then by reaching for his mug of klah.

This time in the morning is perfect for those who wish to avoid crowds, or at least hope to attempt to avoid the crowds. So Niah moving at a little jog comes in, her hands tremble slightly in her characteristic show of nervousness and eyes dart from face to face. Once inside the goes straight for the food, putting very small portions on a plate and getting a large glass of juice, turning around she looks at all the people once again and spots L'ton, walking his way and pausing as she reaches his table, in a quick quiet ramble asking "Do you mind? I can sit somewhere else it's ok.. it's just." Glancing around at the room full of strangers.

Bounding in from outside a bright smile lights Zipalla's face, hazel eyes sparkling as she settles a gaze on L'ton, a bouncing step taking her toward him. A friendly smile is given to Niah then Zipalla puts a hand on her father's shoulder, "Morning, d..err..Ton.." she says, then bites at her lower lip and wrinkles her nose, mentally thwapping herself. "Have you eaten? Shall I bring you something?"

L'ton is waving Niah into a seat, gaze on her plate, tsking to himself with a sigh. "Ya have ta eat more!" And then there's a hand on his shoulder and he's glancing backwards, giving Zipalla a wide smile, moving to put his arm around his daughter, planting a quick kiss on her forehead. "Ya should commit ta it, lil'one." He winks at her, before shaking his head. "Get yerself something good. Ah think they just brought out a new plate of pastries." But even then he's pushing out a pair of chairs - one for Niah, one for the teenager.

Niah puts the plate on the table and lets herself sort of flop into the chair with a little sigh. Pushing the food around the plate and looking over at Zipalla, with the girls smile she blushes and says to L'ton "This is plenty, if I eat it all you can get me more." Which sounds like a pretty one sided bargain, she hesitantly smiles at Zipalla and then shys a bit eyes back on the food.

A little nuzzle greets L'ton's kiss and Zipalla nods her head, "I should.." she says with a teasing grin. "Perhaps one day I even will, but for now…oh did you say pastry.." she turns, distracted already with her quest for breakfast. She returns shortly with a pastry, one, and juice, then slips down into the empty chair. "All is well I hope?" she asks, looking to her father, then she smiles over at Niah again. "Morning," she chirps, taking a sip.

"Ya need ta eat, though. It ain't good fer ya or the baby, if'n ya dun eat enough." L'ton fusses a bit more at Niah, waggling his finger at her, before chuckling at Zipalla as she gets distracted by breakfast. "If'n Ah could get anywhere in this book it'd be better but.. Just not so good." And the book is closed, the small bit of hide marking his place barely 3 pages in, and its stuck on the table to deal with later. "Zip, ya met Niah yet? She's just moved here from Ierne. She's in M'iken's wing, ta, so ya might get ta see her a fair bit." And then he nods at Niah, with a grin. "Niah, hon, this is my eldest, Zipalla."

Niah bites on her lower lip, and then starts to eat the food if just to make L'ton happy, she watches Zipalla carefully between bites and says "We are fine with what I am eating now." She protests a bit, but then goes back to her food. At the introduction Niahs little smile gets bigger and she says, her voice stutters a bit and she has a quiet voice "I-I am Niah it is nice to meet you." She smiles bigger and she says to L'ton, "She's pretty."

Her smile contorts as her lips curl around the edge of the pastry then she mmhmms and glances at the book, arching a brow while she chews. Once she swallows she looks to Niah, a little thoughtful, "Baby?" she asks, then she nods to the woman, "Nice to meet you, Niah," she replies and a grin sprouts at the woman's comment, somewhat hidden by her juice glass.

"Well, its only fair that she takes after her father." L'ton replies with a teasing wink as he ruffles his hair, pushing the messy locks out of his face as he gives his daughter a pleased look. "Gives me something ta do, ta, when all them boys come round fer her." Leaning back in his chair, he tips it backwards a bit, rocking on the back legs, looking from one to the other. "Maybe ya'll get hungrier later on.."

Niah nods at L'tons explanation, pushing her hair from her face she scoots just a bit closer to L'ton, and after watching him leans her chair back just a little and saying to Zipalla, "I am going to have a baby." It's not visible since her shirt is oversized and she says, "But, you probably do not get excited over a new half sibling." Blushing again and tipping the chair just a little further.

Zipalla watches her father and her expression softens for a moment before she rolls her eyes and hmphs in disagreement with his comment about boys. She bites into her pastry then drinks down her juice and licks her lips once, patting her mouth with a napkin, as if remembering to be ladylike for a moment. She also straightens then a glance flicks to Niah and then her father, she nods. "Oh."

"Least ya won't have ta babysit?" L'ton teases Zipalla quickly, shaking his head. "Niah here says she's gonna do it all herself. Besides, ya shouldn't be worried about boys, ya should be excited that yer almost old 'nuff ta stand, if'n ya want. If'n the dragons want ya ta." Clearly that is what L'ton's plan for his eldest is. As Niah continues to tip back in her chair, L'ton watches her somewhat nervously, gaze flicking to her now and then to make sure she's not about to teeter over.

Niah smiles, watching everything around her and placing saying to Zipalla "I promise, I would never make you babysit." At the discussion of boys she stays quiet, nodding and wobbling a bit and asking Zipalla, "Do you want to stand?" She blushes, ducking her head and saying "I mean, it's none of my business." She slips into silence again and concentrating on not falling.

Brows furrow somewhat over her eyes and the blue-green orbs disappear briefly behind a slow blink as she perses her lips. The smile returns, however, and she tilts her head, " like dragons.." and she smiles, "AND girls…so.." and she levels a quirked grinning gaze at her father. "I think you like them a rather lot." Her attention turns to Niah and she lifts one shoulder, "I..maybe.."

L'ton settles his chair back on to all four legs as he reaches out a steadying hand, pushing Niah's chair back to the ground as well. "Stay." He narrows his gaze at her for a moment, almost as if he was reprimanding one of his spawn-army, before making a face at Zipalla. "Ya're young yet, ya got plenty of time fer boys." And then he's letting go of Niah's chair to waggle a finger at her. "Boys are bad. Boys cause babies." As clearly he knows.

Niah lets the chair fall forward with a little thump, narrowing her gaze on the food left on her plate and drinking the juice. At the reprimand Niah raises an eyebrow, then gets quiet again scooting just a little closer to L'ton though the food doesn't scoot, and asking Zipalla "Why maybe?" Curiousity, the little bluerider leaning forward but keeping her elbows off the table, with more discussion of boys she adds in, "I went without boys for 19 turns." But then again, she isn't the best example.

Zipalla watches her father and Niah and she looks up at him as he speaks, eyes locked on his face. She starts to say something then just nods a little, looking to the mother of her next half-sibling, thoughtful. "Plenty of time for lots of things.." but she doesn't say more, mouth quirking a little, more juice, a few drops, the glass is set aside with a dainty huff. She sits up and smoothes her riding skirt a bit then tugs on her vest, self-consciously glancing down at herself briefly.

"Eat." He offers under his breath to Niah, patting her on the shoulder gently, all the while watching Zipalla with a curious look. But then it seems that L'ton is unwilling to continue this argument, at least at this point in time, for he's shaking his head, draining his mug of the last bits of klah, and then moving to stand up, taking the book with him. "Just… be careful Zip?" He sighs, before bobbing his head to both of them. "Ah… Ah should get ready for, uh.. a meeting." And so the father makes an awkward escape to avoid thinking further about his little baby growing up.

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